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    Nurse vs respiratory

    There is nothing illegal about waiting until the end of the shift to document, whatever the reason may be whether it is legitimate or not.
  2. JadedCPN

    Nurse vs respiratory

    This is the take home of it all. You both could have communicated better and handled the situation differently, but what is done is done. Going forward, it is your responsibility to make sure you are not confused at the end of a conversation. Ask directly, if you don't understand the response then clarify again and ask directly. Closing the loop makes things so much easier, and safer.
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    Gloves at all times?

    I worked in a hospital once where the protocol on their Bone Marrow Transplant unit was to put on gloves from the wall and THEN use the hand sanitizer, on the gloves. True story.
  4. JadedCPN

    If anyone reads this...

    Self reflection is a wonderful thing. Not just because often times we find that we have some fault in all of it, but ultimately because we realize the only thing we can control is ourselves.
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    "Survivor" Show is looking for a nurse or medic

    Helllllllo dream job!! I knew my pediatric-only experience would came back to bite me one day.
  6. JadedCPN

    Witchcraft resurgence

    OP I'm surprised you don't believe in witches considering you clearly are okay with trolls
  7. JadedCPN

    CoWorker using a patient's medication

    I had to go back and reread the reponses to make sure I didn't miss something. Where did a responder accuse the OP of anything? I definitely agree with your last statement.
  8. JadedCPN

    WGU and Flu Shot Declination Pre-Licensure BSN

    Not con/pro flu vac debate, just curious why you're okay with all over vaccines except for this particular one. Regardless, many of the other posters are correct in their concerns and statements that you will likely have a hard time finding actual clinical placement even if you do happen to be accepted to a school. My advice would be to just get it done (even if you may not believe it works) since you've had all other required vaccines - unless you are allergic to it or have a strong religious opposition to it, it seems like a silly hill to die on and potentially jeopardize your entire nursing school career on.
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    New Ohio law would let families put cameras in nursing home rooms

    I work pediatrics and NICU, where cameras are often used in NICU to give family members view of their little one. My point is that I don't see why it has to be one or the other - if my loved one was in a nursing home/assisted living facility, I would absolutely want them to have the camera in their room (if they agreed and/or if I was POA). BUT, I would also want them to have the right to privacy and dignity during personal times if they wanted.
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    St. Louis New Grad

    You should apply to all of them (as well as others) since you aren't guaranteed an offer at any of them.
  11. JadedCPN

    Finish the Toon!

    Somebody grab the essential oils.
  12. JadedCPN

    I accepted a job offer but now I want to change my mind?

    Absolutely put your children first. Just understand there could be consequences to rescinding the offer, including being blacklisted from the facility in the future. I was close friends with a recruiter years ago and she said rescinding after accepting an offer was a sure way to never get hired at that facility again.
  13. JadedCPN

    Failed class, still continued, not fair

    Oh sweetie you are going to be in for a world of shock and surprise if you make it to the real world. Please do not continue to have this type of mind frame. Let it go, it has nothing to do with you. Save your sanity.
  14. JadedCPN

    Random tests?

    This isn't accurate. More than likely, even if it is legalized federally, no hospital will allow it - just as many hospitals will not hire you if you us any form of nicotine. OP you've received some good replies. I want to emphasize that you should be as equally concerned about testing positive for one of those medications you are taking without a prescription. Depending on the med, a positive without a script will get you in just as much trouble.
  15. JadedCPN

    Seeking advice/information

    You seem way too invested, or this is actually about you and not your "friend." If this is indeed actually about a friend, I think it is time you step back and let it go as this is none of your business at all. And at the end of the day no matter how close you think you are and how well you think you know your friend, you don't. Don't get wrapped and tangled up in this too. Another thing you need to realize is that diversion is not exclusively limited to narcotics, so yes diversion in the work place is still possible.
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    Seeking advice/information

    There are people who divert medications but do not take the medications themselves and either give them to loved ones or sell them. This was the case of a good work friend of mine years ago who I would have never thought would have been guilty of the accusation but was. You never know what someone is going through, what they are capable of, etc.
  17. JadedCPN

    Seeking advice/information

    I also want to add that, unless you left out a large portion of the story, the fact that you both jumped to the conclusion that this was done by "bullies" at your workplace is a big assumption to make that could end unfavorably for you.
  18. JadedCPN

    Seeking advice/information

    Your friend needs an attorney, stat. No matter how much it costs. Also, while a supportive friend is always appreciated, I would not get too involved and invested in this situation.
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    Help w/job decision?

    I agree with staying at your current job. Also I would not base a decision/bank on yearly cost of living raises - these are guaranteed, until they are not.
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    Need Advice on Accused Medication Error

    Just a reminder that this is not accurate. You are not working under another's license. Only the person that the license is licensed to is legally working under their own license.
  21. JadedCPN

    Considering ICU.... among several other options

    Essentially you were fired from ALL jobs for issues surrounding incompetency, and that forced resignation (also referred to as resignation in lieu of termination) versus termination is just a matter of semantics for HR/Unemployment purposes. You have been offered some great advice on this thread.
  22. JadedCPN

    New job and asking for time off

    For people suggesting to call out - just fair warning, I have worked in places where you are "punished" for calling out on a date you specifically asked for PTO/requested off. I've always told them during the hiring process and have never had issues.
  23. JadedCPN

    Gossiping Nurses

    Are you SERIOUS?! I don’t even have the words right now.
  24. JadedCPN

    Largest ICU's in NY/NJ?

    A good Google search will easily get your answer for you. This is a very broad question though, are you looking for MICU, SICU, CVICU, PICU, etc?
  25. JadedCPN

    Adult Oncology to Pediatrics

    I was really confused by the first part of your statement at first! But I come from always working in pediatric hospitals, where I see central lines, chest tubes, JP drains, foleys, epidurals, etc. etc. on a daily basis and especially in pediatric oncology. OP brush up on your Childhood Development Stages/Ericson+Piaget - you don't need to memorize them like you are studying for an exam, but in pediatrics you do need to understand the basic concepts of them so you can appropriately interact with your patient depending on their age and development. And yes, the biggest struggle without question is dealing with the parents. Try to always keep their perspective in mind, no matter how trying they may be...and they will be trying.

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