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JadedCPN has 15 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Pediatrics, Pediatric Float, PICU, NICU.

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  1. JadedCPN

    Longest Shift You've Worked

    You have gotten tons of thoughts and advice on this already; asking for more at this point is just further attention seeking. I will follow the lead of the other poster and say: good luck, take care, thoughts and prayers.
  2. JadedCPN

    Public health interview

    Since you say this is a new area for you, I would focus on figuring out how to tie in your previous experience outside of this specialty into this new specialty so that you can highlight it during the interview. Sure you not have experience with public health and pediatrics officially, but your ED experience could translate well.
  3. JadedCPN

    Radonda Vaught Fatal Error Case Timeline

    Thank you for the update! I meant to Google for an update in this randomly the other week but forgot.
  4. JadedCPN

    Sneaky Administration

    I've only worked in inpatient hospital settings, but I think that would be all the evidence I need to find a new job ASAP.
  5. JadedCPN

    Management Progression Assistance

    You’ve received a lot of great opinions and advice here from a variety of nurses, as well as you stating all the recruiters telling you the path you’d need to take. I understand it wasn’t what you were hoping for, but there does seem to be a consensus of sorts. If you’re still persistent of not going that route for the understandable reasons you have listed, just keep applying to any and every job available that does interest you and network as much as you can in hopes that someone is willing to allow you to bypass that route. It may or may not happen, I would definitely be thinking of a plan B just in case.
  6. JadedCPN

    Getting Fired

    Great advice. That's one of the benefits of being float pool and not having a "home" unit, you hear all the drama but rarely get caught up in it. And the occasions that people do try to pull you in, I smile and say "oh no, I'm just a guest here I don't have an opinion!" and leave it at that.
  7. JadedCPN

    More pay or better ratios?

    Better ratios, hands down. We recently received an across the board raise to show appreciation in my facility which was lovely but I would much rather have better staffing and ancillary staffing. I’ve been fortunate enough to work pediatric world my whole career which has amazing ratios when compared to adult world.
  8. No, I’ve never given a patient/family that much power or space in my head.
  9. JadedCPN

    Manager wants us back in office...

    I read all the responses as this post happened and now just had to go back and reread the responses, and I’m genuinely still not understanding how you view any of the responses as bitter or whiney.
  10. JadedCPN

    Things I wish my patients understood

    I have to agree about the food complaints. I will never forget having to read a patient comment card about a decade ago that had a negative impact on our Press Ganey scores and the pt/family wrote a big paragraph about how they were upset that the Southwestern Omelet was not very Southwestern-y. True story. I also wish patients truly understood that they are not my only patient nor should they be, and that I can’t control the doctors - whether that’s how soon they’ll come to the bedside, how long they’ll take to change your diet order, or how long before they discharge you. I wish I knew just as much as you did.
  11. Several hospitals in my area have relaxed their mask rules for vaccinated people so we only have to wear them in patient care areas. I’ve enjoyed the protection wearing a mask in an annoying patient/family’s room has given me and my annoyed facial expressions.
  12. JadedCPN

    Longest Shift You've Worked

    Based on previous posts, I don’t believe for a second that you were REQUIRED to work 23 hours straight but rather chose to. Which has been address ad nauseam in multiple posts.
  13. JadedCPN

    Am I being too picky on a job or is it just bad luck?

    With all due respect and not to burst your bubble, based on your description earlier in the thread I would not say you're actually in the running for a position that doesn't even currently exist except for 10 months from now, nor would I personally be making any decisions based on this non-existent position that may or may not open up in 10 months. So many things could go wrong with this magic position that is opening up in 10 months: If it is opening up because someone else is leaving then they could decide they aren't going to leave; the powers that be could decide it isn't in the budget to open the position in 10 months; more qualified nurses than you may apply and get the position (rightfully so). My point isn't to be a Negative Nancy but rather to be realistic. MANY of us in our careers have been told by managers that they want us to apply for a position and then when it comes down to it, we don't get that position for whatever reason. Focus on your options now that exist in present time and then if, 10 months from now, you find yourself being offered that position you can decide at that point what the best move is.
  14. JadedCPN

    Do hiring managers ever re-interview candidates?

    I wouldn't hold my breath on this one; recruiters and managers are spread pretty thin especially since Covid. My experience has been that many employers have their online career portal where you can see the status of your application to determine if you've been declined.
  15. JadedCPN

    Should I give a two weeks' notice?

    How exactly were they being abusive? I only ask because if they were being truly abusive, whether it mentally or physically obviously, then yes I probably would quit without notice. But if they were "just" (I don't mean that lightly) being rude/mean/bullies, then I would still try my hardest to stick it out those 2 weeks to not burn the bridge.
  16. JadedCPN

    Should I give a two weeks' notice?

    I can not agree with this enough. Nursing really is such a small world, I never recommend burning a bridge like that by quitting without notice unless it is absolutely dire.