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  1. Rionoir

    Final Final Tomorrow

    Anyone else getting close? It’s that time of year.
  2. Rionoir

    Passing HESI but failing school tests

    The school tests likely involve a higher level of critical thinking than a standardized test does, so it’s not that surprising.
  3. Rionoir

    Job Recruiter Help

    Can you do an externship during your final semester where you are? Doing that gave me a great reference to use when I applied to other departments closer to graduation, and I was able to get into a competitive position that was my top choice with no CNA experience.
  4. Rionoir

    Another lost new grad

    You seem willing to move, and there are plenty of good places to work that you don’t need two years of experience to get into some of those positions. Wound care and L&D in particular I know don’t require any experience in my neck of the woods.
  5. Rionoir

    Live in lpn

    If you can get a nurse for 12 hours, why can’t you work?
  6. Rionoir


    Welcome to the internet
  7. Rionoir


    So your source is an Internet forum that people use to *** about their jobs?
  8. Rionoir


    Why can’t I compare salaries? NHS nurses start at 20k. That’s terrible by comparison. I don’t know what propaganda you read about insurance in the US, but you clearly think we pay a lot more for employer sponsored insurance than we actually do. People working full time and with benefits are not the ones suffering from crippling medical bills. Nurses in the US own their own homes, we have cars, we have 401k... seriously I want to know what propaganda you read that you think we have it so rough. Stop reading Facebook memes bro.
  9. Rionoir


    That’s still not that impressive, especially if you have to be at the lower end of that scale for any amount of time. I don’t know how much you think we pay for insurance and copays in the US but it isn’t so much that I’d start at 20,000 and think I was getting a good deal. And for a second career nurse that scale seems devastating to their family. But hey you like your system, I like ours, I guess we’re both doing ok.
  10. Rionoir


    This isn’t exactly thrilling
  11. The only material you have is the notes you get from class? There's no readings that go with it that would have the same material?
  12. Rionoir

    Nursing Student balance Preventing NCLEX-RN attempt

    Look at it from the school’s perspective - if they let everyone take the exam before paying their balance a lot of people would just skip out. Was this your balance just from this past semester? Most schools don’t let you continue if you hadn’t paid off a previous balance. Anyway, you’re going to have to really be willing to make some big sacrifices here. When I went back to school the first thing I did was sell my car and downgrade which freed up a bunch of cash. Also start selling anything that isn’t nailed down - you can replace stuff. If you’re able to move in with a friend or family member and take a couple of jobs I’d do that too. Dinner might have to be beans and rice for a while as Dave Ramsey would say. Cancel anything with a monthly bill for a while, downgrade your phone plan. If you can’t move in with someone, then find the cheapest place you can rent like a room above someone’s garage. Make this bill your sole focus in life until it’s paid off. And hopefully your school has a good pass rate...
  13. Rionoir

    What does the floor really think of nursing students?

    Are students actually coming onto the FLOOR with their phones?? My god we'd be out of clinical so fast if our instructor saw a phone on the floor.
  14. Rionoir

    Is Nursing a Profession?

    It doesn’t guarantee you’ll love your job but it certainly is an indicator that relates to some of the issues you raised. Of course some people will always be unhappy.
  15. Rionoir

    Pharmacology class online?

    You're def going to have to ask at your school, and you'll likely find the approved program is not going to be any easier and tests will be proctored at the school. At least that's my experience with people I've seen take a couple online courses in my program. The content was nearly identical and she still had to come to school to take her tests in the testing center. Didn't see much point in it other than saving some drive time.
  16. Rionoir

    Peer Eval

    Sounds like something to bring up using your interpersonal skills and not necessarily for a peer eval, unless you've discussed it with them multiple times in person already. It sounds pretty passive aggressive this way, which I think there is enough of among some coworkers.