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  1. Nurses Didn't Call Doctor

    They absolutely dropped the ball in this case. In what type of setting do you work?? are you dealing with new nurses??
  2. Deposition For Previous Employer

    That happened to me a few years ago. Got contacted by the lawyer of a patient from a traveler assignment, I did a few years back. I contacted my liability insurance company, who immediately assigned me a lawyer. Thankfully, the case came to nothing. ...
  3. Can Managers Override Policy and Drs Orders?!?

  4. Stating injection services in California

    That was my 1st thought, unless the OP is referring to something else?
  5. Full Code

    ...Rather than try to find someone "to blame"; take this unfortunate situation as a learning experience and figure out ways to improve your fall precaution protocol and assessment follow up.
  6. I wouldn't had signed that evaluation without requesting to review, where "picking up extra shifts" was indicated in your job description or performance indicators. Making sure the unit is well staffed (registry/travelers) is the manager's responsibl...
  7. Can Managers Override Policy and Drs Orders?!?

    I feel like there is more to this, since CAUTI protocols are so common everywhere. Wish the OP would come back to provide more details/clarification. My facility implemented the need for the bedside nurse to notify the charge nurses when there is a n...
  8. WGU MSN Virtual Preceptor needed

    When I was looking for a preceptor for my clinicals; out of desperation, I ended up emailing the deans of a couple of schools in my area. I remember doing that at 0100 in the middle of my shift; both of them responded by 9AM, offering full support (...
  9. NIHSS and Aphasia

    Are you NIH certified?? The reason why I ask is because you shouldn't be required to perform it you do not understand the scoring/assessment system. The NIH assess 11 cognitive areas; the presence/severity of aphasia is evaluated under the "Best Lan...
  10. Potassium IV hack

    I would be weary of this "hack" as it is not standard practice. I agree with Hoosier in regard to having some caution in using a filter in a medication that does not require it (personally, never heard of this). Sound like you are on orientation; it...
  11. Offensive Badge

    ...I have to question the common sense of someone who think wearing any sign of political alliance in the work place is OK behavior....😪
  12. Got Fired Help Plz

    To the OP: The fact you were told to leave the unit even before the end of your shift is very telling; I concur with other posters: either you are blissfully unaware of previous near missed/mistakes or we are not getting the whole story. Just be...
  13. Should Male Nurse Work In L&D?

    To the OP: One of the best aspect of nursing is the flexibility we enjoy among specializations. Personally, I've done everything from organ donation coordinator to management (and everything in between). If working in L&D is something you a...
  14. Said No Nurse Ever

    ...For those who work in teaching facilities; the struggle is real
  15. As someone new to the specialty, you will make mistakes (it comes with the territory; we all do!!); you will learn and hopefully grow from them. The key is to practice in a safe manner, following your hospital policies and using common sense; in Rado...