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    Need help reading a death certificate from 1935

    Looks like dilatation. As with arteriosclerosis in your grandmother's certificate, it's possible these are colloquial or regional spellings.
  2. chare

    Need help reading a death certificate from 1935

    I think it's arteriosclerosis.
  3. And you know this how?
  4. Seriously? You would type in the first two letters of the medication and take the only medication on the list. Then reconstitute your selection, which would not have been necessary had she actually retrieved the proper medication. And, after admin...
  5. And paragraph 2 of the referenced section: I find it odd that for licensure by examination the NCLEX must be written within 3 years of graduation, while licensure by endorsement extends the time period to 4 years.
  6. When you reapply to write the NCLEX you do not need to do so through the GA BON; you can do so through another BON. However, if you are a legal resident of GA, or any other compact state, you will most likely need to apply to another compact state. ...
  7. My apologies, as my post was somewhat jumbled. Reapply to another state. As you are a resident of GA, you will need to apply to a non-NLC state. After you receive your license you should be able to apply for licensure by endorsement with the GA BON...
  8. If you're licensed in one of the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) states, your license grants you multi-state privileges so long as you maintain that state so long as you maintain your primary state of residency (PSOR) in that state. When you change yo...
  9. If you obtain license in another state will the GA BON grant you licensure by endorsement? If so, you might applying for licensure and retesting using one of the non-compact states. Best wishes.
  10. yes, but it my state, the investigation is still public record. Some licensing boards and employers will also ask the applicant if he or she has ever surrendered a license in lieu of it being suspended or revoked.
  11. chare

    HESI Dosage Calculations

    Brad (@bjwojcik) is a retired pharmacist who occasionally posts here. He authored a text, Pharmacy Calculations for Pharmacy Technicians, which he has made available here. While written for pharmacy technicians, it is equally applicable to nursing....
  12. Could you provide a source for this? Yes, it is. Not due to any additive or synergistic effect to the paralytic. Rather, it's cruel to pharmacological paralyze someone without sedation. No, it isn't; especially for an experienced IC...
  13. An internet search using "how the Ohio board reacts to nurses obtaining a medical marijuana card" returned several sources you might find helpful; although none, at least on the results I viewed were from the OH BON. One source specifically lis...