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  1. chare

    Any way to set (regular) reminders in EPIC?

    If you are referring to a pop up window, I'm not aware of how that can be done. You can, however, add your own tasks to your work list. Navigate to your work list and left click the "Task Management" button (lower left corner of window). This opens the "Task Management" window, and provides a list of categories with pre-populated tasks. The "My Tasks" or "Tasks or Others" categories provides a blank task option which allows you to create custom, free text entries. Tasks created using the "My Task" option are only visible to you, while tasks created using the "Tasks for Others" option are visible to anyone viewing the task list. Hopefully this information is helpful. If you are able to find a method to create a pop up window reminder, please come back and post it here.
  2. chare

    Writing help

    Can not agree with this more. The student edition of EndNote is available for $120, about half the standard price. In addition, to formatting your reference list, you can also attach the article to the EndNote entry for easy location and retrieval. And, if you use the cite while your write tool reformatting is as easy as selecting the new style and updating your document. While you might not think this important now, if you submit your manuscript for publication in another style (e.g., APA to AMA), this conversion occurs almost instantly when you apply the new template. As for formatting the actual MS Word document, it is not that difficult to create a template with the appropriate margins, font, and headings.
  3. chare

    pediatric lab values

    There is some variation for many lab values based upon age. If this is for class, ask your instructor what he or she expects. In practice, your facility should provide age specific norms. For general reference there are many reliable sources. One such is the Harriet Lane Handbook, a well known pediatric reference. https://www.unboundmedicine.com/harrietlane/view/Harriet_Lane_Handbook/309269/all/TABLE_27_1:_Reference_Values Best wishes.
  4. chare

    You changed my resume?

    I don't think this is a indication that the company is doing anythung wrong. If all that was done done was to edit the format, without changing the content, then I think this is fine. However, if the edits changed the content or implies experiences that aren't true, then yes you should be concerned. Either way, you should have been provided a copy of the edited resume for review prior to it being sent out. Best wishes.
  5. chare

    Two Jobs: Full-time night, Part-time day

    No, it's not reasonable to try to work a full time night shift and part time day shift. First, you are going to find it difficult to schedule yourself enough time to recover moving from nights to days. And more importantly, I think you will find that neither job is going to be concerned with the fact that you are trying to coordinate two schedules, and they are going to schedule you based on their needs, not yours. Taking a per diem position or picking up overtime at your full time job, if possible are likely your best options. Best wishes.
  6. chare

    eNLC HELP!

    You should have applied for licensure when you relocated to AZ. Had you done so then you would have been allowed to work on your TX license until you received your AZ license. When your AZ license was issued it should have granted you multi-state privileges, and your TX license would have been placed in either an expired or inactive status. When you relocated to AZ did you change your address with the TX BON? If so, this is most likely when the TX BON converted your license to a single state license, as you must meet TX residency requirements for your license to grant multi-state privileges. Two quickly come to mind. First, it prevents nurses living near the border of two compact states from having to maintain multiple licenses. It also allows a nurse to take a temporary travel nurse position in any of the compact states. It was never intended to allow a nurse to continue to work on the previous state's license when the relocate to another state. Best wishes.
  7. chare


    MBA, BSN, RN. As the MD is not relevant to the position, in my opinion it should not should be included.
  8. chare

    What to say in exit interview

    Why do you feel the need to explain anything to her? You are under no obligation to provide her any information beyond the effective date of your resignation. In 20 years of nursing, all I have ever submitted is: "I am tendering my resignation, effective date. Thank you for the opportunities that you've provided me." Aside from this, I have never been asked by my manager for any further information. Best wishes.
  9. chare

    GA Nursing International Licensure Renewal

    There are several online sources of continuing education. I am familiar with, and have used, CEUfast. For the $29.99 enrollment fee you get unlimited access. Best wishes.
  10. chare

    Multistate licensure confusion

    A resident of a compact state can not apply for licensure in another compact state; he or she must apply for licensure in the state of residency.
  11. chare

    Favorite site for CEU's

    There are many available on medscape.com (requires free registration). I have used ceufast.com as well for state specific CEU. They are reasonably priced ($30.00 annual subscription) and unlimited CEUs.
  12. chare


  13. chare

    Disciplined for med error, but I did nothing wrong

    The entry had been highlighted as duplicate. If this were in fact a duplicate entry on the MAR there should have been an active order listed as well. As there apparently wasn't this should have prompted further investigation. I do agree that this is clearly a system error and find it rather extreme that the administrator wants to write up every nurse that had been on the med cart
  14. chare

    Adverse effects vs side effect

    'Adverse Event,' Not the Same as 'Side Effect'
  15. chare

    Am I violating confidentiality?

    In my opinion, you have to ask if it is/isn't okay, you probably shouldn't do it.