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    Anyone encountered this before?

    I agree with you that you need to use quotation marks when quoting a patient. However, it is not always necessary to quote the patient. It seems to me that you are documenting things in the medical record that don’t actually belong in the ...
  2. FolksBtrippin

    New Nurse, Thinking About Throwing in the Towel

    Getting your nursing license wasn’t a waste of your time. You just don’t like your current job. Narrow down what it is you really hate about your job and you’ll fix this. For me; it’s always unsupportive coworkers (including management) an...
  3. FolksBtrippin

    Write Ups

    It’s not really an urban legend. Most legal departments for big employers prohibit negative references, to avoid lawsuits. So while it’s not illegal, it’s also generally not allowed.
  4. FolksBtrippin

    Refusing to Cover for a Colleague

    I don’t think I would stop covering my coworkers care conferences. A good relationship with someone on the same level as you is so important in any job. And it sounds like this is the person on the same level as you. What if you need someone to ...
  5. FolksBtrippin

    How to spot a bad nurse

    The article is written by a doctor. WOW!? Also it’s completely out of touch with the reality of the profession at present. Many nurses are job hoppers because it’s the only way to survive right now. And many, many nurses are overwhelmed. It’s no...
  6. So sorry you’re going through this. I just want to thank you for all of your hard work.
  7. FolksBtrippin

    Radonda Vaught Trial

    I did say more in my original post. But I’ll add that there is no precedent for a med error being classified as reckless homicide.
  8. FolksBtrippin

    Radonda Vaught Trial

    It doesn’t fit the definition at all. She was working. She wasn’t drag racing, making a tik tok, etc. She was trying to do her job. She was incompetent, not reckless. And it is of no consequence at all whether she is a quality person.
  9. FolksBtrippin

    Radonda Vaught Trial

    It should be not guilty. and if it isn’t, it will add to my reasons of why I should leave nursing. Don’t talk to me about how she’s a bad nurse. I know she’s a bad nurse. It’s not a reason to charge her with homicide.
  10. Hmm. All I know is that prior authorization is a BS thing perpetuated by insurance companies to avoid paying for treatment and that it keeps patients from getting their meds on time or at all, especially vulnerable people like psych patients and...
  11. We had a leadership class and clinical for my BSN.
  12. FolksBtrippin

    Giving Report and IV Access

    You’re not really this mean, are you?
  13. FolksBtrippin

    Med Error

    Good discussion. We should give empathy and education at the same time and both are equally important, because if education is delivered without empathy it doesn’t work. You can’t learn something from someone who hates you and thinks you don’t ...
  14. FolksBtrippin

    Patient Abandonment

    If you were instructed by the charge to leave, and you left, I don’t believe that is patient abandonment. I agree that bullying needs to be reported. Relax about the BON. It’s doubtful they will pursue this, but if they do, deal with it whe...
  15. FolksBtrippin

    Writing “poop” is unprofessional?

    I hope that one day, I too, will have come to the illustrious point in my career where I can write a nurse up for using the word poop in a note.
  16. FolksBtrippin

    Is my nursing instructor bullying me?

    She sounds absolutely awful. I think your best shot is for the students to get together and make a complaint. So very sorry you are going through this. As for whether or not you will see this in the workplace, you may. Nursing is notoriou...
  17. FolksBtrippin

    Can you hold medications without a doctor's order?

    I’m not sure if our disagreement is semantic in nature or not. If it’s semantic, I’d rather just let it go. But if we’re talking about whether or not a nurse has the responsibility and authority to not give a med and notify the provider...
  18. FolksBtrippin

    Can you hold medications without a doctor's order?

    I’m curious, what is happening there?
  19. FolksBtrippin

    Can you hold medications without a doctor's order?

    We hold meds. I think that verbiage is even used on NCLEX. Holding a med based on your nursing assessment is not putting a med on hold, which is what I think you’re talking about. Not every nurse has the confidence to hold a med when she shoul...
  20. FolksBtrippin

    Can you hold medications without a doctor's order?

    Yes, you can hold a med and you should hold meds when necessary, but you need to let the provider know. If you give a med inappropriately, that’s bad nursing practice. We don’t follow orders blindly. A refusal is not the same thing as holding a...
  21. FolksBtrippin

    Unwelcoming Facility/Shunning

    I’ve found that some workplaces shun you when you’re new. The best way to handle it is to simply do the work, be reliable, and let them come around to liking you when they’re ready. If they’re never ready to like you, let that be okay. They will eve...
  22. FolksBtrippin

    Is it wrong to ask for a raise?

    It is never wrong to ask for a raise. And you don’t have to know what you’ll do if they say no. You can let that simmer. What you should know, is how much more you want. And it doesn’t hurt to show how much more you were offered elsewhere. That usual...
  23. FolksBtrippin

    RN Jobs That Do Not Require Covid Vaccine

    Yes, you could die tomorrow from a drunk driver. That’s why it’s illegal to drive drunk, because it’s not cool to kill people with your bad decisions. Get it?
  24. FolksBtrippin

    RN With Contamination OCD - Please Help!

    When I worked in the hospital, I came home stripped down in front of the washer, put my scrubs in the washer, took a shower. I am a moderately messy person but clean where it counts. If a thought-behavior pattern is bothering you, interfer...
  25. I quit my job without notice. I had a very good reason to do that. I am a manager and not responsible for patient care. No one was abandoned. Everyone was safe. I sent an email about my resignation including my reasons and a higher up person (n...