What to do about DNP and flu shot?

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I am finishing my MSN soon, and had thought that I would get my DNP. However, I am second guessing this after a big ordeal from my school about me not taking a flu shot. My hospital does not require it if I wear a mask. I hate to put the time and money into getting a DNP, and at some point be required to take a flu shot to work in nursing. I WILL NOT. I will change careers. I’m not looking for pro flu shot comments here. However, I am looking for advice and useful information on what you think the future holds in this matter. I also have an MBA, and can just as easily go into a DBA program.

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2 hours ago, Dachshundmom said:

I also have an MBA, and can just as easily go into a DBA program.

Great, do that instead. Sorry you spent money and time on your MSN.

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So wear a mask.

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Just now, Pepper The Cat said:

So wear a mask.

Not all facilities allow that option.

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Every organization I've worked for requires all providers to be vaccinated, masks are not an alternative option even with organizations where it's an option for non-provider staff. It's no different than if as a provider you stated that you don't believe in hand hygiene between patients, it's a deal breaker.

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I think respect for research is necessary for a DNP program. It's all about research.

If you respect research and evidence then go ahead.

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Enjoy your new career... maybe look for one where you actually believe in what you study.

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I don't see any way around the DNP program without getting the flu vaccine. It isn't always just because the school wants you to get it, clinical placements require it and even though some requirements may be different for employees, you would be a guest (student) in that facility.

Since you have stated you will not get the flu vaccine, I think you should consider a different route to a doctoral degree. At some poinit there is a breaking point for all of us, and for you this is a deal-breaker. There are other types of doctoral programs that may be a better fit that accomodate both your personal and professional life.

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As you have managed to get this far in your career without taking the 'flu shot I suppose it is possible for you to continue without it. I would, however, caution that it is quite possible that you will be refused acceptance to clinical sites that have the right to mandate that all their staff are vaccinated. If you have a religious or medical reason for an exemption that might help your cause.

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Sorry for being blunt but please do everybody a favor and use your MBA or any other degree of your preference except those related to healthcare in any capacity. If you do not "believe" in solid scientific evidence and not willing to step over your "beliefs" to benefit others, you better belong somewhere else.

You can read a topic "to kill or not to kill another person dream" in Professionalism. It is about another person who "just did not believe" and how it ended up for her.

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