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  1. Wuzzie

    PICC/Central line dressings

    We use a Statlock always.
  2. Wuzzie

    Crusty Old Bats

    I can't say I disagree with you on this point but I still won't blame the nurses. Sure there are bad apples out there but the vast majority of us want to provide quality care which is near impossible when we don't have the tools to do so.
  3. Wuzzie

    Crusty Old Bats

    What happened is hospitals changed to a business model and are now driven by profit over providing care. Administration gets bonuses based on how much money they save and the first cut they always make is staff. Now we have minimal staffing with maxi...
  4. Wuzzie

    Crusty Old Bats

    When I worked in NICU there were no commercially available pediatric IV fluids so we mixed our own. We had a recipe book for whatever we needed.
  5. Wuzzie

    Twelve Hour Nights or M-F

    I have worked every shift and hour combo possible since becoming a nurse so my perspective is broad although my situation may not align with yours. My current job is M-F 0730-1600. No weekends, no holidays (including federal) and no call. Despite it ...
  6. Wuzzie

    Finally, someone is discussing this openly

    I've been saying this for years. The nursing shortage is a myth propagated by hospitals to absolve them from any responsibility for the poor care they are providing. The only thing we're running short on is nurses willing to put up with the BS anymor...
  7. Wuzzie

    New Grad - Pregnant New Job

    Excellent point and to take it even further, depending on the employer, the OP may not qualify for the facility's short term disability yet. So even if they give her maternity leave it could very likely be completely unpaid. This may not be relevant ...
  8. Wuzzie

    New Grad - Pregnant New Job

    She knew during the interview. I absolutely 100 percent disagree with lying about that fact. The ramifications of lying could cost her the job. I don't believe her manager can even legally ask if she knew and even if her manager is stupid enough to d...
  9. Wuzzie

    Antibiotics and Cultures

    Totally agree but I've found that with some of them the way it's worded can make a difference especially if they don't know you well. For example in the same situation I would have worded it "Hi Dr. Snippy-Pants, Mr. UTI's culture came back positive ...
  10. Wuzzie

    Can new grad work two residency programs?

    It's not even that. She can't be in 2 places at once and they aren't going to flex their program schedules to accommodate her. Even if she could, taking a spot away from another new grad isn't right.
  11. Wuzzie

    Can new grad work two residency programs?

    Absolutely not.
  12. Wuzzie

    Have you ever wanted to see a coworker fail?

    Fail? No. Get what's coming to them? Yes.
  13. Wuzzie

    NCLEX exam without going to nursing school?

    And the original question was whether being able to take the NCLEX without actually going to nursing school is possible. You went to nursing school so I'm unclear as to why you used your matriculation pathway as an affirmative answer to it. FTR: no, ...
  14. Wuzzie

    NCLEX exam without going to nursing school?

    Yeah, I saw that, my question was rhetorical as the original topic was sitting for NCLEX without going to nursing school.
  15. Wuzzie

    NCLEX exam without going to nursing school?

    How did you get nursing credits and clinical hours without going to nursing school?

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