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Med-Surg, Geriatrics, Wound Care

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About CalicoKitty

CalicoKitty has 12 years experience as a BSN, MSN, RN and specializes in Med-Surg, Geriatrics, Wound Care.

Years of  acute medical-surgical, geriatrics and wound care.

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  1. CalicoKitty

    If you could go back, start-over, change majors, what would you do and why?

    My different roads eventaully led to nursing. In my early adulthood days, I did restaurant work. Not a good waitress, but OK in the back of the house. I knew I did not want to be a nurse because of the experiences of my grandmother (psychiatric nurse...
  2. If you talk to your doctor, you may be able to get a medical diagnosis or pharmacological treatment. Hyperhidrosis is a term for excessive sweating and there are some oral (prescription) medications that can be used to treat that. You may also be ex...
  3. CalicoKitty

    Where to live for Washington Medstar WHC

    I left Washington Hospital Center about 6 years ago. For RNs they had an employee parking garage attached to the building that you could park in at night, and some parking lots on the campus that you could park in during the day. I think parking was ...
  4. CalicoKitty

    Old or new email address

    I have my "regular" email that is simply my name that I use for most of the stuff in my life. For "work/professional", have a NameRN@ address. But now I'm working on my FNP. Should I made a new email? NameNP@ or just keep using my RN email (since I ...
  5. CalicoKitty

    Anti Vaxxer I Knew Became A Nurse

    Actually I often forget that my mom was anti-vax when I wsa growing up (I had some catchup to do when I moved states with a family member). She was a hippie and into all the "natural" stuff. Tons of garlic eating. She's since fine with vaccines, but...
  6. CalicoKitty

    G-Tube and Ileostomy

    There is the possibility of infection, but really low. gastric contents are designed to be pretty potent, and if the PEG tube isn't already having issues (bleeding/skin breakdown) and you clean the skin, it should be fine.
  7. When a hospital I worked at lost the computer systems due to hacking, it was terrible. The stuff like handwriting MAR and assessments.. Waiting many hours for labs (such as stat labs, heparin drip, etc). Ours was only down for about a week, but it w...
  8. CalicoKitty

    Inevitable Resignation

    Not knowing your step-father's case, but as a wound care nurse there could be more to this. If he had fallen and was on the ground for a period of time (as little as 12 hours) and unable to reposition himself, he could have already developed a deep t...
  9. CalicoKitty

    Re entering work force

    What were your RN responsibilities in the blood bank? What types of experience do you have that could relate to acute care. And what kind of acute care are you looking for?
  10. CalicoKitty

    Patients Filming You

    Sometimes my patients or families want to film me when doing ostomy teaching or some wound care stuff. I guess not so much me but what I'm doing. But that's about it.
  11. CalicoKitty

    A face book funny

    President Gerald R. Ford was the son of Leslie Lynch King and his wife Dorothy Ayer Gardner, who divorced soon after the birth of their only child. Their son was known as Leslie Lynch King, Jr., until his mother married Gerald R. Ford, Sr. in 1916, a...
  12. CalicoKitty

    nervous about interview as a new grad

    Your 6 years as a PCT will likely help a lot towards getting a new job. While not "nurse" skills, the skills you learned as a PCT are absolutely used by nurses. Some of the most important things you've already got down - patient care, and dealting w...
  13. CalicoKitty

    LPN to RN

    There are many schools available that you can use to gain or bridge to an RN, but you will still be required to do clinical hours. You need about 400 clinical hours in your program to qualify to sit for the NCLEX.
  14. CalicoKitty

    Did I fail my patient?

    Some patients are just really sensitive. I've had patients complain that I was "pinching" them when I would do something like assess for edema (press with 1 finger), or just upset that I'm going too fast with a turn, or otherwise rough. Heavy patient...
  15. CalicoKitty

    Torn Between Two Hospitals as a New Grad

    If you are moving in december, you will not get your first year of experience. You may have contracts and be expected to repay the hospital for the orientation as you will spend more time on orientation than actual patient care, which would be about...