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  1. It's hard. Really hard to get it all done in the time allotted. Don't go being hard on yourself. I am older, too, and can keep up with the techs most days, but some days things just go awry. It's like riding a wave. The tidal wave comes at you and you feel you're going to drown and then it subsides; try to stay afloat until things get better. Use the slower times to stay caught up. Procrastination is death in this specialty. Hang in there.
  2. SmilingBluEyes

    Dr. Pimple Popper Thinks Nurses Have No Place Educating Patients

    Such ego. This is very clearly indicative of her attitude and/or insecurity.
  3. SmilingBluEyes

    CNN: Abortion Performed on Wrong Woman

    So no time-out? this is horrible.
  4. I don't mean to be a stinker, but could you please put this message into paragraphs? I am having a rough time following. I started in L/D when I graduated. There was a mean girl club there and they made me cry every night. Then one day I decided I was over that and directly confronted them. It eventually stopped. I also had several preceptor nurses in my orientation and none of them particualy liked mentoring me. I just had to find the one who I was comfortable with, to bounce questions off of. Also don't sell yourself short: It takes at least a year or two to feel comfortable in any specialty, L and D is no different. Can you ask to have your orientation extended a bit? Or at least have a mentor nurse you can go to when working on your own? it's worth pursuing. I will come back and try to have more for you. I just wanted you to know I feel for you and h ave been there. Don't GIVE UP!!
  5. SmilingBluEyes

    Personal trauma making me want to leave nursing?

    Dialysis? EVERY ONE of them is ill (and in some stage of dying unless they get a kidney)---and it's a strain to see them die so often. You see them 3 days a week; get to know them and their families. And then they die..... If you have not worked in dialysis, don't think it's easy and the patients are not very ill. Not true. To the OP I am very sorry for your loss. Take care of yourself. I worked in OB; I know a loss of a baby is horrific and you never get over it.
  6. SmilingBluEyes

    Unprofessional Conduct Online

    Unfriend. Then MYOB. She will be caught up in her own web if she is as bad as you say.
  7. I am extremely well organized; in my specialty it is a must or one drowns. Sometimes I check my cell during my long shift to see how family is doing. I work very hard, but it does not always show. Does not mean I am not working as much as the next one. Means I have a system that keeps my head above water. Clearly if a nurse is doing nothing but texting/internet etc, she/he has not got enough to do. I will always, for myself, work smarter not harder.
  8. SmilingBluEyes

    VP Mike Pence visiting Mayo Clinic - Not Wearing a Mask

    By nature your post is political. He's a poor example. Clearly. But that isn't new is it?
  9. My commander in the military always said "work smarter not harder"...... Both nurses are likely busy; one may have more experience or is a master at organization. The busy one is not a harder worker by virtue of being "busy".
  10. SmilingBluEyes

    Future Nurses are Brighter Than Ever

    How do I feel? I had to have those grades PLUS a high ACT score to even be considered. As far as I see, this is not a new "higher" standard. And I finished school 23 years ago. Nearly everyone had a 3.5 or higher on graduation. New nurses are not "brighter"; that is insulting. AGREED! it really is insulting. Pass the salt.
  11. SmilingBluEyes

    Tired and burnt out from the abuse

    The day a larger number of hospitals/clinics enforce a "no abuse policy" and support their staff in cases where abuse occurs, will be the day they never have to worry about a "nurse shortage" again. People will be lined up to work these places. Enough already. We are not punching bags!
  12. I am more concerned about you than the job. Continue with professional help; work on you and the rest will come together. So many of us have been there; you are NOT alone.
  13. https://www.king5.com/article/news/local/washington-board-of-health-bans-flavored-vaping-products/281-ddad5104-7d18-4f96-a2c5-6ff1ed162428 Yes yes yes we know vaping is not healthy. But after the MILLIONS who have been harmed and died smoking cigarettes and no ban there, guess who is behind this. Follow the money.....hint: Big Tobacco. It's known the products causing harm are from "pirate" sources, and often contain added THC. And that victims are children and young adults who think vaping is "cool"---- but so did they when cigarettes were "Cool" back when....tell ya what: I will buy this when they enact laws to outlaw cigarettes, chewing tobacco and other dangerous sources of nicotine. Washington State today, your state tomorrow. Follow the money. And vote carefully.
  14. SmilingBluEyes

    Case management/Insurance work?

    Good afternoon, all. I don't know if this is the right forum, if not feel free to move it, mods. I was wondering if anyone here who works for insurance/tele triage/case management (or any other work from home job), how you managed to get in? What requirements/experience are they looking for? How might I break into this field? I don't personally know anyone who does this, or I would ask them. Please let me know how you got in, and how you feel about this work? I am, like so many, tired of abuse/foul language/physical threats, and being asked to be "compassionate" and "understanding". I would like not to have to go to work, knowing this is coming. I have done all kinds of specialties in nursing, OB/GYN surgical, LTC, Doctor office nursing, ambulatory type care in an outpatient clinic. I am familiar with ICD-10 coding and the like. Anyhow, if anyone has wisdom or advice, I am all ears. Thank you in advance.
  15. SmilingBluEyes

    Other nurse and DON are besties!

    If I were you I would be very careful. I saw this with an MA who got their bachelor degree and became the boss. The besties were in the office all the time, shooting the breeze with their friend-boss, leaving others to do all the work. It was so obvious and blatant. They (the boss' besties) knew they were protected and the ones who were not in the clique were treated badly. No one cared this was going on, and everyone knew, including higher levels of mgt/admin. They were all friends and went out to dinner/drinks together off work. It was all over social media, for everyone to see. In your case: Reporting it may just lead to a big fat target on your back. You don't need that. Do your job and look for a place where this is not the case.
  16. SmilingBluEyes

    5th e-Cigarette Death Reported As Illnesses Double

    Follow the money. Big tobacco has a huge stake in making vaping products illegal. Follow the money.

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