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  1. SmilingBluEyes

    What Did Joe See?

    Well that was quick. The poll is closed. I have heard and even witnessed myself, reasons to believe there is life after death. Just the other day, I was telling my daughter a funny story about her Great Granny who passed at 96, a few years ago. Suddenly, her picture, which graces my fireplace mantle, fell onto the floor. It was not on the edge, or even close--- and nothing else moved even a tiny bit. No earthquake or anything. I was convinced Granny was there, approving of our memories and story telling. It has not fallen since. I have a ton of stories that friends and family have witnessed supporting the notion of life after death, not many of my own. But I am convinced that there is absolutely life after death.
  2. I bet you are an amazing OB nurse. I was one in a "prior life" for nearly 15 years, and tried to be like you; non-judgmental and supportive. There is enough guilt for moms w/o making it worse with a bad hospital experience. If after education about benefits of breast over bottle was complete, and yet a mom chose the bottle, as far as I was concerned, the conversation was over. If she was "riding the fence" , undecided, and showed any interest whatsoever in breastfeeding, I would make a supreme effort to get things started off right, and support her all the way. But, if there was a lack of commitment and she was in no way interested after trying, again, her choice. Not up to me to make someone who has to raise that kid to adulthood, feel worse. I considered my job well-done once a mom had chosen, and was comfortable with, how she would feed her baby.
  3. On the other hand, I have worked in a "baby-friendly" hospital where policy was near-draconian and difficult. We had moms (a small percentage) who had made up their mind, and were educated, NOT to breastfeed for some awfully good reasons. I remember a couple of them actually have suffered rape trauma in their younger years and for some reason, the thought of a baby at the breast was horrifying to them (in addiction to other issues of course). I have worked with some pretty horrible LC's who walk into a room, grab a boob and start jamming it in the kid's mouth, privacy be damned (one time in front of a patient's father, who was supremely uncomfortable). LCs should be supportive, too, but never, ever pushy. I have run in to several, sadly, that where. What a turn-off to a mom just learning to nurse her baby. The whole not allowing ANY formula can be a problem also. I agree with not distributing diaper bags made by formula companies or mentioning its use, but to have to have a prescription for dispense ANY formula for ANY reason, a bit much. Some moms, at 3 am, all nursed-out, stressed-out, exhausted and their inconsolable babies are reason enough to supplement in some rare cases. Just my random anecdotal musings....... No one debates the need to support, educate, train and follow through with breastfeeding moms. But I don't want to see anyone "guilted" into making a choice of any sort, whether it be breast, bottle, or both. There is enough mommy guilt as it is.
  4. OK I have stayed out of the fray this long. First of all congrats Organized Chaos on your new baby. I had a late-term preemie son. He was 34 weeks. He was a big preemie, 6lb. I was pumping like crazy while he was in an isolette, fighting a bacterial infection, and feeding it to him when he was awake. I was also putting him to breast when it was finally allowed. It worked for a couple of weeks, til he got healthy and grew like a SHOT. By age 1 year, he was 25 pounds. I made enough milk to feed a nation, but it was still not enough. ( I pumped about 13 oz AFTER 30 minutes of nursing-----supply was no problem). He just was hungry. All.....the....time...... He would nurse and nurse and nurse and then the pedi finally "gave me permission" to supplement with formula. It saved our sanity. My screaming, crying, inconsolable son was suddenly happy, content and slept more than 30 minutes at a time. The relief for us both was amazing. I still nursed him to age 1 year, with supplemental bottles, until at about 8 months he needed actual FOOD to satisfy him. Then I began puree'ing my own baby food from fruits/veggies and boy did he love that. I am not gonna tell others what to do, I am just sharing my experience. I don't regret supplementing him. He grew too fast for me keep up; I know that now. But the guilt I felt then was horrible. I had La Leche League and other friends urging me to STOP the bottle; it would hurt him. My daughter, a different experience. Nearly full term, (38 week) 9 lb but content with my milk. Never needed a supplement and nursed 2 years without bottles. Each kid is different, as is each family. Do what works for you----and feel proud like I do, when they become adults and do well. Both my kids are healthy, strong, independent, accomplished young adults now. NO REGRETS!!!! HOW I fed them was important but not as much as how I RAISED them. Don't let anyone guilt you away from your instincts as a mom. Listen to your baby and your body, and respond accordingly. It will all work out in the end. Trust me.
  5. SmilingBluEyes

    50 Random Acts of Kindness for Any Nurse

    LOVE THIS!!! Thank you.
  6. SmilingBluEyes

    Becoming Dad: An Humbling Birth Experience of a New Father and Nurse

    Congratulations on the birth of your new baby!
  7. SmilingBluEyes

    Breaking Bad News: What's A Nurse to Do?

    Awesome article. Thank you.
  8. SmilingBluEyes

    You Never Know What's Beneath the Surface - I'm a Prison Mom

    Can you believe, my son going to jail was a RELIEF? It meant, he was ALIVE? Yea, it was that dire. Drugs = death. Jail = alive. today, he is doing very well. Gainfully employed and with a wonderful woman who is not tolerant of drugs or games. He is clean 3 years. Where there is life, there is hope. I believe that. Hang in there.
  9. SmilingBluEyes

    Dealing with Gossip in the Workplace

    I have been rather guilty in my career of both listening to, and participating in, gossip. I have since made it a personal goal that when it starts, I will say something positive like, "Well he/she does this/that well"....or I say, "gosh I have a lot of work to do, best get back to it." I don't chide gossips and I don't get on a high horse. Also, I DO praise people (even those I tend to dislike) for any positives they bring to the table. I actually LOOK for things to say that are genuinely positive to people and darn if it doesn't make them smile when I find some thing they do well and publically praise them for it. If I have an issue with someone, I take it privately. Praise in public, criticize in private. And just demonstrate better behavior. I have found I like myself a lot better and see the work place in a brighter light since doing these things. I can't "fix" gossip in a unit but I can say to myself, "it begins or ends with me".
  10. SmilingBluEyes

    You Never Know What's Beneath the Surface - I'm a Prison Mom

    Good parents have bad things happen to them. I know that on a very personal level. I always told my troubled child that as long as there is life, there is hope. I held on to that through his most trying times, and now, things are finally looking up and he is doing well. The guilt and self-blame was horrible til I finally found support groups that helped me understand I did not CAUSE it, I can't CONTROL it and I alone, can't CHANGE it. I let go and things got better. I feel ya, my friend. I have been through it myself.
  11. SmilingBluEyes

    My New Year's Resolution

    Really only one. Take things more lightly and tread lightly where others are concerned. The rest will take care of itself if I do just that.
  12. SmilingBluEyes

    Dr.Oz dancing with sexy "nurses" on his show.

    Ironic, in anotghe news post, a Gallu pPoll names nurses "the nost trusted professionals" Poor tastein Dr. Oz's part, but I am not that up arms over it;
  13. SmilingBluEyes

    What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    Want to avoid a hipaa violation but the name of a popular SUPERHERO was truly an official name of a boy born in my presence a few weeks back. No lie! THink like Superman, Batman, Robin. YEP this is true.
  14. SmilingBluEyes

    I could use a little advice...

    I did PRN for 11 of my 13 years. LOVED IT. Consider that.