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  1. Feral.Cat.Herder

    Dealing with teachers

    I had the one teacher that always sent kids to the clinic with a pass telling me what to do "check temp", "give ice pack", etc. I got fed up and send pass back with reply "Temp normal, teach class". She never sent instructions for me on passes anymore.
  2. Feral.Cat.Herder

    Another new school nurse

    Favs: No weekends, no 12 hr shifts, no weekends/holidays. A lot of vacation time and the kiddos Least Favs: Pay and parents. I would not want to return to hospital/LTC nursing Good luck on your interview and welcome to the club of school nursing!!
  3. Feral.Cat.Herder

    New graduate nurse, new job, HELP

    And suck out Crawdad brains!
  4. Feral.Cat.Herder

    New LPN, hello!

    Congrats Cole_LPN!! Being a LPN at the place where you were a CNA should help you to be more comfortable in learning your new role as a nurse. 24 yrs I ago I too transitioned from CNA to LPN in the LTC facility in which I was employed. A funny story... I was called to a resident's room by one of the CNAs (my partner when a was a CNA) to come check a patient, say "I think she's dead" I go in and yep she's definitely dead. The CNA ask me what to do next, I said "Go get the nurse" she reminded my that I AM the nurse! "Oh yeah, duh!" Then years later, with my current employer, I transition from LPN to RN.
  5. Feral.Cat.Herder

    Difficulty with coworker

    I have these types of conversation in my head all the time.... I'm happy to see I am not alone!
  6. Feral.Cat.Herder

    Difficulty with coworker

    I agree with OD. If she is study for her exams in the open and not trying to hide it, obviously the powers that be must be aware and okay with her doing so. I worked nights for a LTC facility as a CNA through nursing school. My supervisor allowed me to study when things were slow, but I could never allow studying to get in the way of my job! In the meantime, you may want to talk to your supervisor or other nurses to see how PAs are obtained when the MAs can't or won't get them for you and you have do not have access to the system. Let us know how it goes.
  7. Feral.Cat.Herder

    happy mother's day

    Thank you GlitterNurse. I hope your day was blessed!
  8. Feral.Cat.Herder

    Measles and camp staff

    I was immunized as a child before 1970 and when I went back to college for RN I had to get titers for MMR, Tdap and HBV. I had no immunity for measles nor HBV and when I went into 7th grade as a child I did not have to get the Tdap. I had to get MMR and HBV series as well as a Tdap booster.
  9. Feral.Cat.Herder

    Salting my ice now

    I learned from an old school nurse that a wet paper towel in a baggie (placed in freezer) works as well as ice in a baggie. It's more pliable and less attractive to students. As the ice machines in my district crap out they are not being replaced and all the clinic nurses will be using frozen wet paper towels in baggies aka cold packs. Another advantage to the "cold packs" you can make up bunches at a time and have them in the freezer ready to go!
  10. Feral.Cat.Herder

    Anxious, depressed, and might need to go to HR.

    Be careful, as it as already been stated, in some states this is illegal. I have used email as proof many times. I know it may be a bit late in your case, but if you do have any emails that would be proof for case, use them. Short story.... I worked with a nurse that always wanted to play the victim and tell our supervisor that the nurses weren't team players and that we all purposely left her out of things and how she wasn't privy to important info. I began emailing her to inform her of important info that was coming down the pike, I would email her to invite her to participate in the various special things we were doing as a team and for our clinic nurses. She would always decline with some excuse and then go to our supervisor and complain about how no one included her on things and how she didn't know about changes because no one told her. When the supervisor came to me to inquiry about the accusations I printed all the emails, he read them and realize she was the problem, not the team, and he addressed her about her attitude and passive-aggressive behavior. Let us know how things go for you. Best of luck!!
  11. Feral.Cat.Herder


    I wish we could scan records. Unfortunately we use PowerSchool at this time and we have to enter all our information in so it can be tracked and reports can be generated. Does anyone else use PowerSchool?
  12. Feral.Cat.Herder

    Should I divorce my husband

    ba dum chhh
  13. Feral.Cat.Herder

    Do You Remember...

    I love this!!!! Truly the good 'ole days!
  14. Feral.Cat.Herder

    Teacher appreciation week...

    I work as a system-wide nurse in my district, I do training, go on field trips and sub for clinic nurses. Friday I sent an email to all the head secretaries at each of the schools in our district informing them this week is National Nurses Week and that Wednesday was School Nurses Day. I also included 5 ways a school nurse benefits their school (as published by NASN). 1. Attendance - through health promotion, disease prevention and management. 2. Academics - With improved attendance, kids are actually in the classroom and ready to learn. 3. Time - Nurses save a lot of time for the principals, teacher and staff that would have to deal with all the minor complaints that are sent to the nurses, such as torn up glasses, flip flops, torn clothing and liquid spills on article of clothing. 4. Staff wellness - Just like students, healthy staff equals increased staff attendance and productivity. 5. Accountability - School nurses keep the schools accountable by promoting compliance with federal and state law, advocating for staff and preparing staff for emergencies. I got positive responses from the emails; most of the secretaries did not realized school nurses have their own appreciation day. Tomorrow we'll see if this email motivated that schools to show their nurses appreciation. In the past they were never recognized, I was hoping to change that this year and perhaps start a new trend.
  15. Feral.Cat.Herder

    Teacher appreciation week...

    We should sit with the teachers and start talking to them about lesson plans and various ways they could teach or maybe get them to explain core math so that I can understand it!