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Overcome fear by seeing the funny yet ridiculous side of every situation.- Edgar Cayce

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Davey Do has 35 years experience and specializes in Psych, CD, HH, Admin, LTC, OR, ER, Med Surge.

Artist, Bicyclist, Nature Lover, Asocial, Childless, Agnostic, work 12 hour midnight shifts every weekend in Gero Psych, married to a Medical Nurse (Belinda). Am generally content. Thank you.

Overcome fear by seeing the funny yet ridiculous side of every situation. -Edgar Cayce

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  1. Davey Do

    Student nurse here. Am i going to be a bad nurse??

    Well, mrnurse, I would encourage you to add this to your things I do well list: "I own my mistakes, do some self-examination & appraisal, and seek advice from others on how to improve my skills". I doff my proverbial hat to you, mrnurse! And, hey, if it turns out that you really are going to be a bad nurse, you can always work psych. It's kept me employed!
  2. Davey Do

    Interview question for nurse extern position.

    Because I don't have a job and you're hiring!
  3. Davey Do

    I cant stand the attitude of many nurses

    It is so good that you see a need to change a pattern, Lostsoull, and are in the process of seeking professional assistance in dealing with situation. Your insight and desire to grow is admirable and worthy of respect in and of itself. You mentioned that it will be sometime before you will be able to meet with you professional. I suggest that a search for self-help materials be done. You've already begun the therapeutic process of dealing by posting here on allnurses seeking opinions, perspectives, advice and support. Put a few words in the search engine and see what pops up. A classic which comes to mind is Addicted to Unhappiness by Drs. Martha and William Pieper. Conceptually, the book explains why we repeatedly get into situations where we're unhappy and what we can do about changing our behavior. Other books that I consider helpful classics are Learned Optimism by Martin Seligman and Stumbling on Happiness by Daniel Gilbert. There's also 12 step Emotion Anonymous meetings which one can attended at no cost that can be extremely helpful. Good luck, Lostsoull and the very best to you!
  4. Davey Do

    New LVN Med Sure Nurse

    Yes, there is a systematic approach to everything, nurse anggie, that you too can learn that method with Sour Lemon's Seven Year Plan! Seriously, once we see the system and develop a template and/or a routine, all we need to do is fill in the blanks. Prioritization and time management are two biggies. If we focus on the priorities and perform them in a timely manner, the battle is won. Performing a process in a systematic way allows us to be called away from it and pick it back up where we left off. This all comes with time and experience. And speaking of giving shift report, I have done it so many times over the years that I actually enjoy the process. I utilize an inductive approach, going from the general to the specific. I also spice it up a bit with that which I enjoy: "It's been a __________ night on geriatric psych with ___ patients. In 106A, we have Ima Schizophrenic, who, if you turn your hymnal (pt info sheet) to page one, will see that she was admitted for running down the street naked, except for army boots, yelling, 'Where's Fred MacMurray?!' Ms Schiz refused her HS PO meds and required two haldol injections during the night for..." so on and so forth through comorbidities, labs, treatments, status, plans, etc. I sometimes end report with: "And that is the report for this, the 2nd day of September 2019, in the year of our Lord. Any questions, complaints, concerns, compliments or condiments?" I do what I like because I like what I do.
  5. Davey Do

    Just be professional, period.

    Management at Wrongway Regional Medical Center (WRMC) often makes across the board rules and/or creates more documentation and intermittently follows up with the evaluation process when a few staff members do not fulfill the responsibility of their job. Case in point: MN staff members who primarily work the floor on the geriatric psych unit- LPNs & techs- complained of two charge RNs who rarely or never left the nursing station to help with direct patient care, behaviors, and medical concerns. Instead of meeting with these two RNs and making them accountable, management instituted extra documentation for all charge RNs, on all the psych units, to document that they make patient rounds every two hours. In a sense, WRMC's management is enabling incompetence and punishing competence. The two RNs aren't any more helpful than they were before and other RNs have to do more documentation!
  6. Davey Do

    When Should I Retire? My Struggle

    Standing ovation for your article from someone who hung on every word and can identify, Nurse Beth! I've decided to retire if any one of these three criteria are met: 1) I get fired. 2) I can't do my job anymore. 3) Wrongway Regional Medical Center becomes a carpet warehouse. !
  7. Davey Do

    Just be professional, period.

    Good title, JBMom. I feel your pain- If only more people could focus on the moment and not have to be entertained or distracted, our jobs would be so much more fulfilling. At times I feel as though I am babysitting my coworkers.
  8. Davey Do

    Drug Seeking Patients

    We all need to feel good. We all need to avoid pain, be it of the mind or body. I feel pity on those who have to go through great lengths to get that need met. There for the grace of God go I.
  9. Davey Do

    Staffing Ratios

    I, too, work 12 hour weekend option MN in a geriatric psych unit with a for-profit facility. Wrongway Regional Medical Center (WRMC) psych division's staffing ratios have changed several times over the 16+ years I've been employed and is currently in the process of again making changes. Due to numerous patient incidents and WRMC getting its wrists slapped by surveying and benefitting agencies, staffing ratios have improved over the years. I really only know the MN staffing ratios, but it does sound like your facility is dangerously understaffed, Tigerlily. WRMC is in the process of assuring two RNs on each unit plus LPNs and techs. For example, the last shift I worked with a census of 15 patients, three being 1:1s, there were two RNs, two LPNs, a nurse extern, and two techs. Currently, if there are 14 or less patients on geriatric psych with no 1:1s, MN staffing calls for one RN and another staff member, being an RN, LPN, nurse extern, or tech. Day staffing, of course, calls for more.
  10. Davey Do

    Is This for Me?

    If you're lost, stay put. If life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Let go and let God. Allow The Fates to lead you. Don't make the Fates drag you. Bloom where you're planted. Do what you like. Like what you do. Good luck and the best to you, Lmm!
  11. Davey Do

    Do Psych Nurses Travel?

    I have not, but have worked with psych nurses who have travelled who became regular employees and also those who were travelling nurses working a contract. I don't wish to be negative, so please allow me to put it this way: Those who have travelled as psych nurses have alluded to the fact that their assignments were "challenging". And those travelling psych nurses that I've worked with were really good at undergoing spontaneous respirations.
  12. My heart goes out to you, MSO4foru. Such acts can leave one feeling violated and vulnerable. I recall a line from the movie "Accidental Tourist" and pretty much live by them: "And most importantly, never take along anything on your journey so valuable or dear that its loss would devastate you." The parking lot at Wrongway Regional Medical Center in beautiful downtown Eiffel Ill. had numerous automobiles broken into some years back,. Security cameras were inadequate and recorded nothing well enough to identify the culprits. However, for some unknown reason, the situation has not been repeated. Here's to hoping that yours is the same.
  13. Davey Do

    Having Fun with Documentation

    Standing orders really expedite patient care.
  14. Davey Do

    Having Fun with Documentation

    Donna's a cousin on my Dad's side who married a guy by the name of Ima Nothing. You know- "Donna Do-Nothing"?
  15. Davey Do

    Patient Rituals

    Ritualization, in and of itself, is merely an action which results in meeting Maslow's second level of the need hierarchy, safety and security. Installing a baby monitor or carrying a handgun and other multiple actions across the spectrum are also actions which serve to meet that need. I have the "Hooked on Classics" album both on vinyl and CD. Listening to it relaxes me and allows me to feel safe and secure both in my home or automobile.
  16. Davey Do

    Patient Rituals

    "Houston, the Eagle has landed."