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Julie has 39 years experience and specializes in Sm Bus Mgmt, Operations, Planning, HR, Coaching.

I hold a bachelors degree in Business Administration Finance from University of Wisconsin Eau Claire.  While managing and working as an educator and counselor at the Western Dairyland Women's Business Center, in 2004 I founded the Women's Business Conference, and directed its growth for 5 years.  I am very proud that it continues to grow as a popular annual event today. I also have over 38 years of experience growing a successful family business that won the EC Area Chamber of Commerce Small Business of Year award in 2015.  I am now a Certified Life Coach and as a Wisconsonite, I spend my free time watching Brewers baseball and riding bike in the Summer, snowmobile in the Winter, and watching Badger/Packer football in the fall.

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  1. Julie

    6 Interviews But Failed All Of Them

    WOW @CheesePotato that is great information! Thank you!
  2. This year, coming off 2020, my Valentine's message of LOVE and gratitude is going out to YOU, our community of nurses. I’m not a nurse, but I am honored to be a part of this community and work for allnurses®. Learning about the nursing career and the altruistic lives of this noble profession has been inspirational. I am amazed by the kindness and passion you have for strangers’ health and well-being. In the face of the unknown, a pandemic and uncertainty around every corner, you have stood firm and shown selflessness and strength, all while carrying the burden of what is best for your patients, sometimes at your own disadvantage. ❤️ I can only imagine how wonderful the world would be if every employee in every profession approached their daily work with the dedication and passion that YOU, the nursing community as a whole approaches their daily work. Our world in general would be so much kinder and gentler. ❤️ Happy Valentines Day and Thank you for choosing Nursing as your career and making such a difference in our lives everyday.❤️ Every nurse on allnurses along with my daughter-in-lawve (not a misspelling..... "lawve" better describes how I feel about her than "law", I "lawve" her like my daughter) is behind the inspiration for my post. My son and daughter-in-lawve graced us in 2020 with their first born son and treasured memories while living under our roof as their house was being built. She is a loving mother, an amazing person and a dedicated BSN, RN.
  3. Julie

    How to Deal with Staff Who Don't Like You?

    @DribbleKing97 I am sorry this is happening at your workplace. If you are confident that you are doing a great job and you are not the problem, there is only so much you can do and it is all WITHIN you. You can not change those around you. But don't let their behavior take away your control of YOU. You can change the way you react to them. Use some positive mindfulness. Try training your mind to think differently when they say these mean things to you. Next time one of them makes one of these snide comments, use visualization in your head, to view that person as a weak animal trying to appear bigger and stronger than reality. That might help you to just ignore their "mean" comments. If you do this over and over, you should become more proficient at your work and hopefully the remarks will soon become basically "mute". This will allow you to focus on your important work and not on what co-workers are thinking. Good luck to you.
  4. Julie

    Despite High Demand For Nurses, Colleges Aren't Keeping Up

    Awesome @TheMoonisMyLantern we think alike. Thank you. Please refer comments to:
  5. Julie

    Despite High Demand For Nurses, Colleges Aren't Keeping Up

    allnurses® would love to hear from you. Are the nursing schools keeping up? Will hospital budgets stay adequate for PPE? What will be the long term effects of the cut back on clinical training? How long will the overworked veteran nurses stick around? Here is one publications' opinion on this: click here
  6. Sandra Lindsay, as an intensive care unit director at Long Island Jewish Medical Center, 52, oversees five units of critical-care nurses who have been caring for covid-19 patients since the worst weeks in New York also lost an aunt and an uncle to covid-19. Read more about Sandra Lindsay
  7. Julie

    A Letter to Student Me

    Lots of great advice @Lindsynicoler but this really resonated with me. I would add in time for yourself and never sacrifice that time. Say "no" when you need to make yourself a priority. Thanks for this great information.
  8. Julie

    Evolving As A Nurse

    Ohhh @bpav love your analogy of nursing phases with your style, color of shoes. This is so relatable! I think I need to find my ocean blue shoes to wear now to also give me hope and remind me that this pandemic will end! Great article. Thanks.
  9. Julie

    A Not-Love Letter for Nursing

    Great perspective, written from a healthy inner voice, what a great way to look back and reflect. Thanks @nikkulele77
  10. Julie

    A Writer's Learning Journey

    Thank you @PamtheNurse for all your participation on allnurses. Along with the lessons you learned as you wrote and published your work, you helped many fellow nursing professionals who also were enlightened by your contributions. We look forward to hearing more about your nursing journey.
  11. Julie

    If I Were A Student Today: Four Pieces of Advice

    @The Seasoned Nurse Such great advice 🙂 reminded me of a fun quote that I shared here. Thank you for your great article. So helpful to every grad!
  12. Julie

    Simple Lessons

    @Davey Do Love all your contributions! Just want to say THANKS.
  13. Julie

    Today, I Will Kill Myself! | This Is My Story

    @JustGetIt Remember every small step in the right direction is a big step for your mental health. Baby steps.
  14. Julie

    Is there a light at the end of this tunnel?

    Your article put a HUGE smile on my face. Your patients are lucky to have you as their nurse! You have a great attitude. Bless you.
  15. Julie

    Adventures in Labor and Delivery

    Thanks JoAnn1973 for giving us a glimpse into your work as a labor and delivery nurse. It is fun to read about someone that is so passionate about their work. We appreciate you sharing that passion with allnurses.
  16. Julie

    It Is Not Just Nursing 101

    Thanks for sharing! allnurses.com is a great resource to ask and anonymously share information and make connections to become a better nurse. Everyday contacts are made and networks are formed that can help build a confident knowledge base.