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Business Operations Director | Certified Life Coach


About Julie

Julie has 42 years experience and specializes in Sm Bus Mgmt, Operations, Planning, HR, Coaching.

I hold a bachelors degree in Business Administration Finance from University of Wisconsin Eau Claire.  While managing and working as an educator and counselor at the Western Dairyland Women's Business Center, in 2004 I founded the Women's Business Conference, and directed its growth for 5 years.  I am very proud that it continues to grow as a popular annual event today. I also have over 38 years of experience growing a successful family business that won the EC Area Chamber of Commerce Small Business of Year award in 2015.  I am now a Certified Life Coach and as a Wisconsonite, I spend my free time watching Brewers baseball and riding bike in the Summer, snowmobile in the Winter, and watching Badger/Packer football in the fall.

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  1. Julie

    Day in the Life: Charge Nurse at a FQHC

    Thank for your honest and candid portrayal of your position. Blessings to you for making a difference. It may not always feel that way but you have a solid and healthy attitude, and your work will leave behind positive ripples for a long long time.
  2. Men rush to get vasectomies after Roe ruling
  3. Single mom and nurse Katie Slayton was arrested for driving under the influence as well as felony child neglect because her son was in the car. Her son went to foster care for 9 weeks. This happened after she worked a grueling 12 hour shift in the C...
  4. This final decision ends constitutional protection for abortion, returning the rights to state legislatures. Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, ending right to abortion upheld for decades Do you think the Supreme Court made the right d...
  5. Julie

    Healthy Skin is In! Keep Melanoma Out!

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for this article. EVERYONE needs to know this. I wish my mother was aware years ago. Her death at 58 yrs old, was devastating to my father, her 6 children (including a 13 yr old), and her many grandchildren. Totall...
  6. What do you think? This author thinks hospitals need to rethink their approach to solving the nursing shortage. Ideally, hospitals would increase their nurse staffing levels. But nurses are a finite resource. Amid Omicron, nurses don't just...
  7. WOW congrats, you should be very proud of yourself. Now get ready to go out and do great things.
  8. Julie

    Halloween Humor: There's A Dog Loose!

    In college, I worked the busy lunch shift at a local cafe and on Halloween we were asked to dress up. I was riding my bike to work dressed in my costume. A patrol officer decided to pull me over with his red lights blaring for not stopping complete...
  9. Julie

    How I Stumbled into Being a Nurse in Business

    Thanks @Jill Weberding MPHfor a very insightful, great article, including cautionary thoughts about MLM ideas that are everywhere. If you have the passion and drive, you will find a way to make it work.
  10. Julie

    COVID & A Walk in the Park

    Life is 10% what actually happens to us and 90% what we make of it, our attitude, our perspective.... I love your perspective. Congratulations on your little one, thanks for your wonderful contributions to the nursing world and to our allnurses site...
  11. Laura Weiss a nurse in Boulder, Colorado created a Chandelier she calls the "Light of Appreciation" to honor her fellow nurses who helped inoculate 82% of the population in Boulder, Colo. She used almost 300 vials from those inoculations to make thi...
  12. Julie

    NCLEX anxiety

    So glad to hear it! Congrats
  13. Back by Popular Demand What: PASSING NCLEX - Using the Nursing Process to Pass NCLEX Where: facebook Live Event on Nurses Rock Who: Anyone interested in passing NCLEX When: Tuesday, Aug 31 at 5:00PM CST POSTPONED DUE TO HURRIC...
  14. Julie

    What Your Feet Can Tell You About Your Whole Health

    Thanks! Shared this on my social media. Helpful for all.
  15. Julie

    How long did you study for the NCLEX

    If you need help passing NCLEX, allnurses has a great LIVE EVENT coming up for only $1.99. https://www.facebook.com/events/232330648703584