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  1. Horseshoe

    How soon did you move out after graduating (BSN)?

    Live at home for as long as it takes to save enough money to put down a deposit on an apartment (usually first and last months' rent) and have at least SIX months' full living expenses saved and accessible. Continue to help your mother around the house and contribute some $$ to your food/lodging. Once you have your savings in the bank, get the heck out of Dodge. Your mom probably won't like it, but that's really too bad. Every parent has to face the fact that their birds will leave the nest eventually.
  2. Horseshoe

    Gossiping Nurses

    "You wouldn't worry so much about what others think about you if you knew how rarely they do." People are too wrapped up in their own lives to spend the kind of time thinking about you that you are giving them credit for. You've got too much to worry about in terms of your practice to waste valuable brain time on worrying about being the subject of multiple conversations.
  3. Horseshoe

    HIPAA and court orders and custody oh my!

    Just because a parent (in this case the father) doesn't have primary custody of his child DOES NOT MEAN that the mother can dictate that you not share information on the child with the father. The only entity that could deny the father his rights to his child's medical information is a court by virtue of court order, or as stated above, a very defendable and rational conclusion that the father presents a clear and present danger to the child. You and your office need to better educate staff and clarify your policies before you get sued.
  4. Horseshoe

    HIPAA scapegoat

    To the OP: When you are responding within a quote to another poster, it's not always easy to tell which are your words and which are the words of the poster to whom you are replying. I quit trying to figure it out. If you are going to post within the quote, could you please consider putting your responses in bold or italics? That would make it easier for the reader.
  5. Horseshoe


    I completely disagree that there is "no chemistry" in nursing. There are many metabolic processes that are highly related to "chemistry." Pharmacology is all about chemistry. But perhaps we would be better served with integrative chemistry education-you know, chemistry for nursing when the situation presents itself in nursing classes rather than one general chem class.
  6. Megarline, people are not "prejudice." People can be prejudiced. And yes, black people can also be prejudiced. In fact, I think most people are prejudiced to some degree. They might not be prejudiced based on race, but they might hold some kind of bias based on other things. Some people are biased against women. They automatically make assumptions about individuals simply based on their gender. Others have prejudices based on culture rather than race. Still others might be prejudiced against people who lack a certain amount of formal education. Some may make incorrect assumptions about others for the sole reason that they *are* very educated. Religion (or refusal to buy into religion) plays into the prejudices of many people all over the world. The point is that most of us, whether we even realize it or not, are prejudiced against others for some reason or another. As human beings, we owe it to ourselves to try to examine our beliefs and look for these implicit biases so that we can correct them and the actions we take based on them.
  7. Horseshoe

    You should never ask a nurse this question.

    To clarify the point I made: The OP is telling an audience of nurses and nursing students to "never" ask a nurse why she didn't become a doctor instead. Nurses generally don't ask other nurses this question. This question is usually posed by patients or other lay people. Often they ask it in the following ways: "You seem too smart to be just a nurse. Why didn't you become a doctor instead?" or "Why would anyone rather be a nurse than a doctor?" Again, not sentiments that nurses generally would express to other nurses. So the fact that the OP is posted here, where really he is basically preaching to the choir, just struck some of us as odd. His feelings about this question (whether or not people agree with him) would be better posed to the general public, since they are usually the ones asking this question of nurses.
  8. Horseshoe

    Private or State school?

    People often insinuate that LVN school is "easier." LVN school crams a whole lot of information into a small amount of time. If pre-reqs are this hard for you, I would not assume that LVN school would be any easier, no matter what someone else's experience might be.
  9. Horseshoe

    what are our rights re: being filmed/recorded at work?

    They might be violating hospital policy or standards of human decency. With respect to filming or recording others, they might be violating local statutes. Nevertheless, it has absolutely zero to do with violating HIPAA, because visitors and family members are NOT bound by HIPAA. Right after promising her complete secrecy, I could go on Facebook and announce that my cousin just had treatment for Herpes at XYZ Hospital. I could tell the world that my sister just had a miscarriage at ABC hospital even though I promised her I would never tell anyone. I could Tweet that my Uncle Joe is currently recovering from hemorrhoid surgery at GHI surgery center and include a photo of said unfortunate individual. All of those things would reveal what an *&^% I am, but absolutely none of them are HIPAA violations unless I was the professional caregiver at one or all of the HIPAA-bound facilities. As cousin, sister, and niece, I'm just being a complete jerk.
  10. Horseshoe

    You should never ask a nurse this question.

    Since the vast majority of people who visit this site are nurses or nursing students, the message is probably being delivered to the wrong audience.
  11. Horseshoe

    Feel like giving up

    Your health and that of your son needs to take priority for now. Please get help. And care plans as a formal exercise might not be relevant to every day nursing, but if you are a good nurse, you ARE making mental care plans every day as you prioritize your care and anticipate problems before they happen so that you can head them off. So they are not a "total waste of time." We just don't think of the mental exercises we engage in as we plan our day and consider our patients' needs as "care plans." But that's actually what they are.
  12. Horseshoe

    Juggling 2 under 2 and college

    Many mothers have walked in your shoes. The fact of the matter is that it is very very hard to juggle it all. It is extremely stressful, but if you are going to commit to a course of study, you are going to have to make compromises. You absolutely will not be able to spend the same amount of quality time with your kids as other SAHMs you know. You study when they nap, you study after they go to bed, you grab an hour when the toddler is watching an educational video or program. You grab an hour when your husband is home. You have day care or home care or whatever is dependable and safe. You listen to lectures in the car if you can. You make flashcards and use them any minute you get a chance: waiting at the bank or pediatrician's office or the dry cleaners. Every spare minute is spent on school work. You maximize the weekends and hubby just has to deal with the fact that you are no longer available for couple time as you once were. This is a sacrifice. Plan on feeling the stress to your relationship, guilt feelings that come with having to tell your kid "sorry, honey, mommy has to study," etc. All that said, it's 2 or 3 years of your life. You will all get through it, and the kids will get over it if you can't attend to their every desire 24/7. At the end of it, you have a career. Oh, and then the real sacrifices start...
  13. Horseshoe

    50% days 50% nights- making it work.

    Honestly, I couldn't make it work. I went to days after six months and in doing so, regained my sanity and vitality. The research is very clear about rotating shifts and effects on the mind/body. I'm not that surprised to hear that the powers that be ignore this, but still, shake my head.
  14. Horseshoe

    50% days 50% nights- making it work.

    Shift work is bad enough, but what they are proposing is simply inhumane imo. My aunt literally developed psychosis. At first she was told she was bi-polar. Her behavior was extremely frightening for the whole family. After a long ordeal with medication/relapses/trauma to her children, it was finally determined that her rotating shifts were the cause. After she quit doing this to herself, she finally found her equilibrium and she reverted back to normal, healthy human behavior. This doesn't happen to everyone who rotates shifts, of course, but this illustrates to me that doing something so unnatural to people is NOT OKAY. This requirement pretty much negates the whole concept of "dream job" to me. YMMV.
  15. Horseshoe

    what are our rights re: being filmed/recorded at work?

    A family member is not bound by HIPAA, so they aren't violating it when they film their loved one. Facility policy is one thing, but this isn't a HIPAA thing if it's the family who is recording their patient.
  16. Horseshoe

    PTO not in the budget for remainder of year

    And this is why facilities get away with treating their nurses like crap. Because they know the nurses will just take it- because they need the work that bad. Nurses are entitled to their PTO, particularly when it's spelled out in writing as policy. I'd rather flip burgers than put up with the working conditions imposed on so many in health care.