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SmilingBluEyes has 25 years experience and specializes in Specializes in L/D, newborn, GYN, LTC, Dialysis.

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  1. SmilingBluEyes

    Shift Nurses Post-Pandemic

    I am sorry; too little way too late. To turn the tide takes more than words. It takes ACTION. On the parts of nurses to band together and the parts of powers-that-be to put the money on the table.
  2. SmilingBluEyes

    Leaving job after 7 months

    How do you go? You say "it's been a wonderful opportunity for me. I wish you all the best. This is not a good fit, is all". Simple as that.
  3. SmilingBluEyes

    Fix Staffing Ratios by Monetizing the Value of Nurses

    This is not a new concept; nurses and other staff are just an expense to corporations; this we know. It's also not a new idea to "charge" for nursing services. I have heard this for years. They can add in what nursing care costs to the bill but ...
  4. SmilingBluEyes

    Returning to Work After COVID

    Listen to your body. Go back when you are physically ready. And take better care of yourself. I wish you well.
  5. SmilingBluEyes

    Continuing to work with patient if change job?

    My thoughts exactly. Boundaries people.
  6. SmilingBluEyes

    Share your Nurses Week "gifts"

    I cannot complain; I got a box of chocolates and a plant. I love both. I am grateful.
  7. SmilingBluEyes

    Any Nurses In Long Term Care Setting?

    I hear you. I have worked LTC and I discovered something: a lot of them burnt their bridges a LONG time ago with family who may have been there if they had been kind to them when they were younger. Not everyone who is alone in LTC has mean, c...
  8. SmilingBluEyes

    Any Nurses In Long Term Care Setting?

    I am so sorry you're going through this. But a huge part of the solution lies in the sentence I bolded. You need strong boundaries to protect your heart. It's always sad when we lose our patients we know well. I work in an area where we see our patie...
  9. I don't think you should emulate anyone. You should build a relationship with this patient based on being your best self. Don't copy others; it's inauthentic.
  10. SmilingBluEyes

    Daily Rant Thread

    SO MUCH bait and switch here.
  11. SmilingBluEyes

    Daily Rant Thread

    "You are a...... "hero" "angel" "the best nurse" whatever else falsely superlative. It's patronizing and insulting. And it means absolutely nothing.
  12. SmilingBluEyes

    Should good health be a requirement for certain positions?

    Yep! SO what are your prepared to do about it?
  13. SmilingBluEyes

    Having A Nurse As A Patient

    The patients that made me nervous most were lawyers, actually. Not RNs or MDs.
  14. SmilingBluEyes

    Radonda Vaught Was A Guest On A Good Nurse / Bad Nurse Podcast

    Me too. That part made my spidey senses go off.
  15. SmilingBluEyes

    LTC Question/Opinion

    Glad you are quitting. This is untenable.