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  1. LovingLife123

    Holding ATT for not attending ATI review

    Yes, they can. My school required it. We all have life things to do. But if you want to be a nurse, I would do it.
  2. LovingLife123

    All these nurses writing articles

    It shocks me on here that many of you think things that I mentioned are hospital policy and not joint commission. I’ve been through surveys, I’ve been through our certifications. I know what is brought to our attention after surveys that we were specifically cited for.
  3. LovingLife123

    All these nurses writing articles

    We got our accreditation to be a Comprehensive Stroke Center a whole back. We were certified by JHACO so yes, many of these things are coming from them. You are missing my point. You can be a JHACO advocate all you want, and as I stated, they do serve a purpose. But they don’t focus on the big things. It’s the small, minute things. They don’t at all see we just cracked a chest open at bedside, or I was involved in a bedside laparotomy. That my whole day was simply keeping my patient alive and the other happy at the same time with ice and pain meds. So then I get to stay until 2100 charting things 3 times so I’m compliant. I’m late getting home to my family and frankly, it’s burning nurses out. The focus should be on the safety of the hospital and not our charting. And my charting is pretty darn good. I’m pretty quick and accurate. But I was at work until 2030 last night finishing up plans of care on a new admit and my dying terminal wean because she was a stroke and the chart will “fail” if I don’t chart my plan of care and education. Should I have charted I educated my GCS of 6 on the importance of physical therapy while she was in V-Tach, or while I was placing an OG for vomiting? Or while we discussed terminally weaning or trach and pegging?
  4. LovingLife123

    All these nurses writing articles

    I worked in food device many years ago. Like I said, I think the premise is good, but their focus is wrong. I should not get dinged on my charting for missing a plan of care or did I educate the pt on hand hygiene. And yes, they do cite you for that. Everytime my pt bucks the vent and I bolus them, I have to document it in 5 different places. And yes, if you miss it, they cite you. Water does not expire in 24 hours, I’m sure that the surveyors keep ketchup in their own personal fridge for longer than 3 days. Tape at the nurses station is not an infection risk. That is what I’m talking about with ridiculous things. They should be checking the temps on the fridge, they should ensure that we aren’t using expired equipment, that we are safely administering meds, that the hospital is clean. Those things are important. Citing us because I missed a goal or education? Especially when my pt is vented? Crazy. I had to chart education last night on a pt we decided to terminally wean. But the terminal wean was to occur after shift change. On my shift, it had to be documented. That’s total absurdity if you ask me.
  5. LovingLife123

    All these nurses writing articles

    I understand the premise of JAHCO, but I feel like they have come to abuse their so-called “power”. They should ensure a hospital is safe. What they should not do, is make up ridiculous guidelines that are impossible to follow. If I followed every, single guideline that we would get cited for, my shift would turn into 15 hours regularly. I’m a safe, prudent nurse. I shouldn’t have to chart a pain reassessment for putting ice on someone’s neck or repositioning them. I shouldn’t have to chart their highest level of education every shift. I have to date every, stupid thing. I get a cup out of the cabinet to flush water in my feeding tube? Date and time it. I open sterile water that I’m going to use all of on the shift? Date and time it. For some reason water expires after 24 hours. Don’t use tape at the nurses station. Don’t drink. Don’t ever eat. No having ketchup in the employee fridge if it’s over 3 days. What? Ketchup expires in 3 days? Let’s forget you were desperately trying to keep your patient alive all day so family could come and say goodbye. Forget you admitted a terrible trauma while keeping the other one alive. Forget that you are now covered in vomit and GI bleed. You didn’t chart your care plan so we are citing you!! It’s absolutely ridiculous.
  6. LovingLife123

    New grad only night shift available

    Most new grads go to nights. Since you are in nursing you should have specified the shift in the hiring process. I’m not sure why you think the would “create” a position for you on days. Staffing runs very tight at most hospitals. Staffing needs are assessed every 4 hours, so they run it right at all times. Im guessing at any acute care hospital it’s going to be nights only for a new grad. You may have to look elsewhere. In the future, clarify your shift before accepting offers. You what they say when you assume things.......
  7. LovingLife123

    Why Nurses Should Join the Gig Economy Right Now

    Being self employed requires a lot of time, motivation, and dedication. I was self employed for several years. It’s time and energy I don’t have on my days off. Right now, I’m choosing to pick up days on my unit if I happen to need a little extra. One extra shift can garner me quite a bit of extra money. I know that can change but so can self employment. Not all factors can be in your destiny especially with the internet. All it takes is for a site or search engine to change their rules or do a massive update that messes up your business.
  8. LovingLife123

    Tired and burnt out from the abuse

    I had a patient like this recently. I’m dayshift and had the pt complain about the night shift nurse to everyone who would listen, including the doctor. She just could not believe that nurses got one hour breaks. I set her in her place a little. Kindly, but firmly. I was not going to tolerate her shenanigans. She got a little huffy with me and I’m sure will write a bad review. But I truly think I could have been Mother Teresa herself and she would have had an issue. Some people cannot be pleased. A glass of wine is well deserved and just forget about this one. You’ll make that difference the next shift.
  9. LovingLife123

    PTO not in the budget for remainder of year

    PTO is your compensation. It should already be budgeted in. If they are telling you there’s a problem with the budget, I’d leave. That’s not a good sign of things to come. What kind of facility is this?
  10. You guys call a rapid for a BP of over 160?
  11. LovingLife123

    How Do You Fit In 30mins Of Exercise In Your Work Day?

    I get up an hour early before work. I walk and don’t take the shuttle. I take the stairs and not the elevator. I found that for me, I need to burn 700-1000 calories a day while cutting most sugar to lose weight. It’s definitely not easy, and I fall off sometimes. But I put forth a good effort, especially this past year.
  12. LovingLife123

    Director wants to change all 12 hr shift nurses to 10 hr!!!!

    What are their plans to cover that 4 hours? Would you have extra coverage? 10 hours shifts don’t make sense. 8 hour shifts maybe as they can be evenly divided up. I’d personally be finding another job. I like my 12’s. Does your hospital pay a lot of bonus and OT? Is staffing hard to find in your area? I’m trying to decide how this can possibly make more financial sense. That’s the only reason they are doing it. To try and save money, but I’m trying to figure out how that works when you have those extra 4 hours a day out there.
  13. LovingLife123

    Trying to switch to ICU

    Could you try to some how translate your NICU patients into adult world? I agree that if you start going into extreme details with babies, nobody in the adult world is going to understand. But we all understand difficult codes, those with airway issues, sepsis, pressure issues, things like that. Maybe you are getting too wordy. Does that make sense? Ypu could do some prn in the adult world. Maybe that would make it easier for you to talk in adult terms in your interviews. I’m in a specialized icu. If I were to interview for any other specialty, I would expect to be able to show them i know the basics and would be able to care for their patient population. There a huge difference in premie babies and an 75 year old.
  14. LovingLife123

    False positive drug test for Benzos

    If you read the internet, it will tell you Tylenol will cause a false positive drug screen. There is no such thing as a “natural” muscle relaxant. I’d stop seeing your chiropractor and his “fake” medicine.
  15. LovingLife123

    Seniority and preferential scheduling

    I do feel that loyalty should be rewarded. If you stay with a certain company or unit for years and have been a good employee, then yes, you should be given more accommodations than those just starting out. Nursing needs experienced nurses on units. Part of retaining the experience is special privileges. That being said, id never do rotating shifts in any way, shape, or form. It’s terrible on the body and mind. There should be dedicated night shifters, and dedicated dayshifters.
  16. LovingLife123

    Manager wants me to force prn pain meds

    Are you not calling rapids or giving bar an if your patients are snowed? What is your definition of snowed? While I don’t give out prn medications if the patient is not in pain, I go over pain management with them. We discuss staying ahead of the pain. I have many post op patients that refuse meds and then we spend hours trying to catch up and I’m administering far more opiates than necessary if we had stayed on top of it to begin with. You have to find that balance. And you have to put aside your personal feelings on pain medications. I currently have a family member addicted. It’s torn people apart and he still is not in recovery. It makes me sad. But that doesn’t interfere with my thoughts on pain control on the job. We are now hitting a point where we can’t get chronic pain managed, cancer patients are not getting the meds they need, and people are being left to die in horrific pain because nurses and physicians are somehow afraid the actively dying will become addicted. As long as you are doing proper pain assessing and control you should be fine. The numbers scale is not the only scale you use when assessing pain. If a patient is grimacing and guarding but telling you their pain is fine, there is a problem.