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Travelingon has 19 years experience as a BSN.

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  1. What to do about DNP and flu shot?

    I am the OP, and quite honestly, I was flying home from vacation when I placed the original post, and have been extremely busy since I have been home. There are a few people whom I need to reply to on here because of their courtesy. Yet, many of th...
  2. What to do about DNP and flu shot?

    I am finishing my MSN soon, and had thought that I would get my DNP. However, I am second guessing this after a big ordeal from my school about me not taking a flu shot. My hospital does not require it if I wear a mask. I hate to put the time and mon...
  3. DNP Program: With Non-Nursing Master's Degree

    Did you pursue your DNP? I am in exact same situation as you were in and interested to see what you chose. Thanks!
  4. MSN-Ed to DNP?

    Hi, I am kind of in the same situation. I am enrolled in a Leadership track for my MSN (haven't started yet), but just had the director of the nursing program at a local university advise me to either do the education track or enroll in some additio...
  5. MBA vs. MSN

    I need advice. I have an Associates in Nursing, a Bachelors in Healthcare Management, and am looking at getting my Masters. I love business and don't love nursing, honestly. I like the business side of nursing. I am in a very rural area in Tennessee ...