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  1. Based on my understanding of the enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC), if you are a legal resident of any eNLC state, if you obtain your initial licensure after implementation, your license will grant multi-state privileges. Applying for multi-state privileges pertains to those that were licensed prior to implementation. If this is accurate, applying for initial licensure in FL might be your best option. However, this adds the expense of obtaining a license that you don't need. As you still have time, have you considered emailing the AZ BON for clarification?
  2. If you are a legal resident of FL and were to apply for licensure there, that license should grant you multi- state privileges. Based on this, if it were me, I would choose the first option. Best wishes.
  3. What state are you a legal resident of?
  4. chare

    Topical News

    Can Police Force You to Unlock Your Cell Phone?
  5. chare

    Topical News

    Please show me, and quote the post, in which I have ever shown a lack of regard for the constitution or support for any of the activities of the far right fringe. If you can't, I you will retract this asinine post. I await your response.
  6. chare

    Topical News

    No, I don't. And I can't believe that you have the audacity to ask this question. As you continue to do this after being called on it, I can only presume that you intent is to be antagonistic.
  7. chare

    Topical News

    No, of course not. I'm so glad that you, and some of the other progressives in this forum have taken the time to point out just exactly what I am; a knuckle-dragging, ingnorant-a** redneck. Thank you so much.
  8. chare

    President Biden thread

    What's in the new voting restriction legislation introduced in the Texas House and Senate
  9. No, I don't feel "sensitive" about anything. And, once again you've proved my point: you are branding those of us that identify as conservative with the same lable, Trump supporter.
  10. Yes, I have. However, since you obviously missed it I'll say it again. SummerGarde, I am not a Trump supporter. Yes, it is.
  11. You obviously didn't read or understand my previous post. Also, show me where I've supported him. Moving forward, when you reference me in these posts, I will report it as offensive. Although, I doubt it will do any good.
  12. What you've posted here indicates almost complete support of Trump administration activities+ TDS; you haven't shown members otherwise. First, he was accused of this: After asking for proof, this was the response he received: This is a question I've asked many times, how do these people classify Republican voters. Many (most) on the left place everyone on the right in the same category, and use the terms Republican, conservative, and Trump voter, among others, interchangably. So yes, I have to agree with him on this. Strikes colors and withdraws from the field of battle.
  13. chare

    Topical News

    It's one thing to take a bullet for someone you know has got your back. But, to fo this for someone that doesn't care for anyone, including his family, but himself, I don't get it.
  14. chare

    Topical News

    Did you read the article Curious1997 posted here? If not, you might consider doing so.
  15. chare

    Being called a LPN without license?

    Is he claiming to be an LPN? Or, is he merely stating that he is being listed as an LPN, as your supervisor corroborated?
  16. chare

    Nurse Licensure Compact

    I don't know. I lived in OH 6 years before relocating to NC. Both the OH SNA and BON have both strenuously objected to the NLC and eNLC every time it has come up. I was somewhat gobsmacked that it actually passed both the senate and house.