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Pepper The Cat has 33 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Gerontology.


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  1. Pepper The Cat

    Treating an ex family member

    From what I understand, you looked at the list and deliberately chose her. You should have picked someone else and left her to the next shift
  2. Pepper The Cat

    Doctors offended by TV show about nurses

    Just watched the first episode. There was no doctor bashing. The show just focused on the role of the nurse. A little unrealistic at times, but that is to be expected with TV. The premise was it was the first day at work for 5 nurse on the day of deliberate act in downtown Toronto (based on real events) which results in a large number or victims. One nurse learns that the patient she saved and was taking care of was the perpetrator of the attack. I think they dealt very well with her realizing that he was the guilty one but at the same time she was obligated to take care of him and keep him alive was very well done. Overall, I will tune in for more episodes.
  3. Pepper The Cat

    My wife the nurse takes offense to my jokes :-(

    If only 1 person is laughing then it’s not a joke. And I think you might be a bit of a jerk and if you don’t respect your wife your marriage is doomed.
  4. Pepper The Cat

    The Drug Investigations - Three So Far

    What is a drug investigation?
  5. Pepper The Cat

    Medication order correct or no

    What is the drug? I interpret this as 2 500mg tabs, for a total of 1000mg
  6. Pepper The Cat

    Preceptor is SO BAD!

    The OP says her preceptor took Adderall “around noon” in front of her. I take that to mean she took it at lunch. Which is usually somewhere private, not in front of pts and visitors.
  7. Pepper The Cat

    Immunocompromised Loved One

    You do realize that there is no way you can guarantee you will not have a pt requiring isolation. The pt you took care of today may come up VRE positive tomorrow and you took care of him without isolation. and i don’t think it is reasonable for your co-workers to constantly have to care for the isolation patients. It sounds like you have a system to protect your partner as best you can and need to stick with that.
  8. Pepper The Cat

    How Do You Fit In 30mins Of Exercise In Your Work Day?

    Does this include the number of times I pull my 220 lb pt up in bed because his feet are hitting the foot board? That should qualify as a “bicep curl up” or how about the number of times I help someone to out there shoes on before walking to the bathroom? That must count as a bicep And putting on their shoes/slippers must count for something Most 12 hour day shifts I blow past 10,000 steps by noon, but I am short short so it takes me a lot of steps to get places. Should I be doing bi cep curls while I walk?
  9. Pepper The Cat

    The one thing in nursing/medical that makes you shudder?

    NG tubes. Hate them. Just the thought of having to insert one nearly sends me into a panic.
  10. Pepper The Cat

    What is your "thing" and how do you deal with it?

    NG tubes. hate them with a passion! I can handle colostomies, trachs, suctioning, but NG tubes not so much.
  11. Pepper The Cat

    Ethical Dilemma: Is it ever ok to mislead a patient?

    Hiding pills in food is a great way to get her to stop eating. I wouldn't eat anything you gave me if I found pills hidden in it. Review her pills - does she really need all of them? And see if they can be spread out throughout the day rather than getting them all at once
  12. Pepper The Cat

    They almost had me fooled

    I am confused. PICCs are great! You don’t have to try and re-site every X days. You can draw blood without a stick. The patient doesn’t have endure multiple sticks to get IV access.
  13. Pepper The Cat

    How often do you wash your scrubs? :)

    Yes, I am well aware of that. My point is this “strip at the door and don’t touch me until I have showered for one hour” is silly. Sure, I change out of my scrubs when I get home but that is because I want to get into something more comfortable. My scrubs are washed alone but that is because I use warm water for my scrubs and cold for almost everything else.
  14. Pepper The Cat

    How often do you wash your scrubs? :)

    Here’s the thing though. Those people with CRE, VRE etc eventually go home. And are out and about in the community. You are more likely to get MRSA from Walmart then at work. I have a neighbour who is ESBL positive. When she was in hospital several years ago, I had to gown and glove to visit her. When she got home I sat unprotected on her couch.
  15. Pepper The Cat

    Put Your N-95 Respirators Away: TB Exposure is on the Decline

    No one who worked during the SARS epidemic will be getting rid if their N95 masks. Just saying
  16. Pepper The Cat

    Forgot to unclamp the secondary

    I once hung 4 0600 am antibiotics and forgot to open the clamp on all of them. I had been a nurse for at least 10 years when I did it. Sometimes your brain just forgets things. It happens. Now I take the extra minute to stand there and watch for the secondary bag to drip.

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