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Elfriede has 40 years experience and specializes in ambulant care.

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  1. Elfriede

    Nursing Humor!

    Having a discussion
  2. Elfriede

    Thinking of Leaving Home Health, advice please!

    Hhhhhmmmm...... If the profit-maximization of the company leads to an endangerment of the patient, it´s a mandatory reason to leave. In such a case I had the luck to find a better company. (Still in HH)
  3. Elfriede

    'About A Nurse' Caption Contest #3 | Nurses Month

    "In fact he´s got a day off."
  4. Elfriede

    'About A Nurse' Caption Contest #1 | Nurses Month

    "... and this is definitely the administration ?!?"
  5. Elfriede

    Order to miss visit

    Depends on cause: - Pt. in hospital or hollyday or isolation or....
  6. Elfriede

    The Reality

    Only the Truth. Wish I`ve had such a suit.
  7. Elfriede

    Caption These Pictures!

  8. Elfriede

    Caption These Pictures!

    1.) SALE Cushions for operating tables, electrically heated SPECIAL OFFER 2.) Workwear for nurses and managers 3.) Rather rare I prefer well done 4.)Vaccin against avian flu finally developed
  9. Elfriede

    Back to the Art Room

    Art is to sit in a corner of a round room. ?
  10. Elfriede


    Some Manufacturers of wound-dressing, tubes andsoon have good videos on theire websites.
  11. Elfriede

    A Small Surgery

  12. Elfriede

    A Rough Start To The Day

    I hate to confuse coffee and tobacco dozily in the morning.?
  13. Elfriede

    Nurse Personality Change

    I see my development from "noble ideals" to "damage limitation" as a normal sign of age.
  14. Elfriede

    Being sued

    Hhhhmmmm......? Better lose the pants than the humor!
  15. "Catch-22 ?"