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  1. Wuzzie

    Do charcoal masks work for foul smells?

    ^ This about a thousand times.
  2. Wuzzie

    PCU or ER as a new grad

    If "supplemental" is a fancy term for PRN or Per Diem then you'll be flexed off first because you wont' be considered regular staff. I'm all for short commutes having done long ones but I'm also a big proponent of regular paychecks.
  3. Wuzzie

    PCU or ER as a new grad

    Is that “full time in 6 months” part in writing? Does the 6 month countdown start on your first day of employment or your first day off orientation? Will the full time position be on the same unit or will you possibly be transferred? How long is orientation? Will you be full time during it? Is there a residency?
  4. Wuzzie

    Lice found, but not on head

    Not gonna lie I thought you meant you found it on another part of the body a little further south.
  5. Honey, you don't need to feel bad but you should have been honest from the beginning. We adjust our answers and sometimes the way we present them when we know we are dealing with a kid. We DO want to help you but we need to know the real situation to be able to do it. Can you explain to us this class you are in? Is it part of a nurse assistant program (some highschools have them)?
  6. Without knowing the sequence of events it seems they were first treating her for acute decompensated heart failure with hypotension then added the PNA diagnosis after CXR. It would be extremely helpful to get some more information from the OP. This is really a great case study because there are so many factors influencing the outcome. I would love to hear some input from others. Might offer some good education for all of us. Found this. It's a little outdated but I thought it was a good overview of the issues with treating ADHF. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1808524/
  7. Two words...veterinary school.
  8. Well, it would be interesting to know what the presenting complaint and assessment was as Lasix is not first line in treating pneumonia or sepsis.
  9. What are your thoughts on the Lasix then?
  10. So for giggles and learning let's start a list of differential diagnoses/reason for code. Copy and paste previous responses if you reply. I'll start: 1. HF-incompatible with life EF when upright.
  11. Cell lysis is also something to consider. Going forward I would think twice about feeding any ED patient who is on pressors, has any indication of respiratory distress or heart failure, or looks at you cross-eyed. Turkey sandwiches were at the bottom of my priority list when I worked in the ED. Also, why did they want a stool sample? Seems like an odd order for a patient diagnosed with pneumonia.
  12. Normal EF is what 50's-70ish? Hers was 20. I'm guessing, despite being on pressors, that also played a part in this scenario once you sat her up. Seen it happen with cardiac amyloid on more than one occasion.
  13. Wuzzie

    Teambuilding coaching

    Yay, team building activities said no nurse ever. Sorry, not helpful I know but I also know how disappointing it is to put a huge amount of effort into these kind of things only to be met with eye-rolls. Better to assess if any of the staff is even interested in such a thing before spending too much time on it.
  14. Wuzzie

    Job offers! Small ER or big ER?

    Other factors are commute, hours, orientation, perks, etc.
  15. She is a psychopath.
  16. Wuzzie

    The Stigma of Men in Nursing

    It just seems strange that your experience is counter to pretty much everyone else's who have responded to this post. I'm sorry you are having that difficulty but welcome to our world. This has been an issue for women for as long as anyone can remember. FTR I don't care what my nursing colleagues look like as long as they are hard workers and have good personal hygiene. Nursing has ALWAYS been over-sexualized.