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  1. No that is not at all what I said. My point, again, is that people do not trust this vacc bc of all the politicization of covid and the vaccine!!
  2. I thought it was obvious that we were discussing the covid vacc. My point is, and has consistently been, that the people I interact with who are hesitant to get the vaccine are so because of the politicization of covid right from the start and now continues with the vaccine. They simply just don't know who/what to believe. It is not one political party that is hesitant, that is a ridiculous statement. It is across the board, Dem, rep, male, female, white, black, young, old etc. Continuing on with this political nonsense is only exacerbating the problem. So is calling people juvenile names (I know that wasnt you). It only makes other people reading more set in their ways and divides us further. Of course we should not take medical advice from politicians or influencers. But censoring people (including medical people) only makes others more suspicious. People should be able to read things and decide for themselves. When politicians are working with media, big tech etc to sensor what do you really expect them to think. It is not helping the cause, it is hurting it!
  3. I got your point, too bad that as usual you are just plain wrong! As I have said before there are many people from all walks of life who are concerned about THIS particular vaccine. If you keep blaming only one group of people that will not solve the problem. I would say look to the people in charge for answers and to set a good example. For instance both Biden and Harris stated they did not trust the vaccine (before the election), I wonder how many people they influenced. Also just recently Dems from Texas hopped on a private plane to avoid doing their work/the work of the government (ie insurrection?) without masks and infected others in the WH with covid. Then they said that 5 were vaccinated, seems like quite a coincidence. Perhaps they should have set a better example. This problem, as well as all the Country's problems only get solved when people realize that both sides, politically and otherwise, need to stop with ridiculous rhetoric and work together. And one more thing. One person, an unarmed woman, was killed on Jan 6. How many lives were lost during the riots (or as you call them protests). Not to mention how many people lost their livelihoods, had damage to property etc. Not even a comparison!
  4. Not that I condone that but of course the politicians have the resources to get that cleaned up STAT. Not so for the people who are living with the ongoing daily problem of this in front of their houses, stores, and the parks that their kids used to play at. And of course they should be actually helped and not just used as pawns or for governments to collect more tax money that they use for other purposes!
  5. Daisy4RN

    When Will the Nursing Shortage Be Over?

    The "nursing shortage" will probably never be over because hospitals/facilities will not do what they need in order to retain employees (see all above responses). I guess it must be easier and cheaper to just replace replace replace all those who do speak up, retire early, or just plain ole quit. They simply don't give a rats behind!
  6. Many people these days are and no one is stopping them.
  7. Daisy4RN

    Fast-Food Ads Target Minority Youth

    I agree that the food markets (fast food, junk cereal etc) should not be targetting children but that is how they operate and always have. That said, I also believe that the parents are the ones who are in control of what their own children are eating. I get it is a little harder with teenagers but with younger kids it is easily doable. This type of advertising has been going on for years and years, nothing new here. Parents need to take responsibility, get their kids away from the TV and/or just say no to the fast food and provide more nutritious meals. Not always easy (I know) but it can be done. Also would help if schools taught nutrition, I know they used to, not sure now. Also would help if school (and other) nurses could feel free to provide education on a childs (or adults) weight without fear of repercussion. I know school nurses who won't even touch that with a 10ft pole because of past bad experiences, same for hospital nurses for adults. Maybe the Pediatrician in the article should address those issues as well.
  8. Daisy4RN

    Share Policies That Have Not Saved One Life

    IMO Care Plans have outlived their purpose. When I first started they were hand written (on paper) with nurses providing nursing diagnoses and updates PRN. At some point we changed to some check off boxes (which helped) but one could still write in whatever was necessary for a custom plan. Other departments/ancillary staff wrote their own also in the same care plan. We updated our nursing plan when we had time as needed (sometimes 2 times a shift, sometimes 1time a week) and nobody made a big deal about it if it didn't happen exactly when it should. Fast forward to now (last hospital I worked). The Care plan (on computer) was barely recognizable and had very little way to add anything, just check off whatever seemed close. RN was responsible for updating every shift and you better find something or it would be a write up. RN also was responsible for opening, closing, and updating other departments/ancillary staff (OT, RT, SP etc) if they didn't do it (and guess how many didn't do it once they realized this!), and again, a write up for the RN if they didn't do the other's work. At one point in time the care plans were useful and relevant, now they are just for regulatory purposes etc. They have just become an exercise in futility that does not help nursing or the pt at all and if anything hurts the pt because of the ever growing time suck of paperwork/computer time. Care plans are worthless!
  9. Daisy4RN

    Nursing profession reputation

    I think the respect, or lack of, is dependent on where you work. Meaning, geographically, demographically and what type of facility. I have worked in many different types of facilities and have found the hospital environment to be the absolute worst in every aspect. Wasnt too bad 20+ yrs ago but just brutal now as society seems to be devolving while at the same time Healthcare has gone 'big business' model. It is kind of a conundrum to me that nursing is (supposedly) the most trusted profession yet is dumped on by everyone constantly. So, I guess trust is not, for some reason, translating into respect, or a (good) view from society (or I would think that nurses would be treated in a more fair manner, better! While this is not of course everone, IMO it is the majority of people in society. Maybe if nursing services were billed separately the hospital and patients alike would see the "product and services" that nurses provide and would value nurses financially as well as respect/reputation.
  10. Daisy4RN

    Rip's Enuresis

    Thanks for the warning! If I ever see ya at the beach I will be sure and sit 6ft away from ya (and not cuz of covid LOL)
  11. Daisy4RN

    Rip's Enuresis

    "And one day for no particular reason we became offended by everything" Forrest Gump Most nurses (and other people as well) use humor to deal with issues that they either have been involved in, are currently involved in, or fear happening. It was a joke, no harm meant to anyone! Cant we laugh anymore, seriously?!
  12. Daisy4RN

    Second Thoughts on Becoming a Nurse

    I would not recommend nursing to anyone at this point in time. That goes double for someone in their late 40's. Nursing was a second career for me and for a little while after graduation it was good, but slowly over the years (death by a thousand cuts) it continually worsened to the point of becoming unbearable. If you have other options I would definitely pursue those instead. Also, it will probably be more difficult for you to get a job r/t your age in nursing than other fields, IMO. Sorry for the negative response but just trying to answer you honestly. If I had to do it over I would have chose something else. If you want to be in the Healthcare field maybe something like a COTA (OT aid) that would pay similar, if not more, and would have much less stress. Good luck what ever you chose!!
  13. Daisy4RN

    Rip's Enuresis

    moral of the story: if you are going to drink too much and fall asleep you better put your depends on first
  14. Daisy4RN

    Waiting Around to Die

    In a sense we are all waiting to die. It is what we do in the interim that has the potential to either be significant or just ho-hum. For most people whether retired or not it is a conscious choice and also usually a combination of both (although of course one does have more time and energy when retired). Personally I chose to fill my time with both, a happy medium so to speak. I also try to care for myself, body, soul, and spirit which allows that happy medium, IMO. Yes, we only save that life in the moment, we all will eventually die (at least our physical bodies here on earth anyway). Like Belinda, I also always say "I saved this much money" when using coupons etc (and I really like getting a good deal!). I look at it as I am in fact saving money (on that purchase) which I then can use on a different purchase so the "saved" money still applies because I havent had to use any more money from savings/checking. LOL, sounds logical to me😉. LOL, none of in the 70's knew the words to the songs (except maybe the few that were written on the inside envelope of the album. I don't think the radios we were listening to were very good (at least not mine). I am still going with..." and they lived happily ever after"...
  15. You could also ask if an Antibody test would be accepted. Not sure how long antibodies are hanging around but may be worth a try.
  16. How many times have I heard this from you already! That would definitely work for me, so by all means... Please.Just.Do.Stop!!