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  1. Mandatory Overtime?

    When you work late, does it put you over 40 hours a week? If so, then it's considered overtime. If you are scheduled to work until 5 but are the late stay person, but don't stay and you freely go home, that's not call. Now if you leave a...
  2. EPIC and carrying out orders?

    I acknowledge the orders so epic then puts my orders in their proper place. I don't do floor orders. I'm just acknowledging that I'm seeing them and I sort through what may or may not apply to me in pacu. Some physicians don't grasp the whol...
  3. Verbal order mistake

    So, the cardiologist put a protocol in and just wanted the heparin to run at a set rate? Why didn't you just call pharmacy so they could call the cardiologist and confirm the rate? I really don't think this is about a verbal order. This is abo...
  4. Documentation has ruined nursing

    I cannot agree with you more. People document too many unnecessary items and double chart.
  5. Heparin drip disaster

    With a patient being on 2 gtts and frequent labs, and being a difficult stick, I would have asked for a PICC line. You did the best you could. Also, your lab is ridiculous and I would have been escalating things to get my labs run.
  6. Should RaDonda Vaught Have Her Nursing License Reinstated?

    I hope she never gets her license back. She violated every safety measure that is in place to prevent this. Then left a patient after administering what she thought was a benzo IV. She didn't bother to read a label. She didn't bother to even try ...
  7. Dangers of open ICU?

    I worked in an ICU where different specialties admitted but the admitting provider was the primary. ICU was usually consulted. So, if I had conflicting orders from different specialties, I went to the primary team. Then if their say was an issue b...
  8. Misunderstanding in ER

    They thought you were stepping out of the room. You were very vague about where you were going. You can't just leave the ER. You would have to have been discharged then come back and readmitted. Plus you were there for pain and left. That's a re...
  9. I Made A Serious Medication Error: Help!

    Do people still draw baseline PTT when starting a heparin gtt? I thought that was old practice. On my old unit, we never did. They didn't care what your PTT was before starting. We drew one at the 6 hour mark and went from there. Op, h...
  10. New grad to NP. Is it a mistake?

    Yes, it's a mistake. There is not a ton of respect these days for NPs because they are all going to diploma mills and gave zero medical experience. There is much more respect for the nurse who becomes an NP after getting a few years of experience u...
  11. Misunderstanding in ER

    I feel like there's more to this. You told them that you were leaving the hospital to go and your son and they said OK? Or did you state I'm going to go and get my son and they presumed you meant the waiting room? I just have a hard time belie...
  12. Do you burp IV bag prior to putting pressure on it?

    I've given hundreds of fluids with a pressure and set up arterial lines daily. Never once have I burped a bag. Any air goes to the top of the bag.
  13. Do you burp IV bag prior to putting pressure on it?

    No, I've never burped a bag before putting a pressure bag on it. I spike, prime, then put a pressure bag on. Do people still burp IV bags?
  14. Access to medical records

    And the responses made by the OP here are why I'm glad I no longer have to deal with families. PACU is a glorious place to work.
  15. Access to medical records

    You have to go through appropriate channels to get medical records. This was little hard for me to understand, but if you want medical records and are the POA you can go to the medical records office and request the records or you can go into my cha...

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