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  1. Rionoir

    Failed for Clinical-but no proof

    I've had clinicals where you could fail just for bringing your phone onto the floor at all. Hospitals do not want nursing students to have their phones for patient privacy reasons and schools are very strict about it because they don't want to lose their ability to hold a clinical there. So even if your teacher doesn't tell you to leave your phone in the car - leave your damn phone in the car when you're a student. Also, we have all seen students who think their clinical instructor is out to get them. I just had one in my last clinical. EVERY day on the way back to the parking structure we had to hear about how the instructor (the nicest instructor I've ever had btw) was out to get this girl. She wasn't, she just wasn't very good and she couldn't handle being criticized for her mistakes. I had a clinical instructor ride me HARD one day and I was starting to get really upset. But instead of letting it get to me, I thought about what she was riding me about, made changes, and she never gave me a hard time about that again. Nurses have some extremely serious responsibilities. If a nursing student can't handle simple rules like showing up on time and not talking on the phone during clinical... I mean... sorry but it's you not her. You aren't ready to be a nurse if you can't do those things, and yes, you will be weeded out if you can't handle basic responsibilities. As I said, the responsibilities a nurse has are far greater than those two things. I recommend figuring that out before you fail something else or worse yet fail out of the program.
  2. Rionoir

    Summer Nursing Classes

    First and third semester theory courses are offered at my school, not sure how that helps you though. Just ask the school.
  3. Rionoir

    Working during school

    You're still going to be doing butt-wiping when you're a nurse.
  4. It should be common sense that if you know you are going to be late, and your clinical starts in 20 minutes, calling is the ONLY option. You want to be a nurse, that has very adult responsibilities attached to it, and your instructors are going to hold you to professional adult standards. If your instinct is to email your professor and then call your mom, you really need to reflect on how ready you are for these responsibilities. I'm sorry but your professor was not at all out of line.
  5. Rionoir

    Pathway Advice please

    In my state you can test for your LPN after completing your first year of an ADN program, and I've read it's like that many other places as well.