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  1. On the other "side", I've had some coworkers say thinks like "well I better use up my sick days or else I'll lose them". There would be a huge uptick of "sick" days shortly before the days would refresh. They would consider the sick days a work benefit (paid day off) that would simply be wasted if not used. A previous job I had (not nursing) combined sick & vacation days, and those not used would get "cashed out".
  2. CalicoKitty

    Write Up's and Potential Termination for Pain Reassessments

    I get annoyed because it isn't easy in our system to chart the pain level when administering the medication. It is relatively easier to do the 'reassessment' from the MAR, but there is no scale that I can see when administering it. Maybe I'm missing that.
  3. CalicoKitty

    First Reaction to Changes

    My first reactions are, there's some neat potential, will be nice when it gets sorted out. Thus far, the main change I see is the lack of "first unread" button. My nav bar is still up top as always. I cannot get the stream to give me my own stream. Though, in the stream, I can click and get to first unread, or at least a later reply. So, I'll give it a bit more time before a final "first response" because right now is still bug fix time. My icon died waiting.
  4. CalicoKitty

    Thumbs down button?

    I don't see a thumbs down button! Now I need the teary emoji! Ooh. Now I found it!!
  5. CalicoKitty

    Second Thoughts about Nursing

    Try to figure out what you do want. There are people that have second thoughts about going into nursing the whole way, and hate it in the end. It is expensive and a waste of time if isn't something you want to do. Why do you want to do Rad Tech? What are the problems you were having with "basic nursing", and will those problems transfer to other medical specialties? Other medical options, pharmacy tech, respiratory therapist. Even becoming a nursing assistant/CNA/PCT could be interesting. Maybe EMT training? Lots of other options. Just figure out why you don't like nursing, what your learning issues were (if other than dyslexia), and what you WANT to do.
  6. CalicoKitty

    Severely burnt out. Nursing home vs. tele unit?

    Nursing homes have their own stressors. Patients and families may still be overbearing and rude, and they may feel "entitled" because they are "paying your salary". See if you can shadow for a day with a nurse there to see how the day can go. Get an idea of the nurse:patient ratio, patient acuity, etc.
  7. CalicoKitty

    41 yr. old business executive going to Nursing School

    Financially, nursing school can be a good ROI. You still have 30+ years of working. Things to consider: 1) getting a new grad job in HI is a challenge (if that's where you live), and you may need to move to get a first job 2) if you work anywhere but an office, expect nights and weekends (not sure if you're going straight to provider (NP) or work as RN first. Same goes for holidays/vacations. 3) not everyone gets a "strong sense of purpose". some people get very disillusioned when becoming a nurse and realizing how much of a job it is (with all the crap that jobs can bring). Others do find a "niche" and can be very fulfilled. Good luck!
  8. CalicoKitty

    New Grad Job Offers in ICU versus IMC/Tele: Need Input Please

    I think it somewhat depends on your relationship. If you take the more appealing job (location, position), you are choosing to keep the long-distance relationship or expect your partner to join you where you are. The other position likely is tele/med-surg with a bit of IMC put in. At my hospital IMC isn't really considered ICU (financial reimbursement from insurance). So, the choice is romance or location/job. It is a hard choice to make, but only you can make that one.
  9. CalicoKitty

    Profanity in the workplace

    I dunno. I think about the pain scale. Between one and ten. I just assume there's no way its a 10 because it can always get worse.. Too much? Yelling that you hope the (very) pregnant employee has a miscarriage? In depth descriptions of what one they would like to use their anatomy to perform on your anatomy? The F-bombs accompanied by descriptions of who they will injure/kill when the cuffs come off..
  10. CalicoKitty

    Deciding on CEUs

    I get a few CEUs from my hospital's required education (6 I think). You get CEUs from ACLS and PALS. After that, I do some of the free online things that interest me. I've taken a nursing course or two, and some of those 'certification-training' courses, and they can give CEUs. I've also gone to conferences. I find conferences (if interested) fun, and can generate all of my required CEUs in a few days. They can be expensive. As an employee at my old job, I could go to some of our hospital/system conferences for free. Some I've paid out of pocket for because they interest me. And the food is usually tasty.
  11. CalicoKitty

    looking for ostomy & continence preceptors

    I liked the program. I liked the education part. There were PPT presentations that would be like a normal class. The assignments (answer question/reply to question) and weekly quizzes were fine. Feedback if you need it. Comparing it to Wicks (now closed) that was all self-paced reading and some larger assignments to hand in, I prefer WebWOC for learning. It is finding a preceptor that is a challenge. The preceptor I used for my wound certification has retired. I think she precepted most of the people in my area - had she not retired, I would probably hope to work with her again. I've probably sent out about 50 emails or more, and a few nibbles, but those haven't panned out. From what I'm hearing, WebWOC is with Metro State University, and somehow that makes contracts a challenge. I don't know anything about the contract process (other than it takes 6-8 weeks). WebWOC will be leaving MSU at the end of the year, and at least one person I've emailed said hopefully contracts will be easier to sort out.
  12. CalicoKitty

    looking for ostomy & continence preceptors

    Wow.. like 50 e-mails in, not much further than last week. I'm ready at this point to rent a car and a hotel!
  13. CalicoKitty

    CDC Data Shows Strong Relationship Between MMR Vaccine and Autism

    i am just using it for familial risks (younger siblings having a higher likelihood of developing it, and with more kids, there may be more siblings born within a year). So, 2 risk factors. Of course there are lots of social, socioeconomical, and countless other factors. Misdiagnosis is also a major influence.
  14. CalicoKitty

    CDC Data Shows Strong Relationship Between MMR Vaccine and Autism

    Some of the newer research is linking a decreased amount of folic acid to increased risk of autism. As well as advanced maternal age, preterm birth, multiple births and even children born less than 1 year apart. If one child has autism, there is a higher likelihood of subsequent children developing it. If folic acid is a "thing", it could probably be attributed to the current american "Diet" that doesn't really include enough folic acid intake. I'm pretty sure in 1964, people were eating more fruit and vegetables. It is possible the nutrition density of the fruit and vegetables was higher then. It could be because some black women have more children. One study shows that about 18% of black women in their 40s have 4 or more children compared to 11% of white women. Other statistics are similar, but if the timing of children and the increased risk of later children developing it, these can be valid considerations. And maybe I'm one of "those", but I kinda feel there may be some overdiagnosis of autism due in part to the range it encompasses. When I was a kid, some kids were just weird (me included). Where kids may simply have been withdrawn or a loners, they may be diagnosed with disorders now. I know when I was growing up (70s/80s) mental issues would be a huge stigma. People would go out of their way to not get children treated by psychiatrists, so probably a good amount of underdiagnosis then. And probably another "trigger" point. The amount of kids in the foster care system with autism and other disorders (ADD) is higher than the general population. Part of that may simply be because foster parents can earn more money by caring for the 'sick' children. There may be financial incentive to have children diagnosed to get additional help and funding. Children with special needs may be given better access to smaller classes, one-on-one services, extra study help, extra test taking time - these are things parents may want, and could even be pressuring doctors into misdiagnosis to help give their children these advantages. So, there are many links found related to the development of autism. And there are many reasons for the increased diagnosis.
  15. CalicoKitty

    LPN first or no?

    Your school's program seems like it could be neat. You can get nursing experience earlier, perhaps, if you can get a job as an LPN that would work with your school schedule. I think getting workplace compensation for school would be a good thing to look into. If your CNA workplace pays tuition benefits, I'd stay there for a while. If they hire LPNs or RNs, I'd see about getting the first degree that could get you a position change at your workplace. Otherwise, I'd think the RN/ASN would be a better option than LPN simply because it offers more options for jobs. But that is my opinion, and your idea is just as valid.