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  1. RNToBe695

    I failed my first attempt on TEAS

    yes it comprises a lot of the science portion, along with basic chemistry
  2. RNToBe695

    National University SD Cohort 59 July19

    I did not know about PSI! thanks! I would love to take the TEAS over and over again. But at $85-115, I think I'll just stick to taking it a second time on essay day! Thank you for letting me know tho!!!
  3. RNToBe695

    National University SD Cohort 59 July19

    @JCOWANCRAIG were you a student at SDSU when you took the TEAS there? or can anyone call in and take one?
  4. RNToBe695

    National University SD Cohort 59 July19

    Hey all, I was reluctant to post on here, but I think that if i'm stressing theres a good chance other people are too... So maybe we can all keep each other sane! Lol. I barely made this application deadline,(applied today) and I'm surprised there are not a lot of people here! But anyway, I'm applying with a 94.4 and a 4.0. I want to actually study for the TEAS and see what i get this next time. We get to take one with national for a little cheaper right? There are literally nooooo ATI dates before March. Does anyone know the prompts for the essay? Thanks in advance.