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  1. I agree. I don't think this was an appropriate comment and had to read it twice to make sure. Shocking because this doesn't reflect the type of character I expect from a nurse.
  2. Thanksforthedonuts

    Duke NP graduates.... worth it?

    This brings up another good question... regarding the highly reputable schools, do MDs mind as much if it was mostly distance base (online) if the school is highly reputable? Such as Duke, Vanderbilt, Rush, and many other state universities?
  3. Others have already mentioned this, but many schools offer health insurance at a reduced price. I would encourage you to contact your advisor or your schools health office to inquire. My undergrad school had a health office with a staffed NP throughout the week, I would imagine many schools offer something similar.
  4. Thanksforthedonuts

    Duke NP graduates.... worth it?

    Thanks for the reply. That is good to know! I had applied VERY late to Vanderbilt for 2019 Fall start and one of my recommenders never sent in the recommendation forms.... so I'll have to apply again next cycle. I am waiting for the next cycle to open up for both schools if I don't get into Gonzaga. Thanks again for replying!
  5. Thanksforthedonuts

    Duke NP graduates.... worth it?

    Hi Umbdude, I completely agree with your entire post. I have asked them directly about three times now, just for clarification. The year experience in ICU/Medsurg seems odds and is not consistent with many other programs I have been looking into. I don't see how that one year in acute care is relevant. And I found it crazy that (really relevant) psych experience is not required but "recommended", I feel that is devalues the reverent psych experience as well. I am not sure what their hope is for potential students to gain from that one year experience. I have applied to Gonzaga University for the PMHNP tract. I'll apply to Duke since I already have references there, they also mentioned as possibility to take a few "elective" credits in psych.. so if I am offered a position then I will explore that option further to see what it entails. Can you recommend a solid PMHNP program?
  6. Thanksforthedonuts

    Duke NP graduates.... worth it?

    I have an unrelated question... not sure if any current students can answer my question. On the Duke website there are two conflicting parts for the PMHNP tract. 1. on the PMHNP page it says that applicants must have at least one year ICU/Medsurg acute care experience. 2. on the admissions page it does not state this requirement (but it does state a requirement for a few different tracts). Does anyone one know which is true? I want to do the PMHNP tract but don't have any acute care experience....
  7. Thanksforthedonuts

    Pre Nursing looking for ABSN program - low gpa

    Yikes. I agree with most that with your GPA going for ABSN (and nurse anesthetist) is a big over zealous. Regardless of the circumstances, even your most recent science course were not too hot (B in micro). Please look into a community college or typical university route. It will give you the best hand at completing a program. Getting in a program is one heck of a feat, but staying in it is a total other world. Everyone and their grandmother wants to be a nurse anesthetist... and usually they all say that before they even know what nursing really means! The road to a nurse anesthetist is a long and hard one. A bachelor's degree in communication (a degree I highly dislike) is a cake walk compared to nursing school. I would prepare yourself for the amount of stress nursing school has on a person. I'm sorry since I know I'm being negative but I think you need a reality check. I'm not saying it cannot be done but it's not as simple as your laying it out to be.
  8. Thanksforthedonuts

    Vaseline without parental permission?

    I did a clinical in school nursing. A kid came in with chapped lips and the RN (she was awesome!) Said she couldn't even put chapstick or vaseline on many of the kids in this school since the parents get mad about putting parabens and carcinogens on their babies! She said a mom complained the year before and caused a scene when she let a kid use vaseline for chapped lips. I thought she was kidding. She wasn't. Oddly... many of these parents drove Tesla's as well... never seen so many Tesla's in a parking lot before.
  9. It would not fall under the Good Samaritan Act if you are a paid employee and they are on your unit. I was advised (we have a similar issue in Washington state regarding epipens and delegation) and the department of health recommended we "take a lunch break" during the time an epipen would be needed in an emergency. That way you fall under the Good Samaritan Act as you aren't a paid employee at the time. But honestly, I agree with everyone else, I doubt you will face negative consequences in court by saving someone when you have the knowledge to help them. I couldn't care less about a doctor's order at the moment in time. They'll be dead anyway so whatever you do won't aggravate the situation by giving epi.
  10. Thanksforthedonuts

    Measles!! No MMR #2 advice

    I'm just eavesdropping on this thread. But I feel with the parents here, I had a reaction to the MMR vaccine both of the 2 times I have had it in adulthood. My face and tongue got numb and itchy. I am sure that for the parents the negative reaction they saw (and WAS documented to a point) scared them enough away from it. I don't blame them. I think the reaction they saw was severe enough if it required hospitalization.
  11. Honestly... I don't like it. Realistically residents don't get changed every two hours which is the selling point. Are you under the impression that patients are changed every two hours regardless if dirty or not? There is not enough supplies, staff, or time for that. But I'm sure they get assessed every two hours to see if wet or dirty. And honestly, changing residents in bed give us another opportunity to provide position change as well. You are right about hoyer lifts being uncomfortable/frightening but most people get by with a 1 or 2 person transfer. Really, while I understand your concept: 1. I personally do not feel it will save me time. 2. Those chairs will be super expensive and I doubt any LTC setting will be able to afford it or invest in it for a group of patients. 3. It doesn't look like these chairs are very comfortable, honestly seeing the seat and backrest material I'm concerned about pressure ulcers. (if you add a memory foam you are looking at more $$$). 4. It seems super clunky... most LTC have super constrained rooms where navigating a chair of this size will be just as a PITA as a lift. And the when switched to "gurney style" the bed is not nearly wide enough for our larger patients (who require a lift) to turn back and forth a handful of times during changes. The concept is very interesting! And it appears promising but there are a few things that need to be ironed out while making it financially feasible. I have a hard time getting some residents to qualify for a "tilt-n-space" wheelchair... I don't see a chair like this being something we can get easily for our residents (private pay or covered by insurance).
  12. Thanksforthedonuts

    Is this insubordination? How do I deal with this PSW?

    So I still don't get what a PSW is... I originally thought it was something to do with social work and the someone else mentioned "personal support worker"? Which is it? If she has a 1-year certificate as a hand-holder then I would no way even give her the opportunity to ask stupid questions. She would hear 1 things from me: "its beyond your scope of practice". Then I would direct her to the DON and tell her she is breaching HIPAA (may be a white lie but she probably doesn't know any better). I would never entertain her questions. I would even tell her she is taking time away from residents for foolish questions that don't concern her due to scope of practice issues. PERIOD. She needs to hear again and again: it's out of her scope of practice; she is not a nurse in any capacity; she has not has training to understand what she talking about. She probably also needs to know she's making a fool out of herself. Another poster mentioned it and I agree, she will shoot herself in the a** by practice something outside her scope!
  13. Thanksforthedonuts

    LTC Nurse Consultant

    Would this be similar to nurse concierge or private duty nurse manager type roles?
  14. Thanksforthedonuts

    Midwest nurses... Caught in the polar vortex?

    What a wonderful assistance to those in need! Made me teary reading that.
  15. Thanksforthedonuts

    Duke NP graduates.... worth it?

    I am happy to see your post. I was/am thinking the EXACT same thing. I considered Duke because of the ability to add some specialty education which is highly enticing. But honestly, I cannot afford $100K+ in student loans. As much as I would love to go there, money is a huge factor. If I calculated it right, I was looking at more of $150-$200k... And you are right that at the graduate level there are no more grants to cover some of the expenses. There ARE loans... just not grants (gift/free money). If only, if only, I totally would apply there. Don't forget to calculate the airfare and hotel fees and university fees, time off work, etc...