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Feral.Cat.Herder has 27 years experience as a LPN and specializes in Peds, MS, DIDD, Corrections, HH, LTC, School Nurse.

I am a LPN with 22 yrs experience. I've worked pediatric, med/surg, and ED in the hospital setting, home health, corrections, long term care, DIDD, and currently as a K-12 system wide school nurse. I am also presently earning my RN-BSN.

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  1. Feral.Cat.Herder

    Finish the Toon!

    Okay, Dr. Antivax, what were you saying about herd immunity?
  2. Feral.Cat.Herder

    Lice dilemma

    I will try to keep you updated, I'm subbing today, but I will try to follow up with the nurse when she returns to this clinic. I'm interested to see what happens as well.
  3. Feral.Cat.Herder

    Lice dilemma

    Just did a head check to clear a student to return to school. I made a comment on how soft her hair was and that it smelled like apples. The dad said "yeah I went by Tractor Supply and picked up lice medication for livestock... worked like a charm" I question why he thought to go to a farm supply store to buy lice treatment meant for livestock to use on his child. His reply "It's a hellofa lot cheaper than the stuff in the pharmacy". SMH, just when you think you've heard it all!
  4. Feral.Cat.Herder


    Hello OD!!! What a nice surprise!!! We've all missed you so much! I do hope retirement is all your dreamed it would be and even more! Come visit anytime!!
  5. Feral.Cat.Herder

    C'Mon Now!

    Agree! I was called on the radio for a playground emergency just last week. "Hurry and bring the wheelchair, student has fallen and cannot move at all!" I take w/c and make the hike up to the playground to find said student up walking around. What the Heck!! Teacher said the student decided to get up. It's a flipping miracle!!! The student also walked all the way to the clinic to be assessed.
  6. Feral.Cat.Herder

    C'Mon Now!

    For the love of wholly donuts, are you serious!!!!!!
  7. Feral.Cat.Herder

    C'Mon Now!

    I get a call about a child who is obviously faking illness and is acting out in class. the request is that I keep the child with me until the end of class because the teacher is training a student teacher. Ummmm... NO. I will check her out and after concluding she doesn't need to go home I will send her back. Sounds like a behavioural problem and therefore you should call the councelor or RBI. I think the next time I have a student nurse in the clinic I will call the classroom and ask if I can send all sick kids to the classroom so I can teach the student nurse without interruption. C'mon now! Why does the clinic always become the dumping ground?????
  8. Feral.Cat.Herder

    That's So Fetch! (Pink Wednesdays)

    Oooops, I forgot to post BUT I was in stealth mode with my pink butterfly top and pink pants. Sorry I didn't speack to anyone at the cool kid's table yesterday!
  9. Feral.Cat.Herder

    Students injected with wrong item

    My bad, for some reason when I read the article I thought they were nursing students from the Technical Career Center.
  10. Feral.Cat.Herder

    Students injected with wrong item

    I too hope the student of this program learned a valuable lesson, but I would think they had an instructor right? Wouldn't she be primarily responsible and expected to check what the students are giving? I know that's how it worked when I was in nursing school.
  11. Feral.Cat.Herder


    I'm not up on the latest vaping news/regs and it doesn't seem to be a significant problem in my school district at this time. My question is why does it only seem to be seriously affecting/causing death of young people. I know a lot of adults older than 40 yo that vape and have for years and they don't have obvious lung issues (who knows what may be going on superficially). Could it be thatsince these kids are underage they are getting vape juice or e-cigs on the "black market". If so it's untelling what all may be in it. I can imagine some dude looking like he is off the movie Wrong Turn in a back room somewhere making this juice/oil for vaping and roaches and rats running rampant. I've also read that a lot of these kids admit they were vaping HTC oil and CBD oil... I don't think that's ever been approved for vaping. Perhaps they are thinking they will get high. Thoughts?
  12. Feral.Cat.Herder

    Headaches and Stomach Aches

    @NurseSears you're welcome. BTW I love your picture!
  13. Feral.Cat.Herder

    C'Mon Now!

    And that is mo bad!!
  14. Feral.Cat.Herder

    Early Flu?

    One of my school nurse friends said she had a 3 positive Flu A cases and the kids didn't present with a fever, just HA and general malaise.
  15. Feral.Cat.Herder

    Headaches and Stomach Aches

    No problem!
  16. Feral.Cat.Herder

    Headaches and Stomach Aches

    We've been in school since Aug 6th and I decided to try something different with the kiddos and it has been a blessing! So I've been using the WOW tx for Headaches and the Grounding Exercise for stomach aches, anxiety and the general "I just don't feel good". They really do work! The majority of my kids are ready to return to class after doing either one. Salt water gargle is the miracle cure for sore throat this year as well! With the grounding exercise, the WOW tx and salt water gargles I've sent nearly no one home AND I don't have a lot of repeat offenders! Thought I would share. Anything that can help us keep our students in class is a bonus!

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