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LibraSunCNM has 10 years experience as a MSN and specializes in OB.

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  1. LibraSunCNM

    RN experience before WHNP Career

    Agreed, there are tons of direct-entry programs nowadays and their graduates don't seem to have much more trouble finding jobs than experienced nurses, IME.
  2. LibraSunCNM

    Help! Got a job offer... working days vs. a job I want more

    It's very reasonable to ask to speak to manager #1, since you haven't technically spoken to them about this particular job, to ask more questions. IMO, it's also not unreasonable to ask about time frame for moving to days. No matter what that time frame is though, it sounds like job #1 makes the most sense. It sounds like it's set up better for a new grad experience. You could always move on after a year or two if you can't move up to days. Nights are really hard, but there are lots of tips on AN about how to make the best of them, and they're not forever (unless you want them to be! some people turn into die hard night shifters).
  3. I think it's pretty clear this is just a person who like to rile others up, or is in complete denial due to white man fragility, or is completely unhinged, or maybe a combination of all three.
  4. LibraSunCNM

    3 things I'll ignore on TV

    I thought the same thing...I also didn't know what a "flagman" was until I Googled...
  5. LibraSunCNM

    allnurses has Become so Politicized

    Not irrelevant, just not the same thing as what BIPOC experience in their lives in this country.
  6. LibraSunCNM

    allnurses has Become so Politicized

    I appreciate the sentiment of what you're saying, but I'd encourage you to start looking at yourself through a different lens. Instead of waiting for someone to help you see the error of your ways, you can actively seek out ways to increase your knowledge about anti-racism. Indeed, you can view it as your own responsibility, not the responsibility of anyone else. Not trying to pick on you at all---just another way to view things.
  7. LibraSunCNM

    allnurses has Become so Politicized

    https://sph.umn.edu/site/docs/hewg/microaggressions.pdf That is a link of examples of microaggressions that I think is pretty straightforward and helpful. Things like "Where were you born?" or "You're a credit to your race" or singling an Asian person out to ask for help with a math or science problem. They are seemingly innocent statements rooted in racism. What you experienced in high school was unfortunate. It is still not anything compared to the racism that non-whites experience in this country on the regular. White privilege does exist. It doesn't mean that white people don't experience hardships.
  8. LibraSunCNM

    Racism and Covid-19: The Unmasking of Two Pandemics

    Thanks for this article!
  9. LibraSunCNM

    allnurses has Become so Politicized

    This. To reminisce about the "good old days" when it was less common to bring up uncomfortable topics, to me, is just another sign of privilege. It's a privilege to be able to pretend that since nothing difficult is happening to you (the general you) personally, it's better not to think about or discuss those difficult things. Of course, in any discussion, civility is necessary for it to be productive. I've been here since 2008 and I don't think things are any better or worse, personally. I ignore blatant trolls and look to posters I've "known" for awhile for engaging topics and ideas. I know that not everyone will agree with me but I hope I can sometimes make someone consider a different point of view (just as others do me).
  10. LibraSunCNM

    CNM Market Saturation???

    Just my experience
  11. LibraSunCNM

    Does Trump have Covid?

    I doubt he has it or is even taking the drug.
  12. LibraSunCNM

    They locked up all the masks in security 😳

    I'm guessing that's the reason as well. People are about to get end-of-days crazy about these masks.
  13. LibraSunCNM

    Critical Care Eliticism?

    As a former med/surg and postpartum nurse who is now a CNM, I can tell you that postpartum is often scoffed at as being a cake job (just as med/surg often is by critical care folks). And in some facilities, it is true that nurses don't do much there, TBH. But if you work in a good unit that prioritizes education for patients and breastfeeding assistance, you will be very busy! I was just as busy on postpartum as I was on med/surg, I was just less worried that my patients would drop dead at any moment
  14. LibraSunCNM

    What to do about DNP and flu shot?

    The CDC does not manufacture vaccines nor is it a "branch" of the government. If you consider rational and assertive responses to false information "attacks" or a reflection of someone's character being poor, then I don't know how to have a conversation with you.
  15. LibraSunCNM

    What to do about DNP and flu shot?

    No one has been rude. Some posters have been blunt because there's no way around it, based on the original post. Please explain how the flu vaccine is a "required government injection."
  16. It's true, I should have considered different feet. But for my high-arched feet, they are a godsend. Only complaint is that the shoes themselves are pretty heavy---my pair weighs in at 2 lbs. I occasionally switch it up with a super lightweight sneaker for balance.

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