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  1. Rose_Queen

    CHG Preoperative Bathing

    Outpatient: shower night before and morning of with 4% CHG. Emergency department patient: receives 4% CHG bath in preop unit. Typically bathing isn’t done in ER because they have other priorities to deal with. Patient from inpatient nursing unit: CHG bath night before and morning of.
  2. Rose_Queen

    just went to an interview and have a question!

    The decision to extend an offer or not rests with the manager with the open position. While others may participate in the interview and have input, it truly does come down to one person. As an educator, I can participate in an interview and provide feedback to the manager, but I cannot extend an offer. Probably not the best thing that the nurse manager with the open position was not able to attend the interview, but it's not unheard of- there are actutally 4 specialty coordinators in my OR (similar to an assistant nurse manager role) who report to the nurse manager. They work as a team when it comes to interviews- if someone is unavailable (needs to assist someone in a surgery/assist during an emergency/etc), another will step in.
  3. Click the gear and choose unread as your stream. I’ve never seen topics I’ve already read that way
  4. You can mark read- at the top of your activity stream is an icon that looks like an eye. That’s your marked read
  5. In other threads, it has been mentioned that the TN BON meets quarterly. Therefore, as this has just recently come to light after being covered up, it is possible that the BON has not yet met and made a decision. It is also possible that they do not indicate anything is going on with a license until an investigation is complete. Regardless, something needs to happen in regards to the negligence and recklessness shown by this nurse.
  6. Rose_Queen

    LPN's Certified in Anesthesiology..

    Agreed. There are many posts by this member in various forums, including advanced practice. I'm afraid OP is not fully informed of what can be done with a BSN without the actual RN license. Anything obtained in further education would not, in fact, be nursing at all. Food for thought, OP.
  7. Rose_Queen

    LPN's Certified in Anesthesiology..

    FAQ #6 under CAA practice. It links to a map showing the states that allow the practice of AA. However, it appears you are talking about 2 very different fields in your two posts. First you mention anesthesia assistants and then you switch to anesthesia techs. The pay grade of those two is going to be drastically different, as are the responsibilities. I work in an OR, with anesthesia techs. They are in no way independently providing anesthesia. They are assisting the anesthesia provider, and are paid much less than an LPN. I do not work with AAs as my state does not recognize them. https://aaaa.memberclicks.net/faqs
  8. Rose_Queen

    LPN's Certified in Anesthesiology..

    AAs are very limited in the states that allow them to practice. You would be wise to make sure the state you live in/want to live in allows them. Also, it is not your LPN that allows you to become an AA; it is the completion of an AA program and licensure.
  9. I like the notification for being quoted, so that I can respond and keep the conversation going.
  10. Rose_Queen

    Nurse Charged With Homicide

    Which is exactly what a trial will find. We can all sit here and debate whether or not she should be charged; the fact is that the DA has decided there's enough to take that measure.
  11. Rose_Queen

    What do the surgical nursing assistants do in the cath lab?

    Well, the assistants we have in the OR are responsible for helping clean the rooms between cases, stocking rooms, assisting with positioning and patient transfers. As a nursing assistant in the cath lab, you'll probably be doing something similar and not having much patient contact.
  12. Rose_Queen

    Nurses Call the Governor of Tennessee

    I never skip the rights of medication administration. Never, not even when I have a patient on the OR table who is struggling to come off bypass. I work with potent medications- I know that one little slip can cause death. These rights are drilled into nursing students' heads from day 1. It takes mere seconds to check the label of the drug. It takes mere seconds to read the order. It takes mere seconds to verify a patient identity. The fact that you use understaffing as an excuse to skip these is mind-boggling.
  13. Rose_Queen

    Air in Line

    The best option here would be to reach out to your nurse educator or a trusted coworker for guidance, as they will be familiar with the specific equipment and can demonstrate the appropriate method. Additionally, your facility may have policy/procedure that spells out how to do so.
  14. Local anesthetic infusers, such as the OnQ pain pump, are for incisional pain. It has no or very minimal effect on the abdominal organs as they are placed sub-q, not into the abdominal cavity. These are also non-narcotic, meaning that the bowel effects of narcotic meds can be lessened as there's less need for them. Most pain from abdominal surgery is from the incision.
  15. Actually, there are many reasons it's not ego. Each state's BON sets the minimum number of hours students must be in clinical in order to be eligible for NCLEX. Some schools literally schedule the absolute minimum with zero wiggle room. As for the first half hour, yes, there is a lot that can be missed. Report, for one thing- why should the nurse of the patient have to spend extra time giving report when the student is expected to be there at the same time? Nursing school clinicals are guests of the facility- they have a reputation to uphold to maintain the clinical site. And your axe to grind about accreditation has no place here. It's completely irrelevant.