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  1. LovingLife123

    need career advice

    Don’t you have to have critical care experience to get into a CRNA school? All of our nurses that went to CRNA school stated they needed 2 years of critical care experience.
  2. LovingLife123

    I don't want to be Charge!

    That just seems wrong to me. Our charges never have assignments. I don’t know how on earth you would manage bed flow on the unit having an assignment and having to chart. When I read stories on here, it makes me realize how good I actually do have it compared with other hospitals. I know I personally complain about how I’ve had it with certain things, but truly, I have it better.
  3. LovingLife123

    I don't want to be Charge!

    I don’t think 2 years is too new to be charge. What I have a problem with is you taking an assignment while charge. Instead of saying to administration charge should have 3 years experience, it needed to be charge shouldn’t have an assignment. How do you manage bed flow and be charge? It sounds unsafe and I’d be looking elsewhere to be honest.
  4. Honestly, getting the vaccine is your best. Otherwise, you are at risk to getting covid, and the delta variant and getting very sick from it. Now that visitors are now returning, that’s where your biggest risk is going to come from. I got covid at work last Summer. I think it was from a visitor. We had recently let 1 visitor at a time back in. And I always wear my mask at work. The only way to fully protect yourself from getting very sick is to get the vaccine.
  5. LovingLife123

    Share Policies That Have Not Saved One Life

    Care plans. Education on an intubated pt.
  6. LovingLife123

    Anyone here who loves bedside nursing?

    I enjoy being a bedside nurse. I do not want to be an NP nor do I want to go into any type of management. There are things about bedside I do despise, but I love patient care. I love the puzzle that comes with figuring out my patients and what I can do to help heal them. I had a very complex case yesterday and I enjoyed getting to do all the things I love to do. Advocate for my patient, trying different treatments to see what worked, supporting the family. That’s what I love. The short staffing, and redundant documentation need to go. I’m in a specialized ICU.
  7. LovingLife123

    Paramedic Experience beneficial?

    I agree with your wife. Paramedics don’t make a lot and to be a paramedic at least around here, they require a degree. EMTs require a certification but don’t have the scope a paramedic does. EMTs earn less than a paramedic and you are in with the public. The down and dirty public. I’d go straight for my RN and get a tech job in the hospital that will get you the same pay as an EMT. Easier way to get your foot in the door as well. Just my two cents. Most EMTs that go to nursing school end up as a tech either in the ER or on my unit while in school.
  8. LovingLife123

    Thoughts On Eliminating Nurse Report

    Honestly, half the time I just say bring the patient up. The reports I get from the ED are awful anymore. The one taking care of the patient never calls. The info is never correct. I don’t ask about small things but I do need to know why they are coming, neurological status, vitals, and respiratory status. I can’t even get that anymore. I’m in critical care, I need to know who I need to have at bedside when the pt comes. I’m a person that likes my admissions sooner rather than later. So the minute my pt has a bed on the floor, I’m calling report so I can turn the room over and get the next one in. I hate 1700 admissions. I get all kinds of pushback from the floor about report anymore. Then the ED gets crappy with me that my room isn’t ready and thinks I’m sitting on a transfer when I’m not. But I think it comes down to everyone is overwhelmed from the floor to critical care to the ED. It’s rare for me to have a steady, even day anymore.
  9. LovingLife123

    Vaccinated and Hospitalized?

    Unfortunately no vaccine is 100%. I wish it was. But the point is getting high numbers vaccinated. I had covid last Summer. It was not fun. I suffered from terrible headaches for months afterwards. They did eventually go away but it took time. I have a history of blood clots and I was concerned for my health. Fortunately, I did not have any complications but I was hyper aware and it was all I could think about in my isolation. I hope you feel better soon and know you did the right thing by getting vaccinated.
  10. LovingLife123

    Things I wish my patients understood

    That I have very little control on anything. I don’t control the visitation policy, when the ct gets read, when new med orders get put in. I don’t control when a bed will open up on the other floor. I can’t control that person screaming down the hallway. I don’t control how fast your food comes, or the fact that we don’t carry your specific condiment. I can’t sit in your room for 12 hours. My other pt is on the brink of death, I need to be in there at the moment. No, we don’t have phones in the room, and we don’t have private bathrooms in the ICU. This is just from today.
  11. LovingLife123

    NGT medications

    It’s not about ingesting them, but thank you for calling my comment the stupidest thing. When you crush the pills then put them in one container and mix them up, it’s considered compounding a medication. I didn’t make this up. I’m not a pharmacist but my unit pharmacist also told me this after I asked when doing the training. It is a policy in my hospital, and this is how it is explained. I don’t make the rules. I simply follow what I have to do education on every single year.
  12. LovingLife123

    Longest Shift You've Worked

    You lose. I worked 36 hours once, not in healthcare, but retail. And many moons ago. This was a contest, right? 😜
  13. LovingLife123

    NGT medications

    It’s our hospital policy to do them separate. It’s considered compounding meds if you do them together according to our pharmacist. Which is out of our scope. I do them separate. I hate clogged feeding tubes as well. People always ask me how long it takes me to administer meds. I say really no time at all. My meds are passed and I’m almost always charted by 1000. There are definite incompatibilities with IV meds. You always check that. It’s not about them all going in the stomach. It’s about compounding meds when you crush and mix them together. Your pharmacist is wrong.
  14. LovingLife123

    Disagree with physician about restraining a patient

    Pulling out medical devices is actually a reason to restrain someone. It’s one of the choices when the order is placed. I work in the ICU and we use a lot of restraints. I personally would have let her sign out AMA. If she was pulling out that many IVs and stating she wants to leave, and you state she is in her right mind, I bring them the paperwork. You don’t need a physician to OK that.
  15. LovingLife123

    Immense guilt

    Lumens on PICC lines become clogged often. What you are envisioning happening doesn’t happen. Do you not have a policy where your picc line is flushed every 8 hours? I understand you had a crazy shift. 5 patients in stepdown is way too many and is why all the proper things can’t get done. I’m so sorry you had to deal with such a high patient load.
  16. LovingLife123

    Side effects from med administration

    You should have a manual on drugs that are toxic and need special handling. Something was passed a couple of years ago and now we go education on it yearly. I think it’s called U800. Certain drugs require a mask and double gloving. But there should be a manual on site. Our emar now comes up with hazardous drugs and how to handle them.