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Pepper The Cat has 38 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Gerontology.


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  1. Crusty Old Bats

    What was the med we gave sublingual for high BP? Adalat? You'd pierce then end of the capsule and squeeze the contents under the tongue.
  2. Crusty Old Bats

    Oh, nitropaste? Remember that? The dose would be 1 inch, 1 1/2 inches etc. you'd measure it out on a paper patch. Oh, the headache if you got some on your finger!
  3. Crusty Old Bats

    Nothing worse than going home with the narc keys!
  4. Crusty Old Bats

    Smoking lounges for the patients! long term patients smoking in bed!
  5. Crusty Old Bats

    Remember the huge bottles of stock meds in the med room? med cards and med trays! Paper charts that exploded when dropped.
  6. Crusty Old Bats

    Charting in 3 colours. Double bagging isolation linen bags. People smoking at the nurses station. Narcotic keys.
  7. USA to Canada

    I am in Ontario and have never heard of travel nursing. If you want to work in Quebec you need to be fluent in French, including medical terms.
  8. How am I supposed to give pills when I have several dosages?

    Redo your math. and I would seriously be questioning 80 mg of Ativan.
  9. Signs of Toxic/Unhealthy Workplaces

    To me a QueEn Bee has experience and knowledge but takes great joy in selecting who she shares that knowledge with. For example, she knows how to used a new piece of equipment but will watch someone struggle to use it for several minutes until she de...
  10. Signs of Toxic/Unhealthy Workplaces

    Another example of non inclusive. The charge nurse and her friends all take the same break. Even if it leaves the floor short. You can hear them laughing and giggling in the break room. And while on break the CN updates her friends about any ...
  11. Signs of Toxic/Unhealthy Workplaces

    I retired about 6 months ago. My unit suffered from favouritism, non inclusiveness and some Queen Bees. All played a part in my decision to retire.
  12. NPO: When It's OK To Take Meds vs. Not OK To Take Meds

    Agreed with above. You need to differentiate between NPO because they failed the swallowing assessment and NPO for a procedure.
  13. Full Code

    Why are you assuming someone is “at fault”? Why are you trying to assign blame to someone? A person fell, was monitored and then had a change in status. The person was then sent out. Sounds like a brain injury? Those can take hours to show ...
  14. New pregnant nurse

    If you need someone else to administer a treatment or test, ask what you can do for them while they are helping you. I hate it when I do extra for someone else and then fall behind in my work. And then find the person I helped sitting at the nursing ...
  15. Arguing Over a Patient Assignment

    You are going to start losing staff if you keep making decisions emotionally. You chose a patient that requires intense one on one care that you are not staffed for because you like her better. Will you be the one spending an hour everyday on...

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