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Lunah has 15 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in EMS, ED, Trauma, CNE, CEN, CPEN, TCRN.

Trauma junkie! MSN². Allnurses addict. Army veteran. CEN, CNE, CPEN, TCRN, former NREMT-P (18 good years!). Clinical appeals nurse. Yogini (s/p 200-hr YTT). Wife and mommy. 🙂

Trauma mama turned work-at-home nurse! • Formerly known as Pixie.RN 

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  1. Lunah

    Decapitated baby

    Possibly. And if the in-utero death wasn't apparent until heading for an emergent c-section, those are often done under general anesthesia. This whole thing is just heartbreaking.
  2. Lunah

    Decapitated baby

    The hospital claims that the baby died in utero before the decapitation. The whole thing is just so horrific. 😞
  3. Lunah

    Small ER lab question

    It's a military ED. Whole 'nother ball of wax. You don't even have to see people who aren't beneficiaries after those patients receive an MSE, you can just show them the door if they don't have TRICARE. A lot of bases are closed (after a fashion) and...
  4. I hated it when we sent people home due to low census. My philosophy was always to staff at a certain minimum and just accept it if things got "q word" for a bit. Because sending people home early always brings the pain.
  5. I have seen this more commonly recently in the work-from-home/remote job realm. People get ghosted on interviews and jobs as well. Very unprofessional and weird.
  6. Lunah

    Where do I go from here?

    What about a medspa-type setting? I am trying to think of places that don't accept insurance, period. Places that are out of pocket. Maybe those places that do B12 injections and vitamin infusions?
  7. Bill, I gotta disagree. Knowing you and your background, I highly doubt you would have made the series of catastrophic choices that she did.
  8. Lunah

    I Feel Stuck - Like My Options Are Limited

    Transfers can only be made while on active duty or in certain types of reserve positions. If he's been out/separated for a while, he cannot transfer his GI Bill.
  9. Well as of now, it's still revoked. I haven't seen many updates in the news.
  10. Hi Ashley! Congrats on the job. These roles are highly specific to the organization where you are performing the work, so I don't have any specific recommendations. However, I will say that using Microsoft OneNote has been a huge advantage in my year...
  11. Insurance companies require an active license for RN positions. Any other job is just a job, not a nursing position. This is going to come up on a background check or Google search, so she will not likely work in the healthcare field again.
  12. She wasn't a new grad.
  13. Have you still not read the TBI or CMS reports? If you did, you would see the many steps she took to perpetuate/compound the error that started with her pulling a drug without reading a label.
  14. Lunah

    Potential New Job Option

    You are an experienced nurse. Do NOT just accept a pay cut without negotiating. The appropriate time to negotiate is after you have been offered the position. Google the term "gratitude sandwich" if you need pointers in negotiating. Believe in yourse...
  15. Lunah


    Yep, clinical weekends that are instructional in nature. 🙂 Students report that the new set-up is very supportive and positive.

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