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CommunityRNBSN has 3 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Community health.

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  1. CommunityRNBSN

    COVID-19 Vaccine Incentives

    I do agree with this overall. A free donut to get vaccinated is one thing, but payment is another. I am a big believer in public education campaigns— allay people’s fears if you have the research to do so, rather than giving them a check so that they ignore their fears.
  2. CommunityRNBSN

    COVID-19 Vaccine Incentives

    I had a very nervous patient in a while back. She said “I’m getting vaccinated because I work as an aide. The agency said they’ll give me 25 dollars if I get the shot.” So I said “Oh that’s pretty good!” And she said “My life is worth more than $25 dollars!” It made me chuckle. But she did get the shot.
  3. CommunityRNBSN

    Short Staffed: An Epidemic

    I work outpatient and this is still a problem. We do not have “nurse to patient ratios” because the structure of working outpatient is completely different. But what is the same is being given an un-doable amount of work, and told that every item is supposed to be your top priority. Administrators will come and say “Why aren’t you (for example) screening every patient for depression, tobacco use, diabetic symptoms, street drug use, alcohol abuse, asthma control, up-to-date colonoscopy and mammography, and anxiety? You should be filling out all of these forms on every patient who walks in the door.” They do not want to hear that tobacco screening is less important than depression screening, so the list of items to complete just grows and grows. When a nurse quits, she often isn’t replaced, leaving everyone else to desperately try to handle her workload. And, as mentioned in the article, Covid has done a number on us. Because all the nurses used to work “On the floor” (ie, taking care of patients who come to the clinic, answering phones for triage, taking pharmacy calls, etc), but now they pull half the staff to vaccinate or swab noses. It is overwhelming.
  4. CommunityRNBSN

    Which nurse is easier to train in med surg?

    So why do you care how a hypothetical different nurse would have compared to you?
  5. CommunityRNBSN

    Scope of Practice and medications?

    This seems... excessive. I've enjoyed reading all the replies. As I said, I don’t give meds at my job, so this issue isn’t one I’ve ever faced and I’m glad to read people’s views on it. Thanks to those who linked to documents especially.
  6. CommunityRNBSN

    Job interview

    It must not have been a job you really wanted, and maybe this experience helped you figure that out. I definitely wouldn’t have seen this as a red flag.
  7. CommunityRNBSN

    Nursing with non-accredited

    Well, it didn’t work ONE time. That’s not the same as “does not work.” Apply to other places, get other interviews, and someone will understand. This doesn’t seem like a big hurdle to me.
  8. CommunityRNBSN

    PMHNP or FNP?

    Wow, people didn’t like your question! Do you know people who work in either field? I’m an RN training to be a PMHNP. I’ve gotten to know the PMHNP at my work so I have a sense of what her day-to-day is like. Of course there are many other settings that I haven’t experienced, but in my outpatient clinic, I know what she does. Maybe you can ask around at your work and even do some shadowing.
  9. CommunityRNBSN

    Scope of Practice and medications?

    I am interested in this too. I don’t work in a similar setting (I don’t even give meds at my job!) but I think it’s an interesting question. If anyone has a link to real info (a law, as the OP asked, or P&P from a similar setting, or a BON document), I’d like to read it.
  10. CommunityRNBSN

    Social Skills Should Be a Bigger Focus in Nursing School

    This is what I was going to say. Nursing is a second career for me, and in ALL fields, there are some people who just don’t get it. They’re grumpy or mean or sullen or abrasive or flirtatious or overly confrontational or drastically insecure or a million other problems, and they they don’t understand why “everyone else gets promotions” or “nobody else ever gets in trouble” and they think it’s unfair, or that the boss has it out for them, etc. I don’t know what we do about those people, but it certainly isn’t exclusive to nursing.
  11. CommunityRNBSN

    Working Less Than 8-Hour Shifts?

    I don’t right now, but if you’re a part-time employee (as I am) you might be able to pull it off. At one point I worked 8-1 five days a week. I’m in outpatient and our clinic is busiest in the mornings, so they were happy when I suggested it. If you want full-time though, and it sounds like you do, this will be hard to find. Not impossible, but hard.
  12. CommunityRNBSN

    Is being greedy by taking lots of shifts bad?

    Everything you wrote is wise.
  13. CommunityRNBSN

    New Grad NP Working Alone

    I also work in a practice with a ton of immigrants. They often call our NPs “doctor.” We always gently correct them and refer to the NP by their first name, or Miss-LastName. It is insulting that your MD thinks “Well these people can’t understand, so just call yourself Doctor.” That is unethical.
  14. CommunityRNBSN

    Happy Nurse's week.... I guess

    I have a nine year old son and I’ll just say that the kids certainly appreciate the nurse! He’ll say “I went to the doctor’s office today” when he means “I visited the school nurse.” He’s only been a handful of times in his school career but she always performs magic.
  15. CommunityRNBSN

    MMJ Card

    I work outpatient. I had to pass a drug screen when I was hired, and I also had to sign consent for random drug testing during employment. They have not drug tested me since I started work, and I don’t really think they ever will. But if they did, and it came up positive, that would be the end of my career. Not worth it. There are a lot of lucrative fields where you can smoke as much pot as you want. I would stay away from nursing until federal laws (and, subsequently, nursing board rules) change.
  16. CommunityRNBSN

    Are there any nurses that actually LIKE nursing?

    Yep, I like it, and have said so on AllNurses many, many times. The internet is what it is, and on the internet everything is terrible: Nursing is awful, America is awful, being a parent is awful, marriage is awful, the state you live in is awful. Take it with a grain Of salt.