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  1. Cindyel

    NCLEX-RN help

    I covered it in less than a moth. I did about 100q a day. I wound up getting the 60 day subscription because I wanted the self assessments. The 30 day does not come with any assessments.
  2. Cindyel

    BON - Pending Case Review?

    Did you try emailing them to ask? I find calling gets you nowhere but emailing seems to be better. I am licensed in 2 states and have much better luck with getting responses that way. Good Luck!
  3. Cindyel

    2019 DUI Success Story

    My understanding from classmates who had this type of situation is that they let you test and THEN after you pass they decide if you will get a license. I have 1 classmate who passed and had to wait another month for a decision on her license (which she got thank goodness)
  4. Cindyel

    New Jersey Nurse moving to North Carolina

    I am in a similar situation. I just passed NCLEX in NJ and I am moving to Maryland. NCLEX is national so you only have to pass it one time in any state. The results transfer with you. I had to apply for license by endorsement in Maryland, pay the fee, get fingerprinted and background check again. That is it. I just graduated in May, passed the NCLEX in June so I have not worked in NJ because I knew I was moving. I believe the process is similar for many states. Good Luck!
  5. I am a North Jersey girl who lives right outside of Philly. There are a ton of hospitals in Philly. UPENN and Jefferson are very good hospitals. CHOP is wonderful if you want to work with kids. Unfortunately, Hahnemann hospital is in bankruptcy and may close which has a lot of people scrambling. It is a shame as this hospital has been around since the 1800’s. Hopefully that will work itself out before you get down here. I would recommend putting applications out there well before your planned move as it is a very competitive market like NYC. Best of luck and welcome to the neighborhood from one northerner to another.
  6. Cindyel

    Doing My 48 Hours

    I thought California did not participate in the quick results?
  7. Cindyel

    NCLEX New Format 2020

    The NCLEX is revised every 3 years. April of 2019 NCLEX started the next 3 year cycle so you would be taking the same format that I just took in June. Any info being posted now would apply to your test next summer.
  8. Cindyel

    Flying out to NYC for NCLEX

    You are welcome! That is a tough one as I only used UWorld to study. I had the Saunders app to use during my program. I don’t have any experience with the NCSBN material. I would search this site to see what people are saying that have used it. Bottom line is NCLEX is all about application. If you are strong in your content but are having trouble answering the questions then the answer is pick a program with lots of practice q and do as many as you can. If you are weak in the content area then you need a program that has a combo of practice q and content review. Hope this helps
  9. Cindyel

    Flying out to NYC for NCLEX

    Your first assessment may have expired. Once it does they send you an email with your stats. I would take your second assessment right away to see where you are at. You can also review all of the test q rationales again as they are very comprehensive. There are a lot of free NCLEX practice q online you can google. Saunders makes a great NCLEX review app which runs about $40 if it fits in your budget and you feel you need more practice q. I would do more than 75 q per day. You want to be prepared to take all 265 q just in case. You need to train yourself not to freak out if it does not shut off at 75. (I had 84 q, and my friends went anywhere from 75-265 and every number in between. I had a friend do all 265 and pass! Anything is possible with this exam and that is exactly what you want to be ready for. Keep telling yourself you are taking this exactly one time over and over. Just keep putting that out into the universe. You still have time before your exam to keep practicing. You will do it!
  10. Cindyel

    Flying out to NYC for NCLEX

    You should be able to look up your score in your account. It will tell you borderline, likely to pass, very likely to pass etc. With all due respect, I don’t understand the “I didn’t take it too seriously and the lols” You are investing more than most having to fly out to the states to take this exam. I would be damn serious about these assessments and scores. Since you did the whole q bank already, I would do the assessment right away. If you are not improving in your scores and the assessments are telling you that you may not be ready....You have 2 choices....make this your only priority for the next few weeks or reschedule your flight and exam.
  11. Cindyel

    Best online/app to buy?

    I honestly would wait to get UWorld. It will be more valuable to you once you graduate. I did the 60 day subscription (really only needed 30 days but I wanted the 2 assessments which do not come with the 30 day sub) as soon as I graduated and it was all I used to study for the NCLEX (passed first attempt) If you get it too soon before you learn all the content, it may not be as helpful to you for NCLEX. I found Uworld to be a really great resource. If you have a long drive and hopefully an unlimited data plan on your phone, I would try Sarah at registerednursern.com on youtube. You would be able to listen to her lectures while you drive as a review. Good Luck!
  12. Cindyel

    False Positive Results

    Your quick results should be available by now. You will have a definitive answer and not have to agonize over it anymore. Good Luck!
  13. Cindyel

    My STRUGGLE With The NCLEX!!!

    I’m really sorry you did not pass. I only used UWorld. I finished the entire question bank and assessments. I read every single rationale for every single answer choice. I recommend that highly. If you are struggling with content, Saunders is a solid addition to UWorld. Take a little time to heal and get back in the game with a clean slate. Good luck and sending positive vibes your way!
  14. Cindyel

    My STRUGGLE With The NCLEX!!!

    I also had a classmate with all 265 questions and passed
  15. Cindyel

    My STRUGGLE With The NCLEX!!!

    You should check! You could be stressing for nothing instead of celebrating! No one feels like they passed after taking the NCLEX. GOOD LUCK!!
  16. Cindyel

    Calming NCLEX Nerves

    NCLEX looks exactly like UWorld. I kept telling myself that I was just doing UWORLD questions. I found it calming. If you are scoring low or borderline on the assessments, you may want to consider changing your date. It is free to change your date and it would be better to make sure you are ready than to not be successful on the exam. You want to be one and done with this if possible! GOOD LUCK!