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  1. I Don't Care About Statistics

    Angry at you for what?
  2. Valid Reasons To Not Get Vaccinated

    Can you imagine taking hours out of your day to drive to Dallas to witness such a thing? And is there any trace of discomfort at all when it begins to dawn on them that he's probably not coming? No thought whatsoever that someone lied to them?
  3. Valid Reasons To Not Get Vaccinated

    After seeing people in my city yesterday waiting outside for JFK Jr to appear so that he could become Vice President to a reinstated President Trump, nothing would surprise me. The stupidity, the gullibility, etc. should be mind blowing, but sadly, i...
  4. Vaccination Mandating

    Interesting how you deliberately omitted the fact that these conditions are far more likely to occur, and more severely, with actual Covid infection. And there is a laundry list of additional severe sequelae, many of longstanding duration, that occur...
  5. Valid Reasons To Not Get Vaccinated

    Yes, I know the poster was lying. Just wanted to see if they would post their source (which obviously would be easy to debunk) or double down.
  6. RN Jobs That Do Not Require Covid Vaccine

    Boston, do mind sharing a link to this graphic. I might want to use it in another forum. Thanks!
  7. Valid Reasons To Not Get Vaccinated

    Citation please.
  8. Pregnancy after COVID vaccine?

    Update on my relative: She has doubled down on the anti-vax rhetoric, even viciously berating her diabetic mother for getting the vaccine.
  9. Covid Abuse!

    I'm from Texas, and there are many millions of us who are trying to elect sane and compassionate leaders. We came very close to electing Beto over Cruz (and how I rue the day we fell short). Our biggest cities lean blue. In other words, don't s...
  10. Covid Abuse!

    Ditto, and I have Adblock.
  11. Pregnancy after COVID vaccine?

    I truly doubt she will get vaccinated-now that she has had Covid, she will be saying how natural immunity will protect her. But you are right about the guilt-after she has a while to process it and work her way through her heartbreak, she proba...
  12. Covid Abuse!

    He was probably mentally ill, but the propaganda may have directed his violence toward his brother rather than to self harm or other target. Tragic.
  13. Pregnancy after COVID vaccine?

    A relative of mine is anti vax. She gives anyone in her sphere major grief if they choose to get vaccinated. She refuses to wear a mask, refuses to social distance, refuses to take any kind of mitigation measures whatsoever. You might guess that she ...
  14. My boyfriend is still unvaccinated

    He made a fake vaccine passport. He's dishonest. It will be something else soon. You are ignoring all of the relevant problems here that go beyond the vaccine. Don't say you weren't warned.
  15. Covid Abuse!

    The nurse gave a vaccine without the patient's consent? Not impossible, but seems pretty unlikely. I'd be interested in the nurse's version of the events.