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hppygr8ful has 20 years experience as a ASN, RN, EMT-I and specializes in Psych, Addictions, SOL (Student of Life).

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. MARIANNE WILLIAMSON

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  1. hppygr8ful

    How do I go about re-negotiating my pay as a staff nurse?

    What is the average rate of pay for your position In the area where you reside and how does that rate work for people as to the average cost of living. You can always ask for more money and they can always say no. The question becomes, What are you p...
  2. hppygr8ful

    Work with purpose.

    Although I have been a nurae for 30 years and also suffer from Ulcerative colitis, Fibro myalgia, diabetes and CPTSD I have never asked for any special accomodations. In my first year I wanted to throw in the towel so many times and at one poin...
  3. hppygr8ful

    Question As A Male Nurse

    Interesting answers here. Polite discussion of topics with a potential to trigger is always appreciated. I have been hospitalized or in the ER more times than I like. I have had both male and female nurses provide intimate care and all of them were ...
  4. hppygr8ful

    Returning to Work After COVID

    Allyou can do is ask. The question is what are you prepared to do if they saty no? As a Master's prepared nurse you are highly marketable but remember the longer youstay in Skilled Nursing/Rehab your marketabilty goes down. So if they say no are you ...
  5. hppygr8ful

    Question As A Male Nurse

    While any trained and qualified nurse can do L&D the common thread is that many women (Not all) can be uncomfortable with a male performing the more intimate aspects of this specialty. Still there may be a place in ante-partum, NICU or mother bab...
  6. hppygr8ful

    Join my journey

    Yes I can stil walk the dog when it's cool enough but we have had some severe heat as high as 108 degrees in the daytime and while she's coming along in her training she is still highly reactive to other dogs when we walk and at 86 pounds can be a lo...
  7. hppygr8ful

    Returning to Work After COVID

    The response you are receiving from family, social workers and management should tell you that they never really approeciated you and took advantage of all you were willinng to give up to appease them. Take stock! They will not change.If you are feel...
  8. hppygr8ful

    Join my journey

    I have not posted here in some weeks due to a major health challange that has screwed up my exercise regime. Back in the last weekend of May I was having difficulty with focusing the vision in my left eye. It turned out that I had a total detachment ...
  9. hppygr8ful

    License Investigation

    It appears that she is accusing you of doing the same thing to her. I doubt that this will go anywhere with the BON but you never know. If you have liability insurance it may not cover this type of behavior
  10. hppygr8ful

    Sexual Behaviors Between Married Travelers Is Offensive

    This behavior is clearly unprofessional and inappropriate but I think you are reading way more into it than necessary. In todays world people have an astounding lack of boundaries. They may simply (Especially if they are in younger set) not realize t...
  11. hppygr8ful

    License Investigation

    Remember to BON is there to protect the public. Nurses are held to a higher standard than the general public and their ability to make sound judgement is always the questionsIn situations such as this the question remains: Did the nurse act in the sa...
  12. hppygr8ful


    Things are not healing as they should I have to get an uktrasound of the eye and possibly more surgery but will know next week
  13. This is because you have not worked as a nurse in the official licensed capacity
  14. hppygr8ful

    False positive drugBelsomra

    Belsomra is a schedule IV controlled substance and would not be allowed by any alternative to discipline program. OP I know you are not in a program however the drugs you name are in the same class of schedule 4 controlled substances.
  15. hppygr8ful

    Truth vs. myths

    I have never been sued but I was named as a witness in two seperate cases involving Medical malpractice by physicians. In both cases I called NSO and had an attorney available to go with me when I was deposed. The lawyer kept the process on track and...