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LibraSunCNM has 10 years experience as a MSN and specializes in OB.

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  1. LibraSunCNM

    NP job wants my Medicare number, but I have only worked as RN.

    You can apply for a provider ID number through CMS. You don't have to wait until your NP job gets you enrolled for Medicare approval.
  2. LibraSunCNM

    "He's Okay"

    I love that commercial. I've definitely had some doctors that I wanted to warn patients against, but that was working in postpartum where by the time I actually got the patients, they'd already had whatever experience they were going to have with them. Never had a patient ask my opinion about a doctor's skills.
  3. LibraSunCNM

    NP job wants my Medicare number, but I have only worked as RN.

    No, you're not wrong, RNs definitely do not bill for their services so you wouldn't have an ID with CMS. Is it possible they're asking for your CMS ID number as an NP?
  4. LibraSunCNM

    Level I nursery doing a level II job?

    It sounds like one of two things needs to happen to maintain safety: 1.) they need to properly train and staff you to care for these sicker neonates, which may include training the LDRP nurses to do actual couplet care (which should not take an act of Congress, that's ridiculous) so that you don't have to care for well babies, or 2.) stop accepting such sick babies. Anything other than those scenarios sounds very unsafe. How many deliveries do you do in a month?
  5. LibraSunCNM

    Leaving before 1 year? Don't know what to do..

    It probably doesn't seem like it, but this hellhole will soon be a faint memory for you and you can always look back on it with pride for what you survived there. It will have helped you grow immensely. Plus, you can start your job search probably around the 9 month mark to be able to start at the 1 year mark, so it's even closer than it seems
  6. LibraSunCNM

    Help w/job decision?

    No problem. I totally understand being torn. I've just learned over the years that the grass isn't always greener at a new job, and things like a longer commute and having to borrow from your retirement account are not worth it to me.
  7. LibraSunCNM

    Help w/job decision?

    I remember your last post and I still stand by my opinion---I would stay at your current job. Between the loan repayment and the need to get your BSN, the salary increase at the new job will still leave you behind. I do understand wanting a leave a job where you're burnt out on bureaucratic issues/interpersonal problems, but who's to say those won't be at the new job? Exciting jobs will aways pop up, even though at the moment I know it seems once-in-a-lifetime and necessary to grab it right away. Just my thoughts.
  8. LibraSunCNM

    CNM School

    I think the issue of more students coming in than clinical sites is a problem at every program, unfortunately. I have precepted students from Frontier as well as NYU, Columbia, Yale, and Vanderbilt, and felt the Frontier students were by far the most prepared and their curriculum was the most rigorous. That's what I'm basing my opinion on, your mileage may vary.
  9. LibraSunCNM

    Side hustle?

    What great ideas! I remember my frustration with how minimal the practice materials were for the CNM certification exam. ACNM has since upped their game and has a lot more available for purchase, but it sounds like you will be able to cash in soon on your particular niche.
  10. LibraSunCNM

    CNM School

    It is extremely highly regarded.
  11. LibraSunCNM

    Peer Eval

    Why does this feedback have to come from you and not your manager?
  12. LibraSunCNM

    No One Understands

    I'm seeing a lot of "I have to," for a 23 year old adult professional. Perhaps it's time to reconsider living with your parents and the dynamic it creates between you.
  13. LibraSunCNM

    Leaving before 1 year? Don't know what to do..

    All I can say is I'm sorry, for both you and the patients actually. That should be criminal. You are definitely learning how to prioritize! If you can mentally/physically make it, try to press on towards that one year mark and then get the hell out of Dodge.
  14. LibraSunCNM

    Leaving before 1 year? Don't know what to do..

    You have 10-12 patients at a time per shift? On telemetry?
  15. I get what you're saying, and that's tough. The idea of 2.5 additional years in a workplace that's just OK, essentially, could be less than appealing. I do still agree, though, that if you can get that interview now for the new job, then you'll be able to find equally interesting other options down the road, after your loans are paid off.
  16. Based on what you've described, I would stick it out at your current job so you don't have to pay back your loans. I would never get myself in a situation where I needed to take a large chunk out of my retirement fund, and I'm in my mid-30s, for what it's worth. The increase in your salary at the new job would not really matter if you have to pay back so much to your current job. If it's only another 2.5 years, I would stick it out. There are always new and exciting jobs out there.