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VivaLasViejas has 20 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in LTC, assisted living, med-surg, psych.

I'm a retired RN and blogger who lives with my son, his husband, and four adorable little dogs. I have over 25 years total experience in health care and have done a little bit of everything. I especially enjoyed mother/baby care and assisted living. I retired early due to health reasons but kept my license active for several years beyond that. I love God, my family, my friends, NFL football, and good food enjoyed with loved ones!

Do, or do not. There is no try.--Yoda, Jedi Master

Sometimes God calms the storm. Sometimes He lets the storm rage, and calms His child.

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  1. VivaLasViejas

    Said No Nurse Ever

    Of course I enjoy turning 600-pound patients. I wouldn’t get any exercise if it wasn’t for that. —said no nurse ever
  2. VivaLasViejas

    Pulmonary Embolism | Knowledge is Power

    I recently had an experience with PE myself. I had fallen and broken my right ankle, and of course it had to be casted and non-weight-bearing status ordered. A few weeks later, I noticed some peculiar symptoms like wheezing (which I attributed t...
  3. VivaLasViejas

    Should I renew license

    To be honest, I wouldn’t renew. You may want to place your license into Retired status, that way you can use the initials R.N. as long as you put “Ret.” behind them. Of course, your state may have other rules for this. I had to do that with...
  4. VivaLasViejas

    From The Wrong Side of the Bedrails

    Thanks. Me too!
  5. VivaLasViejas

    From The Wrong Side of the Bedrails

    I recently spent some time in the hospital with a DVT that turned into a pulmonary embolism. It was dangerous and scary, and the location of the emboli (saddle PE) was even more so. As it turns out, I had a great experience in no small part because o...
  6. VivaLasViejas

    Pay It Forward Day

    Many years ago, my family and I were very poor. It was Christmas time and we had no gifts for the kids. But someone whose name I will never know told a local charity about us, and two days before Christmas they delivered a batch of gifts—some of whic...
  7. VivaLasViejas

    Advice Please! Skilled Nursing to Assisted Living

    I was a DNS in assisted living for 7 years, and loved it until the administration started admitting residents who needed memory care, who needed 2-person assist with all ADLs except feeding, who had serious wounds that required daily nursing care…in ...
  8. VivaLasViejas

    There's A Bright Side To Night Shift

    I loved nights, until they stopped loving me at around age 40. There were no suits around, few tests, and though we didn’t have a lot of staff, we banded together and helped one another when things went sideways. We had a different sort of relationsh...
  9. VivaLasViejas

    Compassionate Use Act in Texas

    I’m all in favor of cannabis use when one is off the clock. I’m retired so I can indulge without fear of losing my job if I test positive for THC. But when I was nursing, I knew better than to use because the BON would have been all over it if I’d be...
  10. VivaLasViejas

    Having A Nurse As A Patient

    I was recently in the hospital for a saddle PE and was treated extremely well, at least partly because I am a retired nurse. They appreciated my nursing stories and told me some of theirs. I was on a stepdown unit so there was one nurse for every 3-...
  11. VivaLasViejas

    Taking ADHD meds

    I hear you ^^. Pretty much the same thing happened to me. My employer waited until I was back from three weeks of medical leave, and sacked me two days later. The explanation was I was unable to perform my duties as a DNS as evidence of my chemical i...
  12. VivaLasViejas

    Working as a CNA in SNF vs. Assisted Living

    You are absolutely right about Brookdale. I worked for them for a whole three months and I was miserable. I had to help serve lunch to the residents with a napkin over my arm instead of doing nursing; I didn’t really mind but I did mind what it stood...
  13. VivaLasViejas

    Working as a CNA in SNF vs. Assisted Living

    Yes, they are licensed by the state if they accept federal funds. But unless there is a complaint, it’s two years between surveys, instead of annually like SNFs and nursing homes. That’s a long time for the facility to fill the rooms with NH-level re...
  14. VivaLasViejas

    Working as a CNA in SNF vs. Assisted Living

    You got THAT right. I thought it was bad when I was winding down from my position as the DNS for an assisted living facility in the 2010s. It was at a time when ALFs were experimenting with various resident mixes and bringing in wanderers, severe dem...
  15. VivaLasViejas

    Nursing Instructor with severe foot problems

    Have you thought about working for an online nursing school such as Western Governors University? I have a friend who used to be a member here and she loves it. She works from home (no 12-hr shifts) and doesn’t have to be on her feet at all to do her...