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LibraSunCNM has 15 years experience as a BSN, MSN, CNM and specializes in OB.

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  1. LibraSunCNM

    2 Nurse Skin ✔ q Shift ❓

    Not to derail, but--what?!? What is this device that can thermally scan for hidden skin breakdown?
  2. LibraSunCNM

    The Collapsing Healthcare System in the US

    Thus far those do seem to be the main arguments against a system like that, spurred on by an excellent system of fear-mongering propaganda from the right wing.
  3. I agree with BTDT, everything you're describing is super normal for a new nurse, particularly on a unit as complex as cardiac/tele. I doubt your preceptor is trying to get rid of you! Don't be so hard on yourself. It takes a good year or two to fe...
  4. LibraSunCNM

    The Collapsing Healthcare System in the US

    Oh I'm sorry about that! I thought NYT always offered a number of free articles even if you don't subscribe
  5. LibraSunCNM

    The Collapsing Healthcare System in the US

    This was in the NY Times this morning. I agree with a lot of his takes, while recognizing there is no perfect system anywhere and overhauling the U.S. system in particular would be monumental, if not impossible:
  6. LibraSunCNM

    Procedural Consent Problems

    In today's episode of "weird s*** that happens in health care"...Jeez. That is not OK.
  7. LibraSunCNM

    Tell me about your Rapid Response Team

    I haven't worked bedside in a hospital for a long time, but the hospital where I last worked was a large teaching hospital and did have a rapid response team (although they called it the "medical response team" because they had to be different about ...
  8. Y'all. Save your money and just come confront her at my local farmer's market 😂
  9. An inability to take accountability or ever admit you're wrong? That's my best guess at this point. What a miserable way to go through life.
  10. How much have you read about this case?
  11. I'm curious what about RaDonda's actions since this tragedy make you think she is "teachable?"
  12. This is something I would be truly interested to hear--her former coworkers' thoughts and impressions of her as a nurse. I also agree this was unlikely a one-off, but I wonder if she previously sort of skated by without doing anything life-threateni...
  13. I think this perfectly sums up the merry-go-round that this discussion always becomes. Many nurses want to use this case an an example of something that it is simply not. Are nurses overworked, understaffed, mistreated? Yes. Was that why this nur...
  14. Of course. Which leads me to believe she's just doing this to prove a point, which further cements my belief that she is not in touch with reality, on many levels. Or maybe she wants to start doing the guest speaker circuit, who knows.
  15. Agreed. I think her actions throughout this tragedy speak volumes about her personality and general mental stability .

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