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Pixie.RN has 13 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in EMS, ED, Trauma, CNE, CEN, CPEN, TCRN.

Trauma junkie! MSN². Allnurses addict. Army veteran. CEN, CNE, CPEN, TCRN, former NREMT-P (18 good years!). Infection Prevention RN/Nurse Epidemiologist, Appeals Consultant. 

Trauma mama turned work-at-home nurse! 

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  1. Pixie.RN

    Are nurses really leaving nursing in droves?

    I miss forensic nursing, I was a SANE for five years but too much mandatory call time (I was active duty military) killed it for me. I was just looking at some programs last night because I have GI Bill money left. Still considering. 🙂 OP, I left the bedside completely for infection prevention/epidemiology in 2018 and left the hospital to work from home in 2019. At the time it had more to do with family needs, moving to a new state, and looking for a job I could take with me, but now I am sticking with this for the work/life balance and great pay.
  2. Yep, you have to show Tennessee permanent residency with that declaration form. Hope that works!
  3. You will probably need to submit a new licensure by endorsement application through the TBON website, to include fingerprinting, the background check, and the declaration of Tennessee as your primary residence. I would log on to the website and see what you can do online. When I lived in Georgia and upgraded my single-state license to the compact license when it became available, that is what Georgia required. When I moved to Tennessee last year, I don't think I even saw a single state option.
  4. Three? What? Did you look at the GBON site? https://sos.ga.gov/acrobat/examboards/lpn/nursing_programs.pdf
  5. Pixie.RN

    Radonda Vaught Fatal Error Case Timeline

    Very true, I think those other investigative documents (what were they, CMS and TBI?) paint a more accurate picture.
  6. Not all are low-paying! I actually make more now than I ever did at the bedside, with the exception of my time in the Army when I also received pay for housing and basic subsistence in my paycheck. I work from home for a large insurance company in a state/region where RN pay is very low. But yes, these jobs require experience. The more you have, the higher the pay, but you need a solid clinical foundation to get your foot in the door.
  7. Pixie.RN

    Radonda Vaught Fatal Error Case Timeline

    She had her license revoked today.
  8. OP, I just wanted to say congrats on getting a job offer. 🙂 I hope you are able to stay safe and keep your patients safe as well. From an infection prevention standpoint, we discouraged people from bringing their own hand sanitizers, etc., in the hospital where I worked in IP because we provided all products and knew that they worked. Also there are sometimes undesirable interactions between products like soaps and sanitizers, so it's best to use what works and what is provided in the facility. In my area of Tennessee, cases are going up again. Not just from the statistics released by our health departments, but verified by people I know who work in healthcare in the area - they are seeing another surge. At this point, it's very much a disease of the unvaccinated.
  9. Pixie.RN

    RN as CNA

    Yes, I clarified that - no one is expected to deal with the emergency alone, you would take the usual steps per unit protocol.
  10. Pixie.RN

    RN as CNA

    Yes, sorry - I meant you wouldn't be expected to deal with it alone. You call the team.
  11. Unable to delegate? No. You are the manager, you delegate and move on. Be Yoda - there is no try, there is only do. 🙂
  12. Pixie.RN

    8-10hr nursing jobs that give hospital paygrade

    Clinical educator (unit-based) might be a good option at some point. Hospital educators tend to work 8s. I was a clinical trauma education for a few years, I made decent money (but not always great work/life balance).
  13. Pixie.RN

    LPN schools without prerequisites 🙏

    Because faster doesn't always equal better, and those faster programs often come with a hefty price tag. Please check the accreditation and NCLEX pass rates before you commit to any program. It's a sad situation when someone overpays for an "education" that doesn't prepare them adequately to pass boards, yet student loans still come due.
  14. Pixie.RN

    Am I being too picky on a job or is it just bad luck?

    I just wanted to point out that with the hourly wage, make sure you are also considering the annual salary if you are going from three 12s to five 8s. The extra 4 hours per week add up over a year. 36 hours per week is 1872 hours per year, whereas 40 hours per week is 2080 hours per year. So at $35/hr you would make $65,520 annually working three 12s, but if you take a pay cut of a couple of bucks down to $33/hr, you would still be making $68,640 if you work five 8s or 2080 hours per year. Just make sure you are comparing apples to apples and that you aren't having a knee jerk response when you hear the hourly wage. Good luck!!
  15. Pixie.RN

    Longest Shift You've Worked

    284 days, Afghanistan. So there.
  16. Reach out to product vendors, even for multiple brands — they can usually provide experts for inservices. You can coordinate and learn along with staff, rather than teach.