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Davey Do

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Overcome fear by seeing the funny yet ridiculous side of every situation.- Edgar Cayce

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Davey Do has 41 years experience and specializes in Psych, CD, HH, Admin, LTC, OR, ER, Med Surge.

Artist, Bicyclist, Nature Lover, Asocial, Childless, Agnostic, Fired and Retired, married to a Medical Nurse (Belinda). Am generally content. Thank you.

Overcome fear by seeing the funny yet ridiculous side of every situation. -Edgar Cayce

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  1. Davey Do

    RN's required to be sitters???

    Being a Sitter is better than being a Door:
  2. Davey Do

    3 things I'll ignore on TV

  3. Davey Do

    3 things I'll ignore on TV

    Because, Emergent, you shouldn't take it off, since you don't want to touch your face with the soiled gloves you're wearing as you drive.
  4. I have found that suing a hospital for wrongful termination is a viable option, NurseBlaq.
  5. Your post hits home with me, ganurse. Back in '15, I reported overt safety infractions, following the chain of command. Nothing was resolved. I reported the infractions to IDPH, OSHA, and JC and again, nothing was done. I took it as, "Oh well, I've done what I could", CMA, and went on to be the best nurse I could be. Then, earlier this year, I again followed the chain of command in reporting violations of the Code of Conduct, P&P, and Illinois statutes. Long story short, I was recognized with a DAISY award in February and terminated in March over trumped up charges. It is sad when bad things happen to conscientious message carriers.
  6. Davey Do


    I commiserate with you nervousnurse. I've had to deal with similar comebacks.
  7. Davey Do

    HELLLLLLLOOOOO, Retirement !

  8. Davey Do

    Too strong of a personality?

    We are there to provide quality services to patients and not to win a popularity contest. Get okay with who you are are, CarolineMcGee. You are never going to please all the people all the time. If "you are a very good nurse who has never had a specific complaint, have not had a single issue from (your) preceptors or educators regarding (your) progress abilities care or attitude", take the BS in stride. If we allow others' opinion of us to be more important than our own, we will never be able to be okay with who we are. Good luck, the very best to you, and continue to be a "very good nurse"!
  9. Davey Do

    HELLLLLLLOOOOO, Retirement !

    Racol and I finally got together at a a halfway point, spending the day Thursday in historic St. Charles Mo. We sat and talked and talked and went for a walk and laughed and laughed. At one point a fella we passed said, "Be careful or the police will arrest you for over indulgence- you're having too much fun!" Racol brought up some situations that I had forgotten about and I made cartoons of them. The first cartoon is about an incident one night in a cornfield when we were about 16 years old. Basically, one night I had a plan to steal some ears of corn from a cornfield. "Why?" Racol asked. "Because it's fun", I reportedly said. The shortened version of another forgotten memory involved my little sister Cat. It seems Rocol, her brothers, my little sister and me went to St. Louis Zoo when we were all in our teens. At one point, and for no reason, outside of the Zoo, Cat began chasing a car. So we all joined her. I mentioned to Racol that, in earlier years, I had enjoyed a lot of dancing at block parties. "And you know who got you to fast dance for the first time in public, don't you?!" A real trip down Memory Lane!
  10. Davey Do

    HELLLLLLLOOOOO, Retirement !

  11. Davey Do

    HELLLLLLLOOOOO, Retirement !

  12. Davey Do

    HELLLLLLLOOOOO, Retirement !

  13. Davey Do

    HELLLLLLLOOOOO, Retirement !

    I had to Google Dave Barry, TriciaJ, and sure enough, he's alive & well & still working at the age of 70. His last book released in 2019 was A Field Guide to Jewish People. He is great. I make so many cartoons and send them to four different websites and a few personal friends' emails. So if I repeat a cartoon, please forgive me, as I am old and retired, and enjoying it. A double dose of a cartoon is not a med error. Which brings me to you, @NurseBlaq, who I thought of while making this cartoon of drama in a relative's life. First, let's get you some popcorn. Good attitude, NurseBlaq. Now, let's set the scene: Belinda and I had just come from a get-together with relatives and were driving home. You know how you make statements of observations with one you trust that you would never say to anyone else? Belinda agreed with my perception when I said, "It's like watching a train wreck that's gonna happen". Hence, this cartoon: Art follows life.
  14. Davey Do

    HELLLLLLLOOOOO, Retirement !

    My best childhood buddy, Radley C. Nool lives waaaaaay out in the country and does not care for cell phones or computers. Rad is one of those guys who, if the infrastructure should collapse, will be totally self sufficient, living by his wits, while guys like me will be passing through the intestines of wolves. (I borrowed that from Dave Barry.) I made some cartoons from my visit with Rad. First, I had to go out to a field to find him.
  15. Davey Do

    HELLLLLLLOOOOO, Retirement !

    Thank you, TriciaJ and Hoosier for your continued interest. My 63rd birthday was February 2nd (Groundhog's Day) and I believe there has been some confusion as to my previous cartoon.You see, I was recalling a humorous situation involving Racol from years ago. Perhaps this cartoon will clarify the situation: BTW: My retirement could not get any better!
  16. Davey Do

    Shift Work Disorder is Eating My Brain

    There are lots of discussions on the topic of sleep here on allnurses,A.M. Wolf and I encourage you do do a search. Here's a portion from a post of mine I copied: "I deep breathe, focus on phosphenes (the blurbs of light you see when you close your eyes) and a mantra, my favorite being the Lord's Prayer. No thoughts- I don't allow thoughts whether good or bad because one thought will lead to another and another and I will end up having insomnia. This method works for me with a very high success rate. Of course, I do other things like exercise. I exercise at least 20 minutes every day. On days I work, I do ten minutes of weight lifting and ten minutes of aerobic, e.g. an elliptical before leaving for work. This exercise also prepares my body for what it's got to deal with during a shift." Good luck!

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