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  1. Decapitated baby

    Yes-- SOMETHING horrible happened here (a baby definitely died) but honestly we know very little right now. Wanting to reserve judgement until we know what happened is not crazy, or evil, or heartless.
  2. Decapitated baby

    Yes, the thread is a dumpster fire. I hope a thorough investigation is done (NOT by the hospital!) to figure out what the hell happened, and who was involved. This is the doctor. Her credentials look perfect; I'm sure I would have felt conf...
  3. Sick of other NPs abusing patients - psych practice

    You sound really defensive. You came on here for advice, and you got good advice. I'm sorry you're in a tough spot, but lashing out about how anonymous online nurses-- all of whom tried to help you-- must not have "an ounce of compassion" and are s...
  4. Patients Filming You

    I mean, of course each province varies, as do each of our states.
  5. Miss being bedside

    Some people love outpatient, others not. Although I did love outpatient and I still don't think I'd enjoy what you describe. I worked in primary care, and I was able to form relationships with some of the patients, which is what I like. But keep your...
  6. LVN Semaglutide Business

    Okay, well, you asked, and we all told you, "Hell no." I'm glad you decided not to pursue this.
  7. LVN Semaglutide Business

    Yes. In many states a CNM is the equivalent of an NP— just a different title. Which is 100%, entirely, completely irrelevant because you're talking about an LPN/LVN giving people questionable shots out of her purse?! What is even in the syringes??
  8. Change in Triage Policy

    Wow— sounds incredibly unsafe. If the person is in active labor or anaphylaxis, how is anyone going to know?
  9. Suspected Diversion

    Thank you for finding that!— definitely adds some context to this question.
  10. Help, unable to comply with IPN

    I know you said it's impossible, but basically you have two choices: Do it, or find another career. And please don't write it off as "impossible" until you and your wife have really sat down and brainstormed. She doesn't drive— there's Uber. She'd ha...
  11. Alarm Fatigue Allegedly Leads to Woman's Death: Lawsuit Filed

    I see this even in outpatient! We don't have audible alarms. What we have are "critical" pop-up screens. Often they are about drug-interactions that are vanishingly rare, or just not relevant to the patient. Also critical recommendations to do XYZ s...
  12. Advocacy

    I was horrified by it too. I think what happens is, in many online schools, students are responsible for setting up their own clinicals. So they go through the phone book and call anyone with a license or-- even worse-- they get a friend or family ...
  13. Was this unethical of me?

    Honestly, it is hard to differentiate idle curiosity from "need to know" sometimes. I was working as a school nurse, and I saw a note in a child's chart about a tragedy that their family experienced. I was really curious about it. To justify it, I...
  14. Confused new nurse seeking advice ... please help?

    Honestly, it is hard to shift from a PCT role to an RN role with your "old crew.” I'm not saying people can never do it, but it is hard! The people who were your friends and coworkers (other PCTs) would now be under you, and you would give them dir...
  15. My professor isn't the easiest to deal with.

    I feel like if the professor gives you the answer key, it is totally reasonable to expect students to go over it themselves and figure out what they did wrong. There may be a small number of questions where you can't do that, which is what office hou...

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