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  1. Waiting for Retirement

    Frustrating Nurse Family Members

    Oh, I haven't been bedside in years! My post was reminiscing But yes I have asked that, and that's usually where the truth was discovered. Except once as I recall, when the answer was "I went to school out of state" as if that mattered if they were being truthful LOL!
  2. Waiting for Retirement

    Frustrating Nurse Family Members

    I am completely envious! I would have given my eyeteeth for a patient who had this person as a family member!
  3. Waiting for Retirement

    Frustrating Nurse Family Members

    This thread reminds me of a patient who had a family member who visited daily, she wasn't normally in this person's life but as she had traveled to see him she was now visiting him on his unexpected hospital stay. She made sure we all knew she was a DOCTOR, she asked to be called Dr. Smith, and that she wanted to be kept abreast of all medical decisions and changes. Never mind that the patient in the bed was A+Ox3 and had adult cognitive capacity . It turned out that she had a doctorate (PhD) in (I think?) English, English Lit, something like that. She was fun. Really.
  4. Waiting for Retirement

    Frustrating Nurse Family Members

    Agreed. If I'm with the patient (it's a family member of mine) I'm usually quiet unless the staff start explaining things and then I let them know I'm a nurse so they don't have to start at Step One. If it's me who's the patient and I'm answering the barrage of questions then it's a lot harder to hide that I'm a nurse because of course I'm specific in my terms so we can just get to it already LOL. In taking my child to a new medical office for the first time, a new provider, I gave a social history like *I* would want one and of course he asked me if I was a nurse; he wished he got concise details like that from every Mom! When I worked the floor it used to bug me that the person announcing "I'm in the medical field" or "medical profession" was 100% of the time found out to be an EMT, a nursing aid, a medical assistant. None of which was relevant to the condition or care of their family member in the bed.
  5. Waiting for Retirement

    Do you consider an infiltrated IV a medical emergency

    Closest thing I ever had to an "emergency" with an IV infiltrate was when I was still at bedside; I'd gotten report on a patient with a slow-running NS IVF, no issues. Then I saw the patient on my first go-through, within about the first half hour of my shift, and she had a MASSIVE and I do mean MASSIVE infiltrate. She had very loose "old lady" skin that thankfully was elastic enough to hold onto that bag of fluids pumped into her arm and hadn't yet allowed it to burst out. I pulled it out, watched the steady stream of NS pouring onto the towel I put under her arm, and grabbed the charge nurse. NO WAY did that get like that in the 30 minutes I'd had her before I got to her room, that had been going on through the last 12-hour shift and there's NO WAY that site had been checked in many hours. That created an incident report and a call to the doc if my memory is correct, but that was really very extreme.
  6. Waiting for Retirement

    I got my license number but it said I failed

    How do you know if they had very hard questions? They just said the kind of question, not how difficult it was. Multiple choice and SATA questions can be super easy too. Just a thought.
  7. Waiting for Retirement

    I got my license number but it said I failed

    I would think if you have an active license number from the board of nursing you must have passed..? Otherwise how would you get a license if you failed??
  8. Waiting for Retirement

    What to do about DNP and flu shot?

    While I support any and everyone's right to an opinion, I do not support the spreading of misinformation. Opinions based on errors in understanding of material or lack of complete knowledge on a topic are also not valid opinions. I am not questioning your education, obviously you have had many opportunities to learn the facts. Yet your belief differs from those facts. I say this as someone who recently had a bonafide conversation with a "Flat Earther", someone who absolutely latches onto any meme or email circulating the internet that supports a conspiracy theory surrounding the mistaken belief that the earth is actually not a globe...but is instead flat. I used to believe her well educated because of college degrees but now I know that despite her exposure to the facts she chooses to disregard them. I mention this because I would be concerned about an educator who would not support scientific data in favor of a personal opinion. Honest, simple question: Would you, OP, as an educator or clinical leader promote your personal choices surrounding the flu vaccine rather than the scientifically-supported position of the rest of the healthcare community? Or would you keep those choices to yourself and still be able to educate and inform according to the currently accepted standard of care where vaccines are concerned?
  9. Waiting for Retirement

    Finish the Toon!

    It seems Big Pharma was right, measles ARE contagious....if only there was a VACCINE....
  10. Waiting for Retirement

    Failed 9 times, need to retake out of state

    Some things to consider: if you do become licensed in another state you will need your own state's board of nursing to allow you an endorsement so you can work in your own state. If they see the trail you took, it's reasonable to say it's not a sure thing. Beyond that you have been out of school for nine years. A LOT changes in that time, a refresher course meant for people like you who are attempting the NCLEX so long after graduation might be in order. You don't mention doing this, but DO say you are ready to retake the exam. How have you prepared for this one that is different than the previous nine attempts?
  11. Waiting for Retirement

    New Ohio law would let families put cameras in nursing home rooms

    Agreed. While Steve is angry and has every right to be angry, directing the anger toward people who agree with him that abuse must stop doesn't help anyone. He's said a number of times that no one has offered a better suggestion to stop abuse and I believe this is because no one has a better way. We're all frustrated by the situation, and its complexity. It's never been my comfort that concerns me in all this, it's the patients'. I wish I knew a better way. Steve, I'll accept that your experiences have made you angry toward the entire nursing profession. However, please don't assume that every nurse here is out to hurt someone and it's just a matter of time before they are caught. Saying that none of us believes abuse is happening is wrong; we very much understand it's happening. There is no way to ease your pain other than what you have already worked so hard to do, which is advocate for patient rights. I most honestly and sincerely hope that good comes of all of this and that more patients are protected from those who are criminal in their conduct.
  12. Waiting for Retirement

    Plant-based (vegan) mandate for NY hospitals

    Forgive me if this sounds stupid but is there such a thing as synthetic gelatin that can/may be used for medications? Maybe by now it's even the norm? No idea, just thinking out loud.
  13. Waiting for Retirement

    To kill or not to kill... another person dream?

    Wondering what that might look like: "Dear Admissions Committee, I have met the applicant and she appears to be a very self-confident and knowledgeable young woman; she is even a self-taught expert regarding allergens and immunology. Her extensive research using online vegan-promoting blogs included using me as an (uninformed) test subject. She uses "outside the box" thinking when it comes to promoting her personal choices. While her methodology unfortunately required me to be an ICU inpatient for weeks, she did recognize how much a part she played in the circumstances that led me there. Why, she even wrote a very self-promoting essay that clearly shows her superiority in the face of adversity (my near death--caused by unwillingly being said test subject-- was the situation). In conclusion, I can fully recommend that Ms. X be placed in any situation where unorthodox and even risky behaviors are appreciated. She would be a pioneer in the field of nursing, going where NO ONE has ever gone before!" How's that?
  14. Waiting for Retirement

    Doctors offended by TV show about nurses

    Thank you! I have no idea what is going on with that person but I don't think I'M the one out of line. Imagine what they'd say if I really went on a tear LOL!
  15. Waiting for Retirement

    Doctors offended by TV show about nurses

    I don't know what is going on with you, but I am no troll. You can see my posting history to know that. I have no idea what "kinda see things from both perspectives" means unless you are saying you are actually a physician? And as for the rest, I am not easily triggered, I made one comment that was light and other people seem to understand, I don't know what your problem is with me. Of course I'm not a physician, I'm an RN. It should have been clear with what I wrote that this is the case; a physician would not make the comments I did. Perhaps you are confusing me with someone else on this thread, I have no idea. I might ask you what YOU are doing "floating around a nurse blog", though, since you are not a nurse nor a nursing student. If you are this confrontational this easily I can imagine what your nursing clinicals will be like. So again, I say, good luck with all that. I don't suppose attacking someone and accusing them of being a troll is compatible with the terms of service. I most certainly don't appreciate it.
  16. Waiting for Retirement

    Doctors offended by TV show about nurses

    You mean in your hospital the surgeon isn't sitting for hours at the bedside waiting for their patient to awake? They aren't changing routine IVFs and grabbing meds to administer that they didn't order on the chart? Huh. Me, I work at Seattle Grace and all the doctors do all the ADLs and hygiene care for their patients. Nurses have nothing to do except hang around waiting for someone to flirt with them.

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