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Pepper The Cat has 34 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Gerontology.


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  1. If it meant so much to you why didn’t you take. you could have taken it home. And loved it and cared for it. Maybe name it George.
  2. It’s a balloon! a balloon no one wanted.
  3. There is nothing undignified about any of these jobs. I think doing them will be a good learning experience for you. It takes many people in many roles to run an good Retirement Home. Every role is important.
  4. Pepper The Cat

    Sad day for Nova Scotia

    Death count is up to 22 now, very sad time. And due to COVID restrictions they are unable to have proper funeral services.
  5. Not taking the NCLEX 100% guarantees that you will not get a job in OB. Take the NCLEX and then take things from there. Yes, you may not get your dream job right away, but you can always work towards it
  6. Pepper The Cat

    PPE observers?

    For sure stressful! Just remember, we are trying to keep everyone safe during an uncertain time.
  7. Pepper The Cat

    PPE observers?

    I had a pt in airborne precautions today. I had to have an observer every time I went on and again when I went out. They had a checklist to follow. Massive PITA. Went in with a doctor and we each had a person watch us. He was quite OK with it and waited for the observer . I was lucky that my pt was alert and oriented. I called her on the phone before going in saying “ I am coming in with Xyz, do yiu need anything else” But having someone watch me made me feel like a student again
  8. Pepper The Cat

    Disrespect & Profanity

    The problem with calling someone Mr room 3 is that when he is moved to Room 15 and new person is in Room 3 suddenly no one knows what pt you Are referring to when you say Mr Room 3. Pts have names. They are not rooms.
  9. Pepper The Cat

    Disrespect & Profanity

    My beef is the nurses who call pts "Mamma or Papa". Drives me crazy. I told one nurse that if I was addressed that way that would be the last time that nurse would be near me. So disrespectful. I always start with Mr/Mrs and then later in the day ask if I may use their first name.
  10. Pepper The Cat

    Terrible experience with nursing staff

    So he had to pay for his TV. Big deal. How much did he pay for the rest of his care?? And I would rather the hospital spend its money on staff and supplies than making a waiting room pretty. Pretty waiting rooms are nice, don’t get me wrong, but not high on the priority list.
  11. Pepper The Cat

    What to do about DNP and flu shot?

    So wear a mask.
  12. Depends what she needs to know. Years ago when we did taped reports I said I would hang a new bag of IV fluids - and I forgot. The next nurse went into the room and found an almost empty bag. She did not know if I a) forgot to hang the new bag or b) did hang the new bag and the pt just got 1000cc in under an hour (this was in the old days of gravity infusions so was certainly possible). So they called me at home. Luckily, on my way home I remembered what I forgot so was about to call anyway. But it was important info so a call was warranted. Could a pt be displaying an acute neuro change and they need to know what they were like with you? Could there be a critical result which may or may not have been reported? I'd take the call before pushing the panic button.
  13. Pepper The Cat

    Can’t a nurse be fired?

    Maybe they were fired because of patient negligence? They did not find the woman until she had been dead for hours?
  14. Pepper The Cat

    Should I or shouldn’t I have given Ativan?

    When dealing with sundowning, increased nighttime agitation, etc., it is better to give something before the escalation starts. I've worked with a lot of sundowning pts, and while sometimes it takes time, we have been able to find the best time to given meds to prevent agitation. After all, we don't wait until the blood pressure is high before giving meds right? Meds are given to keep the blood pressure under control. So why not give the Ativan to provide a restful sleep?
  15. Pepper The Cat

    What is your "thing" and how do you deal with it?

    NG tubes. hate them with a passion! I can handle colostomies, trachs, suctioning, but NG tubes not so much.
  16. Pepper The Cat

    Ethical Dilemma: Is it ever ok to mislead a patient?

    Hiding pills in food is a great way to get her to stop eating. I wouldn't eat anything you gave me if I found pills hidden in it. Review her pills - does she really need all of them? And see if they can be spread out throughout the day rather than getting them all at once

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