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Pixie.RN has 12 years experience as a MSN, RN, EMT-P and specializes in EMS, ED, Trauma, CNE, CEN, CPEN, TCRN.

Trauma junkie! MSN². Allnurses addict. Army veteran. CEN, CNE, CPEN, TCRN, NREMT-P. Infection Prevention RN/Nurse Epidemiologist, Appeals Consultant. 

Trauma mama turned work-at-home nurse! 

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  1. Pixie.RN

    TNCC for a Travel Nurse

    I teach TNCC and agree that 4 to 6 weeks with your experience is probably overkill. A lot of the current class focuses more on application of concepts, so if you have a good grasp of trauma assessment (done the TNCC way in which you don't get vitals until waaaay down the algorithm, LOL) and the major presentations in blunt and penetrating trauma, you will do just fine.
  2. Pixie.RN

    Opioid overdose

    If you don't have something to reverse an opiate, supporting respiratory function with a BVM would be the next best thing. If they go into arrest, epi may be in the treatment algorithm at some point anyway.
  3. Pixie.RN

    Can't sleep during the day

    I feel you. I didn't sleep well the entire 9 months I was in Afghanistan, we had very thin plywood walls and I could hear everything while trying to daysleep, plus there was a 50 cal weapon right outside my room, incoming mortars, and I couldn't medicate to sleep because I was the only ER/trauma nurse on the team and was always on call, no matter what, just in case we had traumas come in. I was exhausted - really beyond exhausted, whatever that is called. Not getting sleep is simply MISERABLE and it affects everything. I think you should look for dayshift positions. Daysleeping is hard enough in a house that doesn't share walls, and it sounds like you are doing everything you can to get sleep. I still sleep light and hear every noise, even with a sound machine going. Good luck!!
  4. Pixie.RN

    Small ER no RT after 9pm

    My first ED was a freestanding ED, without RTs ever. Or pharmacy. Or L&D. It was just us! We had a CT and x-ray with the appropriate people for those, but could only get ultrasound after hours if we suspected torsion. In any case, I learned a lot about vents. I wasn't skerred of the intubations because I was a paramedic for 5 years before I became a nurse, but I made sure I knew how to work the vents, to include various modes (SIMV, BiPAP, etc.), giving in-line albuterol treatments, what the alarms meant, how to troubleshoot, etc. I also got really good at getting ABGs! I loved it there. Good luck!!
  5. Pixie.RN


    Dangit, sorry... I pasted in the wrong link the first time! https://www.excelsior.edu/admissions/requirements/nursing-requirements/associate-in-nursing-requirements/ They are only accepting applications from students in those states where Excelsior has confirmed with the BONs that EC grads would be able to obtain an RN license if EC loses accreditation. It's a little up in the air at the moment as they are appealing their loss of accreditation. That first link I posted is all the states with requirements if accreditation is in place. Or for old grads like me, if I want to endorse. They were fully accredited when I graduated in 2008. It doesn't sound like the best fit for your friend, to be honest. I did the program as a paramedic, but I was working full-time in healthcare.
  6. Pixie.RN


    That's not entirely correct, they are accepting applicants from several states, but only those that do not require ACEN accreditation: https://www.excelsior.edu/admissions/requirements/nursing-requirements/associate-in-nursing-requirements/state-board/ She would need to be working as an LPN or paramedic to even qualify for the program in the first place. You don't say what level of EMT she is, but volunteer hours may not meet requirements either. There are clinical contact attestations that must be completed by supervisors.
  7. Pixie.RN

    Where you at??? Tennessee Roll Call!!!

    Heyoooooo! Just moved to Chattanooga from Augusta, GA. I have been an RN for 12 years (99% ER/trauma) and a paramedic for 17 years. I currently work at home, I brought my job with me from Georgia to Tennessee. I have also been teaching part-time online in an RN-to-BSN program since 2017. Looking forward to seeing more of Chattanooga as COVID allows. Future goals: retirement. LOL. I have as many degrees and certs as I will ever need!
  8. Pixie.RN

    Question regarding warmer fluid

    Heat injury? But generally warm fluids will help trauma patients from slipping into to that deadly hypothermia-acidosis-coagulopathy triad.
  9. Pixie.RN

    Excelsior prerequisites/Acceptance timeframe

    The tuition information is available online, as are all program requirements. You should be able to estimate for yourself. The advisors won't commit to a plan unless you are actually enrolled because at that point, they will know what curriculum you are subject to. It's not shady, it's about not providing you with false information.
  10. Pixie.RN


    Certainly, but the RN will have come from an unaccredited program, which could cause some states to reject licensure. The bigger issue may be furthering one's education.
  11. Pixie.RN

    Army Nurse

    That is what I did after I came home from Afghanistan - I worked PRN in the ER at a local Level 1 trauma center. I missed my trauma! LOL
  12. Pixie.RN

    Hairline fracture of rib

    Consult the patient's physician. If it has been 6 months, what is your concern now?
  13. You have a license, she has a license. Just because it is your shift does not mean you would be responsible for her actions. I would have spoken directly to the other nurse before taking any other actions. If there is a pattern, which you had not mentioned yet, then that nurse has boundary issues.
  14. Pixie.RN

    Arrested and expunged FBI

    I have moved your post to the Licensure: Criminal History forum to encourage responses from others who may have had similar issues. Please note that this forum is moderated so there is sometimes a delay in posts being approved. Best of luck to you!
  15. Pixie.RN

    Best headbands?

    Banded2gether. Velvet backing keeps them in place, no joke; I have very thick, coarse hair and have tried so many brands. This is my go-to, hands-down. They also feed kids with their profits. Win win.
  16. Pixie.RN

    School cancelled pinning and graduation...

    It is OKAY to be disappointed! Don't feel badly about that. Our lives have been changed for something bigger and the greater good, but we don't have to like it. My husband is graduating from medical school, and his Match Day was canceled. Match Day is when all the new physicians in the graduating class find out where they go for residency. It is probably the most important and celebrated day in medical school. We dress up in costumes and thousands gather to celebrate. But instead, the school live-streamed the PowerPoint of individual slides that the students made and we found out his destination quietly via email instead of in a local large venue by surprise envelope. But hey, he matched and we are happy about the location! But I spent months putting together our costumes, including one for our daughter. Oh well, hopefully we can use them at Halloween! We are doubtful about his holding ceremony in May, too. And graduation. We'll probably just quietly slip away to our new city! Nothing like house-hunting and moving during a pandemic, haha. Maybe you can do a one-year post-grad celebration next year? Throw a big party, invite family? Congratulations on finishing!!

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