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Rionoir is a ADN, RN and specializes in Neuro ICU.

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  1. Rionoir

    Exposed to patient positive with coronavirus

    How are your basketball skills? There seems to be an abundance of test kits set aside for basketball players showing no symptoms.
  2. Rionoir

    Nursing for Intimate care for men

    A link to where you plagiarized your post from is not a statistic
  3. Rionoir


    Depends what kind of house guest you are
  4. Rionoir

    Alarm Fatigue Design Feedback

    Have you shadowed any nurses yet as part of your research? I think it would make it much easier for you to put your idea together if you experienced a couple of twelve hour shifts for yourself, if you haven’t already.
  5. Rionoir

    What to do about DNP and flu shot?

    Enjoy your new career... maybe look for one where you actually believe in what you study.
  6. I’m just curious how hitting accept first would’ve prevented giving the wrong route? I’ve been trained to give them then hit accept because if you drop a med or the patient doesn’t actually take them you can still remove them at that point?
  7. Rionoir

    Pre-student in need of advice

    I mean most of the programs I've looked at it's 3 years instead of 2 - doesn't seem like a huge deal? Note DNPs are clinical doctorates not PhDs, so you don't have to do your own research for your thesis. You will use research that others have done already for your capstone project.
  8. Well what did your preceptor say about it?
  9. If you’re working in a hospital already, work with your manager to get a referral, assuming you are doing a good job. I was working on a med surg unit as an extern my final semester and my manager called the ICU for me, got me the interview, and ultimately I was hired onto the unit before I even had my license. Do you have a portfolio put together? A well constructed portfolio can help you stand out as well.
  10. Rionoir

    Why are so many nurses against unions?

    I am 43 and nursing is a third career for me. I have worked all over the world and in a variety of fields, basically checking off my bucket list of careers lol. The hospital I decided to work at is non-Union, non-profit and a long time Magnet hospital - I can honestly say the relationship between management and the nursing staff is amazing and unlike any I’ve seen in any other industry. I truly feel sorry for those of you who live in areas where well-run hospitals are a rarity and where nurses feel the need to unionize to be treated fairly, but I can assure you those hospitals are out there. Some people just need the courage to pack up their stuff and go find them.
  11. Rionoir

    Juvenile felony and background check

    Have you talked to a lawyer to see if they are eligible to be sealed? I’m not very familiar with that process in California.
  12. Rionoir

    Hello I have a few questions

    An ADN/RN requires two years of nursing courses and clinicals IN ADDITION to the prerequisites you are doing. So from the sounds of it, no you are not close to completing that and you won’t be able to do an online program.
  13. Rionoir

    Surge Pay

    Time and a half+ is an insult? So don't take it... I guess if everyone is that greedy they'll have to up it some more. If I was working there I'd be working all the shifts they'd give me though.
  14. Rionoir

    How can you avoid being a stressed out student?

    Don't forget all the excuses people make, too! Oh wait, those were mentioned already...
  15. Rionoir

    OB Unit for Male Student

    Just curious - what state are you in? I hope you realize this isn't how clinical placements normally work.
  16. Rionoir

    The ICU sucks sometimes

    There’s no shame in moving out of the ICU if it’s not a good emotional fit, especially if you aren’t there for a prerequisite to CRNA or something?

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