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  1. NurseSpeedy

    How to retain nurses?

    Oh, they’ll have an answer for that: we need to focus on our time management skills...eye roll.
  2. Since my state starting mandating all CEUs be recorded by CE broker I’ve had some headaches. Some courses that I took through a hospital’s site as a mandatory course would spontaneously show up in CE Broker several months later. Then at renewal time I tried to enter both of my licenses in for course reporting. The company would only allow one but was for an unlimited number of CEUs. When I contacted them to ask if they could submit the credits in for my other license number, I was told that I could only use one of my license numbers with them....so I need to take the same mandatory classes with another company to receive credit to renew my other license? And what about the unlimited CEUs that I paid for? I never did figure that one out yet. Since I’m only actively working under one of my licenses I renewed the other one as inactive for that cycle but will be looking into it come the next renewal because it just seemed crazy to pay twice and test on the same exact info during the same renewal period. My stare requires CE broker to have all the credits accounted for with renewing, so it’s even more of s pain trying to get the darn system to show everything accurately.
  3. NurseSpeedy

    You must watch me!

    Our facility placed a security camera directly over the pixis in the med room where the wastes had to be recorded in the system. Didn’t have too much of a problem having a true witness once that device appeared on the ceiling.