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NurseSpeedy has 22 years experience as a ADN, LPN, RN.

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  1. Oh, he chucked the containers (2 Med cups) in his mouth and swallowed them with only a sip of water! I was like-what the what????
  2. Unless your pharmacy only has dose of methadone available and your patient has a confirmed super high dose that he gets at the methadone clinic when he isn’t in admitted for complications from his alternate drug of choice….questioned the dose THREE T...
  3. NurseSpeedy

    Holiday Sick Calls From Self-Centered Staff

    That’s a lot of sick time but right now everyone is getting sick. Is it by occurrence or by shifts missed. If by occurrence-which is what I normal remember-make sure you are ready to return to avoid a second occurrence if you go back to early and get...
  4. NurseSpeedy

    Considering Quitting My Job- Had Enough (Kind of a Vent Post)

    Interesting stories is a nice way of putting it. So FMLA could be up to 12 weeks in some cases. You were kind enough to bust your butt and then some and got sick….What did she think you had when you signed up to cover her shifts-a magic crystal ball ...
  5. NurseSpeedy

    Patient going to complain against me?

    Oh, that would likely push some of the docs I’ve worked with over the edge! Worked for a hospital that had a large population that was admitted due to complications from injecting their drugs of choice. Call the doc too many times asking for more or ...
  6. NurseSpeedy

    Patient going to complain against me?

    The request for Dilaudid was denied by the MD. You gave her what the MD would give her. They asked you to go over the MDs head and find someone who would order it. That definitely would not have gone well later.... This one is sounding drug seek...
  7. NurseSpeedy

    Holiday Sick Calls From Self-Centered Staff

    Acute care was the only job I ever worked that “punished” people for calling out sick. I agree, people should not be calling out just because they want to be off for the holiday, but if someone is legitimately sick, they shouldn’t be punished for it....
  8. NurseSpeedy

    Paying People To Do Meaningless Online ED

    I didn’t get paid for it but my husband has these stupid credentials that each hospital system makes him complete each year to come into the hospital and fix their broken equipment. It’s like completing the orientation for new employees each year but...
  9. NurseSpeedy

    Can I still be a great nurse without prior CNA experience?

    In the end I don’t think it matters. Having the experience prior definitely can bring more appreciation for what your CNAs do because they bust their butts just as hard as nurses do and I do see that nurses who started as CNAs are more likely to jump...
  10. NurseSpeedy

    LVN vs. ADN

    Many employers use key word searches to even look at your resume. It is possible to be ‘over qualified’ or thought to be too expensive so they will not even look at an RN application if they can fill the job with an LPN for less money. It is rather c...
  11. NurseSpeedy

    LVN vs. ADN

    Yes, in most cases I think there is. however you are still in school for your RN and not too far from graduating by the time you qualify. So you have to get your school records to apply, pay for the application, wearing fir approval, pay for the exam...
  12. NurseSpeedy

    LVN vs. ADN

    I’d be more focused on what your employment opportunities are after graduation. LPNs that their own exam. RNs take theirs. The RN program will be a higher level of education. I got my LPN then bridged over to my RN almost 15 years later….so I thought...
  13. NurseSpeedy

    Imagine If You Will...

    I'm pretty sure there never was an actual religious reason. She probably didn't want to pay for the test....or knew how uncomfortable it can be....and was trying to find some exemption from getting either. Lately I have had a lot of NEW patient...
  14. NurseSpeedy

    RN With Contamination OCD - Please Help!

    I think it really depends on what area you work-since COVID, when I was in the office with patients before going remote, I had done the same thing I did when in the hospital with a bunch of sick people. Shoes off outside, entered my house stating to ...
  15. NurseSpeedy

    If you didn't have to bite your tongue?

    I think the only time I saw jello anymore before I left in 2018 was with clear liquid trays….these homeless crack heads thought they were staying at the Hyatt ordering room service….little did they know it was a fluffed up version of frozen nutrisyst...

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