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  1. Pence Calls on Republicans to Stop Assailing the F.B.I. After Mar-a-Lago Search
  2. chare

    IV flush rate? SO confused, help!

    I set the primary to infuse at the same rate as the antibiotic. For the piggyback volume, as all IV bags have some overfill I usually program 15% more than the labeled volume. For the primary volume I usually program 30 mL on the primary. The prim...
  3. I might be misreading the article, but I don't think AARP is advocating against financial incentives. I think they are advocating against a surcharge levied against the individual if they opt out of the wellness program in lieu of providing sensitiv...
  4. chare

    COVID-19: I'm Doing My Own Research

    Is this the case you're referring to? facebook data used to prosecute Nebraska mother, daughter after alleged abortion
  5. chare

    Calling A Code Death (call police?)

    I've been associated with EMS in 4 states, and this has not been my experience.
  6. chare

    RN-BS vs. RN-BSN…Is there a diff?

    If the awarded degree is a bachelor's of science with a concentration in nursing, there are no differences.
  7. chare

    FBI Raid of the Traitor's Country Club!

    When they apply for the warrant they have to describe what they expect to find. Until the warrant is executed the seized documents inventoried, any statement of what they hope to find is speculation. And stating that these documents included "nucle...
  8. chare

    FBI Raid of the Traitor's Country Club!

    I'm not talking about an "angry American with a Youtube channel." I'm talking about the Washington Post:
  9. chare

    FBI Raid of the Traitor's Country Club!

    I suppose we could start with the author of this thread, as well as your post here: As for what other Democrats are saying, you might try some of the "right wing" sites. Saying anything other than a search warrant was served, at this po...
  10. chare

    FBI Raid of the Traitor's Country Club!

    Should the same be said for every single Democrat that has rushed to condemn him? Do they need more facts as well?
  11. chare

    NRP Certification

    I think it odd that they not only want you to have taken NRP prior to starting, but that they expect you to pay for it as well. Having said that, if it were me, I would not take any NRP course other than the AAP/AHA Neonatal Resuscitation Program. ...
  12. What exactly are you trying to say?
  13. While the American Heart Association still includes target temperature management (TTM) in their post cardiac arrest management for comatose patients, there really isn't a lot of evidence to support. From the American College of Cardiology's A &...
  14. chare

    Roe v. Wade abandoned by Supreme Court

    I've not seen this. As I said, all I was able to find was the petition site calling for a Constitutional Convention. If you are able to post links, I will definitely read them. My understanding is different. If a Constitutional Convention ...
  15. chare

    Roe v. Wade abandoned by Supreme Court

    Then quit talking about this as if a bunch of Republicans are going to get together some dark and stormy night and replace the constitution.