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  1. RNToBe695

    National University SD Cohort 59 July19

  2. RNToBe695

    National University SD Cohort 59 July19

    We don't find out what our essay score is, you just find out whether you were accepted or not (but i would assume you can ask after u get accepted). From what I have heard they do whole numbers, one person could grade you a 4 and another a 5, and your essay score would be 4.5, but I am not 100% sure on that. total score: TEAS 40%: (0.TEAS score) *40 ex: 94.4 TEAS = (0.944*40) = 37.76 points GPA 40%: 4.0 would be 40 points, 3.9 = 39 points. 3.65, = 36.5 points etc Essay: 20% We don't know this, but you can guess and play with the numbers, by multiplying your guess score divided by 5 (1/5, 2/5,3/5,4/5 or 5/5), by 20! ex: 3/5 = 0.6 0.6*20 = 12 points So in this situation, add up all the points: (37.76 + 40 + 12) = 89.76 points (ish) If this is wrong someone correct me ASAP!! pleasE!!
  3. RNToBe695

    $750 CA RN License??? No way!

    Same here Hppy... will be high tailing it out of California once I get my license.
  4. RNToBe695

    National University SD Cohort 59 July19

    could someone email and see how many applicants are still going through with this cohort? I bet we've come down a few from 200
  5. RNToBe695

    National University SD Cohort 59 July19

    Positive thoughts coming your way!! I can almost promise you did better than that Good luck!!
  6. RNToBe695

    National University SD Cohort 59 July19

    I would focus on the essay. I fell into the same mindset trying to study for the teas and make it better, when really all it would do is give you one or 2 points extra. I wish I had prepped for the essay better, and I really believe that I might have sunk my chances even with the GPA and TEAS I have. I believe on other cohort pages there is a list of essay topics, and those are what we got! Nothing weird.... but getting a full 20 points would do a lot more for you than an extra 1 or 2 on the TEAS side. GOOD LUCK!
  7. RNToBe695

    National University SD Cohort 59 July19

    I think you're in a really good position for this cohort! I know that doesn't ease the worry but I really mean it! Your TEAS and GPA alone give you 74.48 points, which is awesome! Can you give an honest judgement of what you think your essay would score out of 5? (Be brutally honest, I don't think i did better than a 3/5 lol) They have two people read it and give a score, and then the two scores are averaged. Then that score is equated to x/20 points and added to your 74.48. Play with the numbers, i bet you'll find it pretty motivating!
  8. RNToBe695

    National University SD Cohort 59 July19

    good news, no curveballs. Go get em!!
  9. RNToBe695

    National University SD Cohort 59 July19

    I know, this cohort is so quiet!!! But to answer your question, there are just under 200 applicants this time around. Not bad! I've heard of cohorts having 300!!! I am looking forward to having this process over with, and counting down the days until its essay and TEAS time! I'm on the 20th. Anyone else?
  10. RNToBe695

    February 2019 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    be a nurse they said... it'll be fun they said....
  11. RNToBe695

    Just scored a 97.3% on the TEAS VI!!!

    Congrats girl!!!! Dang Im hoping to match that taking it the second time next week!! Will let you know! I loved your post and how you prepped. thanks!!
  12. RNToBe695

    I failed my first attempt on TEAS

    @Batsy HAHA I know they're bad for you but you can study so much better!!! Nurses are the WORST patients lolol
  13. RNToBe695

    Anatomy and Physiology 1 Tips?

    HI! It's so great that you want to get a head start on AP! You definitely do not need it, but I admire the enthusiasm and dedication. I would highly rec getting this book: The Human Body concepts of anatomy and physiology by Bruce Wingerd, 3rd ed. It was $7 on amazon, and a total steal. Save the hefty book for when you've actually started so you know which one your professor wants. I bought this book about midway thru AP 2 and wish i had gotten it for AP 1. Its a respectively dumbed down version of the Tortora textbook (which I would bet is the one your teacher would want). It's actually easy to read and written in a logical way. buy this book and rent your class one! good luck!
  14. RNToBe695

    I failed my first attempt on TEAS

    Hi! First, do NOT give up. There is plenty of time for improvement, and you will get that TEAS score you need! Promise! I jumped in and took the TEAS about 1 month after finishing AP1&2 and micro, without studying for it and surprisingly pulled a 94. That is not at all meant to be a brag, but a statement of how important it is to take the test right after you finish the material. I would recommend taking your third one as soon as you finish out either taking AP (not so much micro, there wasn't anything on micro) OR after studying AP. Breaking it down by section: English-- someone already mentioned the Momentrix material. I'm studying for my second go at the TEAS, and if you just type in "Momentrix English study guide" into google it will bring you to a YouTube video about 1:20:00 long. There is so much information in there, but its quick and a HUGE refresher. I also went along with the people talking in the videos and googled the topics I didn't know and found a middle school/high school lesson and worksheet to go with it, and practiced right after watching the mini lesson from Momentrix. Key things to focus on there would be compound/complex sentences and punctuation. Reading-- this was seriously the worst if you're not fabulous at reading. I personally am not and this was my worst section. For this, the PocketPrep app (which is free, but of course has the option to buy) has some short passages and big picture questions that get you into the right frame of mind for answering reading questions. I would buy the full version bc its honestly been SO helpful for the reading and english sections! (its about $25, but there is a middle pricepoint too). Math-- the ATI study manual 6th edition (gray cover) has all you need for the math section, and YouTube what you don't know. I got 100 in this section on my first test, so i'm sorry I am no help with this part. Science-- This is the section I'm giving all my effort to for round 2. I want that 100 this time! As someone previously mentioned Crash Course and Khan Academy are great resources for this part, but I think even those are slightly too in depth for the scope of the TEAS. I thought this section would be harder than what it was. Breathe thru the science, it's broad but shallow. Since I don't know what classes you've already taken, I wouldn't mind sharing the notes I took over AP1 and 2 with you if that's something you want! I really think that since those classes were fresh, and I took the notes that I did, it really gave an advantage taking the Test. Overall, I think the ATI manual alone is a waste except for the math. It doesn't tell you what you need to know other than "here, know all of this" but without giving you the "this". Youtube is the best thing ever and the internet has all you need to find information out! I BELIEVE IN YOU!!!!! also caffeine pills. go get them.
  15. RNToBe695

    National University SD Cohort 59 July19

    I did not know about PSI! thanks! I would love to take the TEAS over and over again. But at $85-115, I think I'll just stick to taking it a second time on essay day! Thank you for letting me know tho!!!

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