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Nurses COVID Toon

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And the winner is @Just me. ...


Let's start off the year with a laugh!

Do you think you have what it takes to finish this toon?

We have some funny members in this community so I'm sure this will be easy for you.

@NurseyTings @Julie @Feral.Cat.Herder @RNToBe695 @JadedCPN @NurseSpeedy @CalicoKitty@Pixie.RN @tnbutterfly - Mary @sirI

Anyone else?

Anyone can join the fun!

Winner gets all the bragging rights. ?


It seems Big Pharma was right, measles ARE contagious....if only there was a VACCINE....

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Okay, Dr. Antivax, what were you saying about herd immunity?

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Our next patient is Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith was admitted a week ago, complaining of chest pain. Since then, he has developed a case of measles ...

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Maybe we really did miss out on the Chicken Pox Parties of our childhood. Not nearly as fun as I expected.

At least it isn't shingles? Yet?

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Somebody grab the essential oils.

The CBD oil isn't working so our next option is massive doses of IV Vitamin C.

I guess it’s too late for the PPE

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Alright people, we obviously misdiagnosed this one. Lets try again get it right this time!

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.So, what part of Portland are you guys from??

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"... and the spread of infection is not finally detected by the board of ..."

23 hours ago, Delia37 said:

.So, what part of Portland are you guys from??

Ouch. Nailed that on the head.

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