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  1. Something has to change

    I am mid-way through a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner program in New England. I attend a highly-respected, venerable, brick-and-mortar school. This Summer I have had my first clinical rotation, and I am realizing how incredibly awful the system is....
  2. Something has to change

    Exactly. There should be competitive admissions, and the education for those who get in should be high-quality.
  3. Something has to change

    It's complicated, but believe me, if there was a way to just add more hours, I'd have already done that! The psychiatrist only works two days a week. I don't work at all at the moment-- I'm mostly a SAHM in the Summer, so I have all the time in the...
  4. Something has to change

    I know this is a small detail and I'm not sure why I feel the need to correct it, but there isn't a medical or other schools at this university. When I said "doctors and PAs don't have to---" I meant in general, in the world
  5. Should nurses be forced to wear tracking device at work?

    You're right about the cameras, and my clinic does have some. At the reception desk and in the hallways, etc. I don't mind that, because it seems the same as security cameras generally (in the library, in a restaurant, etc), which are used in inves...
  6. Should nurses be forced to wear tracking device at work?

    Oh HELLLLL no! What is this?? I have never worked in a hospital-- I went directly into outpatient. I had no idea this level of spying was taking place! Thank heavens I never had to deal with that. I'm a grown-up, I don't need a nanny-cam on me m...
  7. What is a Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD)? | Knowledge is Power

    Thank you! I was seriously scratching my head until I figured it out.
  8. What is a Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD)? | Knowledge is Power

    Is it bride or bridge?? I am so confused
  9. New Grad Scared to Start in Med-Surg

    No girl, run! Okay, I’m biased. I started off in outpatient, where I remain. It’s been ideal for me. If you have hospital aspirations, of course you need to work in a hospital. But look at all your options before you decide.
  10. Nature, the Ultimate Prescription

    Yes, I think it's complicated. My best friend (we've known each other since we were 3 and we are 40 now) hasn't lived near me in decades. We've both moved a lot and she currently lives overseas. Our relationship is almost entirely texting, which w...
  11. New Grad RN Can’t Find Job

    Have you looked into outpatient clinics? I got hired into mine as a new grad. On the job sites you could look for the term “community health”. I work at a clinic for low income people, called an FQHC. The pay is comparable to a hospital, except that ...
  12. Nature, the Ultimate Prescription

    I was thinking about something like this today. I am doing a clinical rotation with a child psychiatrist. He’s seen several teenagers recently who are depressed and anxious. He always tells them: “I’ll give you medicine which is part of the battle. B...
  13. Offensive Badge

    When a patient of mine tries to talk politics with me, I actively change the subject to avoid it. I can’t imagine intentionally starting conversations about my politics, which is what it is to wear a political sign. No thank you. I don’t need to get ...
  14. Taking a Long Leave of Absence from Work

    Wow. You need some boundaries. A few weeks off isn’t going to solve that problem.
  15. New Nurse, Thinking About Throwing in the Towel

    I know others have said this too, but-- leave the bedside. The last time I stepped foot in a hospital was my last day of nursing school clinicals. No, it's not a solution to the problem; somebody has to work there. But it doesn't have to be me. I...
  16. 100%, I agree with that as well. There’s no excuse for not knowing what med you are giving.
  17. Back to the Hospital?

    I had a coworker who left the hospital, came to my outpatient clinic. Got irritated with it, so went back to the hospital… and then came back to the clinic again! There’s a real “grass is always greener” streak there. But anyway, OP, if you tried a ...
  18. Life With Kathy Is Never Boring

    I am so so opposed to TeleHealth! And I know, I know the arguments about improving access and everything and I’m sure they’re valid. But I see situations like this every day at my work— a patient who can not really use TeleHealth, being “seen” by a ...
  19. YES YES shout this from the rooftops. I work outpatient. There are no medications on the premises that could possibly do serious harm. And yet, Every Single Task I perform using our eMR gives me a series of bright red warnings. “This patient is o...
  20. Patient Died in ER lobby

    A coworker of mine— a competent, kind, sweet nurse— recently spent many hours in the lobby of an ER. She’s 8 months pregnant, and none of her family members were allowed to be with her. She had nothing bad to say about any of the staff; she said eve...
  21. To the poster (whom I don’t think even works in medicine or nursing): In any situation of accessing someone’s medical info, there’s a standard of whether you need to know. I’m a school nurse, so I have access to the records of every child in the dist...
  22. No Ethnic DIversity

    Some of the small places in my area even advertise by nationality — “Good Polish companions and housekeepers!” It gives me a chuckle but we have a large population of neighbors who probably see the ad and feel relieved that they can get care from th...
  23. Truth vs. myths

    The insurance is so inexpensive, there’s probably no reason not to have it. A while back, when this question came up, somebody put out a call— “Has anyone ever actually used it?” Nobody on these forums seems to have ever needed it, or even ...
  24. Leaving job after 7 months

    Yep. "Oh, I just decided to move on. I'll miss you all though!" You don't need to get into long-winded explanations.
  25. Stressed as a nurse. Experience needed to be a Nurse Educator?

    I have a BSN. My first career was as an elementary school teacher, so I do have a background in education. I recently looked into teaching at one of the community colleges (and local small job-training schools that offer LPN courses). In my state,...