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  1. FolksBtrippin

    Responsibilities of RN in nursing home in NJ

    If you're the only RN in the building, then yes, you are in charge. It's not the worst thing in the world, but it sounds like you aren't confident about it and need some guidance and training. If I were you, I would ask for a day to shadow the don, o...
  2. FolksBtrippin

    Has anyone been referred for mental health?

    It's your choice and I'm not judging you if you decide not to pursue it. But you can report this assault if you want to. If they did not let you leave, that is also kidnapping.
  3. FolksBtrippin

    Has anyone been referred for mental health?

    If they told you they would sedate you if you didn't "consent" that is not actual consent. That is coercion and assault.
  4. FolksBtrippin

    Has anyone been referred for mental health?

    Wow, where do you live that they could sedate you for a urine and drug screen? Glad you consulted a nurse attorney. Always tell your lawyer everything. Best wishes with your mental health recovery.
  5. Is it totally unreasonable for me to have a different opinion than you on this? I respect that our opinions differ. I have reviewed the case, but it has been a while. I think folks on this site downplay the system errors. Vaught wasn't acti...
  6. Even if that's true, the question being posed here is not "should we let a nurse who went to work drunk and then killed someone have her license back?” I would answer no to that question.
  7. Again, no, we shouldn't let a drunk driver off the hook for manslaughter because he didn't mean to kill. You can't compare a drunk driver to this case because the nurse was not drunk.
  8. She didn't go to work drunk. So it's different.
  9. She didn't hurt someone on purpose. You can't teach someone not to do that, because it comes from some unknowable, unteachable place. She was careless. You can teach someone to be more careful.
  10. Yes. She didn't intentionally hurt someone and that means she is teachable. That's my rationale.
  11. FolksBtrippin

    Nurse Accused of Gossiping

    An anonymous peer review seems like a toxic game. I feel like we played a game like this in middle school. Can't remember what it was called, but it was a way to say something about somebody without taking any responsibility for it. No way ...
  12. FolksBtrippin

    Ethical Arguments Against Mandatory Vaccination

    This is very poorly written.
  13. FolksBtrippin

    Weird Performance Evaluation

    This blows my mind. It seems incredibly stupid and counterproductive. One example of how attempting to measure something can drastically affect the data.
  14. FolksBtrippin

    Discrimination Allegations

    You just need to ask for more security. Not big security, male security, etc. She felt insecure and now you're feeling insecure. She tried to exaggerate what you said because of her feelings and now you're trying to exaggerate her exaggeration ...
  15. FolksBtrippin

    Can you give an opioid without a Dr's order?

    Yeah, my understanding was verbal order.

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