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Med-Surg, Geriatrics, Wound Care

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CalicoKitty has 10 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Med-Surg, Geriatrics, Wound Care.

Years of  acute medical-surgical, geriatrics and wound care.

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  1. CalicoKitty

    Wound Care part-time?

    I am working on getting my NP, and not sure what I would want, but this is something up my alley. Those dying patients with horrible pressure injuries are not surgical candidates. Debridement of necrotic tissue is still very important for wound healt...
  2. CalicoKitty

    LPN in NY and looking to relocate to Tennessee

    You can simply apply for the TN license. You do not have to live in a state to have a license to work in the state. You can apply for it. I have 3 licenses (one compact where I live). However, you cannot get a "compact" state license unless you are ...
  3. CalicoKitty

    Hospitals charging nurses $100/month for parking?

    I had one job that had a $25/month parking fee, only a bus or two near it.. My next job had no parking, but could get discounted parking for $12-16/shift, but right off of public transit. Current job is free parking, put public transportation would b...
  4. CalicoKitty

    Part time?

    I probably woulnd't list part-time on the resume, just the dates worked. If you want to go part time, would you pick up another job somewhere?
  5. CalicoKitty

    Stoma powder for bed sores?

    For the crusting method I am familiar with, you would apply the stoma powder, and then a skin sealant over it, such as a No-Sting barrier (one brand being Cavilon, but there are other brands, also). The stoma powder absorbs the drainage, the skin sea...
  6. CalicoKitty

    Bedside Report

    I am in school. One of my classmates wrote for an assignment last week about the bedside report. It was recommended by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). When looking for a paper, I found one hospital (pediatrics) that includes th...
  7. CalicoKitty

    Patient Assessment

    Not excusing the behavior, but I honeslty dislike doing assessments with family in the room. In some settings (typically ICU), they would ask family to leave the room for assessment or change of shift. Did you never feel uncomfortable doing assessmen...
  8. CalicoKitty

    ETOHer...(and other slang)

    I use the "xyz Special" to describe the lovely pressure injuries from an local facility that does trach-vent patients. I used to consider some patients "AAOx4 and a half" because they can be so .. uh.. extra....
  9. CalicoKitty

    Cleveland Clinic Online

    When I most recently took a course (about 18 months ago), the virtual clinical hours were still permitted. I remember my program discussing plans to allow for virtual clinical hours to continue after covid, but I have since graduated and have not fol...
  10. CalicoKitty

    Any nursing lab jobs?

    The role of an infectious disease NP in hospitals will vary on facility. At my facilitiies there are ID physicians. There is an ID NP but that person's role is not the same as they phsyicians. The NP does more of the nursing education, ensurance of c...
  11. CalicoKitty

    sites for finding FNP preceptors

    While I somewhat agree, not entirely. Your class professors are paid for your time. The clinical advisors in school are paid for their time. But, the reality is that the preceptor is getting paid by nobody (unless you pay), and the expectation that p...
  12. CalicoKitty

    sites for finding FNP preceptors

    A few people in one of my facebook groups recommended NP Hub. So, I registered, and did a search, which showed available preceptors "near me". I haven't gone beyond the cursory search, though. The idea of paying for clinicals is both daunting, but ho...
  13. CalicoKitty

    Any nursing lab jobs?

    Before I became a nurse, I earned a biology degree. I spent 6 years working in a research lab doing lots of cool stuff (including looking in a microscope). When I had one of my first job interviews for a 'research nurse', I was really hoping it woul...
  14. CalicoKitty

    New Job Not Working Out

    General rule of thumb in working is make sure you have a new job before you quit. But, really, if you're unhappy, quit (after you get a new job).
  15. CalicoKitty

    Degree over Experience?

    Many countries require BSN for entry into nursing. PhD is the base for PT/OT. Social Workers, bachelor's. Respiratory therapist entry is associate's. Registered Dietician, bachelor's. PA, master's. The fact that there are still pre-associate's ...