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Lunah has 14 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in EMS, ED, Trauma, CNE, CEN, CPEN, TCRN.

Trauma junkie! MSN². Allnurses addict. Army veteran. CEN, CNE, CPEN, TCRN, former NREMT-P (18 good years!). Clinical appeals nurse. Newly minted yoga teacher. Wife and mommy. 🙂

Trauma mama turned work-at-home nurse! • Formerly known as Pixie.RN 

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  1. Lunah

    What options are there for public health nursing?

    Your past experience + your MPH is worth more from a public health perspective than a community health rotation during school could ever be. Get out there and apply! Don't discount how your past roles augment and enhance your RN license. Good luck to...
  2. OMG, Bill! That's awesome!! I forgot you were in a state with that role. That really suits you. 🙂
  3. Lunah

    Should I be an Assistant DON at 6 months?

    OP, then this is where you should remain for now - at the bedside, honing your RN skills. I am sure as a longtime CNA in the same facility you would do much better in the ADON role than a new grad who just walked into the place for the first time six...
  4. Lunah

    MSN Nurse Educator Specialty Track

    I finished it back in 2017, I gather it's undergone some changes since then. I had a great experience, though!
  5. I am doing clinical appeals for a revenue cycle management company (no longer for the insurance company). I love it! I don't even have a phone number for anyone to call me. 🙂 Emergent, you sound blissful. That makes me happy!!
  6. I found this on the NV BON site: Right around the middle where it says "What if I have not practiced nursing or passed the NCLEX within the previous ...
  7. Lunah

    Injured on Job and Fired

    Please look into clinical documentation improvement (CDI) roles in your local hospitals. Many of those roles have gone remote, as a bonus, but hospitals will train nurses in CDI when they possess a critical care background like you do. Your knowledge...
  8. Lunah

    Is 67 too old to start an NP program?

    Calculate your return on investment. If tuition will eat into retirement savings, I would be hesitant.
  9. Lunah

    Wants to Leave Nursing for USPS Carrier Job

    I had a friend who left nursing (PCU) to be a letter carrier. He quit after a short while and went back to nursing. The point is, if it doesn't work out, nursing will still be there.
  10. Lunah

    Should Male Nurse Work In L&D?

    Please don't feel bad for asking, it's a legitimate question. I was a SANE and worked with a male SANE nurse, and we never had a female victim turn down his care. He had a very maternal and loving way about him, I think it made people feel safe.
  11. Lunah

    RPN misleadingly applies for RN position

    In some places, RPN can be used for Registered Professional Nurse; I believe that title is actually used in some of the northern US states. If this job was in the US, I wouldn't expect people to know what an RPN is; if they are in Canada, they should...
  12. Lunah

    GS LPN-to-RN

    This is typically true, yes - they would need one year of RN time. One of my coworkers did an LPN-to-RN and they offered her a job as part of the GS 5/7/9 transition program (
  13. I was a military brat who grew up overseas, and I later served as an Army nurse. My parents worked civil service for 30+ years before they retired, too. Civilians are an integral part of the military culture. In short, DO IT! 🙂
  14. Lunah

    Radonda Vaught Trial

    I can't even engage with people on facebook anymore. I just post cute pictures of my daughter. I'm over all of it. LOL
  15. Lunah

    Radonda Vaught Trial

    Indeed, I agree. And those who participated in the under-rug-sweeping should also receive scrutiny.