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Hannahbanana has 51 years experience as a BSN, MSN and specializes in Physiology, CM, consulting, nsg edu, LNC, COB.

Love teaching A&P, CV and pulmonary, labs, acid-base and ABGs, NANDA-I and HIPAA to empower students to think like nurses! Original member, COB. 


A little knowledge is a dangerous thing / Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian Spring / There shallow draughts intoxicate the brain / And drinking largely sobers us again. ~ A.Pope.
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  1. And … you would be wrong about that. Suggest to take the time to look up and read the ADA before you make an assertion about its content. Schools sign agreements with hospitals to have students there for clinical hours. The hospital is within its rights to assure that their policies are followed by the school, its students, and its faculty in the building. They could, in fact, obtain a urine drug screen if they ask; the school knows this, and is letting every student know that the student who has a valid prescription for a controlled substance can save everybody a world of hurt if it’s disclosed to the proper person, in this case, the program direct’s secretary who will be compiling the relevant records. There is nothing “misguided” or “discriminatory” about this at all. You will have many jobs that will require drug screens in your professional career. This will just be the first. Welcome to the profession. “… could almost be interpreted as …” “Almost” only counts in horseshoes. No, what it means is, “If anybody doesn’t disclose it and we find out about it later, they are in for a world of hurt, so get with the program.” I don’t understand what this means. It is not “exploiting” students in any way, either. It’s simple: if you take a controlled substance prescribed by a medical professional for a documented valid reason, they need to know it ahead of time. They’re not going to post it on the ride-share bulletin board or put a special tag on your name pin, it will be held confidential. Chillax. And do discuss it with the director’s secretary for clarification, from the person that knows all about it.
  2. Hannahbanana

    Achieve Test Prep for CNA to RN

    What this means is she would have to be enrolled at a real school and apply to them to test out of their course based on their criteria. Breezily saying, “She can just test out” is very misleading.
  3. Hannahbanana

    Setting my orientee up for failure?

    My initial impression after your description is that she’s still operating at the student level- needs constant reinforcement, afraid to take initiative, can’t enter a room s the instructor, doesn’t trust herself, imposter syndrome. There’s a middle ground between handholding and sink or swim/drowning. You got one really good script on specific feedback to get her focused, and there’s a time where “Get in there and do this yourself” is going to have to occur.
  4. Hannahbanana

    Millennial Nurses Have Issues

    This “article” is very poorly written (and edited, if editing was offered). Misspellings, weird terms, assumptions made but not supported, multiple question-begging (no, “begging the question” does not mean to ask an obvious one)— I can’t tell whether the author has a conclusion, point of view, or bone to pick, and judging by the comments I’m not the only one. The comments are likewise reactive but often illogical and misspelled. If the assertion that Millinials/millennials/whatever are not interested in education is true, you couldn’t find a better set of exemplars.
  5. Hannahbanana

    Nurse Called Police/CPS on Parents over Jaundice

    This is a ten-year-old thread….
  6. Hannahbanana

    How often can you transfer between floors

    We are not the people to ask, LOL. Ask your CM manager and your previous floor manager. If they say absolutely not, then start looking elsewhere.
  7. Hannahbanana

    Active RN license working as an LPN

    Only RNs can assess, analyze, and make nursing diagnoses and then develop a nursing plan of care to be implemented. Tasks do not define level of practice. Yes, an RN is covered for performing LPN level tasks. Big but here: If an RN is not doing those Mcare and fall assessments and determining what comes next, that would be a big red flag in any injury case I would see. You don’t have to like that part, but it’s in your state nurse practice act and in the ANA Scope and Standards of Nursing Practice that applies to every nurse in the US (you can look it up).
  8. Hannahbanana

    For pagan nurses, is "Happy solstice" the right expression?

    Well, the Summer solstice is coming up in a few weeks, so Happy Solstice then!
  9. Hannahbanana

    Struggling to be a Christian Nurse

    If you’re truly interested in staying humble, remember that sometimes the answer to your prayer is, “No.” Deal with that.
  10. Hannahbanana

    Tenet Hosp strike enters eighth week

    As of today (6/2) the strike is still on. The hospital has begun hiring permanent staff to replace the strikers, who will not get their jobs back later. Still has a lot of travelers earning huge money. The community is behind the nurses and mist nurses will not take those jobs until the strike is resolved.
  11. Hannahbanana

    What Was a Highlight of Your Career as a Nurse?

    I am privileged to have lived long enough to have a few. My professional org awarded me the first recognition for outstanding volunteer service as a mentor and editor, stunning me at our annual meeting a few years back. My Scouts area council gave me a Silver Beaver award for outstanding volunteer service in leader and youth training and health & safety/risk management. My students ranked me #1 as a clinical instructor a few times. A few of my attorney clients have been unexpectedly effusive in their evals of my work for them, one winning a truly immense judgment against steep odds. Mostly I remember patient care situations where I made a difference, and being promoted to the top of the clinical ladder after years of soaking up all I could from people ahead of me. All nursing, lots of ways to do your best.
  12. Hannahbanana

    What’s a Crusty Old Bat?

    As anyone who reads any kind of statistics must know, association is not causation. (I know Davey knows this.) Cf., the mashed potato theory of homicide, which notes that the vast majority of murderers in the US have consumed mashed potatoes before killing somebody.
  13. Linda, since you’re new here you might not know that your name can be searched online and found if you use it for your posts here. You never know who might do that. It’s wonderful to have you —welcome!— but please go to your account and pick an alias or ask the mods to help you do that!
  14. Hannahbanana

    Yes, Employer Can Require Covid Vaccine

    Fans of academic publishing also should be aware that PubMed is an indexing service only and does NOT vet or evaluate the accuracy or methodology of everything it indexes. Inclusion in PubMed is no guarantee at all of quality. (Nor is having a doi number, for that matter)
  15. Hannahbanana

    COVID-19: Keep reading, keep learning about all this

    Ah, the false-equivalency fallacy raises its confused head again. As a benign example: Kyrie Irving famously believes in the flat earth “theory.” He’s not alone in this, but that doesn’t mean it rates equivalent electronic column-inches in any reputable sources on geography or contributes to any crucible of debate. The availability of fact-checking, bolstered by video, makes a big difference here. Lies are still lies. Cf., a politician who says, “I never said / did that,” when there are clips of him saying / doing exactly that less than a year ago. It’s hard to deny time lapse material on, say, shrinking glaciers or expanding deserts. However, there are still people who believe the lunar landings were faked in a Pasadena back lot, too. I stand by my assertion that there’s a platform out there for pretty much any “theory” but FB doesn’t have to accept them all for promotion on the erroneous assumption that all debate is equally informative or constructive.
  16. Hannahbanana

    Help with CAS application

    Yes, those do count. They show that some entity has thought you worthy of recognition and support. Of course, it would be nice if they were for study in some subject that would be applicable to nursing school, so not sure if study abroad (you did mean that, not “aboard,” right?) would help if you got the scholarship to go to Ufizzi to study Renaissance art.