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  1. Just me.

    BON Regulations updated COVID-19

    Has anyone else gotten notification from their state BON of temporary waivers of various regulations to help with workforce issues?
  2. Just me.

    AMA Looks to Retrain Doctors on Taking Blood Pressures

    For years I only did b/p checks with a dinamap. I got confused listening to manual readings, the different korotcov/korotcoff sounds when I was required to start checking them this way. I did practices online thru Youtube to retrain myself. IF someone re-rechecks, and says something drastically different, I know what I heard.
  3. Just me.

    Monday to Friday life... what's it like?

    I left the Hospital setting about a month ago. I only worked part- time, 8 hour days.. I got burned out for various reasons, including the commute. I am currently working in a primary care/clinic setting and now working Monday thru Friday. I am still adjusting to the schedule and working more hours, and having less free time. Overall, my stress level has dropped tremendously! Getting a lunch break everyday, priceless! To be honest, it is a very busy practice. The hardest adjustment for me has been a new computer charting system and doing many things with less resources, and things that are not hard, but still need to be learned. And in my case the pay cut was tremendous, it would depend on your location. The pay adjustment has been worth it for my overall well-being. As you have your Bachelor's degree, returning to the hospital is an option. Or you could work prn at the hospital to make sure you like the new position?
  4. Just me.


    The employers response sound a little extreme. It seems straight forward, that you tell someone apply this cream to the patient's...I may have asked myself. Was there a barrier in the communication, language? And as was already pointed out, was this a job that should have been delegated? The only other thing I would have done is call Poison Control.
  5. Just me.

    Sign prescription for MD?

    One of our Doctors leaves the prescriptions on the printer. To get the discharge done and over with, I walk it over to provider to have them sign it. If the Doctor refuses to sign, leave it without a signature. When the doctor gets repeated calls from the pharmacy, they might start signing. Fill out an incident report, likely you can do this anonymously? It is not fair for the patient to be delayed at the pharmacy, but why should you lose your job? Don't put your job at risk. I know they are supposed to sign, even with the electronic signature. For your states do all prescriptions need an ink signature if the medication is not a controlled substance?
  6. Just me.

    Patient’s family threatening to report me to BNE

    Personally, I do believe the OP did their best. Sometimes when reading the Original post, you don't have all the facts. And it is easy to miss some details when they are revealed later in f/u posts. When I read the original post, it sounded like the daughter was there when it happened, expressing her concern(not in the right way). Later, it is learned that she was not. And the patient details and daughters location were revealed in later posts. When in doubt, I don't think it hurts to call a RR. IF nothing else, you are not alone. As far as abusiveness, our hospital has become increasingly responsive to abuse. Abusive family members have been removed from the grounds, others banned from the facility (unless they are dying), no trespassing orders. We do try to talk people down, but have a right to defend ourselves. @Tweety I am going to clarify if the Hospitalist is on the RR team, I may be wrong. He may have just responded, it was some time ago. I will correct if I misspoke.
  7. Just me.

    Patient’s family threatening to report me to BNE

    @Tweety When I was on the floor the Hospitalist was part of the team, but teams vary at different facilities. Not sure now who is on our team, I'll have to ask.
  8. Just me.

    Pathogenic Caption Contest

    @Davey Do is their a self-portrait in this illustration? Like a Norman Rockwell?
  9. Just me.

    Patient’s family threatening to report me to BNE

    @Susie2310: I have to agree with most of what you said (in the above post) I didn't think about it from the daughter's perspective. The daughter was way out line in how she communicated her concerns. Her behavior was inappropriate. I think the OP did their best. And the patient did not code. When our hospital began the RR team, it was such a relief to know you could get help fast! You were not alone. I used the team a few times. To the OP, I think you did try your best to help your patient! Use the RR team in like situations in the future and don't put all the stress and responsibility yourself.
  10. @RNperdiem I agree that tech help can make or break you sometimes.
  11. I feel the pain! I struggled on days with 5 or 6. It takes one thing not going right, a post op pt, "direct admit"...etc. I was a nurse for more than 7 years at my breaking point. Many times I had to ask for help. I remember once asking the charge to give a pt her am meds because I couldn't keep up. The pt was admitted for migraine, years ago...and kept calling for pain meds and her daily meds. It took the charge nurse an hour to give the meds...I was done with Med-surg after that. I did it for 7 years in the float pool. The charge was mad at me, and I thanked her thinking how was I supposed to get this done with all these other people! Today, I know locally that admitted patients have to be really, really sick to qualify for admission. The floors are probably even heavier than when I left. It takes a while to develop a rhythm. Night shifters used to get up to 10 at night, no way!
  12. Just me.

    Patient’s family threatening to report me to BNE

    I once visited a friend in the hospital who was having a sudden onset of sob, sweating profusely and in obvious fluid overload. The nurse was not convinced she was deteriorating, I was. I asked the nurse to call a rapid response she was overwhelmed and so was I. Is it correct the daughter was present? She could have asked you call, even though you were handling the situation. @ruby_jane I think it is a great idea to document the incident. I have done that myself in the past when I felt a doctor acted negligently and another incident involving a nurse.
  13. Just me.

    Forced from RN to MA question

    It sounds like she wants to, but there are no jobs. OP, would you be willing to travel some distance to find that job? Op do you mean removing the stitches is the part that keeps you busy, another one your responsibilities, not what you are unsure of doing? In the U.S. check with sites like Indeed, and search for nursing jobs in your area, see if traveling some to find yourself a more suitable work environment is possible? Take care.
  14. Just me.

    I made a med error and feel so disappointed with myself

    There are different online sites, for some reason the FDA one didn't give me much information. The hospital pharmacy should have the packaging insert for the drug. We have all made medication errors, even if we didn't know it. And experienced nurses make errors too. I have made them just like everyone else. A seasoned nurse I work with asked me if I needed help, I said yes. She gave bentyl iv instead of im. Similar risks. Use it as a learning experience. I am sure you will pay more attention next time. EDIT: I don't even give phenergan anymore except suppository once in a blue moon, next time you have a drug you are not familiar with: look it up in the old handy drug book/or download an app or call pharmacy. One pharmacist calls me by name when I call.
  15. Just me.

    Tips for dealing with techs/pct’s as a new grad

    I agree that you need to ignore the comments. You know your own work ethic. I sometimes feel I have to justify why I'm asking for help, and that is wrong. We delegate not because we are lazy ( in most cases), but because have to. Be direct and polite, always say please and thank you and do your job well.
  16. Just me.

    Forced from RN to MA question

    I think I understand where you are coming from. You have a role as a Nurse: you were hired to do biologics. And now that the MA has left, they want you to do 2 jobs. And do you feel you are lacking in some of the skills you need? Some of the bedside nursing functions? Yes, you are a nurse, but you are unsure of some of the tasks and computer work the MA does. EDIT: I have learned a lot on youtube I hate to admit! Techniques for difficult blood draws, tips on how to perform skills. But, I know I have to be careful the techniques are correct for my facility. Are you concerned about being able to do your job and that of filling the role of the MA? Just like working short-handed in the hospital, the job is still expected to get done. It sounds like from your concerns that you are not comfortable with the added new role, but that you aren't likely to get a new job soon. If you need to keep the job, don't be too hard on yourself. Unfortunately, I'm learning first hand that you sometimes have to learn as you go (subbing for school nursing) EDIT: And as long as it is within the scope of Nursing, in your state. And though it doesn't sound fair to you, would that let you shadow an MA at another site for a shift?