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Rose_Queen has 17 years experience as a BSN, MSN, RN and specializes in OR, Nursing Professional Development.

Rose_Queen started her nursing career over a decade ago in the OR as a new grad. She has experience in multiple surgical specialties and currently works as a Nursing Professional Development Specialist.

Curious about the OR? New to the OR and have questions or want advice? I'd love to chat! Feel free to private message me or post in the OR nursing forum under specialties

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    COVID-19: I'm Doing My Own Research

    The topic of this article is COVID - let’s please stick to that. Discussion of other current events can be taken to the Politics Club in the Breakroom.
  3. Rose_Queen

    Band 6 Presentation

    Welcome to Allnurses, @Nursembee! We have moved your post to our UK forum for the best responses. I believe if you take a look around, you may find some information that has already been shared.
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    College of the Canyons (COC) ADN Spring 2023

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    UNCC CRNA '26

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    How helpful was SimpleNursing to you?

    The reason this is happening is copyright infringement. Right from the terms of his site: Copyright infringement is a big deal, and can actually lead to legal issues, and legal issues can lead to licensure issues. If you are seeking a review ...
  7. Rose_Queen

    Orthopedic Surgical Nurse

    A lot of the general info for new to the OR nurses will also apply to ortho. A lot of the fundamentals are the same no matter the specialty. You can join AORN and get access to their journal, along with other member only resources. Their at-a-glance ...
  8. There are two Terms of Service-approved ways to create a special place for your cohort. One: create a facebook page. This link may be posted. Two: create a "club" for your cohort by clicking on the Breakroom link in the yellow bar to the le...
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    Career path in the OR- Am I doing this right?

    Are you intending to complete a post masters certificate or DNP program in the future? The path you are on currently will not allow you to be an NP. The clinical nurse educator path does not come with an advanced practice license issued by the state....
  10. Rose_Queen

    CSU Long Beach Fall 2022

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  11. Rose_Queen

    Miami Baptist Health Nurse Residency, 2021

    These are facility specific questions. I am familiar with residency programs, but not the one for this particular facility. You will want to pose these questions to the recruiter or HR contact.
  12. Rose_Queen

    Miami Baptist Health Nurse Residency, 2021

    A residency is a transition plan for a new graduate nurse over their first year of experience. It may not be optional, as many facilities are accredited residency programs and attendance is mandatory. As for being required to sign a contract, that is...
  13. Rose_Queen

    LPN to RN graduating in december

    Hi there! You can probably start applying now- I know that my facility has received applications from December grads for our January orientation. As for work/life balance, call, and hours, there simply isn’t one answer for that as it varies greatly b...
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    Any nursing lab jobs?

    @fishguy909, it sounds like you want something specific in your future career. Before you get farther into school, I would advise that you speak with an advisor or career counselor to help you find matching career paths. You keep asking about differe...