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londonflo has 45 years experience and specializes in oncology.

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  1. ICHS 2022

    May be this is on a case by case basis. Working a job where you may be able to study is different than a hospital or LTC job, Failing a course is never worth overtime $ or repeating a class. You haven't started the program. This is an ex...
  2. Precepting Pearls

    I always said it is like taking a photograph of the bed/patient, in other terms, you said an environmental check...bed at low position with call bell, IV at right rate, any questions about the site (swelling), NG draining, patient at least comfo...
  3. School Not Allowing Us to take NCLEX

    I am totally confused...I cannot find anything on the CCE, except for psych graduate programs. Was this an oral exam?
  4. Tips on getting through Nursing fundamentals

    Using punctuation at the stop of a sentence, (as I have added in bold above), would help the reader. Let me just say, that basic writing skills are necessary for the professional nurse. Perhaps you were stressed, upset, etc?
  5. Tips on getting through Nursing fundamentals

    Make sure you know what the isolation precautions are current for the CDC..not just Covid. The NCLEX only uses the CDC guidelines, not your particular hospital. surely your textbook has this?
  6. School Not Allowing Us to take NCLEX

    Are you able to ask about the lawyer's experiences with this school....
  7. Failed out of RN program completely, what now?

    I wanted to add onto this. When I was teaching, we had an LPN to RN student complete the program but after 4-5 tries not pass boards. I said to the director "may be we made a better LPN" but the director said "you always look on the bright side". I r...
  8. Old Timer's Take on Fixing the Nursing Shortage

    Years ago, we did get a grant for free tuition for students. We ended up with a 50% completion rate. May be students need to have a little "skin in the game"? I don't know but the grant was not renewed.
  9. Old Timer's Take on Fixing the Nursing Shortage

    as you evidenced by Better tell the NCLEX writers this.....
  10. Old Timer's Take on Fixing the Nursing Shortage

    The skill needed is "verbal communication". When different levels of care work together, the patient benefits! And camaraderie!
  11. Old Timer's Take on Fixing the Nursing Shortage

    And you are speaking for all of them. We lost a lot of RNs when the hospital went from 8 to 12 hour shifts. Female and male nurses wanted to be home for their children when they got out of school. I have experienced more 'burn out' with the 3 12 hou...
  12. Old Timer's Take on Fixing the Nursing Shortage

    I am assuming you never worked 8 hour shifts. How did we ever get along before 12 hour shifts came along??? Acute care did not collapse, rather it thrived. RN's did not say to a patient "I haven't been here for a while". And patients would see the sa...
  13. School Not Allowing Us to take NCLEX

    The school is trying to prevent any one who will not pass NCLEX from taking it. Their $$$ (including your $52,000), survival, jobs are at stake. I am assuming this is a Florida school. aren't these (see below) the same except for retaking th...
  14. School Not Allowing Us to take NCLEX

    I am sorry. This is really a tough situation. You passed the ATI test with a great predictor score.
  15. Readmission Into ADN Program Help

    I am sorry that I did not read that you had contacted your advisor. If the advisor gets no where with your professor, it is time to speak to the director/dean. Your grades (communicated to your advisor) are necessary for proper advising. I wish you ...