Chandelier created from vaccine vials looking for home

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Laura Weiss a nurse in Boulder, Colorado created a Chandelier she calls the "Light of Appreciation" to honor her fellow nurses who helped inoculate 82% of the population in Boulder, Colo.  She used almost 300 vials from those inoculations to make this gorgeous creation. 

See the beautiful pictures and read more

The Light of Appreciation is also for those that received the vaccine: "I wanted to honor the people that actually received the vaccines, did the research and did not listen to misinformation, and have done it with intentions to help others."

"They inspire me as well," she added, which is why she wants to share the chandelier.

"Right now it's in my living room, but I'm looking for a permanent home for it," Weiss said.

"Somewhere where people can see it and take a moment" to be grateful that there is a vaccine, "because it wasn't that long ago that we didn't have one. There was nothing you could do and now there is," she said.


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Interesting concept. I know I'm kinda crazy, the vaccine is safe, but I always just imagine residual medication being in the vials. Reminds me of people making badge clip decorations out of vial caps.  Pretty, but I always just imagine residual medication.

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She did say in the article that she cleaned all the vials. 

I love it and think it is so gorgeous! 


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On 9/9/2021 at 2:34 PM, CalicoKitty said:

I always just imagine residual medication.

You do know  with regard to badge clips, that the medicine does not become available through the diaphragm until the clip is taken off?

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Amazing idea, and amazing completion of the chandelier! What a job to put that together! I say KUDOS, and the question of 'residual' medication seems to be a bit extreme to worry about if the bottles are cleaned before she used them. Just MHO and 2 cents.

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Why not donate it to a museum such as the Marine Street Science Center at the University of Colorado?

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I think this DIY invention is gorgeous, brilliant idea. It goes to show that nurses are very creative.

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