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Julie has 1 years experience.

I have a bachelors degree in Business Administration Finance and over 40 years of experience growing a successful family business. As a Wisconsonite, I spend my free time watching Brewers baseball and riding bike in the summer, snowmobile in the winter, and Badger/Packer football in the fall.

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  1. Read more about how one facility in Texas is using technology to face a future shortage of nurses. Medical City Dallas' one-armed, bright-eyed Moxi is regions first full-time nursing robot Tell us about your experience using technology to ease your work load. Do you work next to a robot? Or do you have a robot as an assistant? Do you think this is the answer to future nurse shortages?
  2. Mom thanks 2 nurses that saved her baby by performing CPR after he was pulled unresponsive from a hotel pool. She writes, "You both forever will be our gift from God at a very dark moment. I believe God makes no mistakes and he sent his two angels on earth to save my son. I truly, truly thank you ladies with everything within me for saving my baby’s life.” https://www.mlive.com/news/muskegon/2020/01/forever-heroes-unresponsive-toddler-saved-by-nurses-at-hotel-pool.html
  3. Health Care Professionals BEWARE..... Scammers are stooping pretty low! Now they are targeting our trusted health care professionals. Professionals, that highly value what they have worked so hard to obtain, their license and certifications. MN Board of Nursing is warning of the scam. This is probably happening in other states too, so please be aware! https://minnesota.cbslocal.com/2020/01/27/mn-board-of-nursing-warns-of-scammers-impersonating-health-licensing-boards/
  4. Looking for adventure and travel? Yes, but you still want to use your nursing skills to help? Yes, well this might be just right for you. But you better hurry. The show "Survivor" is hiring but today is the last day to apply. https://www.narcity.com/news/ca/survivor-is-hiring-a-nurse-or-paramedic-and-today-is-the-last-day-to-apply

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