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    Donate medical supplies?

    I think that we waste too many medical supplies (among other things). Don't know if it is still going on, but we (the US) did at one time send (some of) our expired medical supplies to other countries. Although of course I have no problem with helping other countries it makes you wonder why if they can use it we cant!
  2. Daisy4RN

    Nurses Are So Bossy...

    Lets see if we can figure this out. Long time nurses (or at least short term who feel like long term) who have been dragged through the ringer multiple times by patients, families, other staff, admin etc. want to keep the BS to a minimum during their very busy work day because they are running around with multiple demands from everyone. Or, could it be that the nurse did not screw up putting in the IV (it is hard sometimes bc of bad veins or in this case probably dehydration) and didn't like the "spouse" telling them they don't know how to do their job. Or, could it be both! Hmmm, think we might have an answer here?
  3. I don't know if this is a real patient or not, but I do know that the scenario is of course correct! And while I applaud the continued effort of nurse's to attempt to effect change we all know that this needs to come for CEO/admin. In most areas of the country (except Wyoming I guess!) it is a matter of bedside nurse shortage, and until/unless changed by admin these issues will remain.
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    Spiritual Competence, Religion and the Deep South

    I think that you misunderstand Christianity. Christians are followers of Jesus and yes of course follow the Bible and believe that what it says is correct, wise and good, that is their faith! Christians know that praying to God can change outcomes, behaviors, situations, attitudes etc.; so yes, offering thoughts and prayers is a way to help people cope/deal with a difficult situation and a loving thing to do. This is no different from other people of differing religions/beliefs following their ‘sacred texts’. I am sure that you could find more examples to share just as I could also provide examples of the bigotry and demonization of Christians for their beliefs, and some that have paid a hefty price for seemingly minor infractions that 50 years ago nobody would bat an eye at. We do live in a country where people are free to worship whoever/whatever they choose. You will find good and bad people in all those groups because we are still all human beings and therefore subject to our human sinful natures; some more than others, some not able to control their impulses etc. This should not be used to paint all people of one religion in a bad light, whether Christian, Jew, Islam, or Buddhist etc. I think that most people realize this but there are those who will demonize an entire faith based on the sensationalized things they see/hear/read etc. especially in this politically polarized/charged time in our country. The man you talk about (the New Zealand shooter) stated that he purposefully did that because he wanted to cause racial/political divides within our country. That is just incredible to me that someone from a different country would want to do this, that should scare us all and make us all think. I also think that our politicians, including the President, should speak out more on hate crimes like this. This country was founded on religious freedom, meaning you are free to choose/worship whoever you want. It was not meant to not have Bibles, 10 Commandments plaques etc. excluded from schools, Gov. buildings etc., hence that is the way it was done in the past and why some are there. Our society has been moving away from that for years. People will, and are allowed, to have differing opinions about that. We should all be able to come together and find a solution meeting in the middle somewhere. But unfortunetly our politicians and news media seem to do just the opposite, either intentionally or unintentionally dividing people with their sensationalism and bias reporting of such stories. IMO, it is not helpful to our society as a whole. I am still not sure what privilege you think Christians have or why you think that Christians think you are “expendable”. I have been a Christian my entire life so I know and have been around many other Christians and I assure you I have never met any who feel that non-Christians are expendable. Most I know believe as I do that you are free to make your own choice whether to be a Christian or not, Jesus is a true gentleman and will not force himself on anyone. “I stand at the door and knock…” (Rev 3:20). And in this country all are privileged because all can worship whoever/whatever they want , or not believe/worship anything. Not all countries can say that.
  5. Daisy4RN

    Would this be inappropriate?

    I would think it is appropriate as SourLemon also says if within their religious beliefs. I would also check your policies. Either way, even "just a card" would be above and beyond and would be nice.
  6. Daisy4RN

    Curiosity Killed the Cat and Got 50 Hospital Employees Fired

    I have never seen this anywhere. Do you mean a specific place to chart that or just put a nursing note. Where I work I also "look" at patients charts for various reasons and like the other poster would not remember in 10 yrs (or probably even 10 days)
  7. Daisy4RN

    Interesting case of the spilled pills

    Yes, this is sooo true, the minute you tell the manager, or MD, that you will not do this/that and that they can feel free to do it if they think it is OK they immediately change their tune!! Been there, don't that many times.
  8. Daisy4RN

    Spiritual Competence, Religion and the Deep South

    What type of privileges do you think that Christians have that you don't that you feel the need to push back at.
  9. Daisy4RN

    Weird Interview!?

    I have been working Per-diem the last few years here and there. I have also worked per-diem in the past even when I was working full time. I have been to many different interviews in my lifetime (non nursing and nursing). A few weeks ago I was considering a new gig and went to an interview. Here is where it gets weird. I walked in, Manager told me to come into the office and sit down (she motions to a chair that was mostly in front of her desk). I sit down, she pulls her chair from around her desk so now the chairs are directly face to face. I am sitting in my chair with my legs crossed one over the other (ie like a lady). She proceeds to sit down in her chair and puts her legs in a crossed legged position (both up in the chair crossed over). I was kinda dumbfounded. I was thinking what is she doing. Is she just stupid, is she trying to throw me off guard to see how I would react, is she just a free spirit, does she just not care, is this normal now, am I just old, am I overthinking the situation? She sat like that during the entire interview which otherwise seemed like a normal interview. I am around 60 and she was probably early 30's. So my questions is, have any of you seen or heard of this and what is your reaction. I honestly still don't know what to think about this.
  10. Daisy4RN

    New nurse struggles

    I am so sorry you are having such a hard time. Your feelings are quite normal for being in a new position. Even if you were not a new nurse it would be hard because it is a new unit, but it is especially hard because you are a new grad. Is it possible to talk to your manager and ask for more time. If not i would just stick it out and see how it goes, it will get easier with time as you gain experience and the other staff get to know you better. As far as you staying over you dont mention what the protocol was but make sure you are not being taken advantage of to do others work. If you are not sure ask the charge, "i didnt get to this/that, oncoming nurse says i need to stay over" and see what they say. One unit i worked on (as an experienced nurse) there was always one who would say that to me, "well you need to do this/that before you go", and my response was always no, nursing is 24/7. There are always those nurses that try to get you to do their work. Dont get me wrong, i never purposefully left work undone but it does happen. Talk to you manager about more time, tell her you thought you had 6-8 weeks, cant hurt to ask. Either way, dont be afraid to ask questions, those nurses might get annoyed but they should understand bc they were one also new. Hang in there, it will get better!
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    Pyxis Problems

    We didn't have any patients at the med room/pyxis. Why would they do that we they could lay in bed and use the call light! Besides the line for "normal" waiting for the other nurses to get their 20meds/pt we also had the pharmacy techs coming to restock at guess-what-time, that's right 0900, just like clock work! No matter how many times we tried to ask management to have them come a different time it never happened. Anything good in the newspaper this morning DaveyDo (or is that your to do list for the day)?
  12. Daisy4RN

    bedside report

    When i started nursing this type of report was not done. I never liked the bedside report per se unless there was a specific reason (wound check, new equipment etc.). I am ok with a quick view of the pt while doing walking report. I didnt like when the oncoming Nurse felt the need to do an assessment, update board etc.bc after 12.5hrs of running all day i was ready to go. I also returned the favor when giving report knowing the out going nurse wants to get out of there. It is just a matter of respecting each others time, IMO.
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    Give 'Em Enough Rope

    I have never been able to figure out why some places seem to get rid of the good workers and keep the slackers and trouble makers, just different reasons in different places i guess. I sometimes wished i could have figured it out so i would have known which one to be, lol. But of course i could never be a slacker anyway, it's just not in my blood.
  14. Daisy4RN

    S & M Nurses

    And then there are those other S&M employees. Skirters and Manipulators. They spend more time and energy trying to get out of doing work then they would have spent just doing the work. Ugh Now where are those M&M's
  15. Daisy4RN

    6 Tips for Working with a Chronic Condition

    I agree with you that in general it is not always a good idea to share your chronic illness with your employer. In my case I was on my way out of hospital nursing anyway so was just trying to make it a few more years. I agree that some people need to be careful when disclosing based on their personal situation, thanks for pointing that out!
  16. Daisy4RN

    Life in Prison for Doctor in Opioid OD Death

    This article gives a little more info: https://www.kansas.com/news/local/crime/article227324124.html This MD needed to be arrested, it is appalling to me that a MD would do this to his real patients and/or take advantage of people in this manner! We have a big problem here in the US that seems to get pushed under the rug. The below quotes are from the DHS: "Each week, approximately 300 Americans have died from heroin overdoses, of which nearly 90% comes across our southern border. Just last month, CBP made the largest seizure fentanyl ever recorded attempting to cross the southern border. It was enough to kill more than 115 million Americans. Alarmingly, CBP has reported that fentanyl smuggling between ports of entry at the southern border has more than doubled over our last fiscal year. Fentanyl was responsible for more than 28,400 overdose deaths variety of Americans in 2017. Just a few weeks ago, CBP made its largest fentanyl bust in U.S. history, seizing 254 pounds hidden in a truck trailer compartment." https://www.dhs.gov/news/2019/03/06/humanitarian-and-security-crisis-southern-border-reaches-breaking-point This country needs to get a grip on this problem!
  17. Daisy4RN

    Give 'Em Enough Rope

    reminds me of something I witnessed (way back) in high school.... Our school was in the process of intergrading disabled kids into regular classrooms and would put the disabled kid in the front row. In one class there was a blind kid who sat right in front of the teachers desk, so close that he could actually reach over the desk onto the teachers. This teacher was also a coach and always had candy bars etc for sale on his desk for a fundraiser for the sports team. Students would just go and pick up a candybar etc and leave the money in the box. One day during class a few students (including myself) saw this blind boy reach over and grab some money out of the box, and then he did again! The teacher looked at us, obviously looking very inquisitive at the blind boy and someone motioned to the teacher what happened and sure enough this boy was just sitting there stealing money. I couldn't figure out how he thought he was going to get away with that. He was a very smart kid, just blind. Did it not register for a moment that just because he could not see that others could still see him? Did he think that every student was going to be paying that close of attention to the teacher? Who knows, we were all kinda shocked, and needless to say he was busted. Go figure.
  18. Daisy4RN

    Robot tells man he'll be dead in hours

    Without knowing all the details this sounds pretty heartless. However, we all know how family can be sometimes and maybe the MD had already been there multiple times with different family answering the same questions over and over. It was the granddaughter that was in the room so maybe the MD had already talked to the pt's son/daughter. And the granddaughter who was distraught immediately whipped out her phone and started recording. I am not sure that would be my first thought if I was getting that horrible news for the first time. Either way sounds like it could have been handled better but we don't know all the details.
  19. Daisy4RN

    Unvaccinated Boy in Oregon gets Tetanus

    Sounds like the university needs to be more responsible. Seems to be a problem these days for some reason.
  20. Daisy4RN

    Unvaccinated Boy in Oregon gets Tetanus

    Agree, hence the never say never. Hopefully these latest outbreaks of measles and this preventable Tetanus to this poor little boy will be a wake up call to them.
  21. Daisy4RN

    Unvaccinated Boy in Oregon gets Tetanus

    yea, that is probably true but I wonder how they knew to suture correctly because they are obviously not medically trained (of course never say never), maybe they watched a youtube video, the whole thing is just scary.
  22. Daisy4RN

    Unvaccinated Boy in Oregon gets Tetanus

    I hope this does scare people into common sense. This is horrible. And, the parents cleaned and sutured the wound at home, what?!
  23. Daisy4RN

    Many Faces of Nursing

    Have we done this post already? I am having a deja vu monent. Anyway, i have both experienced and seen all the above faces. Although i dont usually have that happy beginning shift face until after sufficient coffee, but by then i have usually moved onto one of the other faces.
  24. Daisy4RN

    Everyone thinks they have the measles

    Well at least the parents care enough to have it checked out. I read an article about a man that was arrested (WI I think) that knowingly went to work out at the gym after his MD told him to stay away from people because he would/could expose them to the measles. Some people are just plain selfish! But I agree with your comment about the media, please just stop the crazy train!!
  25. Daisy4RN

    House Supervisor Test Question

    Aww, did I hurt your feelings. Well I have one more comment (AKA trigger warning) before I try to explain myself in a more appropriate manner (AKA therapeutic communication): Relax DaveyDo and don't get your tidie whities in a bunch. Now, what I meant in my first post was: I am sorry, I didn't quite understand the test question, it was all my fault, maybe because it was late and I was tired. My brain was asking if this was a comic based on a real life DaveyDo experience, or a real test question that DaveyDo gives to his psych pts, or a question DaveyDo had to himself answer on a real test, or did DaveyDo just make this up in his own head? Either way, I am sorry for being too loud and obviously too aggressive in my answer. I will do try to use my words better next time. OK, DaveyDo, all better now, do you feel better, can you think better now, can we still be friends??