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MunoRN has 10 years experience as a RN and specializes in Critical Care.

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  1. MunoRN

    Calling A Code Death (call police?)

    Anyone who suspects that a death was the result of foul play is allowed to notify the applicable authorities (police) of that concern. Generally speaking, it seems like what you asking is how best to cover up the murder of a patient.
  2. MunoRN

    Calling A Code Death (call police?)

    That is a wildly ignorant statement for a licensed nurse to make. A CNA who feels the need to report a suspicion of illegal activity requires no approval of anyone to report that concern.
  3. MunoRN

    Time management

    And it's auditors like this that cause nursing time to be taken away from patient care that contributes to patient safety in order to make auditors happy, and causes patient harm solely for the purpose of making these sociopathic "auditors" happy.
  4. MunoRN

    Calling A Code Death (call police?)

    I totally agree with notifying the coroner, the coroner and police are two different entities.
  5. MunoRN

    Calling A Code Death (call police?)

    It's certainly one thing if it's a requirement to notify the police in the event of a patient death. But if you're calling the police to remove suspicion that the patient died as a result of foul play, then it seems that would cause far more suspici...
  6. MunoRN

    Calling A Code Death (call police?)

    I guess I'm not clear if you're saying you called the police after a patient death because you were reporting that the death occurred due to negligence / neglect, or that you wanted the police to somehow verify that this wasn't the cause of the death...
  7. MunoRN

    Not Exactly HIPAA, But Worried I Said Too Much

    Correcting someone spreading misinformation about a health issue, particularly a pandemic where that misinformation can cause people to make misinformed decisions that can result in harm or death, is not a violation of your professional practice stan...
  8. They might argue religious opposition to the Covid vaccine is different because their religion, MAGAism, didn't exist yet when flu and hep vaccines first came out.
  9. MunoRN

    Calling A Code Death (call police?)

    I haven't heard of getting police involved when no suspicion of a crime occurred, I'm curious how that conversation goes with the officers. Officer: "so what seems to be problem?" Facility staff: "Somebody died and we want you to confirm ...
  10. And it used to be that ketones were the most followed lab, now we don't even check ketone levels. Both anion gap and CO2 on a metabolic panel (which is actually a measurement of bicarbonate, not directly CO2) measure the resulting metabolic acid...
  11. MunoRN

    How to Titrate Levophed?

    It varies widely from patient to patient, it depends on how much their hypotension is beta-driven, how much the increase in afterload caused by increasing the levo affects their cardiac output, etc. This is why orders should allow room to adjust...
  12. MunoRN

    President Biden thread

    And I get that objectively measurable facts really takes the fun out of fact-free bias posing as a reasoned argument.
  13. MunoRN

    President Biden thread

    As your article points out, the annual inflation rate dropped to 8.5%, this is correct. Biden pointed out that the inflation rate change for the month of July was zero, which is also correct. Those are two different things.
  14. MunoRN

    Starting a new IV line

    I'm not so much concerned about the little air bubbles in the line as I am with the infernal beeping that will commence 2 minutes after I leave the room if I didn't get every last bit of air out of the secondary port (uppermost port). What I wou...
  15. You've hit the nail on the head when it comes to why "conservatives" should be prohibited from having any role in this process. What the article points out is that without any sort of regulatory price controls, shifting the costs to government p...

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