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    What to do about DNP and flu shot?

    I am finishing my MSN soon, and had thought that I would get my DNP. However, I am second guessing this after a big ordeal from my school about me not taking a flu shot. My hospital does not require it if I wear a mask. I hate to put the time and money into getting a DNP, and at some point be required to take a flu shot to work in nursing. I WILL NOT. I will change careers. I’m not looking for pro flu shot comments here. However, I am looking for advice and useful information on what you think the future holds in this matter. I also have an MBA, and can just as easily go into a DBA program.
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    What to do about DNP and flu shot?

    I am the OP, and quite honestly, I was flying home from vacation when I placed the original post, and have been extremely busy since I have been home. There are a few people whom I need to reply to on here because of their courtesy. Yet, many of these comments have been rude, and did not provide me with the requested information, so no response is necessary. I have been an RN 17 years this month. I started as an ASN, then got a Bachelor's in Healthcare Management, then an MBA. I decided at my age, I should get a BSN due to the push for BSNs, and I am now finishing an MSN program. I have plans to get a DNP, but not a nurse practitioner like everyone has automatically assumed. The DNP would have a leadership or educational focus. I have no desire to be a nurse practitioner. So, I am fairly educated, know how to read research, and how to see who pays for the research, and who benefits from the research, oftentimes. I believe vaccines when created years ago were good, and had great benefit. I've had vaccines in my past; I may have some in my future; the flu vaccine is not one of them. I do not remember if you (and I don't have time to look back through them right now) were one of those that posted that I should not be a nurse, and that I needed to leave the profession. However, if others read this, I'll say that is very hurtful and uncalled for in the context that they wrote it. I did ask for advice, and if that advice was to leave because they did not foresee a way around the flu shot requirements, and that it was only going to get worse, that is a reasonable response. However, to tell me to leave the profession because I do not believe like they do, and am not willing to have someone tell me that I will inject something into my body is a different story. This month, my hospital is recognizing me because I paid for the cremation of a young woman in her 20's because her mother was so distraught at the thought of her daughter lying in the hospital morgue for days, weeks, or months with no way to pay for cremation or burial. I've handed $500 checks out to more patients and co-workers than I can count in my time as a nurse because there was a need, and I could fulfill it. I'm a very detail oriented person and nurse. I believe I have provided better care than many nurses that I have worked with in my 17 years. So, to read the comments of those with snide remarks has been hurtful. They do not know me or the work that I do. I also wonder how many of them have sent a text while driving, or have possibly driven after having a drink. They're putting others' lives at risk with that behavior, too. Well enough with this, I have to get back to the class I am working on, because I have a DNP to go after.
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    DNP Program: With Non-Nursing Master's Degree

    Did you pursue your DNP? I am in exact same situation as you were in and interested to see what you chose. Thanks!
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    MSN-Ed to DNP?

    Hi, I am kind of in the same situation. I am enrolled in a Leadership track for my MSN (haven't started yet), but just had the director of the nursing program at a local university advise me to either do the education track or enroll in some additional nursing education classes if I had a desire to teach. Leadership/management is my passion, and I do want to work in that field, but I also would like to teach night classes, or online classes on the side, as well as, teach full time a few years down the road when my husband retires. I have a MBA, so I somewhat feel like I have the management part covered, and might should focus on the education track. However, I am interested in obtaining a DNP, for which I see little option for an education track, and many DNP programs want the MSN to be either a NP track, or leadership track. What to do, what to do?!
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    MBA vs. MSN

    I need advice. I have an Associates in Nursing, a Bachelors in Healthcare Management, and am looking at getting my Masters. I love business and don't love nursing, honestly. I like the business side of nursing. I am in a very rural area in Tennessee and due to a family owned business am not willing to relocate. What are your thoughts on MBA vs. MSN in Nursing Administration/Management. I am leaning toward the MBA because I think there are more job opportunities. However, some preach specialization. I am interested in your thoughts on job opportunities, salary, etc. thanks in advance.

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