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  1. walkingrock

    Options for RN jobs and motherhood?

    Right now, it is easier to get a part-time job than a full-time job, in my unit. I think it has to do with retirement benefits...experience is not a factor in getting a part-time job any more than getting a full-time job--seniority is though! Most hospitals in my area are 12-hr shifts, mine is mostly 8-hr shifts...which I prefer after doing 12's for most of my career.
  2. walkingrock

    anyone familiar with the zaky?

    I've seen a few Zaky's brought in by parents, they are nice. Never heard of the Z flo positioners...just looked it up, very cool! We use cloth, quilted buntings and sandbags...but those Z flo's look much better!
  3. walkingrock

    Sleeping on the job.

    My experience is that the person is immediately terminated.
  4. walkingrock

    Telling The Truth: A Nurse Who Stutters

    Carry on...we all have issues, they are just not the same ones!
  5. walkingrock

    Grandmas doing kangaroo care?

    HIPPA is a main issue with allowing other family members to visit without the parents being present.
  6. walkingrock

    Any 22 weekers out there?

    Thanks all for the books, etc. We don't technically resuscitate until 23 wks; however, it is a problem when it is 21-24 or something...unknown, then we do respond and do what is appropriate, the parents are involved with info and discussions with NICU before-hand (if time allows!) of course. When the dates are known, and early, we talk to the families, if they wish. It is heartrending, but leaves one feeling like you did a good thing, when you talk honestly to a 22-something wk gest. family in L & D, and tell them we can't do anything, that to attempt would be causing their child pain, and would be futile in the long run. It could change, but that is what we do now.
  7. walkingrock

    arterial stab policy on your units?

    What is SWU?
  8. walkingrock

    arterial stab policy on your units?

    Art sticks or venous sticks (more likely will be a art stick) when we do blood cultures or have a lot of blood to draw, otherwise heelsticks. We only do radial art sticks (RN's); RT's don't do them on our babies, they only do art sticks on adults.
  9. walkingrock

    Bedside PPV Bag & Masks

    :thankya: We have 'em set up, checked, functioning for each pt... The only change of practice I see, is they don't want admit beds set up in advance...open and set up when the baby is on the way, same with L & D...they don't want the warmers set up with equipment opened until a baby is a-birthin' in the next few minutes.
  10. walkingrock

    open visitation/ 24/7

    NICUGal's situation sounds similar to ours. We went to parents visiting 24/7 relatively recently, in the last year I think. We have been instructed to also point out some things in the computer. Somehow, it doesn't seem to be violating HIPPA to those who are making this happen, although it sure seems like it is, at the bedside level. Also, long-term parents frequently seem to specifically be there at change of shift, and we know of instances of them overhearing things. I would REALLY not like to have a parent at the computer with me while I'm giving report I find it personally wearing to not have that 30 or 60 minute buffer time at change of shifts to try to get everything efficiently completed/charted for the next shift and give them an adequate report AND get off on time, when parents are present at change of shift. Even though they are supposed to be self-sufficient and not ask for things during our report, it still happens...then you have those cares/feedings due @ 15 min before the next shift comes, if the parents do cares/feeding on a slow feeder, I can barely get numbers to chart, let alone chart it....
  11. walkingrock

    Learn To Say It Correctly!!

    LOL! Oh No...it's checking the O2 "stat" in the ear "cartridge"....
  12. walkingrock

    Laughing gas rising trend in labor options

    Never seen it used at any deliveries I've been at over the years (which are a lot)!
  13. walkingrock

    What to use on the nares to prevent breakdown of skin

    We use NeoBars.
  14. walkingrock

    What to use on the nares to prevent breakdown of skin

    We use the cannulaide also. It goes on the nose and upper lip to protect it and there are holes at the nare openings that hold the prongs in place.
  15. walkingrock

    any advice? (for a soon-to-be intern)

    Listen....and observe....don't be afraid to ask questions.