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Rionoir is a ADN, RN and specializes in Mental Health.

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  1. Rionoir

    LVN vs. ADN

    Where I am, you can test for your LPN after your first year of an ADN program (based on two-year program). So ADN takes all the same curriculum plus another year of more advanced classes and clinicals.
  2. Multiple incomes, inheritances, gifts from family, ability to budget and save, living outside of their means, working overtime instead of complaining, the list goes on and on.
  3. Rionoir

    Where do you stand on "Nurses don't get paid enough"?

    The more I read this forum, the more I wonder why the heck anyone lives and works in California.
  4. Rionoir

    Psych Travel assignment in Oregon

    I'm sure the state has all of that available online? Cheers to psych though - I just took a county job and it sounds like a s*** show and I can't wait. lmao
  5. Rionoir

    How long is this going to last?

    Sorry if I didn't scroll through far enough to find another thread, but what is everyone's thought on how long these ridiculous contract rates are going to last? I couldn't resist taking a local travel gig after seeing the rates and being told "as mu...
  6. Rionoir

    Patient Abandonment

    Yea, next time the entire unit is abandoned tell them to find another sucker that actually cares about the patients at the facility to come in. Just wow... people on this board are like wahhhh I don't make enough money and in the next breath wahhhhh ...
  7. Rionoir

    Does your employer give you *** for calling in sick?

    You called in sick on the day of because something might happen? I would have given you *** too. LOL
  8. Rionoir

    What to expect from WGU, RN-BSN

    I started in August and have finished 24/43 units in 3 months working at a pretty lazy pace considering I haven't taken a day off in 6 weeks with all the bonuses and overtime places are offering lately. ? I work 8-hour days though in psych and have a...
  9. Rionoir


    You might want to see how much of that you can carry over to avoid losing some of it. Some places will pay you out and others it'll just be gone.
  10. Rionoir

    ER and schedule VS hospice and schedule?

    I work PRN at an inpatient hospice facility. I would never be a case manager (which I'm assuming is what you're talking about since you would have on-call days). If you like hospice but want to do your shifts and go home, maybe see if there is an inp...
  11. Rionoir

    Psych nursing and previous SI

    Wear short sleeves - I dare them to ask you about it. LOL Ain't none of their dang business.
  12. Jeez at least half the non-clinical staff that work in the building I'm in right now have been residents in the same building... and they are on just such another level of ability than people who have no personal experience with what they are helping...
  13. Rionoir

    Patients who are faking illness

    I deal with this all the time and it can be very frustrating. I work in both inpatient and residential settings with residents who have frequent pseudo seizures or who just plain want to be sent to the hospital. The most important thing to remember i...
  14. Rionoir

    What to do after academic dismissal?

    Good ADN programs are frequently more rigorous than BSN programs. My recommendation is to figure out why you failed out of school in the first place and correct that problem before throwing away more money. To answer your question, if you don't ...
  15. Rionoir

    Dimensional Analysis - Math Problem

    You are confused because you are trying to incorporate a distractor into your math. 5 mL vial, 100 mL vial... it doesn't matter. 1 mL / 10,000 units