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  1. Daisy4RN

    Will Protests Lead to More COVID Surges?

    Of course there is no study that shows blacks are genetically more violent bc that is obviously not true, and that is not what I said (or meant). But thank you for pointing that out Capt. Obvious. If you read all my posts I think you can see where I am going and that is to help POC not hurt anyone. I agree there are many factors (as I also pointed out in my other posts) and IMO all those should be looked at in order to solve the problem. Calling (or implying) someone is racist without evidence isn't going to help either, IMO whether it be all cops or just an individual here. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/jul/22/us-police-diversity-racial-disparities-fatal-shootings-study https://msutoday.msu.edu/news/2019/the-truth-behind-racial-disparities-in-fatal-police-shootings/ https://www.nationalreview.com/2019/07/white-cops-dont-commit-more-shootings/ https://scholar.harvard.edu/fryer/publications/empirical-analysis-racial-differences-police-use-force#:~:text=An Empirical Analysis of Racial,Information: Stochastic Control and Indexability#:~:text=An Empirical Analysis of Racial,Information: Stochastic Control and Indexability There are many differing opinions and even analysis on this issue, more work need to be done for sure.
  2. Daisy4RN

    Will Protests Lead to More COVID Surges?

    Again, if ppl read my posts I believe why we are talking about this is quite clear.
  3. Daisy4RN

    Will Protests Lead to More COVID Surges?

    Typical response, take things out of context and tell someone they are racist (or they sound racist). If ppl read all my posts I think I have made myself clear. And since you have studied and worked in law enforcement I am sure you know exactly what I am referring to.
  4. Daisy4RN

    Will Protests Lead to More COVID Surges?

    I don't want the police issue to get lost either. Those officers should pay the price and I think Chavin should be charged with first degree murder. I just don't think it is "systemic" vs individual/dept racism and I think it is unfair to label all police as racist. Either way they should be weeded out. I agree with you that young people aren't always careful/in denial but IMO that is exactly the problem bc they will be the ones (not being careful) and spreading Covid. Most of the first protestors were not simply wanting to go to a bar, haircut etc, much bigger picture. You of course note this includes freedom of religion. Churches have been closed for a long time and some people trying to have Church in their cars completely social distancing were harassed by cops, made to disperse and fined (one I remember was in Mississippi) Sigh, I am not sure you get it. I think the politics have more to do with this than you realize. While I do agree with you that Trump says/tweets stupid things sometimes look past that and look at his actions, what he has done for the black community. I am a Independent also, not a crazy Republican. I try to look at the bigger picture to see what has caused these issues and how to solve them. I agree it is sad that Politicians dont care, I just think it is across the board and as I stated IMO it is more the Dems than the Reps in this situation re: the African American community. I don't just say this without hearing and reading other opinions on the matter. People want to dislike this President so much they apparently are OK with Bidens racist history. https://thefederalist.com/2016/08/31/7-reasons-black-man-supports-donald-trump/ https://www.desmoinesregister.com/story/opinion/columnists/caucus/2019/05/02/alveda-king-trump-has-done-more-african-americans-than-joe-biden-presidential-race-iowa-caucuses/3649719002/ https://www.ajc.com/news/opinion/opinion-yes-donald-trump-the-most-pro-black-president/xy15nDwDFpDeirQyEque2K/ https://www.newsmax.com/jackbrewer/trump-obama-hbcu-food-stamps/2019/07/12/id/924217/ People do get. Just bc some see a different way to solve the problem (and the cause) doesn't mean they don't get it. Many more innocent people have died at the "peaceful" protests, apparently that is unimportant to some. you have got to be kidding I think some of you are forgetting the history of racism in this country, or maybe never knew it to begin with. I don't think that pointing out the innocent people have died (including some cops who were shot in the head assassination style) during the protest makes them an "apologist" for racism. (I tried to fix the formatting but cant seem to figure it out, just for clarification the links are mine.)
  5. Daisy4RN

    Will Protests Lead to More COVID Surges?

    If it is the individual protesters right than it is anybody else's right for whatever reason they see fit also. Again, you can't have it both ways (no matter how good anyone's reason is). And it is not just their risk to self, they are risking everyone they come in contact with.
  6. Daisy4RN

    Will Protests Lead to More COVID Surges?

    If we are seeing an uptick then why is everyone saying that the protests are OK?
  7. Daisy4RN

    Will Protests Lead to More COVID Surges?

    I agree that merely saying something isn't going to change things, but it is the first step. My point is that the people who have the power to change things are not doing it (ie the politicians in those crime ridden neighborhoods and the self appointed black leaders). Again, my point is that if they cared they would do something about it. That is not only part of the problem, it is the problem. The reopening in all places was supposed to be done in phases, so yes, some places were starting to open but with social distancing, masks etc. Large gatherings were definitely not allowed. So again what is good for the goose should be good for the gander. No exception unless you are a selfish covidiot who doesnt care about the elderly and immunocompromised that they will be spreading the virus to.
  8. Daisy4RN

    Will Protests Lead to More COVID Surges?

    The people in Michigan were protesting for the same reasons people in other states were protesting, although probably for other reasons also like the ridiculousness of some of that Governors restrictions. Again, the virus and its effect are apolitical and either gathering (ie protesting) is a problem or it is not; either people who gather are selfish covidiots or they arent. It doesn't matter what the reason is/was the virus spreads the same way to protestors and then to others.
  9. Daisy4RN

    Will Protests Lead to More COVID Surges?

    The reasons the people who were protesting the covid lockdowns mattered a whole lot also. Peoples lives also depended on that as well as it being a grave threat to society. It is either wrong to gather together or it is not (for medical reasons). If those protestors were selfish, covidiots, going to kill people because they breathed on them then so are all the people who are now protesting. You cant have it both ways, virus' don't understand politics.
  10. Daisy4RN

    Could the police learn something from nurses?

    This is bolognas comments I was responding to: "It's definitely helpful to counter the lies that police regularly pass of as some official report of an incident. Sometimes the videos are misleading. Frequently, police lie in their accounts" lies that regularly pass...frequently police lie. Although that may be true in Mr Floyds case that doesn't mean it is true (generally speaking) of all cops and statement like that do not help the situation IMO. Like someone else stated we as nurses don't all want to be judged by the bad ones and we shouldn't judge all cops by the bad ones either (or any other profession).
  11. Daisy4RN

    Could the police learn something from nurses?

    Of course we can, and should, have the conversation. The problem is when people want to tar and feather the entire group/occupation based on the actions of a few. If you (or anyone else) think that cops have it so easy with their cushy pensions and fat salaries than by all means go apply to the police dept and work there. Personally I think they are underpaid for the job they perform. I dont think it is easy going out everyday, putting yourself in harms way, not knowing which call could be the last. Just look how many cops have been killed during all these "peaceful protests" (tip: you may have to change the channel from CNN and other so called mainstream news to find these truths). Also, many innocent people have been brutally beaten up and killed by these "peaceful protesters". I am not saying that there are not some who are peaceful but there are obviously some who are not, so why would you expect the police not to wear "war" gear when the are under attack having frozen water bottles and bricks etc thrown at them. If the cop was your loved one wouldn't you want them protected? They have also found caches of brinks etc that instigator groups have brought in for this sole purpose. Dehumanizing any entire group of people is never going to solve any problems, including the men and women of law enforcement.
  12. Daisy4RN

    Could the police learn something from nurses?

    How are you privy to this information?
  13. Daisy4RN

    Could the police learn something from nurses?

    Most people when faced with a real or potentially deadly situation will have/develop a "I want to go home safe" attitude. Throwing the baby out with the bath water is not going to help. Disbanding and defunding the police will not help. There is a reason police were formed here. Private citizens with guns taking the law into their own hands (as a group like BLM), yeah, can't see how that can possibly go wrong. Reform, education, oversight, that is the answer IMO. The cops in Buffalo stated they quit the special response team bc the union told them they would no longer back any of them for issues that arise from any of the protests.
  14. Daisy4RN

    Could the police learn something from nurses?

    I think it would be a little bit arrogant for us nurses to think we know what LEOs go through on a day-to-day basis every day. We do get a little bit of it here and there but that doesnt compare to the constant threat to life that they face not knowing which call could prove deadly for them. They are trained but just like any other profession there will always be good and bad individuals. Of course in the case of Mr Floyd everything should be investigated including the dept/management to find out if this was a rogue cop/s or a dept problem. Unfortunetly I am not sure any amount of training would have helped because this seems to be an issue of these particular cops not even having an ounce of humanity. There is no excuse for what happened to George Floyd!
  15. Daisy4RN

    No Scott Toilet Paper?

    I recently had to buy a new frig cuz my old one caught on fire. Bought a stainless steel one and was told by a friend that they make a cleaner specifically for that. I looked at 3 different stores while out and apparently they do make that but all stores are out. I guess people are hoarding that, IDK.
  16. Daisy4RN

    Disrespect & Profanity

    Glad to hear that! After everything is said and done a little vindication must feel good right about now.

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