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  1. The judging comes in where it’s a different shift. Is the OP, combing through charting? How does the OP know that no physicians were notified if they were not present? I don’t always document physician notified. I may hold a 0900 med, but mention it later when the physician rounds. Maybe the patient was symptomatic at the time. Maybe 119 is very low for them. Maybe they live high, but now see an unusually low pressure for them. There’s lots of scenarios. I hate when other shifts try to pick apart my shift and my decisions. If there is a problem with my practice or charting, it comes from above, not the next shift or a shifts 2 days later.
  2. LovingLife123

    RN TO BSN Important Question

    OP, you don’t have an RN license yet unless you have passed NCLEX from your state. You have a degree, that’s different than a license. You will have to check with each individual school to see what they accept. What type of degree do you have? Do you have an Associates in Science of Nursing? Are you planning to take NCLEX to become an RN?
  3. LovingLife123

    My eating/drinking is bad on work days

    I drink a protein shake, bring a healthy frozen meal for lunch, and drink water. I have water at the nurses station. It’s kind of crazy not to. We need to hydrate. 12 hours is a long time.
  4. LovingLife123

    How Does This End?

    I disagree with you. This country is so divided and people are so busy being angry and yelling at each other and hating on the others political affiliation that nobody is listening to reason. Nobody. We can’t defeat a virus like this. Nobody is listening to common sense. Half of the people won’t mask or wash their hands. The other half think everyone needs to be wearing cloth a fabric masks. It’s crazy. None of that works. Do you see any of the people in these other countries wearing fashion friendly cloth masks? It’s ridiculous. Until this country somewhat unifies itself and allows medical professionals to educate them on how to protect themselves, this won’t end. People are not open to listening to anything. Mandating and forcing things is making people close up further. Lets also not ignore that fact that as I was out and about today, as much as 50% of people who were masked were masked incorrectly. It also gave them a false sense of not sanitizing their carts or hands at all during their ventures.
  5. LovingLife123

    How Does This End?

    This thread here is my exact point as to why America will never defeat COVID. It’s been made political. A deadly disease should have never been made to be political to begin with. Yet with how volatile our country has been the past 4 years, it’s exactly what has happened. I’m so tired of seeing well Republicans this, Democrats this. We should have come together as people throughout this and fought and defeated it together. I disagree completely with mask mandates by the government. The way to get people to wear masks should not be dictated from a government. It needed to be done differently. It should have been education, not a mandate. The fact of the matter is, our top healthcare officials couldn’t get their crap together and agree or even learn about this virus when it was happening in China. Then it came here and they all changed their stance 50 times. It should have been one stance from the beginning. Now they’ve brewed distrust amongst the general public. Now it’s political. Now we have mayors and governors with way too much power thinking they are Kings. It’s all out of control. The CDC, the surgeon general, and Dr. Fauci have failed our country. Those are the people that needed to be in unison and leading our country through this pandemic from the beginning. The absolute deep hatred between the two parties has caused people their lives in this country. It’s sad. Sitting here saying well, conservatives this, and liberals that will not save people from dying. This thread is absolute perfect proof of what is absolutely wrong with our response to the pandemic.
  6. LovingLife123

    Oxygen and the rebreather mask question

    Why were they on a nonrebreather and not a nasal cannula? I’m confused.
  7. I would think you would like inpatient pharmacy. Our pharmacists do a lot with assessing patient needs. They found with the doctors and nurses. I’m constantly collaborating with our unit pharmacist. I know what retail pharmacy is about. I worked it for several years and yes, it’s all about the script count. But leaving the high paying world of pharmacy to be a nurse, sounds kind of crazy to me. Especially when I think you can get what you desire by working inpatient.
  8. LovingLife123

    Taking Vacations

    If I schedule correctly, I can stretch it to two weeks. It’s usually one week of PTO at a time. So I load the front end by working 3 in a row, then 4 off, my week of PTO, then work the last 3 days of the following week. It’s ends up being two weeks. We get so much PTO per pay period, then 8 hours of PTO for I think it’s 8 holidays per year. But, it’s also sick leave, and paid time in events of low census. You’ll have to choose wisely on how to use your time.
  9. LovingLife123

    New protocol - No report from ER to floor...

    I don’t need every, single detail. But the patient having a implanted defibrillator is important. My point was, it wasn’t in any note. So you all saying look in the notes in crap, because there is nothing in the notes. The ER getting crappy because I’m transporting a patient to their new room to make room for the patient from the ER is unacceptable. I can’t make floor beds open up faster, I can’t make housekeeping clean the room faster. I don’t give a crap when their last BM was, what their skin looks like, any of that small stuff. But I want a basic report. Don’t tell me the ER doesn’t have time. I’ve gotten a lunch break twice in the last two weeks. I don’t have time.
  10. LovingLife123

    New protocol - No report from ER to floor...

    I’m sorry, but telling me I can get all my info from the chart is the biggest load of crap I’ve ever heard. Not one ED person charted on my patient’s ICD. Not one. I get real tired of hearing crap from other depts about my unit. Everybody thinks we just sit around in the ICU all day and yuk it up. I’m sorry the ER is backed up, or you had to hold a patient in PACU a little longer. I’ve got 4 different departments clamoring for my one bed. Am I not entitled to shove lunch down? Do I not get time to clean my room and set it up? I get so tired of ED and PACU getting crappy about things out of my control. And sorry, but the ED is terrible at charting and giving me any info on my patient. Good thing I didn’t send my patient to MRI with the lack of charting and info.
  11. Could it possibly be they are testing the vaccine on one of the most vulnerable populations? If proper informed consent is obtained, I don’t see the problem. White people in the US are also testing vaccines, so it’s not like only people in obscure parts of Africa are being tested. It’s not Tuskegee again. You need to rethink that. Those people were tested without informed consent and without their knowledge. You need to be able to accurately prove that is happening again. That no other people are in the vaccine trials and that those in Africa are being done without fully understanding what is happening. Prove it and I will advocate for you. But knowing the initial trials happening here in the US several months ago, I don’t think you can.
  12. LovingLife123

    Fact or Fiction?  Masking and CO2 Dangers

    That’s the story I was told. I trust these people as they are not ones to exaggerate or make things up. I know the difference. In al my years of nursing, I’ve seen more than my fair share of incompetence. But my point stands. Wearing an N-95 for long periods of time can interfere with adequate oxygenation while a surgical mask will not. How did you miss that point?
  13. LovingLife123

    Fact or Fiction?  Masking and CO2 Dangers

    True story. I promise.
  14. LovingLife123


    Sounds like you are battling some major depression. Are you on any medications for it? You may need to get away from home health care. Nursing is mentally hard a lot of the time. I personally have had several hard cases recently that made me question nursing all together. I feel like I’m too soft for it some days. I love the science and medical part of my job, but the emotions get me. I battled depression years ago and it was difficult. I learned a few things. I have to take care of myself first. I make sure I get adequate sleep each night. I go to bed and wake up at the same time each day even on my days off. I also exercise a lot. I used to hate exercise, now I’m a gym rat on my days off. Keep up with your appointments with your doctor and see if maybe your meds needs changed. It’s a trial and error thing. Good luck and I hope you get through this!!
  15. LovingLife123

    Fact or Fiction?  Masking and CO2 Dangers

    A surgical mask will not increase your CO2 levels, but an N-95 will if worn for an extended period of time. I know with mine, my breathing rate automatically goes up in the mask. A short period of time, which is what those masks are designed for, you are fine, but after a 12 hour shift, I feel light headed, have a headache, and a little slap happy. They would need to do a study by doing blood gases at timed intervals. But here is a true story for people who don’t believe me. I have close family friends who live in Florida. They all recently came up COVID positive. When one of the guys who is in his 60’s went to the hospital for SOB they immediately put him on a monitor and saw his O2 was very low. Intubation was talked about. Then they realized he had an N-95 on which he wore everywhere in public. Mask was removed and his sats came up.
  16. LovingLife123

    medic alert alarm

    The only thing I don’t like about them is it gives a false sense of security. My ex husbands grandmother was needing long term care living. She was insisting that all she needed was one of those medic alerts and she could live on her own, because she would magically be fixed if she fell at home. She was not independent enough to live at home and a fall would have been deadly. We finally convinced her into a nice LTC facility where she lived out her final days. But she was fortunate to have a family to recognize the fact that was not enough protection. Im so very glad that you were helped by that medic alert bracelet amolucia!! Thankful you are alive!!

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