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londonflo has 44 years experience and specializes in oncology.

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  1. londonflo

    Republican Criminals!

    BUT How many lives were lost because of his "non-mask" philosophy in words and actions, and adding doubt in scientific achievements with his "fake news"? The mishandling by JARED and others? And now we have all these vaccine reluctant people. Trump was secretive about when he got the vaccine: https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/donald-trump/trump-former-first-lady-quietly-received-covid-vaccine-January-n1259196 And now he wants us to call it the "Trumpcine"?
  2. londonflo

    "Gaming" Games for Nursing subjects?

    Over 30 years ago, we used a board game in a diploma school of nursing. I am not sure this is the one but it did have a title "Ghetto". https://boardgames.com/boardgame/ghetto
  3. londonflo

    Yes, Employer Can Require Covid Vaccine

    Thank you. I appreciate your knowedge and reference. I stupidly went back to work very early many times after the pnuemonia DX and scarred many partsof my lung. Thank you again
  4. londonflo

    Nurse forced to work as a tech/CNA

    I said the opposite. You are responsible to the same standard to care as an RN no matter your "role".
  5. londonflo

    Yes, Employer Can Require Covid Vaccine

    I know I am interrupting the flow of this thread . but can you tell me what “ground glass opacities” means? I have pneumonia several times and this characterisic pops up on my CXR. I was diligent in looking it up but could not find a "clear" description.
  6. londonflo

    Nurse forced to work as a tech/CNA

    I will give you this retort: You got "hoisted on your own petard", What advice would you give the OP? Your responsibilty is still at the RN level.
  7. londonflo

    CNS or Education?

    I went to a University that used Rush University's Teacher/Practitioner model. Our MSN degree covered both roles. I am not sure any university still uses the education.al model https://www.rushu.rush.edu/sites/default/files/Academic Affairs/Practitioner teacher model GFA conference July 2012 poster draft7-30.pdf
  8. londonflo

    PICC dressing change with 3M Tegaderm with CHG

    If the PICC gets wet it will increase the risk of infection.
  9. londonflo

    Not a good fit

    Congratulations! This should be the BEST time of your life! Don't spend it living at the whim of a control freak. Spend loving time with your husband, current child and child to be. Learn about your new community and explore the parks! May be you could do some insurance or follow up calls post op at an agency? May be you can just enjoy making a great nest for your loved ones. Life is to dear in a young family to become someone's focus of anger. You are not doing anything wrong, your instincts are right to a good environment to work in. To adapt you will either have to turn a deaf ear or end up defending your self - I moved from a midwestern city to a small city. I was amazed that services would ask, "can't you leave work for an hour or two" or "we'll call you at work to come home."
  10. londonflo

    Feeling off about job

    I am just surprised there are that many Narcs at your LTC. Is there a large population at your facility or a large amount of narcs given?
  11. londonflo

    Career Advice-HELP

    It is required to be in the college handbook but a lot of students don't think it will be a problem and find out after graduation.
  12. londonflo

    Update on Walden's post-master's certificate accreditation

    But you knew something was amiss. A cheap and fast degree will haunt you (no clinical hours practicing an advanced degree) and will bite you in the end when you are called upon to do something that is in the realm of your degree or come against a more learned colleague. Get a GOOD degree from a GOOD institution. Cheap and fast only works for fast food.
  13. londonflo

    American Sentinel FNP

    This is NOT true about brick and mortar non-profit programs. I cherish the times I spent with the graduate degree faculty and fellow students discussing the realm and frame of nursing. Everyone had children and also had jobs but were genuinely interested in moving nursing forward. All us wanted to improve nursing practice. If you really want to achieve a master's level of knowledge, get connected with faculty in a brick mortar school. The usual question here is "I want a degree program that is fast and cheap." Do you think the best graduate faculty are going to work for a 'cheap' program? Reputable faculty will help you find a position that you want upon graduation.. Don't you think hiring managers know you went for a cheap degree and discredit your so-called graduate degree? Us old ones really did work to create a true nursing profession. We worked to establish nursing as a separate and distinct professional component of the health care arena. My pioneer work on Nursing Diagnosis has helped nursing students identify nursing problems that they can care plan. Factually I created the "At Risk diagnosis" in the early days of NANDA in my thesis on "At Risk for Infections". Fast and cheap doesn't add to the profession and the respect you get will reflect this.
  14. londonflo

    Deathbed Visions of Children

    When I sat with my Mother who had terminal cancer, she often talked to her deceased Mother, Father and Brothers. It was real! I always thought the deceased members came to take her home. That comforted me because she fought death so hard., she was young. .I was young. too early for her to die.
  15. londonflo

    Fever vs. Warm Blanket

    yes .. if you haven't experienced this you have no idea what it feels like and a book cannot explain the feeling. . Give comfort care
  16. londonflo

    Fever vs. Warm Blanket

    I have quite a few pneumonias and the body chills wake me. Such a horrible feeling of being on ice. When the chills subside I am happy to discard my blanket...but it is such a comfort (though not effective) with chills. Chills do not abate with a blanket but one always has hope.