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Hannahbanana has 52 years experience as a BSN, MSN and specializes in Physiology, CM, consulting, nsg edu, LNC, COB.

Love teaching A&P, CV and pulmonary, labs, acid-base and ABGs, NANDA-I and HIPAA to empower students to think like nurses! Original member, COB. 


A little knowledge is a dangerous thing / Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian Spring / There shallow draughts intoxicate the brain / And drinking largely sobers us again. ~ A.Pope.
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  1. TL;Dr, but have you consulted the learning lab or academic advising office for asistance with modifications for learning, testing, and interpersonal relations? You aren't unique, and they could help you. When a preceptor is asking you, "What do ...
  2. Hannahbanana

    Hospice Patient’s Family Refusing Hospice Cares

    This is why there are hospital ethics committees. Involve them when you run inot a situation like this.
  3. Hannahbanana

    Nurses Promoting COVID Misinformation

    jive turkey’s post is nine months old. We’ve learned a great deal more about COVID, immunizations, variants, reinfection, long COVID, and more since then. Short answer is that we now know that even vaccinated and boosted people can be reinfected w...
  4. Hannahbanana

    Access To Providers Personal Cell

    Ah, the dread plural their. Was this nurse calling you about a concern Re a patient’s family because you were on call? That would be OK, probably, as long as you know whether that family member has permission to discuss PHI. If not, you can listen to...
  5. Hannahbanana

    Why are so many nurses against unions?

    "Would you be so kind as to provide sources for these claims?" They refused to hire back the nurses who went out on strike. Apologies if this is mischaracterised by the term "lock out." Part of the settlement was that everybody got their jobs ba...
  6. Hannahbanana

    Why are so many nurses against unions?

    You may remember from another thread about the recent nine-month nurses strike at St Vincent’s Hospital in western MA. It was concluded when the owners, Tenet, capitulated on demands for wages and benefits commensurate with others in the area, rehiri...
  7. Hannahbanana

    What to charge for chart review/opinion?

    There are listing services that charge for your ad; I never got anything from any of the ones I paid good money to. I’ve gotten several clients via LinkedIn. Most of my work has come from people who found me based on my publications listed in a Googl...
  8. Hannahbanana

    Reporting an unsafe surgeon

    Whatever it is, you can believe that when somenbody sues your facility for ruining their eyesight, those reports WILL be revealed in deposition, and the nurse manager and all nurses on the chart for that patient WILL be deposed under oath as part of ...
  9. My grandmother killed a case of decent bourbon all by herself every six weeks or so, the usually “it’s after five o’clock” genteel attitude, always remaining fully functional. When she fell and fractured her hip, I worried about DTs for her— alcohol ...
  10. I had a colleague in the 70s who had lost several pregnancies. She had cerclages but had premature labor at around 4-5 months every time. So they put her to bed with an alcohol drip at 2 1/2 months for the last one, and she carried the baby to term …...
  11. Hannahbanana

    Help with Med Math!

    I had students from an Asian country where it was culturally unacceptable to ask questions of a teacher, because the teacher would lose face and that was absolutely out of the question. The ESL folks clued me in on this. So I told the students that i...
  12. Hannahbanana

    Looking into Legal Nurse Consulting

    Go to the American Assoc of Legal Nurse Consultants website at www.aalnc.org first. Look at their free webinar for answers to basic questions. Then do their webinar series on all aspects of the specialty, either a la carte or buy the whole package. I...
  13. Hannahbanana

    Am I too old to be get into a Nurse New Grad program?

    The profession is seeing more second-career people; you will not be an anomaly and you should never be afraid to be honest about that. An older new grad doesn't know any more than a younger one, on average, but has an irreplaceable advantage: maturi...
  14. Hannahbanana

    Hard stops, required lab assessment, and anxiety

    Not to encourage complacency at all, but a little perspective is in order. You have already learned that some mistakes you will make as a new grad will seem dreadful but in the fullness of time are actually pretty minor. NOBODY expects a new grad to ...
  15. Hannahbanana

    First Job

    Your back will thank you later if you go to NICU, LOL. Also, in NICU you will frequently be called to the delivery room to admit a premie or other ill newborn. If you wnt to be a midwife, that's better prep for that.