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Psych, Addictions, SOL (Student of Life)

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hppygr8ful has 21 years experience as a ASN, RN, EMT-I and specializes in Psych, Addictions, SOL (Student of Life).

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. MARIANNE WILLIAMSON

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  1. hppygr8ful

    Can I get a non-patient care job as a new RN, ASN?

    But the OP is not saying that. What they are saying is that they are uncomfortable with patient contact.
  2. hppygr8ful

    False positive drug test for Benzos

    I totally get what you are saying but all modern medicine was developed by and stands on the shoulders of Near Middle and Far Eastern practices. These practices can still be used as a compliment to modern Western medicine. My personal physician has a...
  3. hppygr8ful

    False positive drug test for Benzos

    Actually there are several plants and plant compounds that can be used as a muscle relaxant/sleep aid. Valarian (Which is in Formula 303), Alfalfa, Red Clover, chamomile, peppermint, ginger, Passion Flower andabout 17 others. I use some of them mysel...
  4. hppygr8ful

    For pagan nurses, is "Happy solstice" the right expression?

    "Blessed Be" refers to veneration of Gaia who is the Greek goddess of the earth and mother of all life. There are many other Pagan traditions that do not use that term. As I am extremely comfortable in my beliefs I do not feel the need to correct oth...
  5. hppygr8ful

    I need advice.

    You're in a tough spot and I empathize with you. If you go lucking for another job see if they support students with flexable scheduling and or tuition reimbursment. Alot of these programs and incentives will dry up if the Government succeeds in can...
  6. hppygr8ful

    Can I get a non-patient care job as a new RN, ASN?

    The problem you may have is that Forensic nursing (BSN often required) and Lactation Consultant which also often requires a BSN. Both of these areas of nursing involve rather intimate physical contact such as rape exams and touching and handling a wo...
  7. hppygr8ful

    Patient Abandonment

    Something is missing here.I believe your question is purposly vague. The way your question is worded it appears you were an hour late (Unacceptable). What apecifically made you want to walk out? Hppy
  8. hppygr8ful

    Precepting After 4 Months Off Orientation

    Orientation where I work (psych) lasts about 9 weeks. Once off orientation RN are consu oth ChRge nurses and preceptors. I have 20 years under my belt and am 1 of 3 Master Precepg on my shift. E dry new hire spends 7 days with one of us and we are al...
  9. All of the problems with regard to access to care was supposed to be solved by the affordable care act. Under this all adults must have insurance purchased through the medical insurance marketplace or face legal consequences. Those who cannot afford...
  10. While anecdotal evidence is the weekest kind. I have to say that my family and I have received very good care here in the US. We do play by the rules and stay in network. The longest I ever waited for anything a week. Whe I had my detached Retina las...
  11. hppygr8ful

    AMA Ceasefire Resolution

    Oh and before people say anything I have worked in a Third World Country (Though one closer to home) to provide Vaccinations and other services to an impovrished people. Hppy
  12. hppygr8ful

    AMA Ceasefire Resolution

    While I support the end to violence in the Gaza Stip as well as in the Ukraine, Russia , China and several African Nations. I fail to see how any of these entities will do anything in response to what a bunch of American (A country they universally d...
  13. hppygr8ful

    Pursuing Specialty But...With A Personal Twist

    There are lot's of nurses and even Physicians who have or have had mental health issues. I have suffered from debilitating and relapsing depression since I was about 13 years old and I am 60 and yes I work in a psych facility. The only caution I woul...
  14. I'm sure it has happened but I had a cancer scare and my hospital (Owned by my insurance Co. ) sent me to a competing hospital system as time was of the essence for a diagnosis. Hppy
  15. hppygr8ful

    Anti Vaxxer I Knew Became A Nurse

    I actually know several nurses who are anti-vax. Even before Covid I had a colleague who wouldn't vaccinate his kids and even sent them to school sick. If anyone in his family had a fever they chewed raw garlic. He wore a mask at work during Covid bu...

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