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londonflo has 46 years experience and specializes in oncology.

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  1. Always have a back-up plan for if/when your planned child care falls through. While students are not to be on their cell phones, you will be given (or ask for) the telephone of the unit so that you could receive an emergency phone call. Nursing stude...
  2. I would add that he should apply for "unemployment" if he qualifies.
  3. Can I get a non-patient care job as a new RN, ASN?

    You are still some months away from graduating. You will probably have some opportunities to put everything together in a meaningful way. I remember the lightbulb moment I truly felt like I was a nurse and able to synthesize the knowledge needed to s...
  4. How home health agencies treat travelers?

    Doesn't a patient have to be essentially home-bound (except for MD visits) to receive home health care?
  5. HIPAA Violation

    My experience has been the faculty member brings the issue to the Dean. The Dean listens to the faculty member and (in my experience) grants the action of dismissal. Now, I truly believe this faculty was inexperienced and maybe influenced the Dean. F...
  6. I HATE nursing school. Now what?

    As I said above, all should have a doctorate or are you going to a career school?
  7. I HATE nursing school. Now what?

    1. A nursing professor (by any state laws I am aware of) needs a Master's in their field and a doctoral degree. Are you not in a real university that hires a BSN graduate to teach? 2. Please tell me those 'standards'. Yes, nursing can be a pr...
  8. Samuel Merritt BEWARE Apps

    If the preceptorships were all that you describe, why would you need an orientation when you graduate? You don't know what you don't know.
  9. Phasing Out ADN?

    Low income students are eligible for many any government-paid programs to get educated in well-paying trade professions ( some with a living stipend) at many community colleges. Our city has billboards up informing our citizens of this educational pr...
  10. Phasing Out ADN?

    The government is doing this for many people.. look at your property tax bill - you will have a line item for taxes that go to your local community college district. While it is "our money" that is taken by taxation, it does decrease the tuition rat...
  11. I HATE nursing school. Now what?

    Neopint15, Can you explain this? Aren't you in a university setting?
  12. HIPAA Violation

    From the Joint Commission: A student is thrown into many new situations. Completing a clinical paper/report was new to this student. Why such a severe reaction from the school that will terminate a career before it has even begun? A...
  13. Phasing Out ADN?

    An ADN program is very expensive to run. In my state, we are limited to 10 students to a clinical instructor. What those 10 students pay in tuition for the clinical credit (3 hours of clinical equals 1 credit) does not pay the salary of the instructo...
  14. Capscare LPN to ADN bridge

    I am very sorry to hear of the trouble you are having with licensure. I do have to ask why a hospital or career center program can not be 'academic' as well. For over 100 years professional nursing has been trying to get recognized as an academic pro...
  15. Nybon Nursing School Under Investigation

    Maria, Starr 2022 posted this on October 14th 14, 2022. This is a factual report of what the NYS BON intended to do and this has indeed come to pass. Star2022 has reported decisions made by the NYS BON that have come to fruition. Your fir...

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