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Pepper The Cat has 36 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Gerontology.


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  1. Arguing Over a Patient Assignment

    You are going to start losing staff if you keep making decisions emotionally. You chose a patient that requires intense one on one care that you are not staffed for because you like her better. Will you be the one spending an hour everyday on...
  2. HELLLLLLLOOOOO, Retirement !

    Retired 2 weeks ago. Feeling a little list right now. I have worked full time for the past 36 years. Right now spending way too much time on junk TV and surfing the Internet. Very easy to get lost in some websites. the cat however is loving slee...
  3. Hearing Aids

    Back in 2015 my Dad was in ICU with pneumonia. The doctor of the day came in to access him. He slipped his hearing aids out, put them in a case, then put in his stethascope. After he did his assessment he put his earring aids back in. I was at fir...
  4. The pt's halo is not removed at night and put back on in the am.
  5. Med Error

    We use insulin pens for all pts. I can easily see someone getting confused. Esp is you are already feeling stressed and uncertain.
  6. Exhausted from Covid

    I am retiring because of Covid. I am done. Emotionally, mentally, physically. I now dread going to work. Retirement, here I come
  7. Opinions on Employee of the Month

    In my experience, here's how these things go 1. For the first few month it's great. People get acknowledge, happy happy joy joy. 2. Then someone the popular crowd does not like gets acknowledge. Grumpy time. 3. The popular crowd does e...
  8. Eye protection for ALL patient interaction

    Face masks and shields for all pt contact for at least the past year, maybe longer.. We wear the same shield for the whole shift. Disinfect after contact with COVID. Canadian here.
  9. So you talk to some coworkers causing your both to ignore everyone around you including pts??! You don’t like it when new nurses ask for help. You have favourites that you trust even when they are wrong? Yikes. No wonder people do...
  10. Big Med Error.

    Went through the debrief a few days ago. While the pt/family were upset about the error the fact that we were so transparent about the error really helped. Esp since I told the pt fright away. My manager actually said I should a lot of courage t...
  11. Big Med Error.

    Pt and family were informed of the error.
  12. Big Med Error.

    Well, it happened to me today. I made a huge med error and I am just sick over it. I gave my pt meant for another pt. 4 antihypertensives, a diabetic med. Pts blood pressure started to drop over the morning and we ended up transferring to ICU fo...
  13. Do you ever feel guilty on your days off (not sick days)?

    Nope. don’t feel guilty for my days off. Don’t feel quilty for not doing overtime. Don’t feel guilty for taking my breaks. my health comes first. Just today I sent someone back to take their full break when they came back earl...
  14. Explaining Absence During Colleague's Vacation

    Well said Hppy!
  15. My Covid Story: From the Other Side of the Bed

    Thank you for sharing your story. I am glad you are improving and hope you continue to do so. Hugs