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Delia37 has 15 years experience as a MSN and specializes in Critical Care.

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  1. Delia37

    Patient Refusing Unvaccinated RN

    This post has turned into something completely different from the intended purpose. Hopefully, it has created awareness that this might happen and how to prepare for it. I sincerely hope everyone (...if they are indeed real nurses), conduct their practice with their patient’s wellbeing as their main priority, regardless of personal beliefs/opinions. Would really appreciate it if administration close this post/topic.
  2. Delia37

    Vaccines Save Lives

    This is...bizarre.
  3. Delia37

    Patient Refusing Unvaccinated RN

    Just as the tittle implies, we recently had a patient's family refusing a nurse who is not vaccinated. As of now, vaccination at my facility is still voluntary; becoming mandatory after September 1st (we still have several staff on the fence about it). My understanding is that the patient happened to come in as a stroke, with a prior hx of prostate CA. Not sure what was the context of the conversation, but the patient's wife asked the nurse at the time if she was vaccinated (she was not and answered honestly...she could had refused); prompting the wife to request a different nurse due her fear of exposing her possible immunocompromised husband...the assignment was changed. The feeling of some of my co-workers is that we shouldn't had accommodated the request in support of the staff; however, many feel the wife had the right to advocate for her husband and had a valid concern. This has become a hot topic of conversation in the unit during downtime. Have anyone come across to anything similar?? If so, how was it handled?
  4. Delia37

    Covid and Hospitals: How are things now?

    ...our numbers are going up. we went from zero cares for almost 3 months to (as of yesterday) 16 in-house; really scary, indeed. 😢
  5. Conflict management training should be a priority subject in nursing school, unfortunately, it is not. Cursing at your co-workers is highly frown upon; however, we are only human... don't beat yourself over that, anymore. A lesson to learn for this, never have that difficult conversation with someone when in anger or in an emotional state. Personally, I would suggest to call you manager, as soon as possible; speak your peace and request a face to face meeting with that charge nurse... let your manager mediate the situation (at the end of the day, conflict resolution is part of her job). Do not discuss the situation with anyone else in your workplace (venting or getting other's "perspective"...that just feed the gossip monster in the unit. If your hospital has an union, ask for a representative to come with you to that meeting...if not, go in with the mind set that you might be terminated; however, you will have the opportunity to share you side of the story. That is, if you are still interested in keeping this job. I am really concern with the environment in that unit (the fact that asking the CN for help didn't even crossed your mind is very telling of the toxic culture in that unit); regardless of the outcome of this situation, strongly consider transferring to another unit or charging hospitals. Best of lucks to you and keep us posted.
  6. Delia37

    Nurses on Match.Com

    You might be surprised to find out how many of your single co-workers/people you know are active members of dating sites; it is very convenient and common place, now in days.I don't think your employer would care about your dating life (as long as you are not dating someone with a criminal record) and even then, honestly, it is none of their business.
  7. It doesn't hurt. It give you a chance to see first hands what nurses do and figure out if it works for you. I am currently working as a clinical instructor and I often witness students have a hard time in clinicals because it was not what they were expecting. On the other hand, many of my students had been hired right out of nursing school because they already were working as nurse assistant ( ….around my neck of the wood, hospitals tend to hire nursing students as nurse aides); It definitely improve your chances of getting a job after graduation.
  8. Delia37

    Transgender nurses?

    I had worked with several transgender nurses in the past and honestly, it was never an issue. The fact you are transgender shouldn't have any bearing on you obtaining your license.
  9. At my facility, upon admission we provide patients/main contact with a code (the last 4 digits of the MR#) and explain only callers who are able to provide that code would be able to receive medical info over the phone.
  10. Delia37

    My Nursing Student cannot afford Laptop

    Doesn't your school provide access to a computer center??
  11. Delia37

    Unique Nursing Career

    Hi, Good to see another OP coordinator!! As stated above it is a very unusual career path, however, it is very rewarding!
  12. Delia37

    How to handle gossip

    I second the above post. As the unit leader, her venting her frustration to other staff was inappropriate; however, we are only human...it has to be frustrating when someone call in sick frequently. As long as you keep the line of communication open between you and your manager, you don't own anyone any explanations.
  13. Delia37

    Covid 19 visitor restrictions

    LOL...Guessing you are not getting the validation you want to hear; Fair enough
  14. -Free Hilton hotel rooms (up to 7 days) if you are an AACN member, sign in at aacn.org -A 1 year free membership to the meditation app Headspace, you will need to provide proof (eg:. pic of your badge, RN license #). Headspace.com -AAA is offering free roadside assistance to health care providers. 1 800 400 4222 -Free oil change at any Mazda dealership. End June 1
  15. I agree with this post. At the end of the day, it is a public nursing forum, if you don't feel like answering a question...then don't.
  16. Delia37

    Orientation debacle

    ^^^^This. Rather than go all nuclear on your orientee, sit down with her/him and have that difficult/awkward conversation (....at the end of the day, we are adults, right?). Let him/her know it is not appropriate to contact you on your days off and that you would like to focus your conversations to issues pertaining his professional progress(...if you want to be blunt, tell him/her his personal conversations are not appropriate). As many mentioned, if that does not work, then escalate it to your manager and educator; however, from a professional standpoint address him/her 1st.