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Ambulatory Care, Community Health, HIV
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Squidpdx has 5 years experience as a CNA, LPN and specializes in Ambulatory Care, Community Health, HIV.

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  1. Squidpdx

    Help searching for outpatient care position

    Try looking for jobs at a FQHC (Federally qualified Health Center). I work at one, and we are constantly hiring nurses, even new grads. The pay for outpatient clinics isn't great compared to acute care, but the hours are nice, especially if you have a family or want daytime hours. Also, some dialysis centers hire new nurses.
  2. Squidpdx

    Nightingale College 2021

    londonflo- I agree, and that's what I meant by my comment. Two years does not instill confidence in me that I will receive a quality education. Personally, I need more of a proven track record.
  3. Squidpdx

    Nightingale College 2021

    That's great! Hopefully it's a practice no longer being done at this school. Like I said, I have no attachment to this program or strong feelings about it. I am in the same boat as you all, trying to figure out my options for LPN-RN. I just want to make sure we all are making informed decisions. If I'm gonna spend 1+ year or more studying my butt off to get my RN, I want to make sure I will actually pass the NCLEX, get licensed, and not be scammed. Plus, I want to feel well-prepared for patient care and be a competent nurse!
  4. Squidpdx

    Nightingale College 2021

    They have also only had graduates of the BSN program since 2019.... Not very much time to prove it is a solid educational program.
  5. Squidpdx

    Nightingale College 2021

    "SEAN MILLARD installed a camera in the Ogden Nightingale Nursing College boardroom for CEO Mr. Mikhail Shneyder. It was a camera that only he had the password for. In several meetings SEAN MILLARD attended, CEO Mr. Mikhail Shneyder and Kara Harmon, Vice President, Operations and others in the Nightingale leadership discussed how they had fraudulently reported to government officials that companies had come into the testing center when no companies actually used the facilities. This was done to receive government grants and tax credits. Nerima Pasic, Director of Academic Services explained to SEAN MILLARD that Nightingale College required students sign a two year contract. If the students dropped out of college after the first semester, Nightingale College would continue to charge the students tuition for the full two years. Employees were required to meet quotas to sign up new students who would sign the contract."
  6. Squidpdx

    Nightingale College 2021

    Here's an interesting website with some apparently inside information about their shady business practices: http://nightingale.press/index.php/Main_Page Looks like a homemade page, but has some intriguing interviews. I don't have any opinion about this school yet, but am researching LPN-RN programs for myself, so this came across my radar. Figured I'd share
  7. Squidpdx

    Things I wish my patients understood

    This! (for the doctors)
  8. Squidpdx

    How many jobs to apply to at one hospital?

    There's nothing wrong with applying to multiple jobs that fit your interests. Like you said, there is no guarantee they will offer you job 2. Go for it!
  9. Squidpdx

    American nurse in Brazil

    Hi- I am interested in living in Brazil. Have you looked into nursing jobs there at all? How do those seem? Thanks!
  10. Squidpdx

    Is disclosing a mental health record that awful of a thing to do?

    I believe it is always a good practice to bring your bottles/ prescriptions with you to the testing center and make sure they jot down the info before you submit the sample. Then they will already have the info when reading the result. That's what I do, and I've never had an issue. Good luck!
  11. Squidpdx

    Anyone worked at this camp before?

    Why? Do tell...
  12. Squidpdx

    Imposter RN

    You should report this nurse to the BON. Imposter nursing is a serious crime that could be endangering patients.
  13. Squidpdx

    Fired (Wrongfully?) And It Hurts

    I haven't yet been fired from a nursing gig, but I was unjustly fired from a previous "dream job." I gently called out the bigoted new CEO from out of state on her extreme transphobia (mind you this was at an LGBTQ youth center). She came in like a monsoon and behaved in a way that went against all the tenants of the literal contract we all signed agreeing how to treat one another as coworkers. It was hurtful and damaging. She wanted a top-down kind of leadership that did not fit with the long history of the organization. However, since I was still in my probationary period, I was fired the next day. It stung, but my confidence was bolstered when my supervisor walked out with me in solidarity. Even so, my confidence was badly shaken for like a year afterward. I felt insecure in unfamiliar ways. So I completely can commiserate with the second guessing yourself that can come with being fired. Ultimately, that same new CEO drove the center into the ground, and it ended up closing just 6 months after she came on board, despite efforts for the staff to unionize. Another casualty of the power-hungry.
  14. Squidpdx

    Second Thoughts on Becoming a Nurse

    Wow this comment thread is cathartic! The nursing burnout is real.
  15. Squidpdx

    Radonda Vaught Loses License

    Wow thanks for posting this. Scary situation all around. Fascinating to read all the documents!
  16. Squidpdx

    Quitting first RN job

    I second this! The fact that you are feeling the steep learning curve means you are doing it correctly. I have worked with many newer grads who think they know it all and are dangerous in their overestimations. You sound like you are generally doing well and are competent. Being a new nurse is emotionally draining. Focus on your self-care, getting sleep, and mindfulness if possible. Even if you end up switching units. Good luck to you!