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  1. LovingLife123

    Trigger Warning!

    We don’t know trauma?? Are you kidding? I’m a rape survivor where my rapist then stalked and tried to murder me. It led me to get into an abusive marriage because I was so scared to be alone at all. I can have an intelligent conversation about sexual assault and domestic violence. I work on a Trauma unit. I’m able to be empathetic to my patient population without being triggered. It’s called coping. I agree with the PP that stated that most who seem to be triggered the list have never actually experienced true trauma. Being dumped by your boyfriend is not trauma. McDonalds messing up your order, not trauma. Not getting your way, not trauma. Many of us on here have experienced true trauma. And we don’t need trigger warnings in life.
  2. LovingLife123

    Nurse Charged With Homicide

    This is absolutely crazy that she is being charged. By doing this, nurses will no longer report errors and new safety measures will never come about. This was a med error. A tragic med error. After reading comments online, and now in here, it’s very obvious that many nurses don’t understand that in the ICU, it’s common to override paralytics. Overrides do not require a second nurse. Try finding one in an emergent situation. Yes, paralytics have a bright, orange label. They are not only found in anesthesia carts. Anesthesiologists do not come to paralyze your patient. Nor is versed only used for procedures. It’s often given for anxiety. I’m not understanding why this patient was not on a monitor. I’m guessing this nurse was not an icu nurse. I don’t know why she thought to give IV versed an hour before a procedure. It’s very obvious she didn’t understand the med she was giving, or the med she was supposed to give. But neither have many of the nurses I’ve seen comment online. She was obviously placed in a position she was not qualified to do. That’s not only on her, but her superiors. It reflects to the fact that Vanderbilt does not adequately train and orient nurses to positions. That’s on them. They needed a fall guy. They are blaming an inadequately trained nurse which is their fault. She did a lot of things wrong. But it’s not the Pyxis fault, pharmacist, or doctors fault. We have to be able to override the Pyxis in the icu. On my last shift, I had two emergent situations within an hour that required overrides. There was no second nurse available to leave that room to second verify an override. There were no orders yet, and no time to wait in pharmacy to verify even if we had orders. I’m sure this nurse is beating herself up, she should. Should she ever practice again? I don’t know. But we can’t live in fear of criminal prosecution for med errors. How about we first prosecute the patients who have assaulted me? Oh yeah, that’s right, we don’t. But we sure as heck will prosecute no malice, no intent. But the guy who kicked me on the head last week maliciously or the guy who spit on me doesn’t get anything. Not even a reprimand from the hospital. Sounds about right. It angers me.
  3. LovingLife123

    What is most important to chart on?

    Yes you can over chart. It can be just as dangerous as undercharting.
  4. LovingLife123

    New Grad in NeuroICU

    Neuro can change at the drop of a hat. Thoroughly understand how to do the stroke scale. Thoroughly understand a GCS scale. You will get everything from the easy stroke patient who received TPA and is required to be on your unit for 24 hours but symptoms have resolved, to the giant head bleed who ends up herniating. Neuro ICU can be tough. But it’s an awesome experience. Some days I love my Neuro icu patients and others, I’m not ready for the crazy that comes with it. Aneurysm patients in spasm can be a special kind of crazy!!! Good Luck!!!
  5. LovingLife123

    Are We Too PC?

    Your post makes no sense. You can not compare this to pedophilia. Pedophilia was not ok back then either. Yeah, you do need to understand the time, and you prove my point exactly.
  6. LovingLife123

    Are We Too PC?

    I would also like to add, ive been date raped. This song does not offend me or scream rape to me. Maybe, just maybe we should as a society put our time and effort into educating women on rape, and giving support to those that have experienced rape and maybe get it reported more. Being outraged by a Christmas song from the 40's actually makes a complete mockery of date rape. My goal one day is to be a forensics nurse so I can actually help our victims.
  7. LovingLife123

    Are We Too PC?

    I don't even know that you call it PC. It's insanity. People that are up in arms over a flipping Christmas song don't understand the culture from back then. I'm not talking about a rape culture either. I'm talking about one where women didn't stay at a mans house without a reputation being ruined. No matter how much she would have loved to. Today, you can have a one night stand, nobody bats eye, but you couldn't in 1944. It irks me that the same people who refuse to learn about a song from the 40's want us to know absolutely everything about every culture in our world today. I'm convinced that these are just internet trolls stirring the pot because people in real life can't actually be offended by every single, little thing.
  8. LovingLife123

    Are We Letting Our Patients Suffer?

    And I've been rating my pain at a 7-8. I'm sure it's my lack of sleep and grumpiness making me continue to argue. I apologize for that. I have the normal every, day life stressors on top of my mind-numbing pain. As an extrovert, I'm having a really hard time being at home by myself, every day. It makes me focus more on the pain with no distractions. There's only so many Friends and The Office reruns I can watch. I can't hold my child so he's in daycare, and I can't even run the vacuum cleaner. I miss going to the gym, my friends at work, and interacting with my baby. My husband coaches basketball and my oldest son plays ball at a different school. I think if I at least had done pain control, I could function better. Like I said, I'm sorry for continuing argue. I got my epidural injections today and I'm in more pain than I was before which I was told was expected for 3-5 days.
  9. LovingLife123

    Are We Letting Our Patients Suffer?

    Here's the thing. I have not taken an opioid in a year. A year. Yes, I had several in a short period of time. 2 of those scripts coming from the same practice. One my actual OB, the other coming from an NP. I couldn't walk and had a fever when I had the infection in my uterus. The NP was my only option that day. I walked bent over almost in a fetal position. With my first gallbladder attack, I thought I was having a heart attack. At first I thought I had severe indigestion. Took a bunch of tums. The pain radiated to my back and was excruciating. I could pick up my 10 week old who was screaming to be fed and I'm laying on my bathroom floor vomiting constantly. We went directly to the ER. The ER found the gall stones blocking the duct. The prescribed the whole 10 norco. 10. Which was fine with me. I made then last the 10 days until my surgery could take place. I ate virtually no fat for 10 days. Any little bit of fat was causing an attack. Then the surgery occurred. Absolutely no narcotics since then. I personally don't feel the meds I took 12-15 months ago should have been held against me at this time. I'm miserable and hateful right now. My marriage is taking a huge hit because A, I can't do my normal load of the household work, and it's basketball season where I normally step up and take over the house. It's been 2 months and my family is frustrated with my grumpiness as much as I am. I find myself lashing out constantly. That's not me. I'm normally a happy, go lucky, positive person. If I had numerous scripts in the last year and I was visiting numerous practices, and poly-pharmacies I would get it. But that wasn't even the case 12 months ago. I go to the same pharmacy every time. I went to my OBs office for my pregnancy and postpartum issues. I then visited the ER and a surgeon. That should make total sense to a physician. With this situation on my shoulder and arm, I'm at the same facility. But the way there faculty works, I've seen 3 different providers. That's no different than 12 months ago. So no, I don't get it. The fear that providers have these days over prescribing a 5mg Norco is insane. People don't get addicted to a 5mg norco. They get addicted when the 5mg diexht work anymore so the provider goes straight to the heavy duty stuff. 5mg is pretty much nothing.
  10. LovingLife123

    Are We Letting Our Patients Suffer?

    Here is my current situation and I'm sorry for going on about this. I have a torn left rotator cuff. I also have C4-C7 bulging and prolapsed docs causing nerve root compression of several nerves. The shoulder doctor pulls up my narcotic history. I have taken no narcotics since November 2017. I had a csection in August of 2017, subsequent infection in my uterus at the surgical site, had a gallbladder attack in October of 2017, then gallbladder removal in November. I had to defend those narcotic scripts from 12-15 months ago. I've been refused pain meds the past 2 months. I can't even lift my child. I haven't slept more than 4 hours a night due to the pain. Tomorrow, I get epidural injections. I'm not allowed ibuprofen for the last 5 days leading up to the injection. Ibuprofen was all I had. Today I had a root canal. Can't take even ibuprofen. How is this right? I've been told it can up to 2 weeks for these injections to work. I'm the grumpiest, most hateful person right now.
  11. LovingLife123

    Are We Letting Our Patients Suffer?

    Trauma, I can tell you about my dental experience. I had an infected tooth 3 years ago. My dentist performed a root canal. I left still having the effects of the novocaine and took some ibuprofen on my way home. I lived 90 minutes from this dentist as I still had not moved to this area. My house was bought, just not closed upon yet. The dentist was a family dentist and was trusted. I'm actually scared of dental work. The anesthesia wore off and my mouth throbbed. More ibuprofen taken. Was also on augmentin for the infection. I couldn't eat and I started vomiting most likely from the augmentin. At the time, for my pain, I took a low dose of morphine extended release. Meant for long term Chronic pain. Not the acute pain I was having. By the next day, I was in bad shape. We called the dentist who was very concerned about me and wanted me to go to my local ER while he went about getting me into an oral surgeon to get the tooth pulled. It was a Friday afternoon and he wasn't sure they could get me in on short notice and he was afraid I was dehydrated. I went to my local ER. The PA accused me if drug seeking because 4 weeks earlier I had suffered a miscarriage. Because somehow, losing a baby at 8 weeks and an infected tooth was drug seeking behavior?? I cried but what about the vomiting? I had puked 3 times since being there. He told me to leave. This was a small, ER. My husband drove me to the city. The office of the oral surgeon stayed open for me until 7 after my dentist called, begging them to get my tooth out. He X-rayed me and the infection was into my sinus cavities. He was dumbfounded at how I was treated. He actually called a lodged a complaint to that ER director. I didn't have to pay for that visit. I then went to the ER in the city where my electrolytes were replaced and I left feeling so much better with that tooth out, and proper fluid balance. That whole thing left a huge impact on me, even 3 years later. Bottom line. Even drug addicts can have pain. We now undertreat people. Especially the elderly. I work in Trauma. I feel like these days, we are trying to make ICUs detox facilities. You can't do that when someone has a trauma, and compromised immune systems. If someone has 6 broken ribs, a broken c-spine, head injury, it's not the time to detox them. We need to follow up as practitioners and get them the help once their acute problem resolves. And just because someone has chronic pain, that does make them a drug addict!!! I hate the hospital for myself. I hate taking any pills at all. I wish with every ounce of my being that I was normal. As you can see, I'm very passionate about this. I'm off my soapbox now!! Lol.
  12. LovingLife123

    Are We Letting Our Patients Suffer?

    The problem comes down to, we have no medical educated people trying to make medical decisions. I have said this before, little Bobby buys Oxys on the street, crushes them, snorts them, then dies. Parents want someone to blame because Bobby is such a "good kid". They blame the doctors for prescribing this evil and allowing it to get to the street. They want Bobby's Law made so they go to our legislators about all the evils of pills, instead of accepting that Bobby was perhaps a stupid teenager. They scream all over the news about the evils of narcotics. It has snowballed to where we are now. I have debilitating chronic pain. I actually got some relief from low dose norcos. Now, I can't get them because Im labeled an addict for simply having chronic pain. Never mind the fact I've never experienced cravings or any type of withdrawal ever from narcotics. I responsibly used my meds. I never question pain with my patients. I'm right there too. I cry almost every day from my pain. It sucks to be sentenced to a life of pain. It's like you are in the deep hole of hell and there is no escape. I hate how everything has to be a knee jerk reaction in this country.
  13. LovingLife123

    Injection Gone Wrong: Part 2

    I'm confused on the MRI part as well. Because that's really not how MRIs work. Unless it was maybe an open MRI machine and those work differently somehow? I've never seen one of those in action.
  14. I guess when I see proven evidence not links or they think it reduces SIDS but aren't sure why, I'll be more apt to listen. My sister had her baby about two years ago and was struggling with breastfeeding and the amount of shaming and bullying that went to her was awful. We live in separate states and had the same experiences and it makes me angry. It makes me angry that people think it's ok to undermine any confidence a new mother has. New mothers are already a nervous wrecks about everything. So, let's just shake that confidence that much more which can lead to a host of postpartum problems. But hey, as long as they get a few drops of breast milk.......... It just seems to me this push has nothing to do with the babies well being or the mothers for that matter, it's about a group of maniac people with some agenda to push. Why can't we leave new mothers alone? Suggest and recommend what is best, but let them choose and do what is best for their family.