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I have my "regular" email that is simply my name that I use for most of the stuff in my life. For "work/professional", have a NameRN@ address. But now I'm working on my FNP.  Should I made a new email? NameNP@ or just keep using my RN email (since I still keep my RN)? I don't think I want APRN because it doesn't "Sound" nice.

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If you've been using your NameRN@ email professionally it's going to be easier to just keep it instead of transitioning to a new email. If you decide on a new email you'll have to set up a mail forwarding rule or update all your professional contacts with your new email address, which you would want to do anyway if the new email reflects your new title

I would wait until I was hired as an NP, and use an assigned work email for professional communication.  If one wasn't provided, I would create one, with a unique designator for that position (e.g. name01@email).  If I left, and my new position didn't provide an email address, I would create a new one (e.g. name02@email).  

Doing this would allow me to select who I wanted to continue communication with, and to sever all other email connections  from previous positions.

Best wishes.

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