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sirI is a MSN, APRN, NP and specializes in Education, FP, LNC, Forensics, ED, OB.

I have been a member of allnurses® since Jun 24, 2005. I am a WHNP-BC-E, FNP-BC, LNC, and Educator. Specialty areas include, Advanced Practice Nursing, Legal Nurse Consulting, Forensics, OB, Emergency/Trauma, and Education.  I am honored to be able to give back to the nursing community and serve as Administrator at allnurses.

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  1. My thoughts as well, @subee
  2. sirI

    International Dog Day

    HAHAHAHA! "adorable rovers".
  3. sirI

    Game of Groans

    Oh, that was good, Stars. LOL!!
  4. A Nurse has been selected as the first nonphysician president of the New York Academy of Medicine (NYAM). Read in its entirety: First Nurse to Lead New York Medical Association
  5. 🤩!!!CONGRATULATIONS!!!🤩 RNWriter NC 💥 KathyDay 🎉 Susan Sears 🏆 Nurse Writing Nook 👏 Aetienne 🎖️
  6. Read in its entirety: Anesthesiologist Group Says Hospitals Can Prevent Fatal Errors Like Vanderbilt's
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    Game of Groans

    For a limited time, some members may be able to access the content, but will not be able to add a topic/post. It will be "read only".
  8. sirI

    Tuesday March 8 2022

    Hello. Busy day. Meetings here, too. Was still able to make a meatloaf for tonight w/creamed potatoes and English peas. I made a mistake with Sunday's music and had to rearrange things before the office printed the Order of Service. Also, h...
  9. You are welcome, @tnt98
  10. Hello and welcome to allnurses @tnt98 We moved your thread to the School/College Programs forum for the best responses. Good luck in your Nursing program.
  11. sirI

    Monday March 7th 2022

    Now that I said I could not find that particular thread, @amoLucia, it occurred to me that @dianah is the one who started it several years ago. Right???? If so, maybe we can get her to submit another one? I vaguely recall she submitted it as an Artic...
  12. sirI

    Monday March 7th 2022

    I'm in the South. I searched a good while for that "novella", @amoLucia, but could not find it. If you had known the exact title, I would possibly have been able to find it. Hi, @No Stars In My Eyes. Yes, glad the tree is not looming over y...
  13. sirI

    Monday March 7th 2022

    Morning, @Joe NightingMale 😁 . Are you considered like an Elder or Deacon in the Church? @amoLucia, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!! 🎂 Hello, @Davey Do. 😀 Enjoy your new "technique". Hey there, @Tweety. Just don't get into any trouble since bo...
  14. sirI

    Friday March 4 2022

    Hiya, @No Stars In My Eyes. All I can think of right now is you shaving Ozzie's butt. LOL!!!
  15. sirI

    Friday March 4 2022

    I am cracking UP at The Office video. I've never seen this. LOL!! Hoping that you can get an earlier appointment, @nursej22