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  1. Horseshoe

    Is our unit being punished for the actions of one nurse?

    You actually think John Q Public would give a rat's behind about turf wars between nursing units? LOL.
  2. Horseshoe

    Why do so many cheerleaders enter nursing?

    I wouldn't even know if I worked with an ex-cheerleader. Are these people being mentioned advertising that they were a cheerleader in high school? Why would anyone care?????? Also, does anyone seriously think a brand new member is actually asking this as a sincere question on their very first post?
  3. Horseshoe

    On FMLA, Can't Go Back To Old Job, Now what?

    I'm seconding the advice to check into social security survivor's benefits. Make sure you are making your counseling appointments. Your 12 year old needs a healthy mother. So sorry for your loss.
  4. Horseshoe

    Why do so many cheerleaders enter nursing?

    Spring break just started and you're already bored?
  5. Horseshoe

    Failed My Pharmacology Midterm

    Then do your venting here and not to classmates. People who always insist they failed, only to do just fine, are incredibly annoying. It seems like every class has at least one. Apart from that-you may need to work on this tendency to "catastrophize." Real world nursing is hard; always going to the dark side ("I'm a failure! I might as well quit!") is really unhealthy and can lead to a miserable existence and inability to find any fulfillment professionally, no matter what career you choose. In nursing, there is almost always room for improvement. You WILL make mistakes. You will need the resiliency to bounce back from these setbacks and not exaggerate their importance in the moment.
  6. Horseshoe

    Adenosine used as diagnostic on Med/Surg floor?

    My ICU experience is old now. We didn't put defib pads on someone receiving adenosine, though certainly crash carts and ACLS meds were literally merely a few feet away at all times. What rhythms are the most common observed after adenosine administration? Never in my experience did I get a shockable rhythm after giving it, but that's just one person's experience.
  7. So far I haven't received one of these calls. I doubt I would fall for it because I distrust every call from a stranger I get. The article is vague on what exactly the nurse thought she was supposed to be paying for. If it's just a generic debt, it's pretty far fetched to think you could lose your license for this. This nurse sounded pretty gullible-"I dont know, I just believed what they were telling me." Okay, well... Glad she got it sorted out in the end.
  8. Horseshoe

    Terrible experience with nursing staff

    "I'm really sorry you had to have an emergency hysterectomy" shows "arrogance" and a "lack of empathy"? Baloney. Your outrage at such a benign post seems over the top, but you are entitled to state your opinion. And so is the poster you quoted-you don't get to designate who can respond and who cannot. If the post doesn't violate TOS, it's not for you to order someone not to post.
  9. This sounds like a very bad fit for you. You are going to scrub without extensive training??????? You have no experience but you are doing follow up appts without the surgeon on site????? You are writing progress notes for a physician? Who hasn’t seen the patient at follow up?????? I could go on and on why most of what you have described horrifies me. I’ve worked as a circulating RN in a plastic surgery OR for the past 9 years and no way would I accept this position!
  10. I work in a plastic surgery OR and there are four of us in the OR working cases: Surgeon Scrub RN (very experienced RNFA) Anesthesiologist (MD) me (circulating RN) We meet all AAAA requirements and provide very safe care with those numbers. We are also in an adjoining professional bldg attached to a hospital. Help isn’t far away.
  11. Horseshoe

    What to do about DNP and flu shot?

    What exactly does that even mean-"I don't believe in the flu shot"?
  12. Horseshoe

    Frustrating Nurse Family Members

    People can often tell by my questions that I'm some kind of healthcare professional. I usually say "I don't know much at all about your specialty-what makes me a little different is that because I'm a nurse, I can usually understand everything you tell me. So you don't have to try as hard to educate me, but I do need education." That is my sincere take and it usually gets good resultes.
  13. Horseshoe

    Critical Care Eliticism?

    Not only would it be beneficial for ICU or ED nurses to shadow a med surg nurse all day to get a feel for what they actually go through, it would be great for floor nurses to experience what ICU and ED nurses have on their plates. They have 2 patients for a reason in ICU-any more than that would be impossible to keep up with. Death, codes, constantly dealing with the kind of instability that makes floor nurses very nervous because they don't have the kind of time or experience to take care of that properly-that's a normal day in the ICU. And ER nurses-don't even get me started with what they have to put up with. Everyone is performing a unique role that would not be easy for others to just step into with ease. Some nursing roles are more complex and other nursing roles are simply unimaginable from the sheer numbers that they have to deal with. And those vast numbers of patients still need a nurse who not only reacts to the present situation, but has the ability to anticipate and prevent crises-that's a very important role those floor nurses are performing. I know I couldn't do it.
  14. Horseshoe

    Critical Care Eliticism?

    Yes, that's what they think. Meh. But they're still "nice people."
  15. Horseshoe

    Do you consider an infiltrated IV a medical emergency

    😂🤣 Touché!
  16. Horseshoe

    Do you consider an infiltrated IV a medical emergency

    Should be hypdermoclysis?