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  1. Managing delirium in the hospital setting presents its challenges but managing it at home is a nightmare. I’m dealing with this right now. My mother swings from perfectly normal to confused, paranoid and down right mean. You never know when the switc...
  2. Wuzzie

    Career over family?

    I sure as heck hope he has an awesome job waiting for him wherever he wants you to move. Otherwise, you're in the same situation just with different scenery.
  3. Have you read the TBI and CMS report? Watched the video of the TBN hearing? There WERE safeguards. She ignored them...including looking at the actual vial.
  4. I know that sounds like it makes sense but sometimes it’s needed for urgent reasons, not just intubation. The time it would take to do what you propose is not workable in those situations.
  5. Wuzzie

    HR and Employee

    Attorney or union rep.
  6. Wuzzie

    Patient Died in ER lobby

    I've seen it too but unlike in the past this time it really isn't a shortage of available nurses as much as a shortage of nurses willing to continue to take the crap being dished out to them plus the myriad of alternatives to traditional bedside nurs...
  7. Wuzzie

    Patient Died in ER lobby

    Susie, we are usually on the same page but I find it interesting that you, as a provider yourself, gave the “stressed provider” a pass but pegged the nurse as unpleasant and spoke of the need for nurses, in particular, to be trained in empathy and ki...
  8. Wuzzie

    Fix Staffing Ratios by Monetizing the Value of Nurses

    Oh I’m plenty old enough to remember those (😩) but I still think if we were billed as a separate specialty (which we are) we would be seen as an income generator not an expense and hospitals would see the benefit of hiring enough staff. It’s not like...
  9. Wuzzie

    Fix Staffing Ratios by Monetizing the Value of Nurses

    I think I wasn't clear. I didn't mean individually I meant as a department. For example, where I work if a patient is seen by a dietician they get billed a fee for that visit which is just a generic "dietician eval" but there is no such charge for nu...
  10. Wuzzie

    Fix Staffing Ratios by Monetizing the Value of Nurses

    You can bet the farm that if we were billed for like every single other provider the staffing issues would go "poof"! Sadly right now we are billed with the furniture.
  11. Wuzzie

    Patient Died in ER lobby

    The hospital's spin on it is gross but the truth of the matter is this is going on pretty much everywhere. Not the dying in the lobby thing but EDs full of admitted patient who have no bed to be moved to due to staff shortages and threats from manage...
  12. Wuzzie

    Oklahoma Hospital Shooting

    Tying Medicare reimbursment to patient satisfaction scores had a major hand in this too.
  13. The ironic thing is early on in the discussion about this incident people were saying that more warnings were needed to prevent this. I guess the first 10 weren’t enough. If only they had had 11. 🙄 Then there is that pesky need to read the vial....
  14. Wuzzie

    Multiple Drip Management tips/tricks

    I worked PICU and experienced the same when it came to numbers of drips (add Potassium/Calcium/Sidenafil/Lasix among other things to that as well). The way we managed it is when it was time to change out we got an entire second set of pumps. Spiked t...
  15. Wuzzie

    Multiple Drip Management tips/tricks

    Stopcock Manifolds