The 'Q' Word During a Full Moon

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(Did I just say that out loud?)

Nurses all over the world know that uttering the 'Q' word and referencing a FULL MOON during a shift can be followed by general panic and mayhem. If your shift is running smoothly, it's probably better to just shove a Snickers bar in your mouth and keep it to yourself.

Have you ever regretted saying those words during your shift?

(caption provided by CalicoKitty our $100 Caption Contest winner)

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Congrads, CalicoKitty! Good caption!

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Joe V said:

Have you ever regretted saying those words during your shift?

No, because that would be magical thinking. I don't have that kind of power. ;)

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I learned early on in my med/surg CNA career that mentioning the full moon or uttering the Q word was a recipe for disaster. It was always the worst during the full-moon summer weekends...I called it "granola night" because it was full of nuts and flakes.

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Congratulations CalicoKitty!


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CONGRATS, CalicoKitty!!!!!