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    Planning a Garden

    I haven't been able to do anything in the garden this Summer because of issues with my eye and having two Surgeries. I took an bunch of pictures last wek so I could start mapping out my Garden which will include some permnent plants, medicinal and cu...
  2. hppygr8ful

    Feeling burnt out. Looking for advice.

    As you state that part of your emotional state is due to some traumatic patient losses I would suggest you seek out a mental health professional for a Critical incident stress debriefing. Your employer should do this for you but if not check with you...
  3. hppygr8ful

    Completed Recovery but Can't Get Job

    I do take exception to someone saying only psych hospitals with bad reputations will hire me. It's very hard to find psych hospitals with high public reviews because the particular patient population doesn't tend to be happy about being in the hospit...
  4. hppygr8ful

    Smart watches for health care providers

    Why is this sad? Serious breaches in patient privacy can occur and in no setting that I have ever worked is having a personal cel phone on teh unit allowed.
  5. No rousing a patient who is sleeping with a low respiratory rate say 14 is not manipulating the numbers. It's checking to see if the low rate has caused the patient to become unconscious. In the scenario you describe I would go to the patint tap them...
  6. Why are you so anxious and afraid. This anxiety will doom any nuursing career. If you document a low respiratory rate and your nurse then assesses that it's normal that's OK. Maybe that nurse roused the patient and got a more accurate rate. What if y...
  7. hppygr8ful

    Smart watches for health care providers

    Because they also function as a phone and camera we are not allowed to have smart watches on the unit.
  8. hppygr8ful

    NICU Nurses Are Not Nannies

    When my son was in the NICU I was coming off of a high risk pregnancy, emergency C-section and I was physically and mentally exhausted. I practically lived on that unit until the nurses made me go home assuring me that the man cub was in good hands a...
  9. hppygr8ful

    End of Monitoring

    They usually will have you call in every day until the last days has past. But that's it after that you will no longer be in the system. Relax, breath and congrats
  10. hppygr8ful

    Admitting Mistakes

    After refreshing myself by reading your Feb 2019 post I remembered it and my initial reaction at the time was Wow this person has been carrying this around for 12 years. Reading through the initial scenario I can't imagine why you felt you could not...
  11. hppygr8ful

    Reporting to BON

    I was more thinking abou a scenario where a nurse presents for out patient treatment and tells therapist that they take breaks in their car so they can have a quick drink or they frequently drive under the influence the therapist can legally report ...
  12. hppygr8ful

    Reporting to BON

    There are also exclusions written into HIPAA that allow a medical/mental health provider to report a p[atient if they feel that the person's substance abuse poses a danger to others. Hppy
  13. hppygr8ful

    Mental Health NP clinicals

    I was in IOP when I was offered a full time job at a Psych facility. This was a long time ago but I basically did not have the time to do the full time job and go to treatment 4 nights a week. The CA BON allowed me to stop IOP and go to work. They st...
  14. hppygr8ful

    Mental Health NP clinicals

    Leave nursing for now if you want to but whatever you do please do not surrender your license. You way want it later especially after all the work you put into an NP. You can use your license in a number of non clinical ways so finish up your ATD (A...
  15. hppygr8ful

    How Healthy Eating Can Help with Weight Loss

    Good pointds to consider. Proper hydration is a must but each individuals needs may vary due to over-all health, exercise and organ function. The formula given would leave me thirsty at my current weight. I generally shoot for around a gallon p...
  16. hppygr8ful

    Join my journey

    After weeks of physician ordered non activity we got away to the beach for a couple of days. Last night I sat in the yard and watched to kidsDogs) play. I tried to upload a video but ir was too big.
  17. hppygr8ful

    Join my journey

    I was going to wait and post this January 1 but the fact is New Years resolutions are meant to be broken and I feel like I have to address some things now. I have recently been inspired by the Man cub who at 19 is not really a cub anymore but he wil...
  18. With all due respect you are misinterpreting what I said. I have been in recovery for closes to 20 years after a 30 year love affair with alcohol. I did hit rock bottom while working but I never drank on the job and I never diverted any medication. W...
  19. hppygr8ful

    Emerging Ideas to Innovate Mental Health Awareness

    They do all those things social workers and case managers try as much as possible to connect patients with out patient services. Housing assistance in a joke as most providers of housing are for profit and want to be assigned as payer for any Medicar...
  20. hppygr8ful

    Emerging Ideas to Innovate Mental Health Awareness

    Mental health facilities, hospitals and clinics do exhist. But even in crises (United States) most insurers even medicare and medicaide only cover about three days worth of treatment.
  21. A surrendered license will not get you listed in the OIG database. As I stated what gets you in the database is being accused and found or pleaded guilty of are crimes of moral turpitude. The list of such crimes is lengthy and varies by state but can...
  22. Most employers don't just run you through the state BON in question. Wherever you apply you will be checked through NURSYS and the Office if the Inspector General (OIG). When your name is put into Nursys all licenses you hold along with their statu...
  23. hppygr8ful

    Advice for breaking nurse residency contract

    Consult a lawyer familiar with both nursing licensure and contract law. Some organizations with prorate the amount owed others will not. In some states these type of contracts have been found to be illegal as they amount to indentured servitude. This...
  24. hppygr8ful

    Want to quit and be a SAHM

    You can keep your license active in most states by stying current with CEUs and paying all related licensing fees. Going back to work after a protracted abcense can be problematic as employers will want up to date skills. Have you considered keeping ...
  25. hppygr8ful

    Emerging Ideas to Innovate Mental Health Awareness

    This is a nice article but falls short as it offers no plan for outreach to persons with chronic mental ilness.