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FolksBtrippin is a BSN, RN and specializes in Psychiatry, Pediatrics, Public Health.

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  1. FolksBtrippin

    Which specialties of nursing have more autonomy and less micromanagement?

    I have a lot of autonomy in my job now on an ACT team. I am very well respected by the whole team and no one ever overrides my decisions. My boss, an NP, always has my back and trusts my judgment. Previously I worked on an inpatient psych unit and the micromanagement was ridiculous. It was mostly the culture, but also built into some of the policies. I had to get a doctor's order for every little thing, stuff like letting a patient wear a hat. At first, I was like okay, I'll get the order when the doc comes around. Then the techs who worked under me would tell me no hat until that actually happens. Like, are you serious? I was the charge nurse. One time I had a tech tell me that I had to get a doctor's order before I put a patient's pill in pudding. I told the tech to go ahead and report me to management, I don't need a doctor's order to put the pill in pudding to swallow. I then was pulled aside by my manager and asked why I put the pill in the pudding. Was I sure this 7 year old patient could not swallow pills without pudding? It was a total nightmare and I'm so glad I.left.
  2. FolksBtrippin

    Help w/job decision?

    I would take the new job, because for me carrying a caseload in outpatient is draining. Also, given that you want to eventually get into UR (not sure what CDI is?) I think the new job is your better choice. And most importantly, you genuinely seem like you really want the new job. Good luck. I'm sure you'll make the best decision for you.
  3. FolksBtrippin

    Millennial Nurses Have Issues

  4. FolksBtrippin

    Drug tested. Now what?

    Gabapentin definitely will not show up on a basic panel UDS. Just relax about that. But you do need to get a script for it if you need it.
  5. FolksBtrippin

    How to "calm" down autistic pediatric patient?

    Risperidal is approved for autism agitation and works well for kids who get overwhelmed and self injure (headbanging) or have destructive meltdowns. It sounds like this might not be the case for your patient, but keep it in mind. You will need to experiment a bit with sensory input. Try to find out what is alluring about pulling down the curtains. Does she wrap herself in the curtains? Put them on her face? Get her similar fabric that she can play with, and bring it to her when she goes near the curtains to redirect. Keep pens and large pads of paper for her to draw on, or put white boards up on the walls. Take note of triggers. Check your notes for clues. Are the troubling behaviors happening when she's wet? Hungry? Look for sensory triggers. Self care is important too. Don't feel bad for needing to relax sometimes. When you get to know her really well you will be able to relax when she is relaxed, and you will be able to anticipate those times better.
  6. FolksBtrippin

    Sitter to escort patient during smoke breaks.

    Let's be clear that a sitter has no ability to make sure the patient doesn't have a stroke. A sitter is going to watch helplessly and then I guess have to run away from the patient to go get help while the patient is stroking out in the parking lot.
  7. FolksBtrippin

    I tested positive for benzo and i do not take benzo help

    Old thread. Deleted.
  8. FolksBtrippin

    Half the class expelled... help.

    I agree that you should get together with the other students and find a lawyer who will get you a refund on your tuition. Good luck. I will be sending you all the good vibes.
  9. FolksBtrippin

    Failed -- unacceptable reason

    What was the question and how did you answer it?
  10. Also marijuana induced psychosis. Probably the most common thing you'll see related to marijuana.
  11. FolksBtrippin

    Offers position at rn job fair, how long do I wait?

    I don't know how long it will take, but since you've been offered a position it is completely reasonable that you call and ask. Congrats!
  12. FolksBtrippin

    Hepatitis B vaccination

    If you got it in childhood, you have a better chance of it sticking. Some unfortunate people (like me) just don't respond at all and never get immune, or lose immunity really quickly. I didn't get my hep B vax until I was 40 though.
  13. FolksBtrippin

    Should I or shouldn’t I have given Ativan?

    You may be feeling guilt because you did not want him bothering you and you know it isn't right to give an anxiolytic for your own convenience. But, just because you didn't want him bothering you, doesn't mean he didn't also need the ativan. If he's up all night every night it seems to me he does need something at night. Does he have an HS med for sleep? Is he sleeping during the day? Is he sun downing? Let your guilt go, but keep pressing to find a solution for the patient.
  14. FolksBtrippin

    "I've never done this before"

    My school did not teach this, but the nurses I had clinical with certainly did. It seems obvious to me that one cannot instill trust by being dishonest. If you've never done something before it's important to have an experienced person with you, to guide you. This should be done openly and honestly. The open communication between you and your teacher will help the patient feel comfortable. If you are afraid to ask a question because you think you are supposed to know everything or pretend to know everything, the resulting tension and stress will be communicated to the patient and decrease his or her confidence in you.
  15. FolksBtrippin

    Students injected with wrong item

    Were these nurses or MAs?
  16. FolksBtrippin

    Immunizations for uninsured

    County health department does free vax in my state.