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  1. Waiting for Retirement


    It is a word describing the act of slapping one’s palm against one’d own forehead in an expression of utter disbelief at the stupidity of a situation with which they are faced. In this case, reading about a person with limited understanding of English who ‘graduated’ from an expensive nursing school without the ability to pass the licensing exam to practice as a nurse...but yet has tried 21 times even though everyone tells her it is completely futile and an utter waste of money and time. I’m truly sorry this hasn’t worked out for you but you do need to hear this. The sooner you accept reality the sooner you can get past this phase of your life.
  2. Waiting for Retirement


    Sianee, if you are reading and answering the test questions in much the same way you are answering questions here I believe the problem is evident. You only read one small piece of a post, one that is asking multiple or multiple-part questions...and therefore give a too short and incomplete answer. You are missing what is said and asked of you. Doing this same pattern on the exam means certain failure.
  3. Waiting for Retirement

    BSN but not a nurse

    TIL that “SCHMOOK” is the sound a puckering butt makes.
  4. Waiting for Retirement


    Sianee, would you please take a moment to respond? What do you think of what I’ve said?
  5. Waiting for Retirement


    I realize this is long but I'm at a desktop computer not on my phone which makes it easy to type lol so here I go! I am trying very hard to find a way to encourage you because I hate seeing someone who so desperately wants to be a nurse but can't get there. I did a bit of Googling and found that some states do have unlimited numbers of attempts at NCLEX and so you must be in one of them. But I also found that the longer someone is out of school, and the more attempts that are made, the less likely it is that they will pass the exam. That isn't opinion that is just what the statistics are. I know it isn't what you want and I'm sorry to be saying it but if you don't know that now you should. Believing you should keep on trying until you succeed is admirable in most things, it's a great trait. In some things though it just becomes a futile (dare I say foolish) endeavor. I tried Googling to see how many times is the most times anyone has ever failed the exam, and also if anyone has passed after this many fails. Throughout my search it was your User ID that kept popping up with links to this site over the years. It looks as if you might hold the record for number of failed attempts or if not no one is sharing that on the internet. I'm so sorry sianee but the flaw in the thinking that you should never give up is that there is a chance you could pass. It's frighteningly optimistic to say the least. Are you ok with spending another year testing? Or another two or five, and more thousands of dollars? Have you set for yourself a true end game, a point at which you would consider stopping? What do your friends and family say about all of this?
  6. Waiting for Retirement

    CPR song

    OMG this is funny! I only recently heard this song, gathered I was probably the last one on the planet to know it existed. Was ok with not ever knowing it lol but it's a cute way to remember the tempo for non-healthcare providers (and I guess healthcare providers that can keep the humming in their heads!) Years ago I learned Stayin' Alive if you were afraid of letting it slip out and Another One Bites the Dust if you knew you could keep it in your head and not on your lips. Safer with Baby Shark lol!
  7. Waiting for Retirement

    Made my first mistake

    As I was reading this I was waiting for the part where you said what your mistake was. After reading the entire thing I'm pretty comfortable saying this was a miscommunication, not an error on your part. You were told something and you wrote it down and notified the MD. The MD questions it and you say you will get confirmation from the lab. The lab then says something differently than they said earlier. Which part of this was your mistake? Not checking the computer for the results you were given verbally? That's about it and nothing that any new person wouldn't do the same way. Now that you know the lab can and does make mistakes in a verbal report you will check the computer for the results to confirm. Issue done. If you were to get fired over this I'd have to say that's some odd management practice wherever you work and completely unreasonable. It's good you are self-critical but this isn't as major as you are thinking.
  8. Waiting for Retirement

    BSN but not a nurse

    I’m sorry, I realize I’m new here but that’s absurd. People are nurses for financial reasons or because of family pressure or just because they found the idea interesting. I suppose there are those who liken it to a religious calling but the idea that this factor alone should be what “allows” it seems ridiculous to me. What decade are we in?!
  9. Waiting for Retirement

    BSN but not a nurse

    Then why attempt NCLEX at all? If her mother “made her” go to nursing school then no doubt she expects her to become an RN. I would think she would want to pass just to stop the disappointment she must be feeling from her mother. The motivation doesn’t matter. If she CAN pass she should have by now...or be working towards that goal. In the end it doesn’t matter. If she is telling patients she is a nurse it is probably illegal (did you check?). If she passes and becomes a nurse it will be her choice to work as one or not. Shouldn’t matter to you why.
  10. Waiting for Retirement

    BSN but not a nurse

    I missed this earlier, guess I’m still figuring out the quote/response chronology of threads. I mostly use Reddit and it looks different. Anyway, I would have to wonder about this too. Does the OP know the person she is writing about so well as to know her heart’s desire? I could be wrong but I assumed the BSN hadn’t passed the exam because she was deficient in nursing knowledge not because her heart wasn’t in the right place! Nurses come to this profession for many good reasons and I haven’t seen anyone who admits to it being a “calling“ in many years.
  11. Waiting for Retirement

    Rude nurses

    I’m trying to follow this somewhat odd conversation chain, please bear with me. Is this a physician? Maybe. I personally can’t picture any resident using the phrase “nurses are mean to me” and I honestly don’t know how old any of them are (to me they all look 19 LOL). What is SDN? Can’t figure out that one, thanks.
  12. Waiting for Retirement

    Bullied as a kinda new nurse

    Talk to your preceptor, she doesn’t read minds. Listen, focus and you might learn something unexpected. Most people believe they not only can multitask, they’re good at it. In nearly every instance...they are wrong. Pay attention. Lastly, you should be relieved to know that you are not being bullied. You are being initiated into the real world of nursing. Hang on tight and you might just enjoy the ride!
  13. Waiting for Retirement


    Retention issue...that’s either a short term obstacle you overcome or a permanent disability that you don’t. Considering the amount of time you have spent on this endeavor and not succeeded I’m sorry to say it looks like the latter may be the problem. You were able to retain enough information to pass nursing school but not enough to practice safely as a nurse. It’s no shame to recognize that this one path isn’t going to happen for you. While you lack nursing ability you obviously are determined, and you should focus that determination in a new direction. That’s a good thing! I don’t know how many years you have invested in this but it is more than fair to say it’s enough. Time to try a new path.
  14. Waiting for Retirement


    Sometimes I hear nursing students at work chat about their programs and waitlisting sounds pretty common nowadays. I thought that was weird, so many students wanting to get into nursing suddenly but it doesn't sound like it's one school it sounds like all of them in my area. I wish you luck and suggest you try whatever "extra" stuff you can do to set your application apart!
  15. Waiting for Retirement


    I'm a little confused. Did you mean to write it's your 2nd time taking the exam? You wrote 21, as though you have taken this test 21 times! If you didn't pass the first time and this was your second time, and you only had 75 questions it sounds like you either really knew your stuff this time time or blew it. Hoping you really knew your stuff You did take a long time to test, 5 hours for 75 questions but as long as you pass who cares! Not too sure what you meant by you got a 3month strategy course but after only 2 months took the NCLEX anyway. That means to me you were very confident on your knowledge and just needed test taking strategies I think. You wouldn't be completing the strategy review at the end of July if you passed this exam if I'm reading this right.