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Rose_Queen is a BSN, MSN, RN and specializes in OR, education.

Rose_Queen started her nursing career over a decade ago in the OR as a new grad. She has experience in multiple surgical specialties and currently works as a staff nurse educator.

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  1. Rose_Queen

    Causes of losing your license?

    Contact a lawyer. TAANA is a good place to find one familiar with nursing.
  2. Rose_Queen

    Corrections Nurse for a New Grad

    @Jah Jah if you select specialties in the list of forum subgroups, you will find forums dedicated to a wealth of nursing specialties, including several you've asked about where many have shared their experiences
  3. Rose_Queen


    Have you asked your coworkers for their feedback? Have you observed your coworkers? Have you watched YouTube videos as advised above?
  4. Rose_Queen

    Questions for FNPs

    Sounds like an interview assignment. Have you reached out to some of the NPs in your area? You'll learn about your specific location as well as make some contacts that can help you in the future.
  5. Rose_Queen

    Nursing Student balance Preventing NCLEX-RN attempt

    Research HRSA thoroughly. It is not guaranteed and many more apply than are granted, plus it limits the areas one can work in. Additionally, you do not qualify. “Are you eligible for the NCLRP? Review the following NCLRP requirements to find out. You are one of the following: Licensed registered nurse; Advanced practice registered nurse, such as a nurse practitioner; or Nurse faculty member with qualifying nursing debt.” This program requires one to be licensed and thus is not a solution for OP’s situation.
  6. Rose_Queen

    Nursing Jobs for a Disabled Nurse

    Depending on experience types and length you have, you could look into telephone triage, insurance company case management, or online nursing course instructor just to name a few.
  7. Rose_Queen

    Nursing Student balance Preventing NCLEX-RN attempt

    Most places require one to be employed for a set time before eligibility for tuition reimbursement, followed by continuing to work for a set amount of time after receiving the last reimbursement payment. A sign on bonus typically goes to one who meets requirements to hold the job. You are not eligible for either a license or a temporary permit to practice without your school sending everything to the BON; therefore, you would not qualify for a nursing position (whether with or without a sign on bonus. You are looking for something that simply doesn’t exist. Don’t pin your hopes on that and continue finding other ways to pay your balance.
  8. Rose_Queen

    Which courses at BMCC

    Cross posting isn’t permitted, so this is most likely going to be merged with your original post. The best course of action would be to speak with an admissions counselor with the programs you are interested in. They will be better suited to guide you which prereqs would be required and which would transfer.
  9. Rose_Queen


    Many externships occur during the summer and typically require one to have completed a fair amount of their program- my local externships are for those who have completed their junior year. They also typically do not run while classes are in session. If you are looking for year round employment, externships would not be your first choice. A patient care assistant/associate or nursing assistant would be the way to go.
  10. Rose_Queen

    Nursing Student balance Preventing NCLEX-RN attempt

    Unfortunately, you have no choice but to get your balance paid in order to take the HESI and have your info sent to the BON. Are you currently working? If not, it's time to find a job. If you are, evaluate whether you have the ability to take on another part-time job or do other one-off opportunities to earn money (think babysitting, petsitting, etc.). As for grants and scholarships, I don't know that you can retroactively apply for their use but rather need to have them lined up ahead of time. Speak with someone in financial aid to see what they can help you set up to get caught up. Reconsider the personal loans- will you be able to pay them back at an accelerated rate with a nursing salary as opposed to your current/a non-nursing salary that would make them more palatable? What other expense can you cut out to put money towards your balance?
  11. Rose_Queen

    Transfer schools for Capstone

    Good luck with that.
  12. Rose_Queen

    Transfer schools for Capstone

    Please see my post above in response to the other poster. Not only are you trying to cross state lines, you’d also look at crossing country lines. The difference in nursing across countries can be astronomical. If you are able to find a school in another country, there is zero guarantee you would be able to be issued a license back in the US. Quite frankly, it will be easier and less work to simply start over, which is likely what you will have to do anyway.
  13. Start looking outside the hospital setting. The BSN may make you a more competitive applicant once you have it.
  14. I think the question was asked more to learn if OP may need to take time off school and work while obtaining financial aid if the parents are paying but may pull support if the major changes.
  15. Rose_Queen

    California Safe Nurse to Patient Ratios in Acute Care Settings

    Is it safe to assume there are screenshots from a word processing program in the PDF? Because there are misspelling red lines under many names. You'll want to redo that to get rid of the lines for a more professional look.
  16. Rose_Queen

    Saying No to extra shifts, is it bad if you're new?

    Don't feel bad. Once you say yes it will never stop. Staffing is management's problem to solve, not your responsibility to burn yourself out by working overtime. The easy way? If you want to work extra, answer the phone. If you don't want to work extra, let it go to voicemail. Unless your unit requires "on call" in addition to your FTE shifts (typical of procedural/OR/ER/L&D), you aren't even obligated to answer.