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Delia37 has 15 years experience as a MSN and specializes in Critical Care.

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  1. Delia37

    How is this handled at your facility?

    I work in Southern Ca, in the Orange County area. Around here, a 1:1 suicide watch sitter is required (even if the pt is sedated/intubated) until cleared by psych. At my current facility, we do not require a MD order for 1:1.
  2. Delia37

    Exposed to patient positive with coronavirus

    Had you consider calling your own physician?? at least he/she can give you an order to be tested.
  3. Delia37

    Covid-19: Any perks for healthcare workers today?

    We are bless fully still employed...
  4. Delia37

    SOCIAL ettique of using "Dr." on invitation

    In a formal invitation, it is absolutely appropriate.
  5. Delia37

    Your most annoying, obnoxious family member stories

    So many!! One of the worse ones was when we admitted a long term facility, very contracted, trach/vent dependent patient in the ICU for "seizures". However, the only one who ever usually witnessed the so called seizures was her husband. That pt was in the ICU for a long time, mainly due to her many combabilities and for being so tasky (...and the nursing home she came from, refused to take her back due to the husband). He would micromanage everything (it would take almost 45mins to pass her meds, because he wanted it crushed and given in a certain order). When the case manager was able to find an accepting facility to transfer her out, the husband wasn't happy about it. So, the day before she was supposed to be transferred out, she mysteriously coded. The patient happened to be on con't video monitoring for agitation, and the husband was observed injecting something in the IV. At that point, risk management (who were already following that patient) was able to place a restraining visitation order against the husband.
  6. Delia37

    Finish the Toon!

    .So, what part of Portland are you guys from??
  7. Delia37

    As seen on TV

    Let's see...on Gray Anatomy: two residents transporting an unconscious patient to CT, while discussing how a date went the night before. Because, yes...that's a common practice. I often wonder if those shows really use medical/nursing experts....maybe not in the budget?
  8. Delia37

    Did this patient overreact?!

    ...What makes you think that he didn't explain to her what he intended to do?? This is exactly, why it is wise for male nurses to enlist a female witness in any situation that involve intimate touching; because at the end of the day, it will be a she said/he said situation...and guess who will have the short stick. ...and just to clarify, I didn't mean to have a female present for routine interventions (common sense should be your guide).
  9. Delia37

    Did this patient overreact?!

    I think this is a dangerous practice by the male nurses in your unit. They are easily, exposing themselves to unnecessary sexual harassment accusations. How hard it is to ask a female colleague (CNA, HUSC...it another nurse in not available) to be present for female foley insertion. We live in a very litigious society...male nurses, be aware. To the OP, other than assign female nurses, you didn't elaborate what else your hospital has done to address the issue. Keep in mind nurses are mandatory reporters; In CA, a statement of patient accusing a health care provider of inappropriate touching will warrant a suspension of that staff (during the investigation) and the immediate reporting to the authorities. Failure of the hospital to be compliance would result in hefty fines and costly lawsuit by the patient.
  10. Delia37

    Did this patient overreact?!

    That's a tricky situation for the male nurse. In our neuro unit, it is common practice to turn the camera away when the patient privacy's is compromised (e.g.: bathing, cleaning). However, I think his mistake was to physically touch the patient without a female in the room.
  11. Delia37

    Nurse Diploma to BSN

    If you are in the US, you can pursue a BSN online or at your local university; however, for either one, you need to directly contact those universities so they can evaluate your transcripts.
  12. Delia37

    Send video tape to state boards

    Anonymously?? No. As a nurse you should had addressed that situation right there and then, since what you are describing is considered elderly abuse. Your lack of assertiveness is kind of concerning...are you a new nurse?? I would have a conversation with your supervisor about the situation. Part of being a nurse involve protecting and advocating for the patients (regardless if they are yours or someone else)... you kind of dropped the ball there.
  13. Delia37

    "He just wanted to know..."

    I don't know why some people are having a hard understanding this...you have no right to provide information to patients about a 3rd party; especially, after being specifically told not to. As a NP, other than general plesanties, I don't own anyone anything to share information I do not want to share (I don't even ask personal questions to my own physician!!). To me this is just bizarre. I live in CA, bu I can only imagine how challenging it can be for fellow immigrant nurses out there. OP, sounds like it might be time for a change of work environment.
  14. Delia37

    Lauren Underwood 32 yr old RN MSN MPH & Congresswoman

    Amazing young woman...wishing her the best.
  15. Delia37

    CRNA School In Puerto Rico

    Interesting article...I didn't know PR utilized CRNAs!! Low cost of living and an island lifestyle is something to consider for those out there planning to go back to school. Thank you for sharing!
  16. Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequences.

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