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KatieMI has 9 years experience as a BSN, MSN, RN and specializes in ICU, LTACH, Internal Medicine.

I have been through the Hell and came back out singing.

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  1. KatieMI


    Small (25 beds) critical access hospital. 100% autonomy, on my days on I am the only one provider on floor. Support, if I need it, from ER doc and from "main" hospital over the phone. Enjoying it immensely.
  2. There is one in Philadelphia at La Salle University and International Nursing museum in Scottsdale, Arizona. I'd heard there is a private one in Glendale, Arizona as well. Here is some more: https://www.aahn.org/travel-to-nursing-history-si...
  3. In my time, I loaded them on a cart, brought in the corridor near hospital library and quietly left there with a sticky note "free books for everyone, BSN/MSN from X university just done". Did not bother to tell anyone. No idea what anyone was thinki...
  4. KatieMI

    You Don’t Know How to Argue

    Here we go about circumferential argument. If schools will open for in-person studies, then incidence of COVID19 WILL go up and there WILL be additional deaths. There can be more or less of them depending on where schools are open and what is done o...
  5. Not from the USA, but good analysis: https://www.alliedacademies.org/articles/analysis-of-pressure-relieving-mechanisms-for-the-prevention-of-decubitus-ulcers.html Apparently, the waterbeds are mass marketed with the goal of pressure wounds treatment...
  6. KatieMI

    You Don’t Know How to Argue

    What I always wanted to know is who, exactly, determines what fallacy and when, if it even exists in a given discussion, is taking a place. In the current situation, the facts as far as we know them, stay pretty simple. X % of population in any giv...
  7. KatieMI

    new job, can I be denied job for benzo PRN

    A nurse (or APP, or physician, for this matter) can take whatever drugs necessary to support her/his health, including opioids, benzos, psychotropics and so forth, as long as there is a current provider prescription and the drug doesn't limit the ful...
  8. KatieMI

    About FNP ?

    You can work in Internal Medicine (including Gastro, Cardio, Onco, Nephro and everything else) clinic with FNP without any problems or additional certifications anywhere in the country. You can also do specialty rounds in hospitals (if your job descr...
  9. KatieMI

    New grad FNP - Health Risk Assessments?

    One job which is quite similar but better in so many senses is doing "face-to-face" for hospices. It is also about visiting homes whuch can be, er... different, but at least you perform real physical and use VERY real clinical knowledge. And most peo...
  10. KatieMI

    Can someone explain to me how INR, blood clotting and Warfarin works?

    Worse yet, I am usually the only one provider who takes time to sit and explain those basics. I do not know how schools nowadays let out nurses who literally do not know ABCDs of pathology and pharma and how these nurses successfully pass NCLEX in d...
  11. KatieMI

    First APN Job: Not Getting Paid For Hospital New Hire Orientation

    Policies vary but computer self-taught modules are hardly ever (if ever at all) are paid exactly for the reason you noted: there are some people who can do it quickly and there are some who can't. And there is no ways to control or check if one reall...
  12. KatieMI

    Can someone explain to me how INR, blood clotting and Warfarin works?

    One thing for you to remember iron-hard: - there is no such thing as "good" and "bad" physiologic process. Blood pressure, coagulation, cholesterol, etc., CANNOT be "good" or "bad", just like rain or the Sun. They are here, and we are managing them w...
  13. KatieMI

    Can someone explain to me how INR, blood clotting and Warfarin works?

    Continuing: Without much ado about biochemistry (most interesting part for me, but it is another giant talk): Both clotting pathways work similarly. Each is a row of chemical reactions when one component (they are all proteins which present in plasma...
  14. KatieMI

    Can someone explain to me how INR, blood clotting and Warfarin works?

    OK. Get me coffee (black, lots of sugar) and one for yourself, too, make yourself comfortable. There will be a long talk (and likely several posts). To do its job - to deliver oxygen, antibodies, cells, nutrition and all that, and to flow out various...
  15. KatieMI

    RN's required to be sitters???

    I bet that if in every single case you offer to trade sitter shift for the worst assignment in the unit, there will be a small line of nurses eager to switch. Boredom vs. PTO, it is anyone's choice. I could afford it and I always picked PTO. But I ...