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JadedCPN has 13 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Pediatrics, Pediatric Float, PICU, NICU.

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  1. JadedCPN

    Seeking advice/information

    I also want to add that, unless you left out a large portion of the story, the fact that you both jumped to the conclusion that this was done by "bullies" at your workplace is a big assumption to make that could end unfavorably for you.
  2. JadedCPN

    Seeking advice/information

    Your friend needs an attorney, stat. No matter how much it costs. Also, while a supportive friend is always appreciated, I would not get too involved and invested in this situation.
  3. JadedCPN

    Help w/job decision?

    I agree with staying at your current job. Also I would not base a decision/bank on yearly cost of living raises - these are guaranteed, until they are not.
  4. JadedCPN

    Considering ICU.... among several other options

    Essentially you were fired from ALL jobs for issues surrounding incompetency, and that forced resignation (also referred to as resignation in lieu of termination) versus termination is just a matter of semantics for HR/Unemployment purposes. You have been offered some great advice on this thread.
  5. JadedCPN

    New job and asking for time off

    For people suggesting to call out - just fair warning, I have worked in places where you are "punished" for calling out on a date you specifically asked for PTO/requested off. I've always told them during the hiring process and have never had issues.
  6. JadedCPN

    Gossiping Nurses

    Are you SERIOUS?! I don’t even have the words right now.
  7. JadedCPN

    Largest ICU's in NY/NJ?

    A good Google search will easily get your answer for you. This is a very broad question though, are you looking for MICU, SICU, CVICU, PICU, etc?
  8. JadedCPN

    Adult Oncology to Pediatrics

    I was really confused by the first part of your statement at first! But I come from always working in pediatric hospitals, where I see central lines, chest tubes, JP drains, foleys, epidurals, etc. etc. on a daily basis and especially in pediatric oncology. OP brush up on your Childhood Development Stages/Ericson+Piaget - you don't need to memorize them like you are studying for an exam, but in pediatrics you do need to understand the basic concepts of them so you can appropriately interact with your patient depending on their age and development. And yes, the biggest struggle without question is dealing with the parents. Try to always keep their perspective in mind, no matter how trying they may be...and they will be trying.
  9. JadedCPN

    Immunocompromised Loved One

    I agree with this completely. I'm surprised your fellow students aren't more irked by your unnecessary accommodations, and even more surprised that your instructors have accommodated them. This will not be the case at all when you get to bedside nursing. There will likely be no accommodations for you at all regardless of the diagnosis. That being said, it is ok - as others have said, you have more of a chance being exposed to all these germs out in the real world. In the hospital, you just need to practice your standard and isolation precautions with PPE, and continue to do what you've been doing in regards to taking off your clothing and shoes, etc.
  10. JadedCPN

    Depressed and Frustrated

    Have you only been applying to hospital jobs? If so, expand your net. Apply to nursing homes, LTC, anywhere and everywhere outside of a hospital. It might not be your "dream" position but it is better than no job at all. Second, have someone review your resume. Often times if you are not getting an interview, your resume is partially to blame. If you are getting interviews but aren't getting offers, that can sometimes be attributed to your interview skills. I am curious what you think is being said about you? Nursing is a small world so it wouldn't be completely surprising one way or another. I know of people who have called the HR department of their previous employer to get a "reference" on themselves to see what was being said.
  11. JadedCPN

    50% days 50% nights- making it work.

    I rotated 3pm-11pm and 11pm-7am for my very first job as a new grad who didn't know any better. It was miserable no matter how I split it up. I actually thought it was the night shift aspect that was killing me, not the rotating, but then I switched to straight nights and was a brand new person. I went into that job thinking I hated night shift when in reality it was the rotating I hated; I stuck with straight nights for over 10 years.
  12. JadedCPN

    50% days 50% nights- making it work.

    I hate to say it but rotating shifts like this is absolutely horrible on your body, especially if you are a day shift person. It is miserable and your body will likely hate you. The best bet you can do, if you truly have self scheduling (many places say they self schedule but they make a lot of changes to meet the unit needs) is to do big blocks at a time - 6 weeks of days, 6 weeks of nights. This way during that period you can at least be "normal" on whatever shift you are on. My recommendation would be to continue looking for other opportunities.
  13. JadedCPN

    Certified Medical Spanish Interpreter transitioning to RN

    At many facilities, you have to pass a medical Spanish test regardless of your role in order to be qualified to officially have that Hablo Espanol on your badge. Even for people whose first language might be Spanish.
  14. Yes to what everyone above me said. Welcome to pediatric nursing , where having the parents at the bedside is either the biggest blessing or the biggest headache.
  15. JadedCPN

    How to "calm" down autistic pediatric patient?

    YOU are supposed to be what keeps her distracted. She shouldn't have to stay in bed just so she doesn't make a mess, just like a "regular" 2 year old isn't kept in bed the entire day simply so they don't mess things up. Her parents should (in theory) be a good resource in regards to what keeps her stimulated appropriately. Otherwise you need to be inventive and creative, do research on the internet, find out from her other therapists what works for them.
  16. JadedCPN

    Brand new LpN

    What are you talking about??????! NOBODY wanted you to lose your license, not one single person. We were all trying to give you advice to help prevent that from even happening. This has turned into one of the stranger threads I’ve read in quite a while.