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JadedCPN has 16 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Pediatrics, Pediatric Float, PICU, NICU.

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  1. JadedCPN

    Compassionate Use Act in Texas

    Unfortunately as an RN in the United State you are not able to use cannabis in any way, and a positive test will result in a notification to the BON which will put your license in jeopardy and likely have you in a recovery-type of program.
  2. JadedCPN

    Nurse Porn

    With your eyes closed!
  3. JadedCPN

    Hard Decision

    So you’d be agency working the same hospital you’re at now? With only 1.5 years experience I would probably take that offer because truthfully if you’re trying to travel as an ICU nurse, with that limited experience and with lower acuity as you said ...
  4. 16 years of pediatric nursing and I still have this thought at least once a week.
  5. That’s not how this works.
  6. JadedCPN

    If you didn't have to bite your tongue?

    This is a hospital, not a hotel.
  7. We are also all professionals here, and we should NOT be bringing up these beliefs as professionals without the patient/other party initiating the conversation themselves. Completely inappropriate. I don't care what you believe in and I am not at all...
  8. My mother had to muster the energy while actively dying in hospice to stop a religious zealot from pushing god on her while she was trying to die in peace. Ignorant of you to say that no one has ever been hurt by talking about god; please don't sprea...
  9. JadedCPN

    Pregnancy after COVID vaccine?

    I agree. So sad.
  10. JadedCPN

    Religious Exemptions

    And this right here is the danger with these exemptions.
  11. No reason to be ashamed in your faith at all. But you do need to realize that this isn’t about you, it’s about the patient and there are many, many patients who absolutely would not want you to talk about god at any point but especially not on their ...
  12. JadedCPN

    Mandating vaccine for children

    Once fully approved by FDA, no different than every single other FDA-approved vaccine that is mandated for school-aged children to attend public schools. This is not a new concept, at all.
  13. Those vaccines have been on the market for a long duration of time and it has been questionable that even some of those could use some more testing due to information in evidence based practices

  14. JadedCPN

    Yes, I'm Vaxxed But...

    mRNA vaccines also weren’t discovered 9 months ago, they have been researched for decades. Stop with your “I’m not against vaccinations BUT…” BS. You are the most dangerous type of devil’s advocate and you continue to spew it on post after post.
  15. JadedCPN

    Pregnant, when do you start light duty?

    Of course there are people who take advantage of the Light Duty situation, just like there are people who take advantage of FMLA. Not my business to determine what’s legit and what’s not though.