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  1. How do you re-prime primary tubing?

    All of my abx at my old facility were primary. You hang a 25mL flush bag behind and add 25mL for the flush. You end up with about 5mL left in the bag. There should never be huge amounts of air in your line. Unless you are running the bags dry...
  2. Medsurg to outpatient PACU?

    I guess we will have to agree to disagree. You still need to be proficient at maintaining an airway and 2 weeks orientation is awful short for that.
  3. IV starts and blood draws?

    I draw labs all the time in pacu. Sometimes, a patient rips out their IV or the one they came with is not good so I start another. That’s rare though. But say I have a thyroidectomy, I’m definitely drawing labs. Or if they get some bloo...
  4. Medsurg to outpatient PACU?

    With a 2 week orientation? I’m going to disagree with you 100%. Managing airways is a large part of what we do. I’m glad you had a supportive environment but not all are that way and with only 2 weeks of orientation it’s scary.
  5. Medication Charting Errors

    Honestly, I’d be concerned more about the charting errors. I mean it’s not even just one type of drug. It’s insulin, an inhaler, and a narc. So while I fully believing a charting error can happen, you have multiple which seems to be the issue here...
  6. I have several disagreements here. First of all, midlines are terrible and should not be used. They are a PIV with a much longer catheter. You cannot tell if they have infiltrated. Second, nobody can predict the length of stay. We have zero i...
  7. Should nurses be forced to wear tracking device at work?

    My old job had a tracking device. It stayed in my purse until I quit. Then I handed it back. I saw zero reason to track me in the ICU. Each pod was small, we could physically see every call light and most patients were intubated, therefore v...
  8. Terminated

    Did you document your BP and passing of meds? If you documented everything there should be no question. If you didn’t document it, it didn’t happen. It’s that simple. Learn from this experience and move on.
  9. IV Push Ativan

    I push Ativan multiple times a day in pacu. I also pushed it often in ICU, especially in comfort care situations. That nurse had to have misunderstood you, I know they push it often in the ED. Yes it can be used in gtt form. It’s rarely used d...
  10. Judgmental rant about time off

    I feel the like call out culture has really taken hold this past year. I very rarely call in. I think in the past 3 years I’ve called in for my bout with covid and this past April when I was running a fever. I also think I’m taking a mental ...
  11. Challenge of Diaper Change Timeliness

    So, for diarrhea in the ICU you didn’t use a flexiseal?
  12. VA Hospital Med-Surg vs Private Hospital Telemetry?

    I would never work at the VA. The care there is crappy. Yes, they have great benefits including a pension. I’ve seen one too many horrific things come out of there that has had to be cleaned up by other hospitals.
  13. Challenge of Diaper Change Timeliness

    The problem becomes that skin breakdown and infection occur if the resident is allowed to sit in soiled briefs. Of course families should be allowed to help toilet their family member, but many don’t want to. We see pee and stool all day long...
  14. Nurse Extern

    It honestly depends on the pacu. It looks like you may have already started, but there are vast differences in pacus. Smaller, rural hospitals may not even have a general surgeon in house so you may just see very basic things, or if you a...
  15. Career over family?

    This is disheartening to hear. If I may give you some words of wisdom, don’t ever depend on a man for anything. Not just financially but emotionally as well. You never answered if he actually had a job in a new state. You, in my opinion, we’r...