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  1. Would set days be possible?

    That is a common request, and up to manager's discretion and needs. Any such agreement should be inshrined and spelled out in your contract or it is worthless.
  2. CVOR vs general OR

    Historically there is some hostility between CVOR and general OR staff, each believing the other is treated favorably. And this is clearly true at a number of hospitals I have been to. They are very separate departments in many hospitals with no inte...
  3. We had a similar system in my hospital and at least twice, the wrong blood was infused into patients in the 3 years I was there. No harm believe it or not to the patients and I wasn't involved but it was mind blowing (for both reasons).
  4. CVOR vs general OR

    Basic OR skills will get you a long way in CVOR in my opinion. Enough so that I have directed first timers in CVOR several times while scrubbed in. Fear of "complex" surgeries, perhaps defibrillators, and the more common strong personalities found in...
  5. How much experience before OR travel nursing?

    3 years for me. Personally believe 2 years is super minimum for non-super nurses, but I have met community hospital trained OR travelers with only one year total. I was not impressed with their minimal abilities to float to various services. I a...
  6. How much experience before OR travel nursing?

    I suspect posting a similar query in the OR forum will get a good and varied response.
  7. How much experience before OR travel nursing?

    Good plan! Go somewhere cool and treat it like an extra long travel assignment.
  8. How much experience before OR travel nursing?

    Typical OR internships are 9 months or longer at teaching hospitals. There an expectation or explicit contract for you to work 2 years. Personally I stayed 3 years at the hospital that trained me but I wanted the extra year to gain more experien...
  9. 2 yrs Experience but new to Traveling

    Probably you do. In any case, you will be filling out an agency skills checklist and managers can then make a decision to interview you or not when they see your profile. Different step downs can be very different. ACLS is a must in that setting. Uns...
  10. Travel Nursing

    Sorry, no agency recommendations. None are great, if otherwise there would be only one agency. Your best bet is to call lots of agencies and pick the best 3 to move forward with. Take notes. This is also the best way to learn about the industry and s...
  11. Travel Nursing

    Nothing has changed for me in the last 25 years. I choose assignments based on location and/or pay.
  12. Travel Nurse Hospital Review

    I should have noticed you were OR. Which is a completely separate isolated entity inside a hospital for work culture and politics. So hospital reviews are even less relevant. And as you no doubt are aware, there is always a strong character on staff....
  13. Travel Nurse Hospital Review

    Travelnursingcentral does collect hospital reviews. That said, all such reports are likely useless. A traveler assignment experience is broadly unit specific (great and horrible units can be found in the same hospital). An experience can be hurt or h...
  14. Breach of Contract

    There is usually an acknowledgment of the employee handbook or manual but it is not always in the contract. Sometimes it is one sentence on one of the many other forms you sign and can be easy to miss.
  15. It's not a legally binding contract? Bill Rates Dropping Fast!

    Probably looking for enough plaintiffs for a class action lawsuit. One traveler contract cannot justify a lawyer working on contingency.