Pfizer Approved by FDA


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Pfizer has been fully approved by the FDA. Curious what excuses will be used next as to why not to get it.


Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the first COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine has been known as the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine ...

FDA Approves First COVID-19 Vaccine

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I would guess it will transition from "I don't trust a vaccine not approved by the government" to "I don't trust a vaccine if it's approved by the government".  

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The comments on my local newspaper’s facebook page are quite… well. Honestly, expected for my area. 


It is saying it takes 6 to 8 years to complete a clinical trial for any drug or vaccine. Either the internet needs updated or someone was bought off. Just saying



Because Pfizer paid them off it’s not safe 

So. Not a whole lot of change. 

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Good news ?

They will no doubt think of something ☹️ I don’t think the EUA status was ever a valid concern, and now that it’s no longer available they will just shift their focus onto something else. They have made their minds up, the rationale is amorphous and malleable. Just like alternative ”facts”. 

But I am glad and amazed at how far we’ve come. It’s been less than two years since the virus emerged and we have been vaccinating for over eight months. That’s a testament to modern science and what we can achieve. 

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Looking forward to our boosters in November, 8 months after our first ones.


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We have boosters available here now. I am making my appointment ASAP, for both me and my husband.

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Plot twist, now the CDC’s vaccine committee has broken with the FDA and voted against providing boosters for healthcare workers and others at high risk from their jobs because “We may as well offer it to anyone 18 and above”. I understand it opens the floodgates for people to come up with reasons why they’re high risk, but where does that leave us?

Healthcare workers were among the first to be vaccinated, thus the first to have waning immunity. I feel like now I’M in a position where I’m tempted to lie about being immunocompromised. I don’t want to, but I have heard of others doing it, and frankly I think they’re justified. I’m now 9 months since my last vaccine and working with COVID patients with an unknown, possible untenable, level of immunity.

Anyone care to share thoughts about their access to boosters, or lack thereof?


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On 8/23/2021 at 3:26 PM, Rose_Queen said:

The comments on my local newspaper’s facebook page are quite… well. Honestly, expected for my area. 


So. Not a whole lot of change. 

Even John Hopkins says it can take anywhere from one to 10 years for clinical trials. So maybe that is where they got that, some vaccines have taken several years for the clinical trails. At least look up the information first. 


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1 hour ago, RKM2021 said:

At least look up the information first. 

Why haven't you looked up the information about the development of these vaccines?