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  1. Feeling terrible about a mistake I made in clinical

    If every nurse that was a member of this site were to enter just one post on a really stupid thing they did as a new nurse or student you wouldn't have time to read through the endless pages of thousands of mistakes! OK you did something you wished y...
  2. Certification after 15 years

    This makes sense. A graduate fifteen years ago who was unable to pass the exam at that time doesn't seem a likely candidate to pass without repeating a significant amount of the coursework. I also imagine it would be extremely difficult to break in...
  3. Certification after 15 years

    You should check with the Board of Nursing for Georgia. They're the ones you'd have to go through anyway, might as well get the info straight from the horse's mouth so to speak.
  4. How to deal with Nosy Co-Workers?

    This looks like a plot from a junior high school sitcom. Whatever you tell someone, assume they tell everyone else. If you felt it was some kind of secret that you had a new car, then you told "3 or 4 people" too many. If you would rather people n...
  5. CNN: Abortion Performed on Wrong Woman

    True, I definitely understand there are cultural differences. I am just incredulous that what seems to be a basic nursing or medical question---"who are you?" was left out of this equation. Standards of care naturally vary. This seems out of whack ...
  6. As one of several who have voiced concerns about the potential for unsafe or ineffective vaccines being presented as exactly the opposite, I can assure you I am not a conspiracy theorist. I am not paranoid, and I am not of the belief that "the gover...
  7. Nurses Furious As Dentist to Lead Nursing Research Institute

    In an administration that has left empty posts and questionably-qualified or unqualified interim personnel in place for years, this isn't surprising. Perhaps, in the new year, there will be an actual permanent person in the Director's chair, and hop...
  8. CNN: Abortion Performed on Wrong Woman

    I realize this event happened in another country but isn't it a basic thing for nurses and doctors everywhere to at least ask a person his or her name?? One question would have prevented this. One question from anyone!
  9. Medication error wrong patient

    Someone told me a long time ago that if you hear any nurse bragging that she's never made a medication error she's either lying or just too stupid to know the difference. Mistakes happen. Haven't ever, not ever, met a nurse who wasn't a shiny bright...
  10. I don't believe a vaccine will be available to a majority of Americans while the current administration is still in power, that'll end in 7 months. I believe when it eventually does become available to the average healthcare worker, there will be a ...
  11. You aren't thrilled with your current career, so naturally you are looking for something that will thrill you. Bear in mind that nursing is not a guarantee or even a strong likelihood of being thrilled every day. Or even most days. It is a good, s...
  12. NCLEX Repeater

    And this is where I completely suspend any belief in this being a real situation. Someone asked you, knowing you are in Florida, what program you attended. You said "Broward College". Then you were called out on this not being likely, and your ans...
  13. NCLEX Repeater

    I've struggled with this too. Looking at this sensibly would mean that this can't be real, it's too absurd of a story. And then I think who has the time or patience or sheer uselessness in life to make this some kind of a years-long troll?? So stra...
  14. NCLEX Repeater

    Sianee told us about having failed this test for the 21st time last Summer. So this is at least 22 times. The advice you are giving plus much more has been given many times already. She or he doesn't take it. For you, I wish you the best of luck a...
  15. This is just like flu

    Hi, you quoted me, but I was quoting Emergent; it wasn't me who made that original statement, just clarifying :)