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Daisy4RN has 20 years experience and specializes in Travel, Home Health, Med-Surg.

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  1. Daisy4RN

    9 Types of Manipulative Patients

    Great article! Manipulative pts are the worst, they are sooo draining and especially when you have multiples.
  2. Daisy4RN

    Annual Dog & Pony Show

    So just curious, did anything transcend?
  3. Yes, you will get over this! You need to self reflect and see what is causing the discomfort/stress that is making you faint. Assuming it is not medical (ie low BS etc) it is most likely psychological. I had two episodes of almost fainting (I came as close as you can without actually passing out) during nursing school. I realized that it was the emotion of feeling what the pt was feeling (physical pain) that was causing my problem. I had to learn how to put up a wall and go on, and I did. Is it something like that, or maybe you are feeling overwhelmed in the emergency bc you are afraid of making a mistake ( if this ask for help etc)...try to think what your feelings/fears are and work through that. Good luck, you got this!
  4. Daisy4RN

    Show drivers license to patients in home health

    I cant imagine whos bright idea this was. There is no way i would show my DL to any patients. Most of the pts I saw I didnt even want to show my badge. Nope, wouldn't do it.
  5. Daisy4RN

    New RN Interview

    Congrats on getting to the interview. Besides all the normal interview questions I would want to find out about training specific for Oncology pts in general, and specific to the type of unit also, chemo, rad, medical or surgical Onc unit, ONS certificate requirements, and do they offer any financial assisstance/perks. Also they will probably ask why you are interested in Onc. Once you are hired you can expect a large learning curve as there will be many classes and you will most likely need to obtain your chemo admin certificate. I wouldnt worry too much about that just yet though, just focus on the interview , nail it, and then figure out the rest later, they will teach you what you need to know. Good Luck in your new career path. Oncology can be very intense but also very rewarding!
  6. Daisy4RN

    CPR Mouse

    I wonder what it means if you build the castle and also live in it! Nice to "see" you DaveyDo, y'all come back now ya hear.
  7. Daisy4RN

    Oversight from nonclinical staff?

    Agree, depends on what you mean by "clinical practice". Would I ever let anyone, even my CEO, make me do something unsafe/unprofessional? That is most definitely a NO! Do they make changes that we dont like bc they are creating an unsafe environment, yes, but there is not much we can do about it (unfortunately!).
  8. Daisy4RN

    Call from Risk Management to speak with Attorney

    Yes, you should be concerned! You were asked to speak to your hospital attorney about a pt you took care of, they dont do that unless there is already a big problem or they are anticipating a big problem. Talk to your malpractice ins/lawyer (not the hospital attorney). If you dont you may say something (inadvertently) wrong that will hurt you.
  9. Daisy4RN

    Call from Risk Management to speak with Attorney

    While it is true that the hospital attorney would provide the nurse some level of protection it is also true that the hospital attorney will always have the interest of the hospital first and foremost and the nurse's interest second. This is why hospital nurses have their own malpractice insurance which (usually) includes an attorney because as we all know the facility/organization won't think twice about throwing the nurse under the bus if it will help their position. IMO, being under the bus probably isn't the most comfortable place to be!
  10. Daisy4RN

    Between a Rock and a Hard Place

    So sorry you are having such a hard time. I would also recommend FMLA when you are eligible but just make sure you research and know the rules ( for example, you need to work a certain amount of hours during the year to qualify for the following year). I would also consider hiring some help for your mother in order to alleviate some of your stress and physical demands, maybe home care aides etc. If you are going to an interview I would ask about benefits after you have received an offer for employment, usually it would be HR answering those questions. Wishing you well!
  11. I am so sorry for what you had to go through. I would most definitely make those calls. Her behavior goes way beyond being just a silly idealist teenager. We were all teenagers at one point but not all of us would argue with a party host and purposefully put something in someone's food that she was already told would be harmful. This girl has a big problem and obviously so do the parents. It is also very disturbing that neither the girl nor the parents showed any remorse after the fact, and the girl would spin the facts to benefit her. I would call the directors with a warning and I would also request (and sue prn) for monetary damages. Wishing you well and hope the new job still works out!
  12. Daisy4RN

    "He's Okay"

    "Well, you can always get a second opinion" I have used the above on more than one occasion.
  13. Daisy4RN

    RN providing total care for 4-5 patients

    Yeah I agree with you. Going from 4 pts with a CNA, to 4-5 with no CNA is way too much for these types of pts. I have worked rehab and would not be happy about this at all. It is not safe for pts or staff. These pts take an extra long time for everything! Sorry to hear the changes, hopefully temporary?!
  14. Daisy4RN

    Patients & Pet Peeves

    Unfortunately there are many people who would, and do, abuse that trust. This happens more often than not. The fact that I may not trust a patient has zero to do with their gender, culture, or appearance. As I have learned over the many years of being on this planet, trust abusers come in all shapes and forms, and genders, and cultures. That said, I agree that if I was a pt I dont want to be recorded and yes I expect the nurse, MD etc to explain clearly what they are doing. Also, I dont think an "easy/cooperative" pt would refuse a chaperone, IMO.
  15. Nurses use workarounds all the time. This has been my experience and I have never worked anywhere that this did not occur. If I didn't know this for a fact I would not say it. Most prudent nurses can figure out what can be skipped and what cannot. I have had nurses tell me that they have documented things that they have not done because there was not enough time, and there are other ways to know this also. I don't know what was going on in RV's head but this should have never been a missed step (or multiple steps!) I think in her case it was not a conscience decision (workaround) but more of incompetence/not having any sense. Having gone to testing/procedures to medicate for anxiety many times I just cannot imaging pushing any med and simply walking away (basic nursing requires a re-assessment). I think she was probably feeling hurried by sups but that is (obviously) no excuse. Exactly! I have heard these things also. It has also been my experience that management will put p/p in place (new forms to fill out!) because one knucklehead did something wrong. So instead of taking care of the problem with the individual everyone now has 1 more form (along with all the previous ones) to fill out, thus taking more time away from the patient and creating more problems in the long run creating a vicious circle. (But is this particular case I am afraid this is all on RV bc in the end she didn't even look at the vial).
  16. You sign for each individual med, that is ridiculous, I have had patients with 20+ meds for just 0900. This makes me crazy that anyone thinks this makes patients safer somehow, you are right it is for billing. I have seen nurses documenting lung sounds etc without doing the assessment and I am afraid that these ridiculous time consuming p/p are the reason why. Makes me mad and sad what is happening!

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